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Meeting of Old Settlers-A reunion of the Old Settlers of Muscatine was held on the evening of the 6th inst. At the residence of the Hon. D.C. Cloud, which proved to be one of the most pleasant and sociable entertainments we have had in this neighbourhood for sometime.-

The most perfect harmony and good feeling prevailing; all secured delighted aged happy to meet and enjoy each others company once more.

The fore part of the evening was spent in a general free and easy, sociable,-freshening up old acquaintance and passing compliments-many trying to make others believe that Ucey looked most as well as they did twenty years ago.

Some were there venerable in their grey hairs, and some whom we will remember as “lassies” now claiming to be “granma’s” still looking “most as well as new.”

Thus the time passed most agreeably to all until about seven o’clock, when we were invited into supper, which proved to be a most sumptuous repast-furnished by the guests and arranged by a committee of ladies. The table was beautifully decorated, and loaded with the most delicious viands; at which our hundred and seventeen sat down, or rather stood up-when after the Rev “A.B.” Robins asked the Divine benediction all manifested a very high appreciation of the good things before them by appropriating a large personal share.

After supper our host called the guests to order by nominating Judge Richman President. Peter Jackson being chosen Secy.

When Mr. Cloud after stating the object of the meeting and that some ...

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...unavoidably detained from being present might wish to take part in any after arrangements, moved that their be a meeting of the Old Settlers of Muscatine held at the Eichelberger House two weeks from this Friday evening, at 7 o’clock pm to revive the “Old Settlers Society.” Which after being fully discussed, and can use some amendments offered, was finally unanimously passed.

Mr. Cloud read a letter from Prof. T. S. Parvin formerly one of our old settlers, now of the State University, Iowa City, very much regretting not being able to be present accompanying which was Mr. Parvins photograph, with a suggestion that the society purchase an album in which to put the photographs of all the Old Settlers, which was favorably received by all present.

After all the pledging themselves to attend the meeting at Eichelberger Hotel, a motion was unanimously carried that the thanks of this meeting be tendened to our worthy host, and his estimable and accomplished lady for so kindly and successfully affording us an opportunity at their home of spending an evening so pleasantly together.

After getting thoroughly acquainted over again, and having a good time generally until a late hour, although both to part, we finally sought our various homes, better and happier men and women.

Peter Jackson
Secretary January 6th 1865

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In accordance with a previous call a meeting of the Old Settlers of Muscatine was held at the Eichelberger Hotel, Friday evening, January 20, 1865.

The meeting was temporarily organized by appointing Suel Foster Esp; President, and Hon. W.G. Woodward, Secy.

On motion P. Jackson and J.P. Walton were made committee to wait on Joseph Bridgeman and obtain the books of the Society.

The constitution and history of the Society being read by Mr. Bridgman, Mr. Cloud offered a resolution which was unanimously adopted, that the Constitution be so amended as to limit the qualification for membership to the time of the adoption of the State Constitution July 4th 1846-and that all connected with the Old Settlers as husband or wife be considered eligible to become members of the Society.

The former President of the Society, Hon. Joseph Williams, being now absent at Memphis, Tenn. And the former Secretary-Prof. T.S. Parvin, being now connected with the State University at Iowa City. On motion Wm. Leffingwell, Esq. was chosen President, Suel Foster Esp.; Vice Prest. And Peter Jackson, Secretary at act until the regular annual meeting on the 28th of Iowa. A motion of Wm G. Woodward that a committee of three be appointed to revise the Constitution and By-Laws, was passed and Wm. G. Woodward, I. S. Richman, D.C. Cloud were appointed said committee.

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On motion of Mr. Cloud it was resolved that our next quarterly meeting on the 15th of next March be held in this Hotel, which on account of its being associated with our early recollections of Muscatine is peculiar, a fit plan for the meetings of this Society.

On motion of Mr. Veile, it was resolved that it be a basket meeting and that then be a committee of arrangements of six ladies.

Mrs. M. Couch, Mrs. Wm. Leffingwell, Mrs. D.C. Cloud, Mrs. W.C. Brewster, Mrs. W.G. Woodward and Mrs. J. Bridgeman were the chosen a committee of arrang's.

Mr. Cloud presenting Mr. Parvins photograph, moved that all now contribute towards procuring an Album in which to place the photograph of the Old Settlers responded to as follows-

D. C. Cloud 1.00   Wm. Leffingwell 1.00
John Zeigler 1.00   W. Block 1.00
F. Thurston 1.00   Ab. Smalley 1.00
Wm. Gordon 1.00   S. Sennett 1.00
R. Lord 1.00   S. Foster 1.00
I.S. Richman 0.50   M. Couch 1.00
S.D. Veile 1.00   I. Lemp 1.00
P. Alger 0.50   W. G. Woodward 1.00
G. Magoon 1.00   P. Jackson 1.00
Wm. C. Brewster 1.00   I.G. Gordon 1.00

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Mr. M. Block added that all be requested to have their photographs taken before next quarterly meeting.

On motion of Mr. Cloud, it was resolved that the widows of Old Settlers be requested to enter in the record the names and date of the death of their husbands and take their place in the Society.

On motion of J. P. Walton, the thanks of those present were tendered to Mr. & Mrs. Eichelberger for this generously furnishing us rooms in their Hotel.

The “Old Folks” favorite song “Auld Lang Syne,” was then sung in full chorus-Mrs. W.C. Brewster presiding at the piano-all standing with joined hands, Wm. Gordon Esq. a native of the land of Burns, living the words.

On motion adjourned until next quarterly meeting to be held at the same place. ---Peter Jackson, Secretary

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At the regular quarterly meeting of the Old Settlers of Muscatine County-held in commemoration of the first settlement made in this County by the late Benjamin Nye on the 15th of March 1834 at the mouth of Pine Creek.-was held at the Eichelberger Hotel & not withstanding the stormy weather all day a plenteous supply of provisions came in early in the afternoon and in the evening a joyous and happy crowd of our old citizens with a fair sprinkling of the younger branches filled the Hotel and nearly one hundred persons took supper & spent a very sociable evening.

A committee of five gentlemen and eight ladies were appointed to make arrangements for our June meeting.

Mr. Bridgeman moving the reconsideration of the album voted some pertinent & amusing speeches were made by Mr. Cloud, Block, Gordon, Foster against the reconsideration and by Wm. Robins in favor.

Reconsideration lost.

An assessment was collected to defray in accidental expenses as follows-

L. Washburn 0.50 I. Zeigler 0.50 F. Bridgeman 0.50
L. Sells 0.50 B. Washburn 0.30 I.G. Gordon 0.50
D.C. Cloud 1.00 D. Hershe 0.50 I. Ziegler 0.50
W. Block 0.50 I. Bridgeman 0.50 I.T.B. Martin 0.50
I. Mauk 0.50 W. Leffingwell 0.50 S. Foster 0.50
E. Hock 0.50 A. Smalley 0.50 W.G. Woodward 0.45
F. Phelps 0.50 W.C. Brewster 0.50 R. Cadle 0.50
Worshaw 0.50 J.P. Walton 0.50 Wm. Semple 0.50
P. Jackson 1.00 I.B. Dougherty 1.00 Committee 2.00

Whole amount collected $16.25 of which amount two dollars was paid for advertising and the balance of $14.25 paid to Mr. Eichelberger to defray gaslight fuel used in our occupation of his rooms.

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Adjourned at a late hour, feeling that the Old Settlers meetings were a fixed…. P. Jackson, Secy.

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