submitted by Charlene Nichols Hixon, Aug. 26, 2007

Death of Mrs. Anna Schall.

After nearly two months of acute suffering Mrs. Anna Schall is at rest, her death occurring at 8 o’clock this morning. The ways of Providence are inscrutable and past finding out. Here was a young lady, fitted by nature, education and disposition to be of great benefit to the community in which she lived, an active and influential member of a church organization, an important factor in society, the queen of a blissful home, the idol of a loving husband, and the beloved of many friends and relatives – taken from earth while in the prime of her activity and usefulness, leaving countless hearts to mourn. And yet we are led to believe that He orders all things well. We all know that with Mrs. Schall it is well. She has been tried, tested, and found worthy to occupy the abode of the blest, where sorrow never comes and suffering is unknown.

About two months ago Mrs. Schall was stricken while at her desk as Assistant Principal of the Muscatine High School, and was conveyed to her home. Although suffering from ill health for several days previous, the heroic lady would not yield to the importunities of friends to remain at home, thinking that she would soon recover her usual spirits and health. But it was not to be. Her disease soon developed into inflammatory rheumatism, and for a month she was racked with tortures almost unbearable. After having worn out that afflicting disease, her constitution was left in such a weak state that other ailments, accompanied with high fever, set in and slowly but surely sapped her very life. The best of attendance and medical skill was employed, and loving friends did all that was possible to alleviate her suffering and win her back again to health; but all was of no avail. Life was pleasant to her, and she longed to enjoy it and its companionships; but if ordered otherwise, she was submissive.

Anna Cloud Schall was born in Muscatine, August 10, 1860, and has spent her life in the city of her birth. She early exhibited a lover for knowledge and literature, and books were her companions and solace. She graduated at the High School with honor, and immediately set about to earn her own livelihood. Her aptitude and fitness for teaching was soon apparent after her first appointment, and promotion was of almost yearly occurrence, until she reached the highest position given a lady teacher in this city – that of Assistant Principal of the High School. This she has held for several years with credit to herself and complete satisfaction to the Board and patrons of the school. Early in life she connected herself with the Presbyterian church of this city, and it became her pleasure to labor for the advancement of the church of her choice, and tendering religious assistance to those desiring it. Her presence will be greatly missed in that organization.

On the 8th of June 1887, only ten short months since, she was married to Prof. E. F. Schall, principal of the High School, and if matches ever are made in Heaven this one must have been, for it was a union of souls, affection and purposes. And now the faithful and devoted husband is left inconsolable.

Besides her husband, deceased left a father Mr. D. C. Cloud; a brother, Mr. Geo. R. Cloud, Mayor of Carrol, Iowa; a half-sister, Mrs. g. W. Van Horne, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn at her bier.

The soul, of origin divine,
God’s gloriuous image freed from clay,
In Heaen’s eternal sphere shll shine
A star of day.

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