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The funeral procession which escorted the remains of Mrs. J. Scott Richman to their last resting place yesterday was large and imposing. The special train from Davenport arrived at 11:30 in the morning, and at 12:30 the funeral cortege moved to the First M. E. Church, where the many friends of the deceased had gathered to honor her memory. The services were solemn and impressive, and were conducted by Revs. Paxton and Manwell, of Davenport, and Rev. Power, of this city. At the grave Revs. Power and Robbins officiated.

The remains were accompanied from Davenport by about forty of the intimate friends of the family, prominent among whom were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bills, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Brewster, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Daymude, Mr. C. S. Durfee and Mrs. Gillette.


Old Settlers’ Meeting.

At the Old Settlers’ meeting, held Feb. 13, 1878, on the occasion of the death of Mrs. Judge Richman, (who died Sunday night, the 10th inst., in the city of Davenport,) in the absence of the President, Moses Couch was chosen Chairman, when, on motion of Henry Funck, Peter Jackson, Marx Block and J. P. Walton were made a committee to draw up suitable resolutions, of which the following is a copy:

    WHEREAS, in the removal from our midst by death of our universally-beloved sister, Calista Ann Richman, our grief is shorn of its poignancy by the assurance that our loss opens up to her a far more glorious and happy life; and,

    WHEREAS, we, old settlers of Muscatine county, desire to spread upon our minutes a lasting tribute to the memory of the departed; therefore,

    Resolved, That in the death of Mrs. Judge Richman, from our long and intimate association with, and daily proofs of her many virtues, we can truly say that our society has lost one of its brightest ornaments,

    Resolved, That we extend to the husband and family thus bereaved our sincerest sympathy.

    Resolved, That our society will ever cherish the memory of deceased and prize her acquaintance and friendship as one of the precious privileges of life to enjoy and be thankful for.

    Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions he presented to the husband and family of deceased and recorded in our society book.

    J. P. WALTON.

    Attest: P. JACKSON, Sec’y
Feb. 10, 1878 (hand written)
MRS. RICHMAN’S FUNERAL.—The car from Davenport bearing the remains of Mrs. J. Scott Richman, arrived in this city at 11:30 this morning, being accompanied by some fifty relatives and friends of the deceased. At 12:30 the funeral cortege left the depot for the Methodist church, where a large assembly had collected to assist in the last sad rites of the honored dead. Here impressive exercises were conducted by Revs. Paxton and Manwell, of Davenport, and Rev. Power, of this city. At the grave Revs. Power and Robbins officiated.

Mrs. Richman’s maiden name was Calista Ann Hannaman. She was born at Noblesville, Indiana, October 1st, 1825. She was the second child of Hon. Robert L. and Hannah Hannaman. She became the wife of J. Scott Richman in November, 1842. The husband brought his bride to Muscatine; and there she lived the life of a noble, generous woman, greatly respected by all her numerous acquaintance, until the year ’72, when the law firm of Cook & Richman was established in Davenport, and the family removed to that city.—For more than thirty years she was a member of the Methodist church in Muscatine. Besides her husband, she leaves two sons, Mr. E. F. Richman, attorney in Davenport, and Clayton S. Richman, now on a voyage in South Pacific Ocean, as master of a navel vessel. Her father is a lawyer in Knox county, Ill. She also has two brothers, Wm T. and Geo. S. Hannaman, in the same county, and a sister, Mrs. R. R. Harding, in Rockford, Ill.

Among the near relatives present at the funeral were: Judge Richman, husband; E. F. Richman, son, and wife; Mrs. R. R. Harding, sister; Mrs. G. L. Hannaman, Sister-in-law; Mr. R. L. Hannaman, father, and others.

Among the friends from Davenport, were:

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bills Mrs. T. W. Gilrish
Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Cook Mrs. Gillette
Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Brewster Mrs. Geo. H. French
Mr. J. M. Parker M. Donahue
Mr. F. L. Dodge Mrs. J. L. Daymude
Mrs. Dr. Morley H. H. Benson and wife
Mrs. J. F. Baker Mrs. Huckins, and others.

The casker was in charge of M. Bois, undertaker, of Davenport.

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