April 27, 1937

Submitted by Charlene Hixon September 17, 2014


Three Act Farce To Be Presented May 14

            The senior class of Nichols High School is preparing to present on May 14, a three act farce entitled, “A Full House.”  This play by Fred Jackson, received considerable attention by the New York stage when first published.  It is a high class royalty play.  The setting of this play takes place in an apartment in New York.

            The these is centered around the attempts and subsequent complications which arise when Ned Pembroke, an only son of rich parents, attempts to secure the love letters he wrote to Vera Vernon, a show girl who is threatening to sue him.

            The case of 12 seniors and 2 juniors is as follows

            Parks – An English Servant    -- Louis Milder

            Susie – From Sioux City, a maid – Jean Elder

            Ottily Howell – a Bride – Madelyn Oostendorp

            Miss Winnecker – from Younkers, the aunt – Denise Wolford

            Daphne Charters – Ottilys sister – Ula Green

            Nicholas King – a stranger – Lawrence Harder

            Ned Pembroke Jr – an only son – Ralph Neff

            George Howell – a bridegroom – Marion Barnhart

            Daugherty – a police sergeant – Harley Kirkpatrick

            Jim Mooney – a policeman – Robert Kirkpatrick

            Clancy – a policeman – Virgil Vetter

            Mrs. Fleming – who owns the apartment – Loretta Borgstadt

            Vera Vernon – the show girl – Ethel Hillyer

            Mrs. Pembroke – from Boston – Haze Heizer

*  *  *  *  *


Rose and Silver Carried Out in an Old-Fashioned Flower Garden

            The Juniors entertained the seniors and faculty members at the annual junior and senior banquet on Wednesday, April 21 at the Methodist Church.

            Rse and silver, the senior class colors, were used in an old-fashioned garden idea.

            The toast program with L. B. Smith as toastmaster included: Welcome to the Seniors, Ethel Smith;  Response by Ula Green; Toads Snakes and Butterflies by Loren Brown; The Class Prophesy, Denise Wolford; Toast to the Faculty, Jean Elder; The Class Will, Bob Kirkpatrick and the Class Motto by Mr. Wilson.  A trio composed of Loretta Borgstadt, Madelyn and Lucille Oostendorp sang “An Old Fashioned Garden” and the High School Chorus sang “Dream Boat.”

            The waitresses at the banquet were the sophomore girls of the home economic class, Margaret Fox, Doris Heath, Luetta Pike, Doris Meyers, Genevieve Hillyer and Virginia Vogel.

*  *  *  *  *


            The seniors of this year will break the precedence set by seniors of former years and wear caps and gowns for commencement.  The caps and gowns, to be rented, will be worn commencement night only, it was decided.  Of the three sample colors sent to pick from, blue was the almost unanimous choice of the class.

*  *  *  *  *

Speaker for Commencement

            Arthur G. Langholz will be the commencement speaker this year.  His topic, “The Successful Life,” is sure to prove very interesting and helpful.  Mr. Langholz is the Lutheran pastor at Preston, Iowa.  He comes to us very highly recommended and we hope that many will be able to hear his address.

*  *  *  *  *

Sophomores Lead in Class Average

            To the surprise and dismay of the juniors and seniors the sophmores had the highest class average this last six weeks with 2.5.

            The senior average was 2.7.  High honors in the class go to Marion Barnhart with an average of 1.4, and Ralph Neff with 1.8.

            The juniors had an average of 2.8.  Dorothy Dedrick was first with 1.4 and Ethel Smith and Loren Brown tied for second place with 1.6 each.

            In the sophomore class Norma Hummel and Virginia Vogel each had 2.2 and Margaret Fox, Robert Hillyer and Bennie Mills each had 2.4.          

            The freshman had the lowest average, 2.9.  They were led by Clarence Wilkerson with 1.6 and Jean Swickard next with 2.2.

*  *  *  *  *

Page 2

The Nicholite

Subscription rate – 35 cents; Ad rates 10 cents/inch

Edited and published fortnightly by

The students of Nichols High School,

Nichols,  Iowa.


            Editor                                                  Ralph Neff

            Assistant Editor                                  Dorothy Dedrick

            Business Manager                               Virgil Vetter

            Assistant Bus. Manager                      Leo Hollenbeck

           Circulation Managers

            Jean Swickard                                     Ethel Hillyer


            Louis Milder                                       Charles Elder

            Robert Kirkpatrick                              Robert Borgstadt

           Editorial Staff

            Editorials                                             Ethel Smith

            Columnist                                            Marion Barnhart

            Features                                               Ula Green

            Grade News                                        Loretta Borgstadt

            Town News                                         Madelyn Oostendorp

                                                                        Bernice McMahon

            Country News                                     Denise Wolford

                                                                        Doris Heath

            Sports                                                  Loren Brown


            Luetta Pike                                          Norma Hummel

            High School Editors                           Harold Elder

                                                                        Jean Elder

*  *  *  *  *


            The beauty of a school is increased or decreased by the condition of the lawn.

            During these warm spring days the ground is soft and the yard is in danger of being made very rough by the careless walking on the ground by students.  A beautiful school lawn this summer depends on the care by the students this spring.


            One thing interesting to note about the “B” Average List this six weeks is that there are as many boys as girls.  Usually the girls take the lead but this time the boys are right with them.  Maybe next time they will pass them.

            For the fourth six weeks of school there were twelve students on the list or one-fourth of the school.  This time there are ten or about one-fifth of the pupils.  Somebody must be getting tired on the job.  We don’t want to let this good record to go down but to keep on increasing it.     Of course, we realize that there is a lot of activity towards the end of the year.  What with the Senior play, Junior and Senior Banquet, Baccalaureate and graduation, but that is no reason why we whould let our grades slump.

            Lt’s all work hard this last few remaining weeks and make a better mark than ever.

*  *  *  *  *


            Bob Kirk must have come to school one morning before he was awake.  Anyway when he walked in front of the assembly he fell over a seat that was out in plain sight, or maybe he hadn’t gone to bed yet.  Which was it, Bob?

            Bennie Mills must have the idea he’s a grown man by now.  The other night when Mr. Bruce told all the boys to wait a minute, Ben just stands up and nonchalantly walks out.  However, he found out very soon that he was still a boy and could wait with the rest of the bunch.

            We thought every one in high school would be able to sit up on a straight char now, but guess it’s our mistake as Jean E. seems unable to do so.  At operetta practice Tuesday afternoon, she just couldn’t manage to sit on the hard old chair so Denise obliging held Jean on her lap.

            According to Harley Kirk, a dynasty is one of those large prehistoric animals you read about.  Suppose a dinosaur is some kind of government they have.

            Virgil Vetter seems to be the farming exert of High School with raising corn his specialty.  When asked the other day what crows did to hurt corn that was just starting to grow.  Virgil replies, “Why they pick off the ears”  Must be a special kind of corn to grow ears so early, isn’t it Virg?”

            Afraid te high school will have to have some curtains before long if Denise tries to lower then very much.  Last Monday she started to pull down the shade and before you knew what happened the whole works came down, the rod, cord and everything.

            Harley was as absent minded as usual Wednesday that he took his English Lit book to Physics class.  Or it might be he’s so interested in English that he was just going to put extra time on it.

            A world series baseball game in miniature was played here Tuesday night during the hard rain storm.  Atalissa came down to play a baseball game so rather than postpone it, they played an indoor kittenball game.  The Atalissa boys had little trouble in sliding the bases as they played in their stocking feet. All enjoyed the game as much or more than if the regular game had of been played.

*  *  *  *  *

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            We have finished another six weeks work with report cards going home on Wednesday.  Those who had the highest averages were: First Grade, Freddie Stephens, Virginia Cozad and Keith Mills; Second Grade; Catherine Wilson, Joyce King and Velma Rose Marine.  Third Grade; Louise Polman and Gordon Daedlow; tying for highest, Joyce Borchardt and Keith Nichols for second.

            This is the season for plants so in the first Grade we are studying about the parts of a plant.  The Second Grade are watching beans sprout, some in a glass of water and some in a glass under damp cotton.  Third graders are watching seed corn sprout in a glass of water and some of us planted grapefruit seeds.

First Grade

            We are working very hard on our combinations and find there are many interesting ways to drill on them.

            The coconut which Joyce brought to use from Florida is ripening raidly and we are anxious to see what is inside.

Second Grade

            We are finding the study about transportation very interesting, specializing on the train.  The traveling library has supplied us with two books which are very helpful.

Third Grade

            We have completed our Child Library readers and will begin work on our Bolenius readers soon.

            In Arithmetic we have made charts and are watching our work in the self-testing drills.  Our highest average has been 8.5 and we hope to raise it higher.

*  *  *  *  *

Intermediate  News

            Helen and Roberta Call have been absent all week on account of illness.

            Donald Morgan was absent two days this week.  He had a cold.

            Harold Kammerer was absent on account of illness.

            Willard Elder was absent one day this week on account of illness.

            The Good English Club held its regular meeting last Friday.  All members were present.  Lorna Nichols was chosen chairman of the program committee. Her assistants are Shiela Fridley and Harold Kammerer.

            Arithmetic Class Progress Charts are going up.   Some register as high as nine, the goal being ten.  They hope to reach that soon.

            Following are the ratings of the pupils having the highest averages:  Fourth Grade: Joyce Borchardt, 94.2; Marguerite Coon, 89.1; and Donald Morgan, 80.7.  Fifth Grade:  Willard Elder, 93.7; Douglas Stephens, 94.8 and LeRoy Elder, 90.2.  Sixth Grade; Lorna Nichols, 92.  Juanetta Carter and Willard tied 86.6 each.  Margaret Swickard 91.

*  *  *  *  *


            We had six weeks tests last week and the highest averages were:  Eighth Grade; Charlene Nichols, 96%, Aubrey Daedlow, 95% and Helen Miller, 94%.  Seventh Grade; Ruth and Esther Cozad tied with 90.8; Geraldine Green, 90.1 and Dorothea Polman, 89.4.

            The eighth graders finished reading “Mid Summer Night’s Dream.”

            The seventh graders finished reading “The Courtship of Miles Standish.”

            Both grades have an average of nine in their Self testing drills.

            Miss Neiswanger, Ruth Cozad and Charlene Nichols went to Muscatine Saturday.

*  *  *  *  *

Page 4

H.  S.  Dope

Perfect Attendance

            Those who will have a perfect attendance at the close of school unless they are forced to miss in the next few weeks are the following:  Marion Barnhart, Louis Milder, Loren Brown, Dorothy Dedrick, Lucille Oostendorp, Leo Hollenbeck, Margaret Fox, Bonnie Mills, Doris Meyers and Clarence Wilkerson.

            Those students have been neither absent nor tardy during the whole school year.

* * * * *

Foreign Correspondence

            Louis Milder received a letter last week from his foreign friend that lives in Hammerfast, Norway.

            It was read before the English Literature class and proved to be very interesting.

            Some of the odd characteristics of the letter were he told of his schooling.  Ten years of school seven of which are grade school and three are grammar school or high school.

            He told us that nearly all the sports we played here were over there but baseball and basketball.  Skiing an ice skating are the most important sports over there.

            He was a very good letter writer and he had an excellent usage of the verb shall and will.

*  *  *  *  *

Highest Averages

            Marion Barnhart tops the senior class in scholarship for this six weeks with 3 A’s and 1 B.

            The Junior class have Dorothy Dedrick, Loren Brown and Ethel Smith for honor students.  Each having 2 A’s and 2 B’s.

            Bennie Mills and Norma Hummel rank first in the Sophmore class with 2 B’s and 2 C’s.

            The Freshman class is even ahead of the Sophmore cass.  Shame on the Sophs.

            Clarence Wilkerson ranks high with 3 B’s and 1 A.  Jean Swickard next with 2 C’s, 1 A and 1 B.

* ** * *

B Average List

            The following  have earned the privilege of being on the “B” average list for the last six weeks.

            Marion Barnhart, Loren Brown, Ethel Smith, Bernice McMahon, Dorothy Dedrick, Norma Hummel, Bonnie Mills, Jean Swickard, Clarence Wilkerson and Leo Hollenbeck.

*  *  *  *  *


            Mr. Virgil C. Finnell gave a talk on “Tobacco and its effects on the human bodies” in the Ainsworth High School Auditorium Monday morning.

            The Annual high school music festival was held at Ainsworth March 17.

            Five new Underwood typewriters have been purchased for the commercial department of the St. Mary’s School.

            The St. Mary’s boys’ basketball squad went to Des Moines March 20 for the annual high school basketball tournament.

            The senior class of the Wayland High School have chosen the play “Wings of the Morning.”

            The senior class of Mt. Union High School will present a three act comedy, “The Time of His Life” on May seventh.

*  *  *  *  *

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Party At Hummel Home

            Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hummel entertained a group of friends at a card party Monday evening, April 12.  Mr. Walter Elder and Mrs. Charles Elder won high prize and consolation prizes were received by Mrs. Rudy Daedlow and Clarence Metcalf.

            Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elder, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elder, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pike, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Pike and daughter, Luetta, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Metcalf, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fox and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hummel and daughter Norma.

            Refreshments were served at the close of the evening.

*  *  *  *  *

Party at Deahr’s

            Earl Deahr and Ethel Smith entertained a group of friends at a 500 card party and later in the evening dancing was enjoyed.

            Those who won prizes were Alice Zinkula and Earl Deahr, high prizes, Betty Smith and Lawrence Harder, consolation prizes.                  

            Those present were Doris Meyers, Gladys Geirse, Norma Hummel, Alice Zinkula, Doris Heath, Betty and Ethel Smith, Lawrence Harder, Marion Barnhart, Kenneth Fridley, Frank Smith, Earl Deahr, and Clara Thomas of Davenport.

            Refreshments were served at the close of the evening.

*  *  *  *  *

Birthday Surprise Party: Juanita Carter

            Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Carter entertained a group of friends and relatives Thursday evening April 8 in honor of their daughter, Juanita.

            Those present were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Udel Holderman and son, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Bonebrake and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jonnie Cruse, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Green, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yedlik, Ernest and Edwin, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Bruce and family, Mrs. Nellie Young, Horace Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Meyers and Doris and Donald, Gladys Geirse, Mr. and Mrs. Had Carter and family, Frank Yedlick and Ionne McMichael, Robert Green and Denise Wolford, Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Carter and family.

            Juanita received many useful and nice gifts.

*  *  *  *  *

Surprise Party at Charles Elder Home

            A group of friends and relatives surprised Mrs. Charles Elder on her birthday by dropping in to help her spend the evening.

            Those present were as follows:  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Pike, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elder, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Pike, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hummel, Hubert Elder and Dick Carter.       

            The evening was spent playing five hundred.  Later a lunch was served.

*  *  *  *  *

Ionne McMichael Honored by a Miscellaneous at Home of Mrs. Joe Yedlick

            Miss Ionne McMichael, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim McMichael was honored with a miscellaneous shower Saturday evening, April 24, at the home of Mrs. Joe Yedlick.         

            The evening was spent in playing cards.  High honors going to Doris Meyers and low to Denise Wolford.  Later a lunch was served.  The bride-to-be then opened her gifts. Ionne received many nice gifts.

* *  *  *  *  *

Kruse Entertained Honoring Birthday of Two at Nichols.

            Mr. and Mrs. John Kruse entertained Sunday, April 18, in honor of Mr. Kruse and also John Rehbehn birthdays.  A basket dinner was served at noon to the following guests.

            Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Torn, Paul and Marjorie of Burlington, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hild, and Bertha, George, Florence and Mary Helen of Davenport; Miss Marie Kruse of Iowa City, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kruse, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Atkins and Stella, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Atkins and family of Tipton, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kruse and family, Carl Kruse and boys of West Liberty, Mr. and Mrs. John Rehbehn and Edith and Mabel Atkins of Springdale, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rehbehn and Mr. and Mrs. Merle Nebergall and son of Atalissa and Mr. and Mrs. John Kruse and daughter, Carol Joan.

*  *  *  *  *

Page 6


New Arrival

            Mr. and Mrs. Leland Billicks announce the birth of a seven and one half pound daughter born April 3.  She has been named Sandra Lee.

* * * * *


            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hazen and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carter of Muscatine Sunday, April 11.

            Mr. Thomas Flynn of East Moline spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kaalberg.

            Mr. and Mrs. Henry Salemink spent Saturday and Sunday in Davenport.

            Mr. H. N. Ryan has been seriously ill at his home for the past few days.

            Mrs. Rev. Mina Hargis and Mrs. Harry Smith left Sunday to spend a few days in Des Moines.

            Mrs. Elizabeth Borgschardt, St. Louis, arrived Saturday to spend the next few months with her son, Eugene Borchardt and family.

            Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Tipton from Newton, Iowa, visited with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rummels Saturday, April 17.

            Clinton Brown, Waterloo, spend the week end with his grandmother, Mrs. Lucy Brown.

            Nina Quimby, West Branch, spent the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Quimby.

            Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wilton and family of Des Moines were guests at the home of Supt. and Mrs. E. R. Wilson.

            Miss Ethel Hillyer spent last week end in West Liberty visiting Bernice Hillyer.

* * * * *

Honored on Birthday

            Gene Kopp was honored at a birthday party given for members of his Sunday school class Saturday afternoon.

            Games were played by the children, and later they were all seated at a long table decorated by a cake with three candles.  Ice cream was also served.

            Those sharing the courtesy were: Charles Wilson, Junior and Richard Hazen, Carol Jean Kruse, Kara Lee Ellis, Tommy Carney, Doris Elder, Virginia Cozad, Keith and Victor Mills, Bruce Kirchner, Gene Kopp and their Sunday School Teacher, Mrs. Clarence Metcalf.

            Many birthday presents were presented to the honored.

* * * * *


            Miss Bernice Nash has returned to her work at Washington, Iowa, after spending last week end with her mother, Mrs. Bertha Nash.

            Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fox and son Norbert were visitors in Chicago last week end.

            Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Bellamy and son Jimmy, of Winfield, attended the entertainment given by the school pupils Friday night, April 16.

            Mr. and Mrs. John Hintz were Sunday visitors at the home of Albert Bottomley.

            Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Garrison  were visitors at the home of Supt. and Mrs. E. R. Wilson over the week end.

            Mr. and Mrs. John Foley were visitors at Letts, Sunday, March 18.

            Mrs. Walter Dolan of Rochester visited at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Oostendorp, Sr. last week.

            Mr. and Mrs. Ward McMahon, Betty and Robert of West Liberty; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hazen were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hazen honoring their son, Junior, who was celebrating his seventh birthday.

*  *  *  *  *


Tiny Tots Must Play

            Well, Senior Play practice has started.  Of course, eating candy, etc. and swinging when they should be inside is all a part of the seniors’ amusements.  Instead of dignified seniors they act more like freshman.  Talk about silly things, they always do the impossible.  Even down to giggling and just playing.  I wonder if they will ever grow up.  We all know our school days here at N. H. S. will soon be over.

*  *  *  *  *

Yum – Yum – Toast

            What a dreadful time they had with their toasts and not the simple bread and butter toasts either, but the after dinner speeches at the banquet.

            For weeks and weeks of so it seemed the Juniors and Seniors were trying to find material and something to talk about.  They had their topics, but they didn’t seem to help much.  They certainly had a terrible time and took suggestions from everyone.  One innocent senior girl said, “Oh, just take a piece of toast along.”  She knew better and they really weren’t so easy to prepare as that.

            At any rate the program was well done and relished by all in spite of their troubles.

*  *  *  *  *

Class Day

            After much arguing and discussion the seniors have finally decided on their class day trip.  At least some of the their plans have been arranged.    

            Des Moines is the place they have selected in  preference to the Maquoketa caves and such places around Dubuque.

            Visiting the capitol will probably be the chief interest of the class.  They are such history minded students you know.  Well anyway, lets hope they remember something about it, at least where it’s at.

*  *  *  *  *

How Funny These Songs Sound

            “The Girl in the Police Gazette” –is- “Too Marvelous For Words.”

            “Speaking of the Weather” – “There’s Frost On the Moon.”

            The splinter song – “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”

            “May I Have the Next Romance with You” – “Sweet Leilani.”

            “Boo Hoo” – “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”

* * * * *

            How unfair for the family to go vacationing while poor Dad sits with his feet on his desk in an air conditioned room.  St. Louis Times.

*  *  *  *  *

Did You Know

            All the girls are wearing bows in their hair.

            Bernice has a new red blouse.

            The bookkeeping class are still struggling over their bookkeeping sets.

            The seniors are going to Des Moines for their class day.

            The juniors are planning a trip to Chicago for their class day.  They have not set a definite date.

            The Junior-Senior banquet is over.

            The Senior class play will be given May 14.

* * * * *


            The Nichols School wishes to thank all those who helped in the production of the operetta and sailor-revue by lending clothing and various equipment.  With the cooperation of outsiders the entertainment was a success so we say again, “Thank You.”

*  *  *  *  *

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Nichols Wins Opener

            The Nichols High School base ball team won the season opener from Atalissa by the score of 8 to 1 Friday, April 6.

            The Nichols team collected eight hits off the Atalissa pitchers.  The Atalissa team got to Nichols pitchers for five hits.  The Atalissa team collected their one run in the first inning off an error and two hits.  The Nichols boys scored five runs in the second, one in the fifth, and two in the seventh inning.

            The Nichols pitchers struck out eleven batters.  The Atalissa pitchers together struck out twelve Nichols batters.

            The battery for Atalissa was Miller, Martin and Martin, pitchers and Miller, catcher.  For Nichols Smith and Richter were on the mound and Hanft catcher.

            Nichols                                   Pos                  AB                  H                     R

            R. Kirkpatrick                         2b                    4                      0                      1

            Vetter                                      3b                    3                      2                      1

            C. Elder                                   3b                    3                      2                      1

            Richter                                    lf                      4                      1                      0

            H. Kirkpatrick                         ss                     4                      0                      0

            Hanft                                       c                      3                      1                      2

            Ulch                                        rf                     3                      1                      2

            Smith                                       p                      4                      1                      1

                                    Totals              31                    31                    8                      8

            Atalissa                                   Pos                  AB                  H                     R

            Miller                                      c                      4                      0                      0

            Martin                                     2b                    3                      0                      1

            Miller                                      p                      4                      1                      0

            Erwin                                      ss                     4                      1                      0

            Lindle                                      1b                    3                      0                      0

            Hoverter                                  3b                    3                      0                      0

            Fiderlein                                  lf                      3                      0                     0

            McKelli                                   cf                     1                      0                      0

            Freese                                      rf                     3                      1                      0

                                    Totals                                      28                    5                      1

*  *  *  *  *

Nichols Loses to Durant

            Nichols Baseball team journeyed to Durant Friday, April 16, to receive a 7 to 2 defeat in a short game.

            Hanft got the only hit for Nichols in the fourth inning to drive in the two runs for Nichols.  Durant scored three runs in the second inning and four in the third inning.  Arp had a perfect day at bat to get a hot and a walk in two times at bat.

            The battery for Durant was Arp pitcher and Houseman catcher.  Arp collected eight strike outs in five innings.  Smith started off the mound for Nichols, but Kirkpatrick relieved him in the third inning, Hanft catcher.

            Nichols                                    Pos                  AB                  H                     R

            R.Kirkpatrick                          2b                    3                      0                     0

            Brown                                     ss                     3                      0                      0

            C. Elder                                   3b                    2                      0                     0

            Richter                                     lf                     1                      1                     0

            Vetter                                      cf                     2                      0                     1

            Hanft                                       c                      1                      1                      0

            H. Elder                                  1b                    2                      0                      0

            Ulch                                        rf                     2                      0                      0

            Smith                                       p                      2                      0                     0

            Kirkpatrick                              p                      2                      0                     0

                                    Totals                                      20                    1                     2

            Durant                                     Pos                  AB                  H                     R

            Otto                                         ss                     3                      0                     0

            Thoene                                    2g                    3                      0                     0

            Coun                                       rf                     1                      0                      0

            Lamp                                       rf                     2                      0                     1

            Krose                                       cf                     2                      0                    1

            Mays                                       lf                      0                      0                    0

            Moearvek                                lf                      0                      0                    1

            Arp                                          p                      1                      1                     2

            Nodruff                                   1b                    2                      1                     2

            Huseman                                 2b                    1                      0                     0

            Fink                                         2g                    1                      0                     0

            Huseman                                 c                      2                      1                      0

                                    Totals                                      18                    2                      7

*  *  *  *  *

Lone Tree Trips Nichols

                        The Lone Tree baseball team defeated Nichols in an extra inning baseball game Friday, the 23, by the score of eight to seven.

            The Nichols boys out hit the Lone Tree boys six to four.  Vetter for Nichols collected two hits and two walks for a perfect day at bat.  Gaeta and Hudachek for Lone Tree each got one hit in two official trips to the plate.            Lone Tree got off to an early lead getting two runs in the last half of the first inning.  Nichols tied it up two all in the fourth.  Lone Tree took the lead again with two in the fifth.  Nichols counted three in the first of the seventh, they scored one in the last half of that inning.  Nichols scored two in the first of the eighth.  Lone Tree drove in three in the last of the eighth to win.            Nichols sent three pitchers to the mounds.  Those were Smith, Richter and Kirkpatrick.  Hudachek went all the way for Lone Tree.

* * * * *

Home Games to be Played at Nichols

Tuesday, April 27, Letts

Friday, May 7, Lone Tree

*  *  *  *  *


Dr. V. O. Muench, M.D.

Banner Fork Coal, John Loeb

R.A. Daedlow, Mgr. Farmers and Mchts Savings Bank

Harness and Shoe Repairing, Fred Hummel

Wall Paper, Kirchner’s Store

Mills Motor Co.

Nichols Telephone Company

National Laundry & Dry Cleaners, Chown Garage

Chown Motor Co.

Fred Poole’s

Ward’s Café

The Rice Café

Geo. Stych

Pike’s Store


Kathleen Coal, John Loeb, W.E. Loeb, Manager

Poole’s Transfer

Hawkeye Lumber Co.

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