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Term and Semester Honor Rolls Announced

            The school honor-roll has been established by the second nine weeks and the semester.  To reach the honor roll a student has to have a B average or above and not have any grades below a C on their report card.


Freshman: 2nd Nine Weeks Semester
Keith Barnhart 3.40 3.33
Larry Brenneman 3.46 3.46
Laura Albrecht 3.33 3.33
Belita Brenneman 3.56 3.46
Linda Grable 3.00  
Diane Jansen   3.08
Linda Rummells 3.33 3.26
Barb Walker 3.13 3.20
Bob Swanson 3.26 3.33
Audrey Chown 3.25 3.25
Joyce Christian 3.20 3.13
Barbara Zybarth 3.86 3.80
Larry Luettgens 3.33 3.50
Cloyd Phelps 3.66 3.66
Judy Durst 3.16 3.16
Marianne Barnhart 4.00 4.00
Nancy Longstreth 3.41 3.41
Patty Meyers 3.33 3.33
Donna Strickfaden 3.66 3.58
Stuart Schmitt 3.33 3.16
Sherry Finley 3.83 3.75
Eighth Grade:    
Harry Christofferson    
Lois Albrecht    
Virginia Brenneman    
Marylin Grable    
Carolyn Hollenbeck    
Nancy Poetler    
Deanna Porter    
Seventh Grade:    
Linda Brenneman    
Connie Christian    
James Kaalberg    
Garry Phelps    
Sandra Schmitt    
Penny Han (Semester Only)    

* * * * *

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Senior Class Play

            BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward is the title of the Senior Class play to be presented both on stage and of T.V.  Royalty for the play is $50.00, but since such a small class is putting it on, the Co. is charging only $15.00 royalty.

            It’s the story of a man and the trouble he has with his two wives.  His present wife thinks he is giving her sarcastic answers, when he is really talking to his former dead wife, who has come back to haunt him.

            The cast includes Linda Elder as Ruth; Bob Pike as Charles; Sherry Finley as Mrs. Bradman; Delpha Holcomb as Elvira; Joyce Christian as Madama Arcati; and Edith (a maid has not been filled yet.)

* * * * *


            The Nichols High School will not be state approved after June 30, 1961, Mr. Collison, Regional Supervisor from the State Department of Public Instruction, has announced.

            A public meeting will be held at 8 p.m. Wednesday, February 3 in the gym to discuss proposals.  Nichols has two alternatives:

1.                  Operate the elementary school and send high school students to an accredited high school on a tuition basis, or

2.                  Reorganize with a larger district.

Nichols is located in an area that reorganization with either Lone Tree or West Liberty Community School Districts would be possible.

            The Lone Tree and West Liberty Boards of Education have been invited to the meeting to offer information and answer questions regarding their respective systems.  Rev. L. J. Vogel, pastor of St. Mary’s Church, will moderate the meeting.

            The School Board has urged that every voter in the school district attend.

* * * * *


First Graders Make Snow Flakes

            Those having perfect attendance for the first semester in the first grade are:  Dana Clark, Lawrence Johnston, and Betsy Rudman.

            In Science the first graders are studying about air.  Mrs. Dickenson said the students enjoyed doing an experiment about air.

            In Art the first graders drew winter scenes.  They also made snowmen and snowflakes.

            All the first grade reading groups are in a basic reader entitled “The New Fun with Dick and Jane.”

            Leonard Peterson, Ronald Roth, and Ricky Brown have been absent lately.

            Mrs. Robert Chown, Mrs. Marvin Mills and Dee, and Mrs. Raymond Porter have visited the first grade room.

Third Graders Study Subtraction

            Cherry Peterson was the only third grader having perfect attendance for the first semester.

            Sydney Borgstadt and Denise Hutchinson both had birthdays.

            The theme in decorating the room is snow figures.  The third graders are also painting snow scenes on the windows.

            In Arithmetic the third graders are learning how to add and subtract three-placed numbers.

            Those who have been absent lately are:  Sydney Borgstadt, Ruth Hollenbeck, Barbara Elder, Randy Brown, Margaret Brugman and Brenda Walker.

            Roger Conklin won’t be with the third graders anymore because he moved to Muscatine.

Fifth Graders Study Fuels

            A unit on transportation is being studied in Social Studies class.  A series of pictures is being made showing travel in early days and today.

            Reports on fuels for heat were made in science.  Different fuels were:  wood, coal, gas (natural and artificial), oil, charcoal, coke, and peat.

            Arithmetic practice continues in fractions and dividing by two-place numbers.

            Mary Conklin and Don Calvert have moved leaving an even dozen in the fifth grade.

Seventh Grade Has a New Pupil

            The seventh grade students were happy to welcome their first newcomer since last year.  Their new classmate is Candy Houser.

            In Science the seventh graders have just received their first issue of Current Science.  To go along with the paper, there will be a Current Science Day.  On this day everyone is to bring a current science clipping or article from a magazine.

            In Social Studies there is a television show in the making.

            Shirley Hillyer, Sandra Schmitt and Patricia and Michele Hutchinson have birthdays in January.

Pleasant Plain Girls Beat Nickettes

            Even though the Nickettes lost to Pleasant Plain on the local floor January 15, the girls showed improvement in their playing.  Inspired by this being the homecoming game, the team showed enthusiasm resulting in action that should have been good for a win.  However, Pleasant Plain repeated their earlier victory by outscoring Nichols 57-43.  As usual, Strickfaden lead the way with 32 points, but the forwards’ total percentage was low – 26 ½ %.  If they had been hitting, that night, the pep of the team should have carried them to a victory.

            Observing the girls’ playing on January 26, spectators could only wish this was another homecoming night.  Where was the zip the girls had shown at that last local game?  Both Nichols and their opponents, Mt. Union leading 33-26.

            Friday night, January 29, the Nicks will journey to meet the L&M team, a team which is new this year, combining Letts and Grandview.

Jr.  Hi.  Basketball

            January 21, the Jr. Hi. Boys had a game with Muscatine Jr. Hi.  The little Muskies came out on top with a score of 25 to 23.  High scorer for Nichols was Garry Phelps with 12 points.  Plemmons and Moody tied for high scorer for the Muskies with 6 points.  The next game is February 4 at Riverside.

Come To The Valentines Dance     February 12th    $1.00


Editors            Judy Mills, Nancy Longstreth

Reporters         Laura Albrecht, Marianne Barnhart

                        Linda Rummels, Joyce Christian

                        Bernice Kasper, Sherry Finley

                        Judy Mills

Art                   Larry Luettgens

Mimeograph Operator             David Hillyer, Larry Green

Typists             Judy Mills, Nancy Longstreth, Bernice Kasper


            This is the staff which published the 1926 Nicholite from which we took our editorial for this week:

                        Editor-in-chief                                    Robert Fox

                        Ass’t Editor                                        Cecil Hintz

                        Business Manager                               Burton Mills

                        Ass’t Business Mgr                             William Quinby

                        Editorial Writer                                   Ted MacDougal

                        Literary Editor                                    Geneva Lorber

                        Town Editor                                        Beula Nash

                        Grade Editor                                       Clarence Hillyer

                        Sports Editor                                       James Kirchner

                        Society Editor                                     Wilma Kirchner


            Have you ever seen anyone chewing um when in company?  What do you think of it?  It is certainly a sign of bad manners.  We know better, or should, at least, than to commit such an unmannerly act when in the presence of others.  It causes much annoyance to others when someone is chewing gum whether it is chewed silently or otherwise.  How disgusting it is to be seated in school, church, or other public places, near one who is chewing gum and making a great deal of unnecessary noise.

            The only proper place to chew gum, if such there be, is in your own room, with the door closed, where you may be alone.  We never see a well bred person chewing it when in the company of others, so why does not everyone be mannerly in the same respect?  Just try it.  It will not do you any harm, and it may do good, in that it will raise others’ opinion of you.

            But if we must tolerate the evil, let us at least regard some rules of what might be called “gum etiquette”.  The floor is no place for gum.  However many people insist on depositing it there.  Aside from sanitary and ornamental reasons, it is far from agreeable to step in.  Furthermore the student who is trying to study and at the same time engages in that other absorbing task of chewing gum, gets little from his work.  His mind is not concentrated on the task at hand and the effort is wasted.  But not only that, but the chewers neighbors are also prevented from doing their best work.  Let’s substitute a little mental effort for some of this jaw effort, and watch the result.

Recital For Contest Held

            A Recital Program was held 2:15 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29 at the Nichols School Gymnasium for the Grade School Solo Contest held Saturday, Jan. 30, which was at Washington, Iowa.  Trumpet solos were Ken Grable and Ralph Raper; Coronet solos:  Phyllis Green and Linda Kirkpatrick; Baritone solos:  Harry Christofferson and Candy Abbott; Trombone solo:  Dennis Albrecht; Tuba solo:  Gaylord Swanson; Alto Saxophone solos:  Sandra Schmitt and Jim Meyers; Clarinet solos:  Rowena Pike, Nancy Marine and Mardella MacKenzie; Flute solo:  Lorna Pike.

* * * * *

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