5 October 1937

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The Ghost Train To Be Given Oct. 28

            The Alpha Omega Literary society will present their annual play, “The Ghost Train,” Friday night October 22, at eight o’clock under the direction of Miss Blazer.

            The story opens as the night train draws into a small station near Rockland, Maine; some passengers get off and the train moves on.  The passengers are compelled to wait all night, for they missed connections.  Their night, however, proves far from tedious for this is a haunted station and every night a ghost train passes bringing death to all who observe it.    When the decrepit old station-master describes the course of this terrifying phantom, the passengers all make fun of him.  But all the phenomena occur as forecast.  The station-master is stricken mysteriously dead.  The engine whistles.  The train roars through the junction and one who rashly gazed upon it apparently succumbs. 

            What is the meaning of all this mystery?  Come and find out your answer with the following cast:  Miss Bourne, spinster, Lucille Oostendorp; Julia Price, attractive young woman, Loretta Borgstadt; Elsie Winthrop, young married lady, Sylvia Stephens; Peggy Murdock, a young bride, Luetta Pike; Teddie Deakin, an Englishman, Loren Brown; Saul Hodgkin, station-master, Robert Hillyer; Richard Winthrop, middle aged man, Max Hanft; Charles Murdock, bridegroom, L. B. Smith; Herbert Price, middle-aged, La Vaughn Richter; John Sterling, a well set-up man, Charles Elder, and Jackson, stocky man, Lee Ulch.

* * * * *

Mr. Wilson Heads Group

            Supt. E. R. Wilson of Nichols was elected president of the Muscatine County Schoolmaster’s Club at a meeting held Wednesday night September 28 at Wilton.

            Superintendent A. C. Baumgartner of Wilton was named vice president and Principal Fred Messenger of Muscatine High School secretary-treasurer of the organization.

            Dr. Fred Cram, Cedar Falls, of Iowa State Teachers College extension division gave a talk and also Cameron Ross, southeastern Iowa supervisor of public instruction.

            The group will convene October 14 at West Liberty for further explanation of Dr. Cram’s talk about remedial program of reading which will be put in use in the Intermediate room here at Nichols.  The plan is being adopted by the county Schoolmaster’s Club.

            December 3 and 4 were the dates set for the annual county basket-ball tournament to be played in the Nichols school gymnasium this year.

* * * * *


                                    Fire Prevention Week                         Oct. 3

                                    Conesville Here                                   Oct. 5

                                    Alpha Play                                           Oct. 22

                                    Carnival                                               Oct. 29

* * * * *

Essay Contest Open to Seniors

            The Josten Ring Company this year is offering the seniors an essay contest with three prizes being given.  The title of the essay is “What Art Means to Me.”  For the local prize essay a bronze medallion is being given.  A college scholarship of fifty dollars is the award for the best state essay and for the national is a scholarship for two hundred dollars.

            Every senior is urged to try this and we hope we can produce a winner.

* * * * *

Seniors Get Class Rings

            The seniors of 1938 received their class rings Tuesday September 28.  They are a gold band with a stone background and a raised crest with the letter N on it.  They had their choice of several stones, being ruby, blue sapphire, black onyx, mother of pearl, black and white enamel or the plain metal.

* * * * *


Door Prizes to be Given

            The Nichols Public School will hold a Carnival Friday evening October 29 beginning at 7:30.  The carnival will consist of concessions, auditorium programs, lunch stand, candy, and popcorn stands and novelty booths.  No general admission will be charged but door prizes will be given.    

            The entire school will participate in the programs and the proceeds of this carnival will be used for purchasing supplies and necessities for the entire school.

            Small hand bills will be distributed later with complete details of the program.

* * * * *

The  Nicholite

Subscription rate – 35 cents each semester

Ad rates 10 cents per inch each.

Edited and published fortnightly by

The Journalism Class of Nichols High,

Nichols, Iowa.

                                    Editor                                                     Ethel Smith

                                    Assistant Editor                                   Virginia Vogel

                                    Business Manager                               Lee Ulch

                                    Assistant Bus. Mg.                               Aubrey Daedlow

Circulation Managers

                                    Charles Elder                                      Jean Swickard

Editorial Staff

                                    Editorials                                             Leo Hollenbeck

                                    Columnist                                            L. B. Smith

                                    Features                                              Doris Heath

                                    Grade News                                        Lucille Oostendorp

                                    Town News                                         Loretta Borgstadt

                                                                                                Bernice McMahon

                                    Country News                                     Dorothy Dedrick

                                    Sports                                                   Loren Brown

                                    High School Editor                              Max Hanft


                                    Luetta Pike                                          Norma Hummel


                                    Robert Hillyer                                     Harold Elder

                                    Loren Brown                                       Leo Hollenbeck

* * * * *


            Boys and Girls of high school age and those interested in athletics; baseball, basketball, football, etc., make your habits of the best, these consisting of proper eating, exercising that occur in common everyday life. One thing though, you athletes, don’t start the habit of smoking.  Tests made by colleges and scientists show that smokers beginning when they are young become habitual smokers, don’t have strong bones or good muscular action.   Besides this it checks the growth, makes the heart weak so such an extent that the user is short winded and sluggish.  Athletic trainers put a ban on smoking because a smoking team suffers the agony of loss and disaster.  Another noticeable fact in young smokers is that they are nervous and irritable.  They easily become angered.  They easily lose control of themselves.  Their will power is weakened and they become less reliable in business.  The youth (boy or girl) who look forward to excellence in athletics, to achievement in business, in the professions, to authority and control in store or factory or home, will select his or her habits, as well as his or her friends, with care and will leave tobacco out of those things which are chosen.

* * * * *


            In this day and age of business rush and congested traffic in our streets everybody is obliged to “Watch his Step.”  A person who buys an automobile must train his nervous system to think quickly under any and every circumstance.

            What is true of the driver is also true of the pedestrian in the street.  He who has not formed the habit of looking both ways before crossing the street will not live long.  At block intersections he must look four ways before crossing.  This is essential to-day for safety.  There are habits of both driving and walking in our cities that should be observed by everyone.

* * * * *

H E R E   &   T H E R E

            Max was too anxious to get across the stage at play practice the other night and consequently the result was he slipped and while slipping knocked Sylvia from her feet and she lit on Max in one nice heap.

            Does D. H. face get red when a special boy winks at her.

            The path behind the old Nichols building is getting worn down pretty well these days.

            I do believe that the play will be very good if things go as they have been.  It’s spooky.

            A couple of Sophomore boys are afraid to ride with Miss Miller.  A good excuse.

            Charles don’t even know where his seat is, anyway that is what it looks like, he gets in Dorothy’s usually.

            I must say Rolly is good at wiping grins off his face and believe me it came in handy a couple of times.  The others are not so fast soooo.

            Almon Hillyer must plan to lead an orchestra some day, anyway as he sits in the assembly on Mondays and Wednesdays the grammar room music class furnished rhythm to which he swings his pencil.

            The Freshmen are wondering. . .Last week a freshman girl asked me if they would have to be initiated again if they didn’t pass.  She said quite a few were worrying and wondering about it.

            “Why I don’t know,” I told her.  “I wouldn’t worry about it now, six weeks tests are only next week.”

            Could it be that the initiation took or something?

            Lee Ulch said he never wore a ring before, he doesn’t have to tell us.  He is always fiddling with it.        

            I do believe Josephine is the high school favorite.

* * * * *

G R A D E     N E W S

Grammar  Room

            The seventh and eighth grade made a rating of eight in their self testing drill taken this week.

            Geraldine Green and Alan Coon were absent on account of illness.

            The seventh grade has completed the maps in geography on Germany.  Richard Salemink’s map was exhibited on the bulletin board.

            Ruth and Esther Cozad spent Sunday at Cambridge, Illinois.

            Margaret Swickard spent Sunday at Columbus Junction, visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gilkey.

            Elaine Elder visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Bellamy at Winfield Sunday.

            We received the pictures today which were taken two weeks ago.  They were very much enjoyed by some and again others seemed to think that the camera did not treat them all fair.

* * * * *

Intermediate  News

            LeRoy Elder and Joyce Borgstadt were absent last week on account of illness.

            For opening exercises beginning Thursday, the different pupils will give talks on subjects connected with their lessons.

            The sixth grade pupils are enjoying their European history topics.  Our reference books are very helpful along that line.

            Map drawing in connection with their geography has been the work of the fourth grade this week.  They are also studying the New England states.

            All grades are very much pleased with their new English work books.  They work in nicely with the text.

            Vera Morgan is back in school after three days absence.  She was ill with tonsilitus.

            Joyce Borgstadt was absent Monday a half-day because of illness. 

            Mrs. Marine, Mrs. Roberts, and Elizabeth Ann Marine were visitors in our room Friday afternoon.

            June Mills and Blanche Heizer visited our room the past week

            We have received the individual pictures which we had taken about two weeks ago.  We are much pleased with most of them.

            We are looking forward to the carnival which will be given at the Nichols School building October 29.

* * * * *

Primary Room

            This week the following have had room duties:

            Milton and Shirley Mills, leaders; Joyce King , waste basket; Junior Hazen and Eugene Lane, housekeepers; Freddie Stephens, Librarian; Albert Polman, paint mixer; Ralph Housley, bulletin board; Burt Carter, door keeper; Tommy Carney, date chart.

            Virginia Cozad brought a plant to school of which the leaves were partly pink.

            The first grade has been studying about the products of farms and kinds of farms.

            The second grade has been telling to each other different stories.  The stories are very interesting.

            The third grade in Indian history made looms out of cigar boxes, nails and string.  They also weave yarn and strips of cloth into mats.  Some were good and others did not have such good luck.

            The third grade in geography have been studying about grains.  Samples of breakfast foods were brought to class.

            They are going to dry apples for science.

            Ronald Hodoval visited in our room last Friday.  Ron is a cousin of Charles and Catherine Wilson and lives in Onslow Iowa.

* * * * *

            Alphas  Host  to  Spartans

            The Alpha Omega literary society entertained the Spartans and teachers to a weiner roast Thursday after school September 23, as a result of the recent Nicholite campaign.  They were transported down to the picnic grounds in two trucks furnished by Loren Brown and Leo Hollenbeck.


            The Psycholorgy class has been experimenting on perception and perspective.  It seems that the Juniors enjoy it as much as the Seniors.

            The physics class is studying the pressure of liquids.  Some of the pupils get rather confused about its weight.  We have been preforming experiments checking the amount of upward pressure as well as downward and side ward.

            The Seniors have decided to have their pictures taken this year at the Burch Studio in Davenport, in the near future.  No exact date has been set but it is expected to be about November 1.

            What would happen if Miss Balzer didn’t give the Senior class a talking to the third period at least once a week.

* * * * *


            The sophomores who have preformed experiments in Science are Junior Stephans, Clarence Wilkerson, Almon Hillyer, Gladys Geirse, Jean Swickard, and Doris Cozad.

            The English class under the direction of Miss Balzer are reading the classic “Ivanhoe.”  We are very interested in it.

            The sophomore boys singing in the glee club are Robert Borgstadt, Donald Heizer, Almon Hillyer, and Junior Stephens.         

            Junior Stephens and Venita Vetter were absent from school one day this week.

            In geometry we are planning covers for our notebooks

            In all studies the class is reviewing for six weeks tests which will be held next week.

* * * * *

Senior Pictures arrive

            The pictures which were taken by the Vi Cam Photo Company have arrived.  Most of the pictures were enjoyed, especially by those in the lower grades.  The High school pictures were not judged as highly.

* * * * *


            If you wonder why we Freshmen came to school dressed so peculiar, think nothing of it.  It is only the after affects of initiation.

            Two of our freshmen boys from the country have taken to riding bicycles to school while another rides a horse.  They don’t seem to like to walk.

* * * * *


The Junior are progressing very rapidly in typing this year, but we will know more about it when Miss Balzer begins to give speed tests.

In reviewing for the six weeks History test the Juniors were allowed to ask one another questions.  Some of them tried to get the hardest ones they could find but this was all the better review for them.

* * * * *

The Junior Class at Center Junction is presenting a one act play Friday October 8, “Among My Stars.”

The Junior Class at Crawfordsville High School presented a three act play October 1, “Kid Colby.”

Crawfordsville High School Band will give a program October , beginning at 8:00 o’clock.

The Mt. Union schools have purchased some new books for their school library this year.

The Winfield Juniors already have their class ring selection made for this year.

Olin High School is sponsoring a school paper this year called the Olinian.

* * * * *

R U R A L     N E W S


Buffalo Bluffs

By Dorothy Slater – Teacher

Our two primary people, Lucille Johnson and Wanda Brenneman have progressed rapidly and are now ready for their “Reading Readiness” test.

We have made a terrarium (a box for small animals).  Darlene Brenneman brought us a tomato worm which has proved very interesting.

The fifth grade has completed a hobby booklet.

We are making a collection of fall leaves and weeds.

* * * * *

Pike No. 2

By Edna Tomfeld – Teacher

We have a health contest for brushing the teeth which started Monday, September 17.  The contest will last three months with a nice prize for the winner.

Three attendance certificates were given this month.  They were received by Blanche Heizer, Chester Smith and Shirley Reynolds.

The second grade pupils are just starting their new readers and are busy making booklets.

The seventh and eighth grade are making maps over the work covered in their history.

* * * * *


By Jessie Mills – Teacher

            Lacy has an enrollment of 18.

            The Queen Anne ship is five miles ahead of the Queen Mary ship in our race for good conduct.

            The first graders are making poem booklets with their free-hand illustrations of the poems learned.

            The fifth grade made boats in connection with its hobby.

* * * * *


By Henry Plett – Teacher

            Thirteen pupils had perfect attendance records.

            Two kittenballs were received from the West Liberty Index last week.  We have organized a team and are ready for competition.

            October 3-9 is Fire Prevention week.  We are making posters carrying out that theme.

            We are planning to make a diary ofour school activities with the pupils as reporters.

* * * * *


            Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Heath and daughter Doris and Genevieve Hillyer were West Branch callers Sunday afternoon.

            Gladys Gierse spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gierse.

            Mr. T. N. Brown and son Townsend attended the Cattle Congress at Waterloo Sunday.

            A group of seventeen friends and neighbors enjoyed a picnic dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zinkula Sunday.

            Max Hanft visited his sister who is in the Hershey hospital at Muscatine.  She will be able to return home this next week.

            We are very glad to have our rural school teachers send us the reports from their schools.

            Attend the school Carnival at Nichols Public School Friday October 29th.  All sort of entertainment are in store for you.  Do not fail to see Dr. Fix-em-quick.

* * * * *

T O W N     N E W S


            The St. Mary’s Church will hold its annual bazaar and checken supper Sunday, October 17.

            The children of the Christian Church will hold a weiner roast Wednesday afternoon, October 6.

            P. A. Swearingen of Indianapolis, Indiana held a conference on “The Affective Church” Monday evening, October 4, at the Christian Church.

            The Philathea Class of the Methodist Church will hold their regular monthly meeting Tuesday night, October 5 at the home of Mrs. L. A. Billick.  Mrs. C. J. Kruse is the assisting hostess.

            A play “Death Takes the Steering Wheel” will be presented on Thursday night October 4 at the Christian Church.  Those partaking are Nichols and Muscatine people.

            The Christian Church will hold its annual Bazaar and Chicken supper Wednesday October 27.

* * * * *

New Arrival

            Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Swickard announce the birth of a daughter Saturday Oct. 12, at Mercy Hospital.

* * * * *

New Arrival

            Mr. and Mrs. George Sutton announce the birth of a ten and one half pound daughter born Tuesday, September 24.  She has been named Betty Jean.

* * * * *


            Many people from out of town attended the chicken supper, September 29, at the Nichols Church.

            The Reverend Forest Kellog, formerly of Lone Tree moved to Nichols recently, where he will have charge of the services at the Methodist Church.

            Mr. and Mrs. Ira Renshaw and daughter Jacqueline, spent Sunday September 26, in Muscatine.

            Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chapman of Conesville visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hazen.

            Velma Wasson of Muscatine visited with Genevieve Hillyer last Wednesday.

            Miss Miller’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Miller and J. A. Farnham, all of Morley, Iowa, visited here Sunday, September 26.

            Iowa City callers at the Cris Hanson home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence burns, Fred Hanson and son Paul.

            James Elder left last week for Cedar Falls, where he is employed at the Weisbard Bros. Ford Garage.

            Mrs. Mattie Schutte and son, William, Mr. and Mrs. W. Tomlin, all of Illinois City, visited at the George Sutton home Sunday.

            John Foley visited Thursday afternoon at Washington, Iowa.

            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grandinatti and daughter, Joanne, of Rock Island visited Thursday at the home of James Oostendorp.

            Miss Miller, Ethel Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Renshaw and daughter Jacqueline visited in Morley, Iowa over Sunday.           

            Freddie Lou Chown, who is at the Mercy hospital in Iowa City, is recovering from his attack of appendicitis.

            Dorothy Dedrick spent the week end in Muscatine at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Lincoln.

            Mrs. Mayme Smith returned recently after spending the past week in Des Moines.

            Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Kirchner and Mary Smith spent the week-end in Nichols.

            Mrs. Wilson spent the past week at Onslow, Iowa operating the Onslow Drug Sore in the absence of her sister and Brother-in-Law, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Hodoval.

            Do not forget the school Carnival October 29 at Nichols Public School.

* * * * *

M I R T H     B O A R D

Our Bright Psychology Class

            If ever a class gets a break it’s the psychology class.  They played games the other morning, and 9:30 still found them hard at work trying to find hidden figures in picture puzzles.  Don’t think they were just doing this for fun, though because it was to test their ability of perception.

            Then one morning the teacher would give nouns, and the class would write down one specific thing it brought to their minds such as the noun “tree” might be a particular elm, oak or what have you in front of their home. 

            One of the more quieter of the Senior girls got the giggles so much that she couldn’t recite and come to find out it was because a Senior boy’s  definition of Caesar was “A strong man with a ‘reaf’ on his bean.”  Translated into correct English and with correct spelling for you it might be said, “A strong Man with a wreath on his head.”

            And then there is the boy that seems to be a little color blind.  When asked what color the wall was he replied it looked blue with one eye and yellow with the other.  Funny it appeared to be cream to the rest of the class.

            You can see from these examples that psychology is an interesting class, and is enjoyed by both those reciting and those that listen in instead of getting their other lessons.

* * * * *

Listening . . . . .In

            Someway, John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was mentioned in our debating, and it was brought to the light that some of the bright Jr. boys didn’t know that he had passed away.  They surely must read the papers.

            The Senior girls must be learning things in Physics class.  While much of the discussion about tractors, pulleys, gears, brakes, and cream seperators is over their heads they have succeeded in learning the meaning of horsepower; at least that’s what they say.  Well anyway more horsepower to you girls!

            The Freshman boys look so “he-mannish” this week that I finally figured out this was due to the absence of the hair rbbons around their locks.  The wearing of ribbons by the Freshman boys was one result of their initiation.

            There’s one boy that seems to get quite a kick out of making you laugh when  you give current events in American Government.  I’m not mentioning any names but he’s a prominent Senior and you will recognize him by this hint that when he finishes reciting he usually says, “I betcha!”

* * * * *

N.H.S.  Favorite  Tunes

            Just for fun, I asked some of the lads and lassies what tnes they liked best and if too many of them said “Josephine,” as the school seems “Josephine Crazy,” I made them give me their next best favorite so – here they ar!

            “Miller’s Daughter, Mary Ann”                                 Charles E.

            “Jospehine”                                                                 Dorothy D & L. B.

            “Remember Me”                                                        Ethel S.

            “Me Myself and I”                                                      Genevieve H

            “Blue Hawaii”                                                             Luetta P.

            “So Rave”                                                                    Doris C.

            “Marie”                                                                       Jean S.

            “My Cabin of Dreams”                                               Loretta B.

            “Harbor Lights”                                                           Doris H

            “September in the Rain”                                              Loren B.

            “Have You Any Castles Baby?”                                  Norma H.

            “A Sailboat in the Moonlight”                                     Alice E.

* * * * *



            Nichols dropped the second game this season to the Letts team on the Letts diamond by the score of 3 to 0.

            Bell pitched a no hit-no run game and allowed no Nichols players to pass first base.  He struck out twelve Nichols batters.  Smith did the hurling for Nichols and allowed only five scattered hits, but a walk and errors scored runs that really won the game for Letts.

            Hanft received a spike wound in the fourth inning when Butler slid home but Hanft tagged him out retiring the side.

The Box Score.

                        Nichols                                    AB        H         R

                        Brown  ss                                 3          0          0

                        Richter  cf                               3          0          0

                        Smith  p                                   3          0          0

                        Hanft  c                                   2          0          0

                        H. Elder  1b                             2          0          0

                        Ulch     lf                                 2          0          0

                        P. Elder 3b                               2          0          0

                        Daedlow  2b                            2          0          0

                        Hillyer  rf                                 2          0          0

                                    Totals                          21        0          0

                        Letts                                        AB        H          R

                        Collins 2b                                3          1          1

                        D  Hooper  2b                          3          0          0

                        Herrick  3b                              3          1          0

                        Bell  p                                      3          1          0

                        Gage  c                                    2          0          0

                        Bailey  lf                                  3          1          1

                        Seitz  rf                                    3          1          1

                        Butler  ss                                 0          0          0

                        Griffin  cf                                2          0          0

                        Viner  cf                                  0          0          0

                                    Totals                          22        5          3

* * * * *


            The Little Five Conference game schedule has been arranged so that all games are played on Friday nights, with one exception and that being Conesville when we play there on a Tuesday night, December 21.

            Nichols has also scheduled two games with Letts and one with St. Mary’s (tentative).  We also have several open dates as yet.

            The schedule is as follows:

                        Nov. 23            Letts                            H

                        Dec. 3-4           Co. Tourney                 Here

                        Dec. 10            Springdale                   T

                        Dec. 17            Riverside                     H

                        Dec. 21            Conesville                    T

                        Jan. 7               Atalissa                        H

                        Jan. 11             Letts                            T

                        Jan. 14             Durant                         H

                        Jan. 19             St. Mary’s                    T

                        Jan. 21             Springdale                   H

                        Jan. 28             Riverside                     T

                        Feb. 4              Conesville                    H

                        Feb. 11            Atalissa                        T

                        Feb. 18            Durant                         T

                        Feb. 24, 25, 26                        Sectional Tournament

* * * * *

P. T. Standings

            The boys have played four games in their Physical training series.  Charles and Loren are tied with two wins and one loss and one tie each.  Max is not far behind with one win two losses and one tie.  L.B. is in last place with a rapidly improving team.     

                                                W         L          T

                        Charles            2          1          1

                        Loren               2          1          1

                        Max                 1          2          1

                        L. B.                 0          1          3

* * * * *


            Nichols pulled through in the last of the seventh to win from Springdale on the local diamond Tuesday, September 28 by the score of 7 to 6.

            The game which was scheduled for five innings was forced to go seven before Nichols scored the one run to bring the victory home.  The local boys scored three runs in the last of the fifth to tie the score on two hits and two walks and three pass balls to let a runner score on each.

            Ulch started on the mound for Nichols, but was handicapped by errors by his teammates to let in four runs in the first inning.  He retired from the mound after three innings in favor of Smith who held them to one run in the last four innings.  Peterson who did the hurling for Springdale, was very effective until the last innings when he lost control to let in three runs to tie.

The Box Scores.

                        Nichols                        AB        H        R

                        Ulch  p – lf                   4          0          1

                        Brown  ss                     4          3          1

                        Hanft  c                       4          1          1

                        Smith  lf – p                 4          1          1

                        Richter  cf                   3          1          0

                        H. Elder  1b                 2          1          2

                        C. Elder  3b                 0          0          1

                        Daedlow  2b                3          0          0

                        Borgstadt  rf                2          0          0

                        C. Braun  2b                1          0          0

                        Oostendorp  2b           1          0          0

                        Hollenbeck  rf             1          0          0

                        Hillyer  rf                     1          0          0

                        Yedlik  cf                     1          0          0

                                    Totals              31        7          7


                        G Todd  rf                    3          0          1

                        Williams  3b                2          0          1

                        Wertz  ss                     4          1          1

                        J. Todd  c                     3          0          1

                        Linn  2b                       3          0          2

                        Millet  1b                    3          0          0

                        D. Dottson cf               4          0          0

                        G Dottson  lf                2          1          0

                        Peterson  p                  3          0          0

                        Sondergard  1b           1          0          0

                                    Totals              28        2          6

* * * * *



V. O. Muench, M. D.

Smithcraft, Columbus Junction

Mills Motor Co.

Wards Café

Green’s Dairy

Chown Motor Co.

National Laundry & Cleaners

Fred Hummell’s

Farmers & Merchants Sav. Bank

F. A. Kirchner

Hawkeye Lumber Co.

Fred Poole

Magnus Laundry Co.

Nichols Telephone Company

Clarks V8

Nichols Produce

* * * * *

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