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May 21, 1870 At a meeting of the Old Settler’s held this date at the Court House John A Parvin in the Chair. It was resolved that the annual anniversary of this Society be held on the 6th day of September and that a preliminary meeting to arrange for be held on Saturday August the 20th at the Court House at 3 O’Clock pm. --- P. Jackson Secy.


At a preliminary meeting of this Society held at the Court House the 20th August 1870 to arrange for the coming anniversary to be held at Muscatine on the 6th September it was decided that we have a basket picnic in the Court House Square to meet at 11 O’clock and have dinner at one.

Orator of the day Hon. J. A. Parvin, Chaplain Rev. George Bumgantner, Committee on Toasts J. A. Parvin, D.C. Richman, Suel Foster.

Committee of arrangements for the dinner

Mrs. Wm Leffingwell Geublemen
“ J. B. Dougherty Wm Gordon
“ C. Cadle A. Smalley
“ Wm Gordon J. Walton
“ J. Bridgeman C. Cadle
“ Wm. Chambers V. Chambers

Col. Wm. Kincaid and Pliny Fay were appointed a special Committee to work up an interest in the meeting through the county. --- J. Jackson Secy.

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Old Settler’s Meeting
Daily Journal
Sep 6 1870

The anniversary of the Muscatine County Old Settlers (those who located in Iowa prior to August, 1846) was not as well attended to-day as it should have been, probably on accounting of the threatened rain. Still there was quite a respectable turn-out. We noticed the following old settlers present in the Court House. A number of them were accompanied by their wives and other members of their families:

Pliny Fay Wm Beard H H Benson
Asa Gregg M Block Samuel Lucas
J A Parvin Wm O Block Suel Foster
Z Washburn C Cadle Geo H Lucas
Wm Lundy Wm Chambers A C Stevens
J D Reader John J Vance D C Richman
W A Clark Wm Erwin John M Kane
Joseph Heinley V Chambers W H Holmes
Geo W Messick R Morford Robert Daplyn
Harvey Baker Mrs Headley Wm Brisbine
S G Gates S L Foss A M Winn
E Shellabarger S N Candee John D Walker
Levi Eichelberger T S Parvin (now of Iowa City) J B Doughtery
Mrs S C Hastings Geo A Foss A Smalley
Mrs Haley (formerly Mrs Morford) Jos Crane Mrs S D Velle
Samuel Vanatta Geo Bumgardner Mrs W G Worsham
James Vanatta P Jackson E T S Schenck
L H Washburn H H Gaynes  
G W Kincaid J D Hendrix  

Asa Gregg, Esq., was called to preside, and the exercise were opened with prayer by Rev. George Bumgardner. Hon. John A. Parvin, President of the Society, then delivered extemporaneously a brief but pointed and interesting address, devoted mainly to a review of the history of the time since the early settlers came here.

The next thing in order was the toasts, which were read by D. C. Richman, Esq. The first regular toast was as follows:

    1. The Day we Celebrate-The anniversary of the Old Settlers’ Association, May each reunion be a day of happy greetings, pleasing recollections, mutual benefits and kind farewells.

    Response by Pliny Fay.

    2. Iowa-We were here when it was but a feeble territory we were present at the birth of the young State. With pride have we seen her grow to gigantic, proportions, and now boast of one and a quarter million of inhabitants.

    Reponse by Prof. T.S. Parvin, of Iowa City, who expressed pleasure at the meeting the old friends among whom he had spent the earlier years of his manhood.

    3. The old and the new settlers of Muscatine county-We bid you God speed in all the civilizing and enlightening work of the age: though old settlers we are not old fegles, and we heardly rejoice in every effort to elevate and parify on race. Response by Rev. George Bumgardner.

    4. One River-We settled here because the great river was here, it was then a great help to time of need toward will always be would more to us than all the railroads we can hope for. No response-the individual selected not being present.

    5. The industry of the old settlers-root hog or die.

    Respondent-Samuel Gilbert-not present.

    6. The memory of the old settlers who have departed this life; may it ever keep fresh and green in our hearts. The record of their lives is written on our bluffs and prairies, once a wilderness, which their labor has ears to blossom as the rose.

    In silence.

    7. The railroad and the telegraph. We had none then, but how can we do without them now? Response by L. H. Washburn. 8. Our prairie land; beautiful and fertile; our early settlers did not sufficiently appreciate its advantages over the forest country.

    Response by Suel Foster.

    9. The old settlers of Muscatine county. They are fast passing away; as their numbers diminish may the ties that bind them in social fellowship increase and strengthen as link after link wrenched loose by the hand of death.

    Response by Peter Jackson.

    10. Muscatine county; rich in all natural resources, vigorous and promising in its intellectual growth and moral tendeheles, we love and honor it as our home; and when comes “the inevitable hour” may its green sward and kindly earth be the last testing place of our wearied bodies.

    Response by D. C. Richman

    11. The old settlers; a band of brothers; may no difference of opinion ever create an unkindly thought.

    Response by V. Chambers.

    12. The soldiers of Iowa; we remember their sacifices; we know their services and we honor their patriotism.

    No response.

    13. The Missour war; if we had met the enemy______!

    Response by G. W. Kincaid.

    Woman; heretofore and always the light of our homes and the sanctifier of our lives in sickness and in health; may the rights she so earnestly demands make her more efficient for good without straining the silken tie that bines husband and wife together.

    No response.


At meeting of Old Settlers Sep 6 1870 after speeches toasts and dinner as arranged Hon John Parvin moved that we proceed to elect officer for next year. When Genl Jon E. Fletcher was elected Prest. Col. G W Kincaid, vice Prest. P. Jackson Secy.

On motion of Pliny Fay a committee of three couresty of Pliny Fay, Iow E. Fletcher and G W Kincaid were chosen to procure a suitable cane for the President of the Society to pass with the office. --- P. Jackson Secy

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