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Laid to Rest

Feb. 20, 1886

The funeral services of the late Rev. R. W. H. Brent, held at the First M. E. Church this forenoon, was attended by a concourse nearly filling the large auditorium of the church. Among the mourning assembly were a body of ninety men and boys, wearing crape, representing the Muscatine Mfg. Co., of which deceased was a special friend and patron, and of which his sons are officers and members.

A select-choir, with Miss May Demorist at the organ, sang “Rock of Ages,” and then followed the reading of scripture, and prayer, by Rev. Dr. Robbins of the Congregational church.

The choir sang “Forever with the Lord.”

The discourse followed, preached by the pastor, Rev. H. E. Wing, and was a feeling tribute to the Christian life of deceased.

After the sermon, Miss Henrietta Wing sang “Home of the Soul,” a favorite hymn of deceased, and it was rendered with a beauty and pathos that touched all hearts.

The casket was now borne to the vestibule by the following pallbearers: Rev. S. E. Wilcox, Rev. D. A. Watters, Rev. S. H. Parvin, Rev. H. I. Beatty, Rev. John Fry and Rev. Jacob Fath. Here it was placed in line with the central aisle, and the congregation, departing in sections, divided at the doorway and each line had ample opportunity to view the face of the dead.

The procession of carriages to the grave was escorted by the workmen of the Company before mentioned, who in their volunteer presence in mourning and the performance of escort duty testified alike to their own noble sympathies and to the personal worth of him whom they so sincerely mourned.

The obsequies closed with a benediction by the Pastor at the grave.


Old Settlers’ Meeting

Pursuant to notice, the Old Settlers met at the City Hall, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1886, at 8:30, a. m. to take action on the death of Rev. R. W. H. Brent. Remarks were made by J. P. Walton and Rev. Mr. Davidson upon the virtues of deceased. President Walton offered the following preamble and resolutions which were adopted:

Again we are called to mourn the loss of another of our prominent early settlers by the death of Rev. R. W. H. Brent; one that was well known for his worth and integrity; one that has contributed largely to the welfare of our city; an out-spoken man; one that could be relied upon in all his public and private walks, and one that was universally esteemed and trusted – and, as a tribute to his memory,

, That, in the death of Brother R.W.H. Brent, the early settlers of the city and county have lost
one of their most worthy and esteemed members.

Resolved, That we offer to the family of the deceased our sincere sympathy in their great loss.

Resolved, That we attend the funeral of the deceased.

On motion adjourned.

D. S. BILES, Secretary
J. P. WALTON, President

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