Source: REGISTER OF OLD SETTLERS , BOOK One, page 10 - 17, 23 - 30
submitted by Lynn McCleary, January 27, 2008

1834 - 1859

(hand written entries)

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1835 Eli Reynolds - 85 yrs in 1872 - written without spectacles - died 1873
  Col. John Vanater dies June 17, 1857
1834 Azubra Nye
PAGE 11  
1834 Benjamin Nye came in the Fall of '34
  Lycurgus D. Parmer
May 18th John F. Huber
Oct. 1835 John McGrew
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  Thomas Burdett
  Lewis Burdett
May Addison Reynolds
Feb John Dodge
  James Chambers in Feb. 35 built a Log cabin at Fairport
  Michael P Pace, November 1835
PAGE 13  
1836 Muscatine surveyed May 1836 by Major W. Gordon
  John Vanater & Ben. Clark Proprietors
June Moses Couch, (removed to Chicago) Returned June 15th 1870
May 12 Saml Gilbert
Nov Wm. St John (removed to Illinois) Died 1874
May 12 Thomas b. Holliday
May 15 John H Miller
  John Holladay
May 12 Samual Holladay
July 4 Elias Holladay
July 4 E Thornton
July 4 Lott Thornton
May 4 Levi Thornton
May A.H. Benson
June 1836 Suel Foster
1837 Edw V Fay
  Joseph Craizi
  John Reece
  Henry Reece
  Jon Reece
May 11, 1836 Anderson Chambers
Spring William Bear aged 40 being in 72 - 76 yrs.
Oct 3d Wm P. Wright & Nancy Wright
Sept 28th Wm Gordon
  John Chambers
  Vincent Chambers
  William Chambers , Sr
  William Chambers, Jr.
  Amanda Chambers Mrs M. P. Pace
PAGE 14  
February Giles Pettibone
April Joseph Bridgman
  Richard Lord
May 23 Asa Gregg
November 4 Henry Funck
Sept. 20 Geo. Bumgardner
April 10 Wm. G. Holmes
  Jerimiah Fish
April 7, 1837 Pling Fay
April H. H. Hines
Nov 20 Thomas Walton
  Catherine Gregg
Sep 4 Isiah Davis
August Marshall Farnsworth
Oct. 3 Wm. Calder
PAGE 15  
April Humphrey Burdett
June 1836 W. D. Viele
June 10th Josiah Procter Walton
Aug 10th John W. Walton (died March 11, 1882)
Aug 10th Peter Jackson
Augt. 1th T.S. Parvin
November 7th Abraham Talcott Banks
  Henry W. Moore
Oct 22'd Samuel Lucas
Aug 10 Abraham Smalley
April the 7 Thomas Morford
August Js Adams Reuling
Feby A. M. Winn
May 12 Charles Browning
Oct 25 James Phillips
Oct 25 Andrew McCurdy
  J. Williams
Feby S. M. Stewart (moved to Jones county, Iowa)
April 7, 1837 William Morford
  R. Morford
  J. A. Reuling (to Burlington to Musctine in '42)
Sept J.E. Fletcher
  Jan..d Lucas
June 22 John N. Beard
Dec 19 Henry Blanchard
PAGE 16  
1839 Methodist Episcopal Church organized in July with 7 members
July 2 George Ed. Daniels
  A. M. Klein
September 17 George Washington Humphreys (removed to Delware County, Iowa)
September 30 Samuel Tarr
Nov 25 Sheldon Norton Candeo
  Lucy An Candeo
April F. H. Stone
October James Weed
May 29th G. Nash (removed to Missouri, 1868)
April 15th John Kennedy Williams
May 1st Masaicai Gilbert (died Feby 1864)
September Jacob, Elias, Israel
April 20 Dennis Jeffers
March W Bennett
May D. C. Cloud
April 23 Wm Leffingwell
March 1839 Jacob Rulleman
April Wm. A. Gordon (died 1866)
Jun S. D. Viele (died 1867)
April M.B. Jannison (moved to Colorado)
  Samuel Sinnett
  Isaac Magoon
  Geo D. Magoon
Dec. 1839 W.G. Woodward
  H. Woodward
  Alexander Dunsmore
June 2, 1839 Benjamin T. Olds (died in California Sep 26, '62)
June 1839 Hiram Mathews in Muscatine (died Sept 29, 1862)
Jul 1839 A. J. Leffingwell (removed to Clinton County, Iowa)
  J. R. Mauck
  Benjamin Mathews
PAGE 17  
  Col. C. H. Abbott (killed at Vicksburg Miss, May 22, 1863)
April 18th J.A. Parvin
  J. M. Peane
  J. w. Kincaid
  L.G. McCloud
March Nancy J. Gray
  H.H. O Benson
  J.A. Purinton
  Mary Ann Purniton
Sept. E.T.S. Schenck
  J.r. Mauck
April 1st Charles S. Foster
June Mary C. Winn
October 1844 J. G. Watkins
April 1839 F. H. Stone
  Mrs. Hollister nee Hanson
  Richard H. Randell
PAGE 18  
  Annie C. Kennedy
  Wilfred M. Kennedy
PAGE 23  
  Pierson, Alger
1840 John Ziegler
  J.J. Hoopes
3rd April Ed Hoch
  L.W. Washburn
  Agrus Hawley
  Ellen M. Humphrey
Feb J. L. Husted
  D.E. Husted
June Andrew J. Fimple
  F. M. Horton
PAGE 24  
  G. W. Messak or Mepack
  Marllia Mepack
  Henny Molis
  John H. Benkshine
  Mrs. J. M. Purvis daughter of Isaac Lathrop brother of Silas Latrop born in Muscaitne 1841
  John Purvis husband of above of West Liberty
PAGE 25  
  Fr. Phelps
  W.G. Washam
  Richard Cadle
  Joseph Harrison
March 10th J.B Doughterty
May 20th Alexander Clark
  Theodsia Underwood
  Maud S. Underwood
  A. J. Brockway
Nov 7 Reuben Warren
  J. Fimple
  W.L. Davidson
PAGE 26  
  John Lemp
  Alden B. Robbins
  Fred Bridgman
November John Mahin
  Dyer Williams
  Ebenezer P. day
June Harrison Gray
Oct J.D. Walker
May 10 A.G. Townsley
Sept 15 Wm Hankley
Sept 10 William Wervin
Sept Cornelious Cadle
May 9 Alex Jackson
  Jesse Brogan
PAGE 27  
Dec b P. Thunton
May D.C. Richman
  S. Blanche Hawley
May 26, 1844 H. H. Garnes
March 1844 J.a. Green
May 1, 1844 S. C. Dunn
October J.G. Watkins
June H. M. Wallace
PAGE 28  
Nov. 15 Marx Block
  W.C. Bieurhi honary by wife
  J.G. Gordon
May 20th Christian Hershe, murdered March 9, 1864
Nov. Jno. V.B. Martin
  T. R. Sells honoary
  Char. O. Birch
De. Robert Daplavin
June 25th S.G. Gates
  Levi Eichelberger
  Harvey Baker
  John Weir, Jr
  J. Eveland
Feb. 1849 S. G. Stein
May 1, 1850 P. Stein
June 1856 S.M. Cobb
May 1850 F.M. Witter
June 1854 Peter Musser
March 1856 C.H. Hatch
  M. S. Hatch
April 1855 A. W. Heinly
April 1855 B. F. Heinly
  Laura Heinly
  Ida Heinly
May 1855 Joseph O. Hoopes
Nov 1856 J.C. Shipley
  Henry Friedly 1845 Mary Friedly
  Anna Wagner 1846 Hey Wagner 1857
PAGE 29  
March P. Vanatta
1839 E.P. Vanatta
  James Vanatta
April B. Bartholomew
  Harriet Bartholomew
August Cap Eden Brown - from Ohio - Ferryman on Cedar since 1851
  Mrs. Josephine Berging maid name Achther - born in Muscatine 1852
PAGE 30  
Sep 1854 John Schmidt
Nov. 2, 1855 A. F. Demorest
April 14, 1850 W.S. Fultz and Martha Fultz 1842
1852 Horton A. Hollister
1850 Wm Bond
1851 John W. Gray - born here
1856 S.A. Gray - born here
Nov. 1, 1852 H. H. McCoy
June 2, 1854 H. P. Jones
Mch 14, 1856 Wm. P. Smith
April 1857 Wm. Parkin
May 1852 Mrs. G.K. Dun
Nov. 4th Henry Madden
Nov 14, 1851 Jane E. Temple or Madden
1852 Mrs. O.M. Kessengen
Oct 1854 R. Mupor or Musser
March 1859 J. Stockdale
June 1844 Charles Giesler
Oct 1852 H. A. Hollister
April 1839 Mrs. H.A. Hollister
Apr 1848 B. W. Lord
Mary 4, 1848 Frank Geiger
June 19, 1855 C.C. Patrick - C.W. Darby, Mrs. F.M. Derby, Mrs. Abbie Darby
1844 James C & Mary H. Stuart

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