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Mrs. Sarah Chambers, wife of Wm. Chambers, Sr., and mother of the Chambers Brothers, died at the residence of M. P. Pace, her son-in-law, about seven miles east of this city, yesterday morning at 5 o’clock. Her age was 73 years, 8 months and 1 day. She was one of the old settlers of the county, and a lady universally esteemed. We have been promised a sketch of her life.

The funeral will take place from the Baptist church to-morrow (Tuesday), at 2 o’clock p.m. Friends of the family are invited.


Old Settlers’ Meeting

The Old Settlers met at the office of Cloud & Broomhall, Jan. 6, 1874, to take some action on the death of Mrs. Chambers.

Gen. J.G. Gordon was chosen chairman.

Suel Foster made a few remarks culogistic of the family of the deceased, referring to the time in June, 1836, when she staid all night at their primitive residence just below the present site of Fairport. He said no one family had done more for the advancement of the material interests of Muscatine county than the Chambers family, and it was fitting that we give a suitable testimonial of respect upon the death of this member of the first generation, whose descendents to the fourth generation are now with us.

On motion of John Mahin, Suel Foster, Marx Block and Wm. Leffingwell were made a committee to prepare suitable resolutions and report to the Secretary, to be spread upon the records.

Mr. Foster was invited to write a history of Muscatine County.

It was resolved that we have a preliminary meeting on the 22nd of Aug. (Saturday) to arrange for our annual picnic.

On motion of M. Block, it was resolved that the Old Settlers attend the funeral of Mrs. Chambers. --- P. Jackson, Sec’y.

The resolutions reported by the committee are as follows:

    WHEREAS, It has pleased the Almighty Father of the Universe to take from our midst by death one of our oldest members, Mrs. Sarah Chambers, wife of our esteemed fellow citizen William Chambers, Sr. and,

    WHEREAS, We recognize in the death of our friend the loss of one who has been a good and true mother in Israel; and, whereas, the community has lost a good and true woman, the church of which she was a true and faithful member, one of its pillars; and, whereas, she has been the mother of a family whose descendants are among us to the fourth generation, Therefore, be it

    Resolved, That we mourn the loss of our esteemed friend, although gathered to her fathers at the ripe age of 79 years.

    Resolved, That we sincerely sympathize with the family and relations of the deceased.

    Resolved, That as members of the Old Settler’s society we will attend her funeral.

    Resolved, That the proceedings be published in our city papers and copies of the same sent to remaining families of the deceased.

Suel Foster,
M. Block,
Wm. Leffingwell

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