Pike Township Family Stories

Nichols, Iowa Centennial Book 1884-1984, page 299
By Frances Elder

         John Shellabarger was born 25 July 1832 in Pennsylvania. He married Mary Ann Cross on 1 December 1854. They farmed in the Cranston and Letts, Iowa, areas. They were parents of nine children, all born at home: Martin Luther Shellabarger, Clara Ellen Shellabarger, Kathryn Isabel Shellabarger, Elizabeth Martha Shellabarger, William Allison Shellabarger, Walter Levi Shellabarger, Emma Shellabarger, Frances Shellabarger and Letta Lorene Shellabarger.
         After retiring from farming, they moved to Letts, Iowa, across the street from the United Brethren church. John was a diabetic and had his leg amputated. He was in ill health for many years before his death16 February 1916.
         Mary Ann Cross was born in February 1835 in Pike county, Ohio; she died 8 January 1927. Her father was Levi Cross, born 1 January 1806 in Adams county, Ohio. His parents were James Cross and Epsey Cross; they settled in Adams county, Ohio, about 1788. James Cross’ father was a native of Ireland.
         Levi Cross came to Muscatine county from Ohio in 1846. He located in Lake township. He bought a farm in 76 township in September 1849. He married twice: first Mary Foster, a native of Ohio, and second, Elizabeth Chatham. He had seven children, all born in Pike county, Ohio: Perry Cross, John B. Cross, Mary Ann Cross, Nancy Cross, Levi Cross, Hannah Cross and Michael Cross.
         Both John Shellabarger and Mary Ann Cross Shellabarger are buried in the Letts cemetery.
         Martin Luther Shellabarger, son of John and Mary Ann, was born 7 May 1860. He married on 10 October 1900 Susan L. Verink, who was born in February 1865. He was known for his popcorn wagon in Muscatine at Second and Cedar streets. They had a daughter, Dorothy Shellabarger Jensen, who was born 10 February 1907, and a baby who died in infancy.
         Clara Ellen Shellabarger was born 3 September 1861 in Cedar township. She married John Elsworth Elder 25 December 1882. Their children were Earl Ray Elder, Charles Wesley Elder, Mary Ruth Elder, Icy Mable Elder and Walter Freeman Elder.
         Kathryn Isabel Shellabarger, daughter of John and Mary Ann, was born 25 April 1856. She married Elbridge Pace on 10 December 1885. They lived on Orchard avenue in Muscatine.
         Elizabeth Martha Shellabarger, daughter of John and Mary Ann, was born 11 August 1857; she married D. W. Hidlebaugh on 26 December 1883. They farmed in Canada. Their children, all born in Canada, were Edgar Hidlebaugh, Jay Hidlebaugh, Lola Hidlebaugh, Mark Hidlebaugh and Estelle Hidlebaugh.
         William Alison Shellabarger, son of John and Mary Ann, was born 16 October 1863. He married Mary Altenbernd on 12 March 1896. They farmed near Muscatine. They were parents of four children: Helen Shellabarger, Ruth Shellabarger, Crete Shellabarger and Gladys Shellabarger.
         Helen Laree Shellabarger Danz, daughter of William and Mary, was born in 1905 and lives in Muscatine [1984].
         Ruth M. Shallabarger, daughter of William and Mary Shellabarger, was born 15 August 1900. She married Chester McConnaha. They farmed for many years near Muscatine.
         Crete Shellabarger, son of William and Mary, was born 8 October 1888. He married on 22 February 1910 June Spring. He was a car salesman and lived in Muscatine. His daughter is Jane Shellabarger Mollenoff of Des Moines.
         Gladys Shellabarger, daughter of William and Mary, was born 4 December 1897.
         Walter Levi Shellabarger, son of John and Mary Ann Shellabarger, was born 28 December 1870 in Muscatine. He married Rosella Mae Alterkruse, who was born 22 May 1877. Their son is Clark Shellabarger. He and his wife, Mildred, live on the home place; their children are Mary Alice Shellabarger and Dick Shellabarger.
         Emma Shellabarger, daughter of John and Mary Ann, was born 16 October 1859. She married William H. Ellis on 17 March 1887. They had four children. Hazel Ellis was born 2 September 1890. Golda Ellis was born 5 May 1897. Rex Ellis was born 12 January 1893. Bruce Ellis has children, Jean Ellis, Betty Ellis and Tom Ellis.
         Frances Shellabarger, daughter of John and Mary Ann, was born 29 November 1868. She married John Eliason, and they farmed northwest of Letts, Iowa. Their children were Allen Eliason and Roscoe Eliason.
         Allen Eliason, son of John and Frances Eliason, married Grace Beryl. She was born 2 February 1895 and died 24 October 1966. Their children are Mary Pat Eliason and Allen Eliason, Jr.
         Roscoe Eliason, son of John and Frances Eliason, married Peg; they farmed at Letts, Iowa. Their children are Ann Eliason and Kay Eliason.
         Jetta Lorene Shellabarger, daughter of John and Mary Ann, was born 26 July 1874. She married Sam Turkington. They lived at Columbus Junction and Letts, Iowa. Sam and his brother, Clyde Turkington, were partners in cattle buying and selling auction barn at Columbus Junction, Iowa.

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