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WINN At Muscatine, April 10, 1891, at 5:30 p. m. of typhoid pneumonia, MARY C., wife of A. M. Winn, aged 63 years and 9 months.

The devotion of husband, the affectionate care of friends, the skill of the physician, the joyful plans of the future, could not avail to avert the coming of the Angel of Death. At intervals during these days of suffering and anxiety, hope seemed triumphant, and the sun descended with the promise of bringing renewed strength and health on the wings of the morrow. But the bright morning would be quickly followed with clouds and gloom, and so fear alternated with hope until yesterday, when all at the beside felt themselves in the presence of Eternity.

Deceased was born in Alsace, France, in July, 1828. She was brought to America in infancy by her parents, of both of whom she was bereaved in her early childhood. After a short residence in New York City, a Mr. Lewis, of Cincinnati, became her temporary guardian, and under his care she removed to Muscatine, then Bloomington, in 1830. On March 17, 1942, she was united in marriage to A. M. Winn, who was an immigrant from New York to Muscatine the same year of her journey hither, and who survives a companion with whom he had so joyfully anticipated celebrating the golden anniversary of their wedding the coming year.

For forty-nine years Mrs. Winn had lived her unclouded wedded life in Muscatine, sharing with the early settlers the romantic experiences of pioneer days, and equally sharing with a prosperous city in the refinements and luxuries of this later period. The flight of time had not failed to bless her home with ease and competence, and in the comforts and beautiful surroundings of one of our most delightful residences in our city, she was looking forward with unalloyed pleasure to the prospect of many blissful year. A week ago last Tuesday she was prostrated by the grippe, which developed into typhoid-pneumonia, and the fair prospect of earth has suddenly shifted to the fairer scenes of her eternal home.

Two brothers of deceased are living in New York State at an advanced age. A cousin also resides in this country the Rev. Ferdinand M. Boff, Vicar General of the diocese of Cleveland, O., who has given Muscatine, the pleasure of many visits.

The funeral will not be appointed until hearing from relatives, but will probably take place to-morrow from St. Matthias.

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