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Resolutions Passed by the Old Settlers in Commemoration of the
Death of Cyrus Hawley.

Died. Oct. 23, 1877 (hand written)

At the meeting of Old Settlers, this afternoon, the committee appointed to prepare resolutions on the death of Cyrus Hawley, reported as follows:

To the Officers and Members of the Old Settlers’ Association:-- Your committee to whom was referred the matter of preparing a paper expressive of our deep regret for the loss of one of our number, and heartfelt sympathy to the family, respectfully submit the following:

    “Again have we been called upon to stand by the grave of one of our number.

    “It is sad under any circumstances to part with our neighbors and friends, but more so when the angel of death silently beckons one of our number away to the spirit land, depleting our already too thin ranks, changing the countenance of one we have known so long and so intimately, and imposing upon us the sad task of laying his body away to join its kindred dust.

    “Cyrus Hawley has closed his earthly career. No more shall we grasp his hand in cordial greeting; no more hold sweet converse with him.

    “If we, then, mourn the loss of one of our number, how sad and lonely the home he rendered so cheerful by his presence! But while we sorrow for the dead, should not our hearts be drawn out in warmest, tenderest sympathy for the afflicted family one and all, but more especially to her who has so often been bereft of her loved ones, and who may well exclaim in the language of Mrs. Hemans:

    Voice after voice hath died away,
    Once in my dwelling heard
    Sweet household name, by name hath changed
    To grief’s forbidden word;
    From dreams of night on each I call,
    Each of the far removed;
    And waken to hear my own wild cry,
    Where are you, my beloved?

    Let us, then, while we mourn the departure of our brother, and drop the tear and evergreen in his silent grave, remember with pleasure his many virtues and his warm friendship in the years that are past as an oasis in our life’s pathway,

It was resolved that a copy of this paper be presented to the family and a copy be given to the each of the daily papers for publication.

Also, that this expression of the Old Settlers be placed on file in the record of the Association.

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