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Nichols, Iowa Centennial Book 1884-1984, pages 161-162 >br />Although the following article is undated,
many residents will remember the first park’s beginnings, probably about 1945.

Residents of Nichols Are Planning For Park
         Nichols – A community Christmas tree, a service board and a bandstand will be features of the park which is being planned by the newly-appointed park board.
         The park will be located on a vacant lot at the west end of the business district on highway 22. The lot was given to the town by the late T. B. Nichols.
         The city council recently appointed Mrs. Emma Rice to act as chairman of the committee in charge of making the arrangements, with Walter Morris, Mrs. Dora Nichols, Robert Lewis and Miss Edna Hesser to assist her.
         The C. R. I. & P. railway has given the town permission to include in the park a memorial plot belonging to them and part of the abandoned right-of-way of the Muscatine-Montezuma branch line. The Walton nurseries in Muscatine has furnished the park board with plans for the landscaping of the park.
         Appointments made by the committee at their meeting were Mrs. Alberta Kelly, chairman to raise funds; Mrs. Ben Nichols, secretary-treasurer, and Walter Morris, chairman to prepare the park for the planting of trees, shrubs and other plants.
         Anyone who would care to give money for the effort may leave their donations at the bank.
         Citizens and organizations who made donations to the Nichols Park Fund include the following:
         Harry Abbott, Leonard Adams, E. W. Adam, Warren Abbott.
         Joe Borgstadt, Harry Braun, Roy Braun, Lester Brenneman, Harry Brenneman, Harvey Barnhart, George Brown, Albert Bottomly, McKinley Buser Jesse Brenneman, John Baker, Joe Brugman, Henry Brugman, H. L. Brugman, Eugene Brugman, Edward Bekker, G. B. Bekker, Boy Scout Paper Drive, Albert Bryan.
         Louis Chown, Floyd Coss, Vernie Carter, LeRoy Christofferson, Ray McCullough, Harold Carter, Iva Coon, Robert Chown, George Chown, Elizabeth Chown, H. D. Cline.
         Delta Alpha Circle, Delta Alpha (ride), Tom Dean, Walter Daufeldt.
         Pershing Elder, Hubert Elder, Charles Elder, Fred and Bob Elder, Walter Elder, Jeanne Elder.
         John Foley, Alfred Forbes, Clarence Finley, Robert Finley, William Frieden, Bert Fry.
         Elmer Galloway, David Gideon, Arthur Grim, F. R. Graham, William Gabel, Les Grim, Robert Gregg, Theodore Gabel, Pike Grange.
         Clifford Hesser, Vesta Hadley, Cleve Hazen, Howard Hummel, Claude Heizer, Leonard Heuvelman, Art Hahn, Clarence B. Hoopes, Frank Hummel, Nell Hickey, Edna Hesser, William Hines, Charlie Hines, George Hollenbeck, Arthur Hollenbeck, Henry Harder, Lloyd Hummel, Margaret Howe, W. C. Halleck, Lee Heizer, Hale Hanft, Clarence Hora, Hawkeye Lumber Company, Robert Hedemann, Jack Hall, George Hendricks, LeMoine Heither, William Heath, James Hillyer.
         Rev. Ireland, John H. Johnson, Vandle Jones, Pete Jameson, Ezra Jameson.
         Henry Kirchner, F. A. Kirchner, Lloyd Kile, Lou Kile, John Kirkpatrick, W. J. Knight, Knitters, Ernest Kirchner, Harry Kaalberg, George A. Kirchner, LeMoyne Kirchner, Ralph Kirchner, Frank Kaalberg, Rev. F. J. Kohler.
         John Lewis, Matt Lindle, Robert Lewis, Lloyd Longstreth, Harry Ludman, Ralph Longstreth, Loretta Longstreth, W. E. Loeb, Lacy School District.
         Dr. V. O. Muench, B. L. Metcalf & Son, Walter Morris, Mills Motor Company, Fred Meyers, john Mills, Bonnie Morrison, George Metcalf, Burton Mills, Gus Meyers, Clinton Meyers, Clifton Meyers, Anna Mapes, C. C. Miller, Donald Mills, Isabelle Metheney, George Metheney, D. H. Marne, Steve Milder, Harold Madsen, B. A. Milder, Daisy MacDougall, Masonic Lodge, Methodist W. S. C. S., Milburn Mills.
         Nichols Grain and Feed Company, Harry Nauman, Dora Nichols, Dora Nichols (Christmas tree), Ben Nichols, Charlene Nichols, Town of Nichols, George Nelson, J. T. Neff, Ray Norris, Peter Ness, Nichols Telephone Company, Nichols Youth Association, Nichols Chapter Order of the Eastern Star, Finis Nelson, Nichols Fire Company, Nichols Bank.
         Jim Oostendorp, Bernie Oostendorp, William Oostendorp, Oddfellow Lodge.
         Everett Pike, Loretta Pike, James Powers, Vaughn Phillips, Albert Pike, Charles Pike, Fred Poole, Albert Polman, C. P. Perkins, Bert Poole, Albert Quinby.
         Emma Rice, Anna Reynolds, W. A. Rice, Verna Reeder, A. L. Rudman, Albert Rathjen, Elmer Rathen, Ira Renshaw, Hester Ryan, George Richter, Ray Rockafellow, Rebekah Lodge, Royal Neighbors, St. Mary Rosary.
         Vita Sarver, Pearl Schmitt, Emma Shafer, George Stych, Stych Benefit Dance, Harry Salemink, Ben Sindt, George Smith, Frank Stalkfleet, Mary Smith, Lucille Schmelzer, Craig Shingledecker, Lawrence Salemink, Fred Swanson, Mervin Shafer, W. R. Schmitt, N. G. Schmitt, Lou J. Schmitt, Herbert Schmitt, B. F. Swickard.
         Lee Ulch, George Umscheid & Sons.
         E. J. Woolever, Ray Wieskamp, Roy Wilkerson, Charles Walker, Harold Hintermeister, Earl Whitlock, Alberta Wieskamp, William Wieskamp.
         Rev. Vogel, Richard Varnum, E. A. Vetter, Leo Van Aken, Ed Zybarth, Frank Zinkula.

~ Nichols First Community in Eastern Iowa to Plan Park And Servicemen’s Monument Davenport, Iowa, Sunday Morning, February 25, 1945. – page 162

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