October 8, 1935, Vol XII No 2

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Spartans Win Over Alphas

Total 97 to 82 in Campaign

            The Nicholite Subscription Campaign ended with the Spartans securing 97 subscriptions, and the Alphas 82 to total 189 the second highest in the history of the Nicholite.

            Both Literary societies made a desperate scramble throughout the battle, the Alphas futile in their effort to overcome the Spartan lead.  The four high subscription getters were Loretta Borgstadt – 15; Madelyn Oostendorp – 15; Luetta Pike – 10; and Doris Heath – 9.

            The three highest of these four are to have as a reward a free trip to the Iowa-Colgate football game at Iowa City, Oct. 12.

* * * * *

“Tiger House,” A Three Act Mystery

To Be Spartan Play

Mr. Bellamy to Coach Production

            Approximately two weeks after the Alpha play is presented, the Spartan Literary Society will give a three act mystery play, “Tiger House.”   The play is to be coached by Mr. Bellamy, probably assisted by Mrs. Bellamy.

            Ula Green and John Loeb, acting as Erma Lowrie and Arthur Hale respectively, are scheduled to play the leading roles in the coming mystery, and something different in dramatics is anticipated by the cast and coach.

* * * * *

Freshman Initiation

Madelyn Oostendorp and L. B. Smith

Head Committees

            The members of the freshman class were duly accepted into high school Sept. 20 when annual initiation was held.

            The entertainment committee was headed by L. B. Smith, refreshments – Madelyn Oostendorp, and general chairman – Kathryn Elder.     

            The freshmen who provided the entertainment were Vernon Carter, Harold Elder, Margaret Fox, Doris Heath, Genevieve Hilyer, Robert Hillyer, Norma Hummell, Doris Meyrs, Bennie Mills, Mary Oostendorp, Luetta Pike, LaVaughn Richter and Virginia Vogel.

            The initiation was under the supervision of Miss Balzer and Mr. Bruce.  A good time was enjoyed by upperclassmen and the group “acted upon.”  The main attraction was the Dionne Quintuplets, acted by the five freshman boys.

* * * * *

Alphas Present Playing the Game

A Three Act Comedy to be Given Oct. 26

            The Alpha Omega Literary Society will present “Playing the Game,” a three act comedy Oct. 26, Saturday evening.

            As the title suggests the game is a drama.  The action is centered around a wealthy girl, Gail Wardoll, played by Margaret Holdeman.

            The Cast is as follows:  Gail Wardell, a wealthy girl – Margaret Holdeman.  Julie, Gail’s maid is Loretta Borgstadt.  Thorbin Wright, Gail’s lawyer, is L. B. Smith.  Denton Vane, a young novelist, Harley Kirkpatrick.  April Ardon, of the lower classes – Betty Pike.  Mrs. Blair King, an old friend of the Wardell family, Marjorie Thompson.  Odette Aglin, a wealthy society girl, played by Ethel Hillyer.  Lily Trahan, also wealthy, Sylvia Stephens.  Tom Murphy, a plain clothes man, Charles Elder.  Oliver Drew, a young floor walker is Harold Schmitt.  The Unexpected Arrival is played by Lawrence Harder.

            The cast, under direction of Miss Balzer, has been working fine on the production, and we feel sure it will be a big success.

* * * * *

School  Jamboree

            The history of recent school Jamborees starts Oct. 22, 1926.  On that date this type of program netted a profit of $101.92. On Nov. 15, 1929 another was held with a profit of $145.00.  The last one was held on March 20, 1931, which netted $60.

            Watch the Nicholite for announcement of another Jamboree, likely to be held this fall.

* * * * *

Spartans Choose Assembly Banner

As Subscription Campaign Reward

Committee Chooses Pennant for Assembly

            The Spartans, as a result of their efforts in the subscription campaign, will be rewarded with a banner chosen  by their committee.  The banner is to be of triangular shape, bearing the conventional Sparrtan colors, green and gold.  The name Spartans, and N.H.S. ‘35 are to be on this assembly room pennant.

* * * * *

Earl Smith Injured

            Earl Smith, father of Ethel Smith, N.H.S. Sophomore, and a resident of Cedar Valley Community, was injured last Thursday when his tractor got out of control and ran over him.  Extent of his injuries is not yet certain.  No bones were broken.

*  *  *  *  *

Page 2

The  Nicholite

Subscription rate – 35 cents; Ad rates 10 cents/inch

Issued Fortnightly starting Sept. 24, 1935

The  Staff

                        Editor                                                              Lester Pike

                        Assistant Editor                                              Harold Schmitt

                        Business Manager                                           John Loeb

                        Assistant Business Manager                           Marion Barnhart

Circulation Managers

                        Betty Pike                   Mary Dean                  Berniece McMahon


                        Loyd Hahn                  Earl Schmitt                Louis Milder

Editorial  Staff

                        Editorials                                                         Dorothy Dedrick

                        Columnist                                                        Marjorie Thompson

                        Grade News Editor                                         Dorothy Dedrick

                        High School Editor                                         Ethel Smith

                        Town Editors                                                  Loretta Borgstadt

                                                                                                L. B. Smith

                        Country News Editors                                                Madelyn Oostendorp

                                                                                                Ethel Hillyer

                        Features                                                           Jean Elder, Ula Green

                        Sports Editor                                                   Keith Vetter

                        Cartoonists                                                      Kathryn Elder

                                                                                                Margaret Holdeman

Member of Iowa High School Press Association

* * * * *

Be Yourself

            The word which tells the secret of th popular boy or girl is naturalness.  It is the key note of an interesting personality.

            Many young people have unsconsciously ruined their chances of having friends by their lack of sincerity.  They never give others a chance to know their real selves.

            There are enough good points in each of us attractive without “putting on.”  Don’t try to be any one else.  Be Yourself.

* * * * *

Our Band

            When our School Band was first organized under the leadership of Miss Balzer, it included only eleven students.  All were beginners in the art of blowing a horn, and the noise produced was not always musical.

            The beginning of band practice this fall found twenty eight members participating.  Only five out of the group were of that first band.  Although a few “blue” notes still reach our ears, everyone will admit that the band has improved greatly since it was organized.

* * * * *


            Superstitious people are not hard to find.  Many believe in omens and charms without realizing the fact themselves.

            The General Science Class finally decided afer careful thought that there was nothing sound in the beliefs regarding good or bad luck.  And yet, some of our young scientists were found vainly trying to outrun a black cat.  Still another student was caught walking around a ladder.

            Now what could a cat or a ladder have to do with one’s luck?

            The class was also unsuccessful in finding a satisfactory reason for there being any relation between the time of the  moon and the planting of bans, but there may be one.

* * * * *


            Perhaps you didn’t know it, but some of our Nicholites have opportunity to see quite a bit of the world.  Copies going to the following people are the ones sent the farthest away:

                        Mrs. Paul Seaton, Pasadena, California

                        Mrs. Walter Cullins, Indian Hills, Colorado

                        Mrs. Sydney Carl, Columbis, Missouri

                        Miss Catharine Hedges, Chicago, Illinois.

            The very atmosphere seemed charged with hostility while muttered threats of “We can’t let those Spartans win,” and “We must beat those Alphas,” were heard during the week of the Nicholite Subscription campaign.  Well, that’s all over now and the Spartans rule, having beaten

the Alphas by a majority of fifteen subscriptions.

            Contrary to the expectations of the Freshmen, the initiation didn’t prove disastrous.  One of our freshman boys experienced quite a sensation when the lights went out during his ride in midair.  What happened, Juddy?  We were also honored by the presence of the Dionne Quintuplets.  They were cleverly portrayed by the five freshmen boys.  The evening wound up by the freshmen smelling very fishy as a result of their contact with bananas dipped in cod liver oil.

            I think most of us know that the Seniors’ rings have arrived, as they are continually flaunted beneath the noses of us underclassmen.  They do have reason to be proud of them though, for they are very attractively designed, a yellow gold crest mounted on a contrasting stone of blue.

            The report is that our good-looking sophomore boy, Charles Elder, has been receiving love letters from two freshmen girls, namely VV and MF.  How about it?

            The individual winners of the Nicholite subscription campaign are Madelyn Oostendorp, with a total of fifteen subscriptions, Loretta Borgstadt, also with fifteen subscriptions, and luetta Pike with ten subscriptions.  The winners are to be rewarded with a trip to the Iowa vs Colgate football game Oct. 12.

            Because of a rather crowded schedule, the junior high kittenball boys have been getting in their practice at the noon hour. They played their first game last Wednesday at Coneville.  The game ended       to      in favor of

            A journalism magazine, “Quill and Scroll” has been subscribed to, and will be placed in the school library for the convenience of the journalism students.

            Daryl Oostendorp, of the Class of ‘30, has been assigned to the clerical position of our school.  This is an E.R.A. project of the Federal Government, and is no expense to the local school district.  Daryl replaces Bertha Enderle of West Liberty, who has taken other employment.

            Watch for news concerning our school carnival to be held late in the fall.

*  *  *  *  *

Page 3

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tales of Tiny Tots

            The primary children have been making models in clay.  They have made figures to illustrate the story, “Busy Bee.”  They also made their idea of a model farm.  Later they will work on figures for a Japanese story.

            A number of our primary chilfren had interesting vacations.  Some of them were:  Helen and John Call visited their aunt; Edith and  Ethel Zybarth attended a rodeo; Gordon Daedlow and Norbert Fox both had visits to Chicago; Velma Marine’s cousins visited her; Donald Morgan visited his grandmother as did Keith Nichols, also; Joyce Borchardt was a guest of her aunt.  Joyce Borgstadt bemoans the fact that she was ill and couldn’t go anywhere.

            Hallowe’en is near at hand and the primary room is making decorations for that wonderful night.

            The first graders are working on their scrap books, while the third graders are making health posters.

* * * * *

Intermediate  Courier

            The Intermediate room is working on health posters dealing with correct food, sleep, cleanliness and other health subjects.

            Hallowe’en posters are also being made.

            “Uncle Ray’s Corner” has taken up is abode on he bulletin board of this rom.  This week the “corner” is enthralled with the adventures of Henry Hudson.

            Part of each Friday afternoon will be given over to arithmetic drill.  The fifth grade has begun fractions, and is having a hard time with them.

            No cases of absence or tardiness have occurred in this room for two weeks.

            Mr. Bellamy and Mr. Bradley, County Superintendent were recent visitors in our room.

            The English classes are much pleased with their new work books.

            Ruth and Esther Cozad enjoyed a trip to Indianapolis recently.

* * * * *

Grammar Room Review

            The reading class of 7th grade recently drew some maps of Nichols which are displayed on our bulletin board.

            October brings to mind Hallowe’en and witches on brooms, and, oh, so many other things.  Posters and calendars with these Hallowe’en ideas are being made by this room.

            The “Better English Club” program for October 4th was about interesting people.  The numbers were:  Theodore Roosevelt – Max Oostendorp; October – Aubrey Daedlow; Murille – Earnest Yedlik; Wm. Penn – Almon Hillyer; Helen Hunt Jackson – Robert Yedlik.

            The roll call of this month is being answered with October quotations.

            Alice and Betty Elder had several interesting vacation trips, accompanying their family to LaPorte, Wisconsin and Lake Emily, Minnesota.

            Doris Cozad accompanied her family on a trip to Indianapolis recently.  They stopped at Springfield, Illinois.  Doris says their visit to Lincoln’s home and tomb were very interesting.

            Miss Neiswanger spent the week end of Sept. 28-29 at her home in Fairfield.

*  *  *  *  *

H.  S.  DOPE

Senior  Rings

            Have you noticed these new sparklers a few of the Seniors have been wearing?  They received them Sept. 26.  Most of them were too small and had to be sent back for enlargement, since the order was placed last spring.  The rings were purchased from the Josten Jewelry Co. of Owatonna, Minnesota.  They had their choice of a small crest on a blue, gray or black stone.  The class number and school letter adorn the shank of the rings.  Who wouldn’t be proud to own one of these rings?  But never mind it won’t be long till we are all dignified Seniors.

* * * * *

Our Large Magnet

            Did you ever stop to think that our school might be considered a magnet?  It seems to possess that strange power of magnetism, because it is always drawing former graduates to it like a magnet draws iron and stee.

            Theodora Neff came to visit first and then in order came Alberta Wieskamp, Ben Swickard, Ralph Borgstadt and Helen Oostendorp.

            We hope this magnet draws more visitors, including not only our alumni, but parents and friends who want to see our school in operation.

* * * * *

Look Around

            A chaise lounge, a chair from the office wicker set, new curtains,three of Mrs. Bellamy’s paintings grace the ?????  And everything is so spic and span –

            Had you noticed these things?  And where?  Yes, you’ve guessed it is in the rest room where these changes have taken place.

* * * * *

Pssychology Class Is Largest One in School

Twenty Four Pupils Taking Course

            The Psychology class drew the greatest number of students for this semester’s work, there being twenty six enrolled with Mr. Bruce as teacher.

            The group has been studying instinct, habits, sensations, concepts and perception during the first six weeks.

            The class seems to enjoy the work.  According to Ula Green, a junior, the course is interesting and applies to everyday life.

* * * * *

Band Members

            The following students are taking band this year:  Margaret Swickard, Lorna Nichols, Ruth Cozad, Esther Cozad, Alice Elder, Aubrey Daedlow, Betty Elder, Charlene Nichols, Jean Swickard, Doris Cozad, Robert Borgstadt, Earnest Yedlik, Luetta Pike, Harold Elder, Vernon Carter, Robert Hillyer, LaVaughn Richter, Margaret Fox, Hazel Heizer, Loretta Borgstadt, Jean Elder, Madelyn Oostendorp, Marion Barnhart, Margaret Holdeman, Kathryn Elder, John Loeb and Edna Earl.

* * * * *

Glee Club

            Twenty girls and ten boys are taking Glee Club this year.  We hope to hear from them soon.

*  *  *  *  *

Page 5



            Miss Violet Harder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harder of Nichols, became the bride of Ira McFadden, 619 Hope Avenue, Muscatine, Iowa at a quiet ceremony Sunday afternoon in Cedar Rapids.

            Attending the couple were Miss Dorothy Kindler of Muscatine and Russel Brenneman of Nichols.

            Mr. and Mrs. McFadden will be at home after Oct. 1 at 705 East 9th Street, Muscatine.  Mr. McFadon is employed by the Huttig Mfg. Co. of Muscatine.

* * * * *


            Mr. and Mrs. McClintock visited Saturday and Sunday at the Earl Thompson home.

            Mr. and Mrs. Evererett Fox and family and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fox spent Sept. 21 and 22 at Osage, Iowa.

            Mr. and Mrs. Leland Billick have returned from South Dakota.

            Mrs. John Kirkpatrick has been spending the last week in Chicago and on a tour of the New England states.

            Edward Wieskamp, Edward Milder and Raymond Bekker have returned from Canada where they have been employed for the past two months.

            Mr. Charles Elder was a business caller in Chicago last week.

            Farmers in this vicinity are busy at present with harvesting their crops of soy beans and cow peas.

            Madelyn Oostendorp has returned to school after a brief illness.

* * * * *

Rural School Notes

Willow Grove

            Willow Grove School has an attendance of seven, with prospects of more in March.

            In September the pupils were 100 percent perfect in attendance.

            Plans are being made for a Hallowe’en Party and Program at Willow Grove School.

Lacy School

            The enrollment at Lacy School is 12.

            The three pupils having perfect attendance for the month of September were Frances Bonebrake, Cecilia Ryland and Robert Oostendorp.

            There has been much illness due to “flu.”

Poole School

            The following pupils and the teacher of Poole School who attended the Dedication of Wild Cat Den State Park were Chas. Zinkula, Jimmy Park, Annabelle and Donald Thompson, Letha Reynolds, Betty McMahon and Elmer Harder.

            Mr. J. Thompson provided transportation for the group.

Athens School

            Those having perfect attendance for the last month are Lucille, Jane, LaMoyne, Virgil and Ralph Kirchner, Hubert, Darlene, Wayne and Betty Hazen, Delores, Robert and Kathleen Kaalberg.

            The new secretary for the Good Scout Club is Lucille Kirchner.

Buffalo Bluff

            Elaine Swailes has transferred to Potter School.

            Pupils of Buffalo Bluff have been studying harmful insects and weeds in Nature Study.

            There is an enrollment of eight pupils at Buffalo Bluff School.

            The Nicholite invites the teachers of all the rural schools to send us the news of your schools.  Thank you.

*  *  *  *  *

Page   6


Mrs. Mapes Called in Death at Home

Two Weeks Illness Fatal to Nichols Resident

            Mrs. Sarah Mapes died Monday Sept. 30 at the  home of her daughter, Mrs. Mamie Smith after an illness of two weeks as a result of a complication of ailments.

            Her marriage to Fred B. Mapes occurred in 1878.  Mrs. Mapes was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

            Eight children, twenty two grandchildren and three great grandchildren survive.  One child and her husband preceded her in death.

            Funeral services were held at nine a.m.  Wednesday at St. Mary’s Church by the Rev. P. D. Moore.  Burial was in Nichols Cemetery.

* * * * *

Church  Notes

            The Delta Alpha Class of the Christian Church met Monday evening Oct. 7 at the home of Mrs. Neva Borgstadt.                  

            The Triangle Club of the Christian Church enjoyed a Pot Luck Supper at the home of Rev. Mrs. Hargiss Sept. 26.

            The Christian Church will hold its annual Chicken Supper and Bazaar on Oct. 23.

            Rev. H. Strong was returned to the Nichols pastorate of the M. E. Church by the Conference of the Methodist Church recently held in Des Moines.

* * * * *


            The Misses Beula and Berniece Nash, Marie Neff, Marguerite Kirchner and Nina Quimby and Edwin Nash spent the week end with their parents here.

            Mrs. G. G. Bellamy and Jim left Oct. 2 for Albia, Iowa where she will be for several days at the home of her sister.  

            Mr. and Mrs. Leland Billick have moved into the Charles Elder property in the south part of Nichols.

            Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carter and Leila McMahon of Muscatine visited at the Robert Hazen home Sunday.

            Irvin Pike and Bennie Swickard spent Thursday Sept. 26 in Des Moines.

            Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kopp returned Saturday from St. Louis, where they attended several ball games and the American Legion Convention.

            Miss Ella Boland spent a recent week end at the B. F. Nichols home.

            Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Saur of Denver are visiting at the Ed Brown home.

            Edna Hesser, Mrs. John Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Anna Rosenfield and Mrs. T. B. Nichols left Saturday Sept. 28 for a short tour of the New England and other eastern states.

            Mrs. Linnie Bonder of Rapid City, South Dakota spent several days at the home of Mrs. Marie Borgstadt recently.

            The Philathea Class of the M. E. Church held its regular meeting Oct. 1 at the home of Mrs. Robert Elder.           

*  *  *  *  *

Page 7


Believe It or Not

            The famous Dionne?? Quintuplets visited us t the initiation party for the Freshmen the other night.  The babies looked so sweet and cunning trying to sit in little red chairs.  They were in full baby attire – bottles, nipples, rattles, nighties and caps.  They sang little songs and recited little poems.  The freshmen boys made good babies – as the thought of the upper classmen.

            LaVaughn Richter was Annette, Bobby Hillyer was Cecile, Vernon Carter played the part of Yvonne, Bennie Mills was Marie, and Harold Elder played the part of Emilie, the cutest baby of them all.

* * * * *

Robin  Hood  Days

            We’ve heard of wearing combs, braids, apple blossoms, bobbie pins and the like in our hair, but now we have a certain girl who has he feather fad.  We must be getting back to Robin Hood days.

Oh, I beg your pardon, they wore the feathers in their hats, not their hair.  How about it Kate??* * * * *

Long  and  Short


            Long – Loyd Hahn

            Short – Shorty Schmitt


            Long – Lawrence Harder

            Short – Bob Kirkpatrick


            Long – Loren Brown

            Short – Berniece McMahon


            Long – Virginia Vogel

            Short – Bennie Mills


            Long – Mr. Bruce

            Short – Miss Balzor

* * * * *

Did You Know That

            Pete Hahn has been wearing beads to school the past week?

            Charles just can’t keep from taking the girls combs and handkerchiefs?

            Marjorie Thompson has suddenly taken a liking to a graish Ford?

            Kate nearly jumped off her seat the other day merely because she heard a certain air horn?

            Margaret’s efficiency is probably about 75 percent?

            John Loeb always has a pocket full of pennies?  He must be saving them to buy Christmas presents.

            Mary Dean and Madelyn Oostendorp have birthdays this month?  The first and second of October respectively.  Congratulations, girls.

            Mr. Bellamy looks lonesome these days?  His family are at Albia, Iowa.

* * * * *

Bright  Ideas

                        To have a school carnival.

                        To have more visitors at school.

                        To have the boys win a baseball game.

                        To have all h physics class get a “A” on their labs.

                        To have everyone really study.

*  *  *  *  *

Page 8


Little Five League Announces Schedule

Eight Games Provided Each Team

            The Little Five Basketball League will conotinue this year as it did previously.  A meeting was held at Nichols Monday Sept. 16 to draw up a forty game schedule.  The following League games were provided for Nichols.

                        Dec. 6              Cone                at         Nichols

                        Dec. 13            Nichols            at         Letts

                        Dec. 20            Nichols            at         Springdale

                        Jan. 10             Nichols                        Bye

                        Jan. 17             Riverside         at         Nichols

                        Jan. 24             Nichols            at         Con

                        Jan. 31             Letts                at         Nichols

                        Feb. 7              Springdale       at         Nichols

                        Feb/ 14            Nichols                        Bye

                        Feb. 28            Nichols            at         Riverside

            Six or eight additional games will be secured with non league schools.

* * * * *

Cone Defeats Nichols In Uneven Battle

. Pike Hits Home Run in Sixth Inning

            Nichols was defeated 21 to 5 Friday Sept. 27 at Coneville.  The lack of experience on the part of the Nichols team caused the downfall of the local nine in the opening inning.  The battery for Nichols was K. Vetter and Pike.  For Cone, Wolford and Hankins.  Calhoun and C. Buser also did mound duty for Cone.


Nichols   AB H R         Cone   AB H R
Schmitt 3b 4 1 0         M. Kemp 1b 4 0 0
Loeb ss 4 1 1         Adams 3b 5 1 4
K. Vetter p 4 0 0         A. Kemp ss 5 1 4
Pike c 4 2 1         Jean 2b 5 2 4
V. Vetter cf 4 0 0         Hankins c 5 3 3
Harder rf 2 0 0         Wolford p 5 0 2
Kirkpatrick 2b 3 1 1         C. Buser rf 4 3 3
C. Elder rf 3 2 0         N. Abbot 1f 2 0 0
H. Elder 1b 3 1 1         Calhoun cf 4 1 0
Ulch 1f 2 0 1         Max Kemp 1f 1 0 0
Total   33 9 5             43 13 21

* * * * *

Nichols Loses 2 to 1 to Letts High Nine

Locals Outhit Victors 9 to 7

            The Nichols squad suffered a 2 to 1 reverse at the hands of a battling nine picked from Letts Consolidated at the latter’s diamond on Tuesday Oct. 1.  The home boys outpointed the victors both at times at bat, 34 to 27, and in number of hits gathered from Vetter on the mound for Nichols.

            The battery for Nichols was K. Vetter and Pike.  For Letts Lieberknect and Herrick.  Bell replaced Liebernecht in the 5th inning.  The Summary

Nichols   AB H R         Letts   AB H R
Schmitt 2b 4 0 0         Bailey 1f 3 1 1
Loeb 3b 4 2 0         Bell 2b 3 1 1
K. Vetter p 4 1 0         Lieb'nect p 3 0 0
Pike cf 4 2 1         Crumley rf 3 1 0
V. Vetter cf 4 2 0         Bailey 1b 3 1 0
Loeb ss 4 1 0         Herrick cf 3 1 0
C. Elder rf 3 1 0         Verner cf 3 1 0
Ulch 1f 3 0 0         Holliday ss 3 1 0
H. Elder 1b 3 0 0         Butler 3b 3 0 0

* * * * *

Durant Wins Again

            Nichols journeyed to Durant last Thursday to take a 10 to 8 lacing from a scrappy Durant team.  Another disastrous first inning allowed four unearned runs to cross the platter.

            The battery for Nichols was K. Vetter and Pike, while Arp and Huesman worked for Durant.

*  *  *  *  *


Nichols Lumber Co.

Dr. V. O. Muench, M.D.

Fred Hummel

R. W. Heerd

F. A. Kirchner

Farmers and Merchant Savings Bank

Poole Transfer

Ward’s Café

Rice Café

Nichols Mutual Telephone Co.

Drew D. MacDougal

Bob Hazn

Clark’s Garage

Mills Motor Co.

Stych Produce

Poole and Chown

Chown Motor Co.

B & W Store

Fred Poole’s

*  *  *  *  *

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