Submitted by Melissa Rodriguez, November 4, 2014
"I recently purchased this photo album from the mid-1800s and it is full of pictures of the Townsley family from Muscatine. It had 22 large pictures and 8 small ones. Below are photos that had names written on them. For more information on the family see the biography of Albert G. Townsley at "".

Orill Marian, daughter of
Louisa & Marion Townsley
Roy Lawrence, Otis Townsley & Mario Lawrence
Written on the bottom of photo:
H. E. West, Oakland, IA
Lorene and Orel Townsley
(Minneapolis, Minn.) was noted on the back of the photo
Mrs. M. Townsley
Marie (at age 6 mos) and Otis (2 yrs), (1885)
Otis Townsley (father of Elizabeth T. Shumway), Sarah Wright Townsley (mother of Otis & Marion Townsley, Orill (wife of Otis)
Mr. William Townsley
Bessie Townsley
Aunt Mary Roberts (grandma Townsley's aunt, mother's side)
Chester Stower (brother of Lew, died at 1 yr)

back side of photo

back side of photo

back side of photo

back side of photo
Sarah Wright Townsley

back side of photo
Elizabeth Galloway Townsley (mother of Albert, Syrus & Nancy Townsley, our Great Grandmother)

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