Source: REGISTER OF OLD SETTLERS , BOOK One, page 486 & 486a
submitted by Charlene Nichols Hixon, December 4, 2007

The Lundy Tragedy in Nebraska –

First Break in the Family –
Aged Mother Living.

1902 (hand written)

Atalissa, Ia., March 7.—Our usually quiet community was stirred from center to circumference Tuesday morning by the news that on Monday evening, March 3, at Taylor, Neb., Ira J. Lundy had shot his wife Maria Ady Lundy and then shot himself in the breast dying instantly. His wife was still living at last word, but from a shot in the back the back bone was severed and there are no hopes of her recovery. Mrs. Lundy’s brother, Hillis Ady, and her daughter, Ady Lundy, who has been living for some time at her uncles, left Tuesday night for Nebraska. Levi Lundy went also to bring his brother’s remains home.

Mr. and Mrs. Lundy were raised on adjoining farms, just on the east side of our little village, and received their education at our school and spent the first few years of their married life here on the farm, from whence they moved to the western part of the state and a few years later to Nebraska where they raised their family, but domestic troubles arising they have not lived happily and for some time Mrs. Lundy and her youngest child have lived in Taylor, Neb., and during this winter Mr. Lundy has been staying at a hotel in the same place. Ill health and these troubles have preyed on the mind of the latter and he has threatened repeatedly to do this awful crime which at last he accomplished. They have two sons, Will and Ben. Married and residing on farms near Taylor, a daughter Miss Ady Lundy, who resides here and a little boy Vinton, who lived with his mother. To these the blow is terrible, and to the brothers and sisters who remain, but to dear old Grandma Lundy the blow is very hard. She is past 80 years of age, has raised 10 children and this is the first break in their ranks, and as she said “it is hard, so hard that the first should go thus.”

The many friends of both these estimable families extend their heartfelt sympathy in this great affliction. It is expected that Levi Lundy will be back Saturday morning with his brother’s remains. Enoch Lundy and family of Rock Island. Chas. Lundy and wife, of Jamaica, Iowa, and T. c. Lundy from Bayard came yesterday.

Thursday at 4 o’clock word was received that Levi Lundy will be here with his brother’s remains at two o’clock Saturday morning. Also that H. J. Ady, who has been confined to the house the most of the time for three months by illness had stood the trip very well, and found his sister still alive but no hopes of recovery. Her body being paralyzed from the wound in her back down.

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Mrs. Ira Lundy Shot By Her Husband Still Lingers

Muscatine Relatives Apprised That Funeral Is to Occur Sunday From
Home of His Octogenarian Mother –

Brother and Daughter of Decedent Leave Atalissa for Scene of Bloody Tragedy.

Cannot recover.

Muscatine relatives of the unhappy woman, Mrs. Ira Lundy, who was shot by her husband at Burwell, Nebraska, are in receipt of a dispatch stating that though still alive, she cannot possibly recover. Ira Lundy, the uxorcide, died a few minutes after shooting his wife, when he turned the weapon on himself. Mr. Lundy was a son of the late Captain Lundy, who served in the civil war and was a well-known and highly respected citizen of Muscatine county. Mrs. Lundy is a daughter of the late James Ady, who with Capt. Lundy was an early settler of Goshen township. Ira was one of the ten children of Capt. Lundy and was the first to die. He was about 50 years of age and is survived by three sons and one daughter, besides numerous relatives in Muscatine city and county and elsewhere. Levi Lundy, who lives near Atalissa, and the daughter of the dead father and dying mother, have left for the scene of the tragedy. They will accompany the remains hither. Relatives in this city have been advised that the funeral is to take place Sunday from the home of Mrs. Capt. Lundy. This venerable parent is over 80 years of age and though greatly grieved, bears up bravely under this doubly sad blow. The terrible tragedy was precipitated by domestic trouble.


Remains of Ira Lundy to Be Buried at Atalissa Saturday.

North Goshen, March 7.—The sad news cast a gloom over the entire community when the report came over the wires Tuesday that Ira Lundy, a former resident of this place, now residing in Burwell, Neb., shot and probably mortally wounded his wife, then turned his weapon on himself and ended his own life. Domestic trouble is probably the cause. The deceased was a brother of Levi Lundy, a resident of this community, and the aged mother, who is 83 years old, now living in Atalissa, has the sympathy of all in her sad bereavement. His wife was formerly Miss Miria Ady, sister of Hillis Ady, the well known horseman of this place. Both parties were well and favorably known here. Four children survive them – one daughter and three sons. The news was a sad blow to all who knew them. Miss Ady Lundy, daughter of the deceased, in company with Hillis Ady and Levi Lundy, departed on the midnight train for Burwell, Neb., and will return with the remains for burial here.

The remains of Ira Lundy will arrive Friday night. The funeral will be Saturday at 2 p.m. from the home of his mother in Atalissa. A telegram was received stating that Mrs. Ira Lundy was no better and three are no hopes of her recovery. She was shot three times, twice in the back and once in the head. She is paralyzed.

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