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In Memory of Henry Molis, Sr.
Muscatine, Feb. 27th, 1884

Pursuant to notice a large representation of the Old Settlers’ Society met at the City Hall, the President J. P. Walton in the chair. On motion D. S. Biles was appointed Secretary.

The chair stated that the object of the meeting was to take appropriate action on the death of Henry Molis, Sr., one of the oldest and most esteemed members of the society.

It was moved and carried that the President appoint a committee of three on resolutions, and Wm. Gordon, Henry Funck and J. J. Hoopes were so appointed.

After a brief retirement the committee returned and reported the following:

    Death has made another inroad in the ranks of those who came here before Iowa was admitted as a State of the Union. Henry Molis, who became a citizen of Muscatine in 1841, has been suddenly called away to join in another world. William Woodward, Leffingwell, Samuel Lucas, Adam Ogilvie, Parvin and others, who, in the early history of Iowa, met the privations of frontier life without complaining and helped to lay the foundation of the present greatness and power of our State. Henry Molis was a man of the most sterling integrity, universally esteemed, and was by his fellow citizens often called upon to fill offices of trust and responsibility both for the city and the county the duties of which were always discharged faithfully and conscientiously, and as a slight tribute to his memory.

    Resolved, That in the death of Henry Molis the early settlers of this city and county have lost one who endeared himself to them by his considerate and gentle nature, and by numberless acts of kindness, and who won the confidence of all who knew him by many of the highest qualities of mankind. Resolved, That we offer to the family of the deceased our sincere sympathy in the great loss that has come upon them. Resolved, Resolved, That we attend the funeral in a body and that the Secretary send to the family of the deceased a copy of these resolutions.

    HENRY FUNCK, } Com.
Remarks were made by Henry Funck, D. C. Cloud, Suel Foster, D. C. Richman, J. P. Walton, Joseph Bridgman and Wm. F. Brannan, on the life and character of the deceased.

A motion of D. C. Richman, Esq., prevailed that a committee of three be appointed to draw up a series of resolutions on the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Mahin and have them published.

The President appointed D. C. Richman, D. C. Cloud and Suel Foster said committee.

On motion adjourned to meet at the late residence of Mr. Molis at two o’clock on Thursday afternoon, the day of the funeral.---D. S. BILES, Secretary

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