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Memorial Resolutions upon the Death of Dr. Graham and others.
(Mrs. Caroline C. Klein, Chester F. Healey, Joseph Nevitt, and Mrs. D.S. Zediker)

The Old Settlers of Muscatine met at the City Hall this morning pursuant to notice. President Walton called the meeting to order, and on motion Henry Molis was appointed secretary pro tem.

The President announced that the meeting had been called for the society to pay its respects to the memory of Dr. I.L. Graham and other members who had recently deceased.

Hon. D.C. Richman moved that a committee be appointed to draft resolutions upon the death of Dr. Graham, and Mr. Richman, C.B. Ogilvie and G.W. Van Horne were appointed the committee.

The committee presented the following report:

    Your committee in behalf of the Old Settlers Association desire to express what is but the general sentiment of the community in regard to the death of Dr. I.L. Graham, of this city, in pronouncing his demise a calamity, not only to his beloved household, but to the city in which he had so long mad his home. While not often as opening aggressive as some others in regard to the interest of the place which had had chosen at his home, still, he considered those interest carefully, and was always ready to give a reason for any plan or policy which he might advocate, and the consequence was that his views were entitled to consideration and generally worthy of adoption. His watchful attention to the public interest while in office is worthy of limitation by all who hold public trusts or positions. His services as a director of Merchants’ Exchange-now Fist National Bank-and the Muscatine Savings bank, from their organization respectively, until the present time, will long be remembered by the officers and directors of these institutions, as well as the community at large. In the transaction of business he was cautious and prudent yet affable and pleasant to all; and his kindly advice to many a sufferer who sought his aid in sickness and suffering will be remembered by then with gratitude all their days. In the social circle, while quiet but observant, he needed only to be drawn out to exhibit his rich stores of information upon a variety of subjects, including those of an abstruse or recondite character. His knowledge of books, and his general information was extensive, and he had secured a choice library of permanent value. In the home circle, quiet and unobtrusive, the wealth of his affections was lavished upon wife and children without stint or measure. That was to him the dearest spot of all the arth, and its broken circle will never cease to cherish the memory of its head so suddenly called from earth to heaven. The church where he worshipped so long will sadly miss him, and the community will realize that it has lost a valuable citizen, the best part of whose life has been spent within its borders. Let us as Old Settlers initate his virtues, and cherish his memory as we place upon our records this memorial of his life and character.
    D.C. Richman
    G.W. Van Horne
    Chas. B. Ogilive
On motion the report was adopted. The President remarked that a number of old settlers had recently passed away, and owing partially to his absence from the city no meetings of the society had been called to do honor to their memory. He offered the following resolutions:

    Whereas, Within the short space of a few months several old settlers have passed away, one of them, Chester F. Healey, who came to our county fifty years, and others who have been known on our streets in our family and social circles for many years, all having helped to build up and develop our city and county to their present standing. Therefore be it:

    Resolved. That we cherish the memory of Mrs. Caroline C. Klein, who died Oct. 20th, 1886, Chester F. Healey, who died Oct. 16th, 1886, Joseph Nevitt, who died Dec. 1st, 1886, and Mrs. D.S. Zediker, who died this 6th of December. The society tenders its sympathy to the families so greatly bereaved. Resolved, That his preamble and resolutions be placed upon our records and a copy be furnished the papers for publication.

The resolutions were adopted.

On a suggestion of the President it was moved and carried that the secretary of the society be requested to attach to his records the obituary articles of the press upon the death of members, to the end that the records may preserve all biographical matter attainable and public comment relating to deceased members. Has a been done for years.

It was moved, and carried that the Old Settlers of Muscatine will pay their respects to the memory of Dr. Graham, by attending the funeral.

On motion adjourned.

J.P. Walton, Pres.
Henry Molis, Sec. pro tem

Dr. I.L. Graham was born at Canton, Connecticut, in 1823, and after having received a grammar school education entered upon an academic course at Amherst, Mass., and later a course of studies of medicine and surgery at the Eye and Ear Infirmary at Hartford, Conn., and a college of physicians and surgeons in the city of New York, as a clinical course at the hospital in the latter city. For some years he practiced medicine at Briston, Conn., afterwards opening a drug store in New Haven, Conn. In 1855 he came to Muscatine, where he has resided ever since, pursuing his line of practice and managing his drug store, in both of which he was successful and gained an extensive acquaintance throughout the county as well as the State. during his residence here the deceased has represented our city and county faithfully upon the City Council and Board of Supervisors; also upon the School Board. In all these positions he at all times served the public to the best of his ability, and was considered one of the best members of the respective boards, and one whose counsels were at all times respected and valued. In 1865 he was made a member of the Board of Directors of the Merchants National Bank, which position he held at the time of his death. He was a useful and influential member of the Congregational church and the Academy of Science.

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