Source: REGISTER OF OLD SETTLERS , BOOK One, page 355 (consists of 8 handwritten pages)
submitted by Charlene Nichols Hixon, Sept. 29, 2007


Pg. 1
The Old Settlers Society of Muscatine County was organized Feb 9th 1856 on the occasion of the death of Arthur Washburn who came to Muscatine in 1835 when there were only two counties in Iowa.

Mr. Washburn was our first Postmaster in 1836 at the mouth of Pine called Iowa T. O our first Judge of Probate (1838) and first County Judge – 1851

At the organization of this Society there were present Joseph Williams , T. S. Parvin, Pliny Fay, Joseph Bridgman, Suel Foster , H Q (?) Jennison, Zep. Washburn , H. H. Hine, G. W. Humphreys, J. T. Walton, Myran Ward, Wm Chambers, M. Couch, Giles Pettibone , J. S. Allen Abner T Banks. Judge Jos. Williams was chosen Prest. Thomas Burdett V. P. – T. S. Parvin Secy.

All who came here previous to Jany 1 1840 were considered members.

Stephen Whicher is the first death noticed in the records

There seems to be a hiatus in the records

Pg. 2
Of the Society until Jany 6 1865 at which date we had a reunion at the residence of Hon. D. Cloud and revived the Society by electing Wm Leffingwell Pres, Suel Foster V.P -- P. Jackson Secy.

The first death noticed after this reorganization is that of Adam Ogilvie Feb 5 th 1865 next Samuel D. Viele April 5th 1867.

The next meeting of the Society recorded was April 10th 1869 at which meeting a resolution was passed “that all persons now Citizens of Muscatine Co who were citizens of Iowa prior to its admission into the Union although not then citizens of this County be considered members of this Society.”

At our anniversary June 29th 1869 John H. Parvin was chosen Prest, S. Foster V. P

At our annual meeting Sep 6th 1870 Genl. Fletcher was mad Prest. Col g. W. Kincaid V. P. P. Jackson Secy - 1870 there are 11 (4?) deaths recorded

Mar 31   Judge Williams
Apr 1   Mrs Woodward
Aug 18   Samuel Nichols
Dec 28   John Miller
In 1871 - 3 deaths  
Feb 24   Judge Woodward
Sep 11   Mrs Judge Williams
Oct 13   Mrs Hannah Magoon
Pg. 3 1872  
Apr 8   Genl Fletcher
Apr 24   David R. Warfield
May 1   Brinton Darlington
July 14   Revd Geo Bumgardner
Aug 8   Mrs (??) Gordon
Aug 10   Mrs Jos Bennett
Aug 10   Mrs Grac Magill
Apr 22   Genl Ansel Humphreys
Sep 22   Mrs W. D. Ament
Oct 18   James H franklin
Dec 8   Saml Gilbert
    Dr Eli Reynolds
Jany 6   Mrs Wm Chambers
Feb 27   Mrs And. Chambers
Apr 4   John H. Tigman
Apr 15   Mrs Ester Burdett
Apr 18   Wm St John
Apr 23   Jacob Butler
May 17   Mrs Moylan
May 18   Mrs Martha Stewart
Jul 19   Reuben Warren
Sep 10   Mrs Lydia Parvin
Sep 22   Mrs Dr Merry
Dec 7   Chester Weed
Dec 28   Wm Chambers
Dec 28   Mrs John Chambers
Jany 7   Mrs James Dunn
Jany 7   Mrs Reecca Brisbine
Jany 8   Mrs D. R. Warfield
July 14   J. B. Dougherty
Aug 27   Wm McCormick
    B. F. Berry
Jany 16   Mrs S. D. Viele
Jany 26   Mrs. G. Olds
Jany 30   Reuben Warren
Mar 16   Dyer Williams
Jun 29   Fred. Hacker
July 6   Mrs Eliza Dunsmore
    Nathaniel Halleck
July 13   Samuel Tar
Nov 30   Wm Gatton
Oct 19   G. W. Kincaid
Oct 25   Wm Leffingwell
Nov 11   Jos. A. Green
    I. Kennedy Williams

At our annual meeting Oct 31 – 1876 – Judge D. C. Richman President it was resolved to admit as members of this Society persons settling in the County prior to 1861 – and that the membership be divided into two Classes to wit – those who were residents of the County at the Organization of the State of Iowa to be called members of the first class – And

Pg. 4
Those who became residents subsequent to the organization of the State and prior to 61 to be called members of the second grade.

Jany 4   John G. Gordon
Mar 27   D. Dunsmore
Dec 9   James Maliur
Jany 10   John G. Deshler
    Dr. J. M. Robertson
Feb 8   Seth Gates
Feb 10   Mrs Judge J. P. Richman
    Mrs. Azuba Nye
Apr 24   Silas Goldsbury
    George Fitzumons
17   Frank A. Ogilvie
    Franklin Thurston
Aug 5   Saml Lucas
    J. C. Parham
Oct 11   Mrs Serena Berry
    Decius Humphreys
Dec 17   Alfred Purcell
    John Heller
11   Mrs Sarah Headly
    H. V. Bodman
Mar 27   Ed. Hock
    Harrison Gray
    Dr. J. S. Horton
Jun 10   A. Fisher
    Mrs. Asenath Pettybone
Sep 23   Moses Couch
    John Schmidt
Oct 21   Mrs B. Matthews
30   Mary Nyce
2   Lewis Quinn
Dec 31   Malon Brown

At our annual meeting held at the Court House Oct 25 1879 D. C. Richman was chosen Prest. Rev. A. B. Robbins V. P.

Jany 25   Mrs Eunice A. Walton
Jany28   Mrs Hiram Matthews
Jany31   John Murphy
Feb 25   Dave J Parvin
    M M Bartlett
Mar 15   Mrs R. S. Miller
Mar 18   Andrew J. Fimple
Apr 1   Benj Middleton
May 14   Mrs Whicher
May 16   Mrs W. T. Wright
Jun 12   Mrs Tas. T. Phelps
Jun 15   mrs Mirand Cloud
Jun 12   Mrs Sarah A. Jackson
Aug 5   James Schoonover
Nov 8   Mrs Barbara Wheeler

At the annual meeting held Oct 9 at the Court H. Mr. Richman declining Joseph Bridgman was made Prest.

Pg. 5 1881  
Jany   W. H. Stewart
Aug 5   Marx Block
Aug 10   John T. Hitchcock
Aug 11   Green Sparks
Sep   Mrs M. J. Stewart
Aug 17   F. H. Stone

At the annual meeting held in Armory Hall same Officers reelected with the addition of Suel Foster 2nd Vice President.

Sep 23   Horace Denning
Mar 11   Mrs Wm Parvin
Sep 11   John J. vance
Sep 11   Saml Houser
July 30   Mrs Margaret Silverthorn
Oct 5   Mrs J. A. Reuling
Dec 13   Wm. Parvin

At the annual Gathering held in Hook Hall Suel Foster was chosen Prest Wm Gordon vice President.

Feb 2   John Brown
Feb 21   Frederick Miller
April   Robert Beatty
April   Mrs Mary Lee
Apr 21   Francis Hopkinson
May 17   Mrs Amanda Lillibridge
Jun 23   Joseph N Harker
Jany 27   Ellen Anderson
Jul 25   Thomas M Isett
Sep 23   Mrs Marce Richardson
Dec 24   Ralph P. Lowe
    Robert Williams
    Wm B Laugridge
    Mrs Rhoda Smalley
    John Zeigler

The semi Centenial of Iowa was held this year June 1 at Burlington.

Jany 28   Mrs Elizabeth Mahin
Jany 1   Mrs Nancy Reece
    John M. Kaue
Feb 27   Henry Molis
    M. M. Berkshire
Aug 25   Joseph Eveland
Nov 13   Thomas Estle
    O W Brown
Dec 21   Theo Becke
Dec 27   James Jackson

Pg. 6
Anniversary held at mouth of Pine. J. P. Walton Prest. J. A. Parvin Vice Prest.

Jany 13   Azel Farnsworth
Feb 15   Jacob Hershey
    Mrs Wm White
Mar 16   Wm Brownell
    Mrs H. I. Jennison
Mar 29   Mrs Francis Tuttle
    Wm Beard
Apr 12   Mrs Ruth L Cadle
    Richard Lord
    Mrs J. P. Freeman
    G. W. Williams
Jul 22   Mrs. W. A. Clark

The anniversary this year was celebrated Sep 9 by a boat ride to Buffalo – same officers –

Jany   Suel Foster
    Joseph Mulford
Jany 8   Alfred Nye
Feb   R. W. H. Brent
Mar 12   Cornelius Cadle
April   Wm H. Miller
    Mrs Arthur Washburn
    Henry Funck
    Mrs Almaria Satterthwaite
26-Jun   Mrs Maria Robertson
14-Aug   Pliny Fay
    E Houser
    Wm Dill
Dec 3   Dr. I. L. Graham
Oct 20   Mrs C C. Klein
Oct 16   Chester Healy
Dec 1   J. Nevett
Dec 6   Mrs D S. Zedeker
    Mrs Susan F Stone
    George Mason
    James Vanater

Anniversary Sep 8 Boat ride to Mouth of Pine Feb 16 of this year we had our thirtieth anniversary

Jany   Dr Wm S Robertson
Feb 8   Mrs Elizabeth Dold
    G W Coriel
    Mrs Seth Humphrey
Mar 4   Hiram Gilbert
Mar 1   Mrs O Dickenson
Feb 21   Mrs M G Cass
Feb 24   Mrs D E Colbert
Mar   John A. Parvin
Ap 8   Mrs C Davis
Ap 14   Patrick Fahey
Mar 26   Mrs Newton Hine
Jul 14   Mrs. Elizabeth Green
    Michael Murphy
    P W Howell
Mar 27   H D McKibben
Mar 28   Mrs Cordelia Matthews
    Lewis Coe
Jul 28   John Semple

Annual held at Cherry Bluff. John Barnard elected V. P.

11-Mar   Mrs Catherine Redman
12-Mar   Mrs C B Kuebler
    Mrs Anna Schall
    Mrs Elizabeth Smith
    Mary Anson
    Joseph Crane
    Wm Spring
    Mrs E H Tewksbury
    Mrs Maria Sample
Mar 7   C Kegel
Mar 11   Abel Aldens
Ap 11   Mrs H H Hollister
    John V. Winn
Jun 4   Mrs L. L. Lane
July 24   Andrew Walace
Oct 4   Henry Beauchard
Oct   Frank R Lewis

Annual held in Court House Square

Jany 29   John Dodge
    S. M McKibben
Feb 19   Vincent chambers
    John McGrew
    Benjamin Neidig
    Mrs Susannah Beaumont
Ap 30   Mrs J. J. Hoops
Apr 29   Henry Becke
Mar 30   D G. M Cloud
May 14   Mrs Jacob Hershey
Aug 19   Thos Platt
Aug 26   Mrs Saml McNutt
Dec   Geo. B. Dennison
Dec 18   David McCoy
    Michael Fahey
    Geo Kneese
    Wm Fletcher

Annual meeting July 4 at the new Fair ground no change in officers

Jany 5   Wm B Fryberger
Jany 21   W. D. Ament
    Mrs Mary R. Williams
Mar 8   Mrs L. Foss
Mar 18   Mrs W. G. Block
Mar 28   Mrs Louisa C Nail
Mar 8   Mrs David McCoyu
Mar 30   Mrs Adrianna Beard
Mar 18   Mrs Elizabeth A. Waide
Mar 13   Mrs Lucina Spangler
July 7   Mrs Milton Rice
    Mrs Altekruse
    J. B. Henneker
    L. T. Neusseau
May 18   Mrs Geo H Scheafer
May 14   Mrs Mary K Metser
    John T. Lewis
    Mrs John S McCormick
Jun 29   Mrs Salie A. Block
July 30   Mrs Margaret Thurston
    John Shellabarger
    Dr J Hardman
    John Schmidt
    John MacKamore
    Mrs G. W. Fulliam

Annual Meeting held Sep 3d at Wilton same officers with the addition of S. W. Stewart as Vice President.

Pg. 8 1891  
Jany 7   W H Marshall
    J. A. Wilson
Feb 11   Dr Charles Drury
    Isiah Davis
    Charles Hone
Feb 22   George Slatterthwaite
Feb 7   Mrs Reece Hoops
Mar 7   Edwin Brown
    Rev M. G. Cass
Apr 5   James B. Hawley
Apr 6   George Manly
Apr 10   Mrs A. M Winn
May 9   I. R. Mauk
May 10   B. H. Eversmeyer
May 25   Rev. John Hudson
May 28   Mrs Joseph Heinley
Jun 2   Mrs Asa Gregg
July 11   John Shoemaker
July 22   Mrs John H. Walace
July 22   Samuel M Thompson
May 31   Alexander Clark

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