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He leaves a wife, two daughters, three brothers and a sister, who mourn his death. His family will have the sympathy of the community. The funeral occurs to-morrow afternoon from the family residence at No. 508 West Fourth Street. The services will be conducted by Rev. A. B. Robbins, and the remains will be escorted to their last resting place by Eagle Lodge No. 10


Old Settlers Meeting.

A Meeting of the Old Settles’ society was held at the City Hall this morning pursuant to a call, in memory of Joseph Mulford.

Mr. D. C. Richman related pleasant reminiscences of the deceased, of whom he was a neighbor for a long time.

President Walton spoke with much feeling of the sterling traits of deceased and warmly endorsed Mr. Richman testimony to the useful life he live long among us. On motion Messrs. Richman and Walton were appointed a committee ….. resolutions. A resolution was offered and approved that the Old Settlers attend the funeral. On motion adjourned. - P. Jackson, Sec.


Joesph S. Mulford, an old settler and a prom’nent citizen of Muscatine, has departed this earthly life and sleep of death with the great silent majority. He was a valuable citizen, an active business man, honorable in all hi dealings with others. Though somewhat reserved toward strangers, and all others except his intimate friends, he was not cold of heart. His instincts were kindly and generous to all. But it was in the home circle that he was revered and loved by his wife and children. It was there that his silence and reserve melted away, and his hidden social instincts exhibited their charms and tenderness, the loss of which will render that home circle sad and desolate indeed. We bid farewell to a citizen, a neighbor, a man whom, according to human judgment, we can illy afford to spare, but God knows best; and with the expression of our warmest sympathies for the bereaved and sorrow stricken of the desolate thousehold, we commend them to the Father of all mercies.

J. P. WALTON, } Com.


February 9, 1886.(hand written)
“Joseph Mulford is Dead.” ----- Such was the message that spread over our city yesterday morning like a shock. It was known that the deceased was ill with pneumonia, but his many friends scarcely expected to hear these unwelcome words as they came from his bedside. On Sunday he was able to sit up, but ere the clock had tolled the hour of three yesterday morning his spirit had taken its flight, and all that was left of Joseph Mulford lie peacefully sleeping in death’s cold embrace. It came so suddenly that his most intimate friends little suspected that the end was near. To most everyone Mr. Mulford, prior to his recent illness, appeared to be full of health and vigor, but such was not the case. He had been a sufferer of a complication of diseases that caused him to seek more congenial climes at different times, with the hope of recuperating. He was robust, full of energy, and previous to his ailment labored industriously. About three or four weeks ago……taken ill with neuralgia,………followed by a complication of ……… and pneumonia is (***) been the cause of his demise.
The deceased was ……… July, 1827, at Brid ……. and when 28 years ………. ward and located in Muscatine. ……he has resided nearly ever since, …….. had gained the highest esteem of everyone who knew him. Formerly he was a member of the firm of Cadle. Mulford & Co., and later a member of the Huttig Bros. Manufacturing Co. Those who knew him best respected and loved him most, and his death will cause deep mourning among his friends and relatives. His peculiar traits commended him to the friendship of those who were acquainted with him. He was a member of Eagle Lodge No. 10 A.O.U.W.

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