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Surname Given Name Date of Paper Death Date
Crabtre Mr 22-Aug-1898 21-Aug-1898
Crabtree Anna Jane 4-Mar-1922  
Crabtree Elizabeth 30-Dec-1954 21-Oct-1954
Crabtree John 31-Dec-1931 4-Feb-1931
Crabtree John H 31-Dec-1931 3-Feb-1931
Crabtree John H 29-Dec-1967 9-May-1967
Crabtree Joseph 29-Dec-1956 11-Mar-1956
Crabtree Marvin L 18-Jul-2007 13-Jul-2007
Crabtree Mary Ellen 28-Dec-1945 27-Jul-1945
Crabtree Robert Cleveland 28-Jan-2006 5-Jun-2005
Crabtree Sr Douglas 18-Dec-2007 14-Dec-2007
Crace Robert 23-Jan-1988 2-Feb-1987
Cracker Andrew 16-Dec-1909 27-May-1909
Cracker Andrew Mrs 1-Jan-1913 31-Oct-1912
Cracker Andrew R 29-Dec-1950 31-Aug-1950
Cracker Andrew,Mrs 2-Nov-1912  
Cracker Daughter 10-May-1869 9-May-1869
Cracker Daughter 14-May-1869 9-May-1869
Cracker Elmira 30-Dec-1963 15-Apr-1963
Cracker Lillian A 23-Jul-1996 21-Jul-1996
Cracker Maude E 18-Jan-1986 24-Dec-1985
Cracker Michael 23-Jan-1988 12-Mar-1987
Cracraft Ada Marie 15-May-2002 10-May-2002
Cracraft Irene Bell 15-Aug-1937  
Cracraft S W (Mrs) 29-Dec-1956 17-Nov-1956
Cracraft Sheridan 30-Dec-1966 2-Mar-1966
Cracraft William R 29-Dec-1967 16-Aug-1967
Craddock Abraham   31-Dec-1872
Craddock Alonso C 21-Dec-1905 16-Apr-1905
Craddock Arthur A 30-Dec-1948 4-Jan-1948
Craddock Clinton F 14-Jul-1888 9-Jul-1888
Craddock CS 14-Jan-1928  
Craddock Delmar 31-Jan-1976 21-Sep-1975
Craddock Ethel W 30-Dec-1940 8-Sep-1940
Craddock John W 1-Jan-1913 14-Aug-1912
Craddock Marvin 9-Nov-2006 8-Nov-2006
Craddock Sarah Ann 30-Dec-1942 6-Jan-1942
Craddock Walter 6-Feb-1920  
Craemer Coral Lynn 30-Dec-1948 23-May-1948
Craft Catherine 30-Dec-1955 16-Jan-1955
Craft EE 1-Jan-1926 20-Sep-1926
Craft James Robert 29-Jan-1994 16-Oct-1993
Crafton Clifford 23-Apr-1999 23-Apr-1999
Crafton Cliffton Duane 29-Jan-2000 23-Apr-1999
Crafton Floyd R 26-Jan-1998 24-Jan-1998
Crafton Peter,Mrs 23-Apr-1881 21-Apr-1881
Crafts William H 30-Jan-1982 1-Jan-1981
Cragg Erle 30-Dec-1955 30-Apr-1955
Cragg Harriet Katherine 22-Jan-1972 17-Nov-1971
Crahan Richard H 26-May-1995 23-May-1995
Craig Genevieve E 6-Jun-2000 4-Jun-2000
Craig James Harold 30-Dec-1968 11-Sep-1968
Craig Margaret   4-Jan-1892
Craig Thomas 10-Apr-1865 8-Apr-1865
Craig Walter 30-Dec-1954 28-Sep-1954
Crain Elva 30-Dec-1957 16-Oct-1957
Cram Doris 6-Jan-2000 5-Jan-2000
Cram Doris P 27-Jan-2000 5-Jan-2000
Cram Lee Burdine 30-Dec-1968 2-Oct-1968
Cram Raymond E 30-Jan-1982 17-Feb-1981
Cram Doris 7-Jan-2000 5-Jan-2000
Cramer Carolouise 11-Dec-2001 7-Dec-2001
Cramer Carolouise 5-Jan-2002 7-Dec-2001
Cramer Elizabeth La Varge 6-Jun-2002 4-Jun-2002
Cramer Phillip A 30-Dec-1952 9-Apr-1952
Cramer William,Mrs 17-Dec-1903 4-Jun-1903
Crammond Harry 17-Jan-1994 16-Jan-1994
Crampton Frank J 16-Dec-1909 22-Jan-1909
Crampton Martha Betty 29-Dec-1934 7-Apr-1934
Crandol Belle,Mrs 20-Apr-1882 19-Apr-1882
Crandol Belle,Mrs 21-Apr-1882 19-Apr-1882
Crandol Belle,Mrs 1-May-1882 19-Apr-1882
Crandol Oliver G   27-Dec-1901
Crandol Rubama 13-Mar-1874  
Crandol Thomas 15-Aug-1863 14-Aug-1863
Crandoll Thomas 27-Feb-1902 27-Feb-1902
Crandon Lee F 30-Dec-1968 3-Jan-1968
Crandon Nellie Fern Drawbaugh 10-Aug-1972  
Crandon Nellie Fern Drawbaugh 12-Aug-1972  
Crane Agnes   21-Feb-1890
Crane Agnes May 5-Feb-1876 27-Jan-1876
Crane Ira Franklin 10-Aug-1877 2-Aug-1877
Crane JG,Col 10-Jun-1869 8-Jun-1869
Crane JG,Col 11-Jun-1869 8-Jun-1869
Crane Melvin R 22-Aug-2000 21-Aug-2000
Crane Melvin R 23-Aug-2000 21-Aug-2000
Crane SP,Esq 8-Nov-1865  
Crank James P 29-Dec-2001 27-Dec-2001
Cranny Beverly Jean 30-Apr-1998 29-Apr-1998
Craven Peter 16-Apr-1862 6-Apr-1862
Craven Peter 16-Apr-1862 7-Apr-1862
Craw WB 4-Jan-1884  
Craw WB 3-Jan-1884  
Crawford Adeline May 23-Jan-1988 10-Mar-1987
Crawford Allison 30-Dec-1932 27-Apr-1932
Crawford Allison C 30-Dec-1932 27-Apr-1932
Crawford Bob 31-Jan-2008 29-Jan-2008
Crawford Charles 26-Dec-1998 23-Dec-1998
Crawford Charles 6-Jan-2000 2-Jan-2000
Crawford Claire 15-Apr-1997 14-Apr-1997
Crawford Emeline Cecelia 22-Jul-1999 21-Jul-1999
Crawford Emeline Cecelia 23-Jul-1999 21-Jul-1999
Crawford Julia Wilson 8-Oct-1963  
Crawford Lyle 28-May-1999 26-May-1999
Crawford Mildred E 30-Jun-2003 28-Jun-2003
Crawford Minnie Maine 30-Dec-1942 6-Nov-1942
Crawford Porter Binns 12-Aug-1999 11-Aug-1999
Crawford Ralph 6-Mar-1902  
Crawford Sarah A,Mrs 3-Apr-1893  
Crawford Sarah Jane 30-Dec-1952 22-Sep-1952
Crawford Shirley R 26-Jan-1991 17-Jul-1990
Crawford Tyler Michael 25-Nov-2000 3-Nov-2000
Crawford Tyler Michael 29-Nov-2000 3-Nov-2000
Crawford Violet O 29-Dec-1961 16-Aug-1961
Crawford Violet V 28-Feb-1996 26-Feb-1996
Crawley E J Mrs 14-Jan-1929 13-Jan-1929
Crawley Mabel Tisor 23-Jan-1988 16-Nov-1987
Creamer Della Mrs 30-Dec-1938 8-Feb-1938
Creamer Della,Mrs 8-Feb-1938  
Creamer Dennis 30-Dec-1955 13-Jul-1955
Creamer Frank L 30-Jan-2007 28-Jan-2007
Creamer George Frances 30-Dec-1963 3-Jun-1963
Creamer George J 31-Jan-2004 27-Apr-2003
Creamer George J,Jr 28-Apr-2003 27-Apr-2003
Creamer George M 21-Jun-1937  
Creamer Margaret M 30-Jan-1993 4-Apr-1992
Creamer Mary F 18-Oct-1999 17-Oct-1999
Creamer Nuffie 3-Feb-1977  
Creamer Richard 12-Aug-1996 12-Aug-1996
Creamer Richard 13-Aug-1996 12-Aug-1996
Creamer Robert G 30-Dec-1968 20-Nov-1968
Creamer Robert Wayne 8-May-2002 6-May-2002
Creelman Charles Robert   2-Jan-1949
Creelman Charles Robert 30-Dec-1949 21-Jan-1949
Creelman Waymath Amelia 2-Apr-2001 31-Mar-2001
Crees Blanche 29-May-1977  
Crees Chester 30-Dec-1966 2-Sep-1966
Crees Earl LaVern 29-Dec-1961 8-Mar-1961
Crees Edgar M 30-Dec-1966 12-Sep-1966
Crees Emma 22-Jan-1972 27-Jan-1971
Crees Emma 26-Jan-1980 20-Jul-1979
Crees Frank Cleveland 30-Dec-1954 8-Jun-1954
Crees George 30-Dec-1942 26-Apr-1942
Crees Henry 21-Feb-1903 19-Feb-1903
Crees James Linn 29-Dec-1956 17-Jan-1956
Crees Larry Chester 28-Jan-2006 8-Oct-2005
Crees Leonard E 17-Mar-1995 9-Mar-1995
Crees Martha Elizabeth 29-Dec-1944 11-Jan-1944
Crees Minerva 30-Dec-1964 6-Jun-1964
Crees Ruby 4-Dec-2007 2-Dec-2007
Creese Henry 3-Mar-1903  
Creese John 18-Apr-1882 17-apr-1882
Creese John 19-Apr-1882 17-Apr-1882
Creiger Samuel B 24-Aug-1901 23-Aug-1901
Creiger Samuel B 28-Aug-1901 23-Aug-1901
Creitz Katherine Elizabeth 29-Dec-1961 14-Nov-1961
Creitz LF 20-Feb-1895 20-Feb-1895
Creitz LF 25-Feb-1895 20-Feb-1895
Creno Glen Eugene 30-Dec-1949 4-Sep-1949
Cress Abel 30-Dec-1940 12-Feb-1940
Cress Isaac 30-Dec-1940 8-Dec-1940
Cressman Elizabeth 31-Dec-1931 20-Jul-1931
Creswell Carrie 30-Dec-1932 7-May-1932
Creswell Eleanore Marjore 9-Oct-2000 8-Oct-2000
Creswell J Stanley 9-Oct-1997 7-Oct-1997
Crew Alice 1-Jun-1984 1-Jun-1984
Crew Francis Howard 9-Apr-2004 7-Apr-2004
Crews Delbert 15-Mar-1999 12-Mar-1999
Crews Tamara Kim 12-Aug-2002 10-Aug-2002
Crews Tamara Kim 13-Aug-2002 10-Aug-2002
Crickbaum M Leona 26-Jan-1984 26-Jan-1984
Crickbaum M Leona 27-Jan-1984 26-Jan-1984
Crieger George L 29-Jan-1983 7-Jan-1982
Crieger James 29-Jan-1983 7-Jan-1982
Crieger Nellie Mae 28-Jan-2006 14-May-2005
Criger Clarence 31-Jan-1976 24-Nov-1975
Criger Elsie Florence 28-Jan-2006 24-May-2005
Criger Ernest Adelbert 28-Dec-1945 13-Jun-1945
Criger Frank Ernest 29-Dec-1934 17-Nov-1934
Criger Louis D 2-Mar-1980  
Criger Oneta E 27-Jan-2000 16-Feb-2000
Criger Oneta E 16-Feb-2002 16-Feb-2000
Crile Bernice Clara 26-Mar-2008 25-Mar-2008
Crile Doris 16-Nov-2004 15-Nov-2004
Crile Doris E 29-Jan-2005 15-Nov-2004
Crile Waldo H 31-Jan-2004 3-Oct-2003
Crile Waldo H 6-Oct-2003 3-Oct-2003
Crim Earl H 29-Jan-1994 6-Jan-1993
Crim Lyle W 29-Dec-1997 25-Dec-1997
Crim Ruth Irene 20-Feb-1985 12-Feb-1985
Criner Clinton C 30-Jan-1903 30-Jan-1903
Criner Clinton C 2-Feb-1903 30-Jan-1903
Criner Eliza Ann 23-Feb-1895  
Criner Frank F 1-Jan-1913 6-Feb-1912
Criner George 11-Apr-1862 10-Apr-1862
Crippen Caroline 25-Jun-1889 24-Jun-1889
Crippen Clara 30-Dec-1932 19-Feb-1932
Crippen Nellie,Mrs 24-Jul-1899 23-Jul-1899
Crippen Nellie,Mrs 25-Jul-1899 23-Jul-1899
Cris Emma Matilda 31-Jan-2004 13-Nov-2003
Crisman Katherine E 30-Dec-1946 22-May-1946
Crisman S B 17-Dec-1908 13-Jan-1908
Crispin Carl Alvin 6-Jan-2003 4-Jan-2003
Crispin Ruth Little 6-Mar-1998 4-Jan-1998
Criss Fred Alvero 19-Mar-1996 18-Mar-1996
Criss Fred Alvero 20-Mar-1996 18-Mar-1996
Criss Marjorie E 21-Oct-1980  
Criss William 30-Dec-1932 7-Apr-1932
Crissman Aaron 6-May-1871 28-Apr-1871
Crissman Maria,Mrs 13-Feb-1874 11-Feb-1874
Crist Belle 30-Dec-1955 11-Jan-1955
Crist Beverly Jean (Williams) 13-Aug-2008 11-Aug-2008
Crist Debies 30-Dec-1960 18-Jan-1960
Crist Delia Margaret 5-Apr-1937  
Crist Edward Halford 28-Dec-1951 6-Mar-1951
Crist Emma M 13-Nov-2003 13-Nov-2003
Crist Emma M 14-Nov-2003 13-Nov-2003
Crist Emma M 15-Nov-2003 13-Nov-2003
Crist Gail 16-Mar-2004 8-Mar-2004
Crist George 20-Mar-1922  
Crist Lema V 7-Sep-2000 7-Sep-2000
Crist Lema Verda 27-Jan-2000 7-Sep-2000
Crist Marion R 17-Jan-1987 18-Jun-1986
Crist Mary Evelyn 6-Jun-2000 5-Jun-2000
Crist Melvin T 3-Jan-1998 2-Jan-1998
Crist Melvin T 5-Jan-1998 2-Jan-1998
Crist Melvin Terry 23-Jan-1999 2-Jan-1998
Crist Vere, Red 18-Jan-1986 12-Sep-1985
Crist Virgil Edwin 30-Dec-1948 18-May-1948
Crister George 15-Sep-1881 6-Sep-1881
Crites Minnie,Miss 21-Jul-1876 15-Jul-1876
Critz Albert Frank 30-Dec-1940 2-May-1940
Critz Victorine 19-Sep-1947  
Crocker Chas 22-Jun-1872 21-Jun-1872
Crocker Herbert 2-Jul-1869 30-Jun-1869
Crocker Herbert 30-Jun-1869 30-Jun-1869
Croegaert Gerald Keith 21-Sep-1999 10-Sep-1999
Croissant Thelma Jean 27-Jan-1979 12-Apr-1978
Croll Ronald G 19-Mar-2003 17-Mar-2003
Crombie Rodney L 28-Jan-1995 22-Jun-1994
Cromer Anna 29-Jan-1983 9-Jun-1982
Cromer Bernice B 22-Jan-2004 21-Jan-2004
Cromer Bernice Bina 29-Jan-2005 21-Jan-2004
Cromer Chad A 29-Jan-1983 13-Mar-1982
Cromer Clarence H 17-Jan-1987 27-Apr-1986
Cromer Dakota James 25-Jan-2003 5-Jun-2002
Cromer Dakota James 7-Jun-2002 5-Jun-2002
Cromer Earl J 30-Jan-1903 30-Jan-1903
Cromer Earland 2-Feb-1903  
Cromer Frank 30-Dec-1941 13-Mar-1941
Cromer George J 16-Dec-1909 16-Apr-1909
Cromer George W 29-Dec-1950 19-Dec-1950
Cromer Hillis 8-Feb-1999 6-Feb-1999
Cromer Hillis S 29-Jan-2000 6-Feb-1999
Cromer Hiram 17-Dec-1908 9-Sep-1908
Cromer Ina 26-Aug-1980  
Cromer John J 30-Dec-1955 25-May-1955
Cromer John M 28-Dec-1951 27-Mar-1951
Cromer Julia Ann 29-Dec-1961 16-Jun-1961
Cromer Katie 30-Dec-1969 12-Apr-1969
Cromer Kylie Kay 25-Jan-2003 23-Jan-2003
Cromer Marion Ireta 30-Jan-1993 8-Aug-1992
Cromer Merle J 13-Mar-1985 11-Mar-1985
Cromer Michael H 30-Dec-1957 28-Nov-1957
Cromer Raymond Edwin 29-Jan-1994 26-Dec-1992
Cromer Rozella M 31-Jan-2007 28-Jan-2007
Cromer Wilson 18-Jan-1986 7-Jun-1985
Crompton Elma 28-Jan-1995 21-Jan-1994
Crompton Elma 21-Jan-1994 21-Jan-1994
Crompton Elma 24-Jan-1994 21-Jan-1994
Crompton Miriam 12-Feb-1875 11-Feb-1875
Crompton Thomas E 18-Jan-1986 26-Dec-1985
Crone Donald 1-Jan-1926 15-Sep-1926
Crone Jacob 30-Dec-1954 24-Apr-1954
Crone Mary Loretta 1-Jan-1926 15-Sep-1926
Crone Thomas Jefferson 30-Dec-1947 26-May-1947
Crone Thomas Jefferson 26-May-1947  
Crone Zelia 1-Jan-1926 15-Sep-1926
Cronin Cornelius 30-Dec-1932 29-Feb-1932
Cronin Winifred 29-Jan-1983 28-Nov-1982
Cronk Lawrence M 23-Jan-1988 16-Nov-1987
Cronk Una E 23-Jan-1988 17-Aug-1987
Crook George W 29-Jan-1983 20-Apr-1982
Crook James Lincoln 30-Dec-1938 13-Oct-1938
Crook James Lincoln 13-Oct-1938  
Crook Mary E (Howard) 22-Apr-2008 21-Apr-2008
Crook Mary E (Howard) 29-Apr-2008 21-Apr-2008
Crook Michael John 29-Dec-1961 12-May-1961
Crook Vickie 30-Dec-1954 16-Jan-1954
Crooks Beulah H 23-Aug-1995 22-Aug-1995
Crooks Orlo 2-Sep-1998 1-Sep-1998
Crooks Shirley 23-Apr-2007 21-Apr-2007
Crooks Stanley 14-Aug-1996 12-Aug-1996
Crooks Stanley 15-Aug-1996 12-Aug-1996
Crooks Vera Evelyn 21-Mar-1997 19-Mar-1997
Cropley Emma E 30-Dec-1963 21-May-1963
Cropp Evelyne Hoefle 13-Oct-1997 11-Oct-1997
Crosby Michael E 27-Jan-1979 6-May-1978
Crose Edna E 23-Oct-2003 22-Oct-2003
Crose Edna E 24-Oct-2003 22-Oct-2003
Crose Ernest 30-Jan-1982 21-Oct-1981
Crose Jaynie Joelle 9-Jan-1995 7-Jan-1995
Crose Karlea Jo 23-Jan-1992 24-May-1991
Crose Kasey Joyce 23-Jan-1992 24-May-1991
Crosley John S 30-Dec-1932 3-May-1932
Croslin Causie Flo 14-Dec-1995 12-Dec-1995
Cross Alan L 30-Dec-1947 21-Nov-1947
Cross Albert   8-Nov-1924
Cross Allan L 21-Nov-1947  
Cross Charles H 30-Dec-1946 7-May-1946
Cross Cook Jay 4-Dec-2006 1-Dec-2006
Cross David O 1-Oct-1860 16-Sep-1860
Cross Dora M 31-Dec-1913 2-Aug-1913
Cross Edna Vail   10-Dec-1902
Cross Elizabeth,Mrs 21-Dec-1882  
Cross Elizabeth,Mrs 22-Dec-1882  
Cross Eugene W 30-Dec-1952 27-Feb-1952
Cross Fannie Lea 20-Jan-2003 19-Jan-2003
Cross Florence 30-Dec-1953 26-Aug-1953
Cross Ida May 30-Dec-1949 24-Aug-1949
Cross Ines H 25-Jun-2003 23-Jun-2003
Cross Inez 25-Aug-1998 24-Aug-1998
Cross Inez Marie 23-Jan-1999 24-Aug-1998
Cross John 24-Nov-1904 25-Oct-1904
Cross John H 28-Jan-1984 6-May-1983
Cross John L 29-Dec-1934 29-Nov-1934
Cross John,Sr 23-Jun-1900 22-Jun-1900
Cross John,Sr 25-Jun-1900 22-Jun-1900
Cross Kathleen Myrtle 29-Jan-2005 4-Jan-2004
Cross Lawrence J,Sr 7-Feb-2004 5-Feb-2004
Cross Levi 16-Dec-1909 6-May-1909
Cross Levi 22-Jan-1894 20-Jan-1894
Cross Levi 26-Jan-1894 20-Jan-1894
Cross Lieuzetta M 20-May-2003 18-May-2003
Cross Lieuzetta M 22-May-2003 18-May-2003
Cross Lillian I 23-Jan-1988 20-May-1987
Cross Lloyd   16-Jan-1929
Cross Margaret 16-Dec-1920  
Cross MK,Mrs 31-Mar-1891  
Cross Nellie 13-Nov-1998 11-Nov-1998
Cross Ralph Ronald 30-Dec-1964 19-Apr-1964
Cross Rebecca 3-Oct-1874 18-Sep-1874
Crossen Margaret Ann 28-Jan-2006 24-Aug-2005
Crossley Betty Jo 27-Dec-2007 25-Dec-2007
Crossley Betty Jo 29-Dec-2007 25-Dec-2007
Crossley Charles Leonard 31-Jan-2004 22-Mar-2003
Crossley Charles Leonard 24-Mar-2003 22-Mar-2003
Crossley Elizabeth 17-Jan-1987 15-Sep-1986
Crossley Eula 26-Jan-1980 2-Mar-1979
Crossley Geneva 3-Jul-1998 2-Jul-1998
Crossley Ines H 31-Jan-2004 23-Jun-2003
Crossley Minnie 30-Dec-1957 11-Feb-1957
Crossley Paul,Sr 17-Jan-1987 22-Jan-1986
Crouch Beatrice Geneva 10-Oct-2000 8-Oct-2000
Crouch Colla Hahn 24-Jan-1998 17-Jan-1997
Crouch Elmer 1-Jan-1926 4-Mar-1926
Crouch Evelyn B 24-Jan-1998 23-Nov-1997
Crouch Evelyn B 24-Nov-1997 23-Nov-1997
Crouch Infant Son 24-Dec-1869 23-Dec-1869
Crouch Infant Son 31-Dec-1869 23-Dec-1869
Crouch Maggie 5-Nov-1885 5-Nov-1885
Crouch Marguerite Mary 14-Feb-1899 10-Feb-1899
Crouch Mary E 8-Dec-1910 26-Sep-1910
Crouch Thomas 18-Mar-1864 15-Mar-1864
Crouch Walter C 29-Jan-2005 23-Mar-2004
Crouch Zera 18-Jan-1986 1-Jul-1985
Crouse Carl A 18-Jan-1986 26-Aug-1985
Crow Aaron 21-Dec-1905 14-Feb-1905
Crow Addie Mae 29-Dec-1962 31-Jan-1962
Crow Alvina,Mrs 9-May-1972  
Crow Arch W 29-Dec-1950 29-Nov-1950
Crow Bradford Stephensen 29-Jan-2000 25-Feb-1999
Crow Brandford 26-Feb-1999 25-Feb-1999
Crow Charles Edward 30-Dec-1932 6-Jan-1932
Crow Charles Mrs 20-Dec-1906 22-Jul-1906
Crow Clyde E 30-Jan-1982 20-Oct-1981
Crow Crystal Arihood 31-Dec-1997 29-Dec-1997
Crow Donald 7-Feb-1994 3-Feb-1994
Crow Donald 5-Feb-1994 3-Feb-1994
Crow Dorothy May 22-Jan-2001 20-Jan-2001
Crow Everett G 22-Jan-1972 5-Mar-1971
Crow Floyd V 29-Dec-1956 21-Jul-1956
Crow Frank 29-Dec-1956 3-Mar-1956
Crow Frank V, Mrs 30-Dec-1953 22-Apr-1953
Crow Fred R 30-Dec-1940 17-May-1940
Crow Gavin Lee 27-Jan-1979 6-Mar-1978
Crow Glen 30-Dec-1970 8-Feb-1970
Crow Harmon George 30-Dec-1963 22-Apr-1963
Crow Harold Dean 30-Dec-1964 25-Jul-1964
Crow Helen I 29-Jan-1983 7-May-1982
Crow Horton Gladys F 27-Dec-1996 25-Dec-1996
Crow Howard W 26-Jan-1980 11-Mar-1979
Crow Ida Lorena   1-Dec-1972
Crow Ida Lorena,Mrs 5-Dec-1972 2-Dec-1972
Crow Ivan Neal 16-Jul-1996 13-Jul-1996
Crow Ivan Neal 17-Jul-1996 13-Jul-1996
Crow JH,Mr 7-Jun-1883 1-Jun-1883
Crow John A 26-Dec-1900  
Crow Laura E 30-Dec-1938 11-May-1938
Crow Laura May 30-Dec-1965 24-Jan-1965
Crow Loredo Mae 29-Jan-2005 17-Oct-2004
Crow Luella Jane 16-Jan-1947  
Crow Luella Jane Mrs 30-Dec-1947 16-Jan-1947
Crow Lyle E 30-Dec-1916 12-Feb-1916
Crow Mabel E 30-Jan-1982 13-Apr-1981
Crow Marcus 29-Dec-1939 12-Feb-1939
Crow Marie 18-Jan-1986 22-Aug-1985
Crow Martha 31-Jan-2004 2-Apr-2003
Crow Martha 3-Apr-2003 2-Apr-2003
Crow Mary 4-Mar-1920  
Crow Mary Jane 30-Dec-1968 28-Nov-1968
Crow Maxine 23-Jan-1988 6-May-1987
Crow Nina Lucile 1-Jan-1913 6-Jul-1912
Crow Nira 29-Dec-1961 8-Feb-1961
Crow Odessa J 3-Jan-1996 8-Dec-1995
Crow Samuel A 29-Dec-1961 10-Apr-1961
Crow Sandra 6-Jan-1999 3-Jan-1999
Crow T Ira 29-Dec-1967 20-Oct-1967
Crow T Ira 20-Oct-1967  
Crow William W 30-Dec-1969 23-Aug-1969
Crowder David Charles 25-Jan-2003 9-Oct-2002
Crowder David Charles 10-Oct-2002 9-Oct-2002
Crowder Walter 23-Jan-1999 8-Jan-1998
Crowder Walter L,Sr 9-Jan-1998 8-Jan-1998
Crowder Walter L,Sr 10-Jan-1998 8-Jan-1998
Crowe Dora Lee 10-Sep-1999 6-Sep-1999
Crowe Eunice R 9-Jan-2007 8-Jan-2007
Crowe Frances Fay 13-Apr-1922  
Crowe William 30-Dec-1948 12-Jul-1948
Crowford Karen 14-Jan-2005 12-Jan-2005
Crowl Alice Henrietta Elizabeth 30-Dec-1965 5-Jul-1965
Crowley Georgie Woodhouse 13-Aug-1869 3-Aug-1869
Crowley Grace Deane 30-Dec-1943 17-Apr-1943
Crowley Lillian 30-Dec-1955 29-Oct-1955
Croxen Ovilla Anthony   15-Jan-1913
Croxen Samuel 21-Dec-1905 9-Feb-1905
Croxen Vesta 17-Dec-1908 5-Jul-1908
Croxen Vesta Adeline 13-Jul-1908 4-Jul-1908
Croy Jean Williams 23-Jan-1988 5-Jan-1987
Croy William L 17-Jan-1987 4-Sep-1986
Crozer Hazel Pearl 26-Jan-1991 22-Mar-1990
Crozer Lucie Watson 29-Dec-1944 18-Apr-1944
Crozer Mary Watson 30-Dec-1941 18-Jun-1941
Crozer W H 30-Dec-1938 12-Dec-1938
Crozer W H 12-Dec-1938  
Crozer Willis   29-Nov-1889
Crozer Willis 29-Nov-1895 29-Nov-1895
Crozier Claude 6-May-1996 6-May-1996
Crozier Claude 7-May-1996 6-May-1996
Crozier Claude 8-May-1996 6-May-1996
Cruifman Marta 13-Mar-1874  
Cruise Ida Richards 30-Dec-1941 14-Sep-1941
Crull Eunice 31-Dec-1913 5-Nov-1913
Crull Fay Frank 13-Jan-2003 12-Jan-2003
Crull Fay Frank 14-Jan-2003 12-Jan-2003
Crull George Jacob 30-Dec-1946 17-Feb-1946
Crull Leona May 17-Jan-1987 26-Nov-1986
Crull Lewis Andrew 30-Dec-1965 29-Nov-1965
Crull Lewis Andrew 29-Nov-1965  
Crull Mildred Irene 26-Jan-1991 30-May-1990
Crum Rufus K 1-May-1873 15-Apr-1873
Crumly Dora 15-Feb-1975 12-Dec-1974
Crumly Josephine M 18-May-2001 18-May-2001
Crumly Josephine M 19-May-2001 18-May-2001
Crumly Max L 11-Oct-2002 4-Oct-2002
Crumly Robert Warren 28-Jan-2006 8-Nov-2005
Crummey Sarah R,Mrs 24-Oct-1870  
Crummey Sarah R,Mrs 4-Nov-1870  
Crumy Colen Frances 23-Jan-1988 6-Oct-1987
Crumy Edwin A 23-Jan-1988 22-Jul-1987
Crumy Janet Mabel 26-Jan-1980 11-May-1979
Cruse Lorraine Merilyn 24-Dec-1997 22-Dec-1997
Cruse Michael 28-Jan-1995 1-Mar-1994
Cruse Michael 3-Mar-1994 1-Mar-1994
Cruse Michael 2-Mar-1994 1-Mar-1994
Crutcher Hallie Beatrice 27-Jan-1979 25-Dec-1978
Crutcher J Anton 23-Jan-1988 11-May-1987
Cruthirds EF "Lon" 18-Jan-1986 14-Sep-1985
Cruz Joyce Marie 29-Jan-2000 15-Nov-1999
Cruz Joyce Marie 17-Nov-1999 15-Nov-1999
Cruz Mario   17-Aug-1996
Cruz Ofelia 28-Jan-1995 19-Apr-1994
Cruz Ofelia R 22-Apr-1994 19-Apr-1994
Cryder Edie Jacon 20-Oct-1963  
Cubbage Carol Pauline 6-Sep-1995 4-Sep-1995
Cubbage Herman 15-Feb-1975 29-Aug-1974
Cubbage Hope Ranae 1-Aug-1977  
Cubbage Marilyn E 7-Sep-1977  
Cubbage Marion 'Cubb' 19-Feb-2008 17-Feb-2008
Cubbage Martin Wayne 29-Jan-1994 27-Oct-1993
Cubbage Wayne E 29-Dec-1967 24-Sep-1967
Cubbage Wayne Eugene, Jr 23-Jan-1988 6-Nov-1987
Cubbage William I 30-Dec-1941 2-Sep-1941
Culbertson Janet 2-Mar-1999 28-Feb-1999
Culbertson Sarah R 17-May-1873 2-May-1873
Cullen Anna (Miss) 20-Dec-1906 30-Jul-1906
Cullen Bernice 29-Jan-2000 26-Feb-1999
Cullen Bernice 1-Mar-1999 26-Feb-1999
Cullen Francis 31-Dec-1913 29-Jul-1913
Cullen Maggie 16-Feb-1891 14-Feb-1891
Cullen Mary 5-Jan-1939  
Cullen May Azela Dougherty 13-Feb-1901 13-Feb-1901
Cullen Ralph 30-Dec-1970 8-Mar-1970
Cullen Thomas 1-Jan-1912 4-May-1911
Cullen Thomas 4-May-1911  
Cullip Mary Jane 29-Dec-1939 22-Feb-1939
Cullip Mary Jane 22-Feb-1939  
Cullip William 31-Dec-1931 26-Jun-1931
Culllen Thos,Mrs 13-Feb-1901 13-Feb-1901
Cullumber John M 29-Nov-1889 20-Nov-1889
Cullumber Lillie Agnes 16-Jan-1899 15-Jan-1899
Cullumber Mary,Mrs 19-Feb-1900 18-Feb-1900
Cullumber Mary,Mrs 21-Feb-1900 18-Feb-1900
Culp Clarence E 23-Aug-1894 23-Aug-1894
Culver John Hugh 29-Jan-2000 8-Mar-1999
Cumberworth Michael 1-Apr-1999 29-Mar-1999
Cummings Henry 30-Jul-2004  
Cummings Henry Alonzo 29-Jan-2005 28-Jul-2004
Cummings Leonard Adna 26-Jan-1980 25-Jul-1979
Cummings Mabel N 30-Dec-1955 16-Oct-1955
Cummings Maude 29-Dec-1950 3-Aug-1950
Cummings Myrtle Lee 30-Jan-1993 20-Aug-1992
Cummins Anna Bessie 21-Aug-1899 20-Aug-1899
Cummins Charles Henry 6-Apr-1895 5-Apr-1895
Cummins Clarence C 28-Jul-1984 27-Jul-1984
Cummins Clarence C 1-Aug-1984 27-Jul-1984
Cummins Flora 21-Apr-1882 19-Apr-1882
Cummins Infant 19-May-1862 17-May-1862
Cummins James,Rev 4-Apr-1863 2-Jan-1863
Cummins Margaret,Mrs 4-Dec-1852 3-Dec-1852
Cummins Richard   13-Feb-1857
Cummins Thomas Henry 24-Feb-1896 23-Feb-1896
Cummins Thomas Henry 25-Feb-1896 23-Feb-1896
Cummins Wm 13-Oct-1843 4-Oct-1843
Cunningham Abbey 21-Dec-1905 19-Sep-1905
Cunningham Al,Mrs 30-Dec-1932 8-Jun-1932
Cunningham Albert L 28-Dec-1945 15-Dec-1945
Cunningham Anna V   10-Jul-1996
Cunningham David A 9-Dec-1869 6-Dec-1869
Cunningham David A 10-Dec-1869 6-Dec-1869
Cunningham David A 17-Dec-1869 6-Dec-1869
Cunningham Diane 7-Jun-2004  
Cunningham E J Mrs 31-Dec-1889 25-Jul-1889
Cunningham E J Mrs 31-Dec-1889 25-Jul-1889
Cunningham Edward Scott 26-Jan-1991 23-Nov-1990
Cunningham George 5-Jun-1893 29-May-1893
Cunningham Gerald A 6-Jul-1999 3-Jul-1999
Cunningham Harold 19-Apr-1999 18-Apr-1999
Cunningham James 22-Jan-1895 22-Jan-1895
Cunningham John 25-May-1894 25-May-1894
Cunningham John F 6-Aug-1996 14-Jul-1996
Cunningham John F 7-Aug-1996 14-Jul-1996
Cunningham Lillian Mrs 30-Dec-1938 3-Jun-1938
Cunningham Loren A 24-Dec-2001 21-Dec-2001
Cunningham Lucy Mildred 12-Feb-1920  
Cunningham Lyle Eldon 30-Dec-1949 30-Oct-1949
Cunningham Mabel C 17-Jan-1987 14-Jan-1986
Cunningham Marlyn E 6-May-1996 5-May-1996
Cunningham Marlyn E 7-May-1996 5-May-1996
Cunningham May D 30-Dec-1955 21-Apr-1955
Cunningham Minnie A 13-Oct-1984 11-Oct-1984
Cunningham Minnie A 24-Oct-1984 11-Oct-1984
Cunningham Ollie 26-Jan-1980 10-May-1979
Cunningham Ora Harrison 16-Jan-1985 14-Jan-1985
Cunningham Robert T 28-Jan-1984 27-Jul-1983
Cunningham Ruth Marcella 30-Dec-1948 17-May-1948
Cuoemius Daisy 30-Aug-1883 21-Jul-1883
Curfman John H 9-Sep-1977  
Curkomp Craig 31-Jul-2001 31-Jul-2001
Curkomp Craig 1-Aug-2001 31-Jul-2001
Curran Augusta Mrs 8-Mar-1929 7-Mar-1929
Curran Bessie Leona 2-Jun-1984 1-Jun-1984
Curran Bessie Leona 8-Jun-1984 1-Jun-1984
Curran Margaret Murphy 17-Dec-1903 12-Apr-1903
Curran Margaret Murphy 15-Apr-1903  
Currie Child 6-Jan-1881 5-Jan-1881
Currie John 19-Jan-1881 16-Jan-1881
Currie William 18-Oct-1865 16-sep-1865
Currier Archer H 15-May-1984 11-May-1984
Currier Millard F 1-Jan-1908 12-Sep-1907
Currier Ramona Jane 31-Jan-2004 27-Jul-2003
Currier Ramona Jane 29-Jul-2003 27-Jul-2003
Curron Nellie P 23-Jan-1988 23-Sep-1987
Curry Baby 29-Dec-1934 3-Apr-1934
Curry Clarence LeRoy 27-Jan-1979 2-Mar-1978
Curry David J 25-Jan-2003 23-Jan-2003
Curry Dinah Dean Lewis 31-Jul-2001 28-Jul-2001
Curry Donald R 25-Jan-2003 30-Aug-2002
Curry Donald R,Jr 31-Aug-2002 30-Aug-2002
Curry Donald R,Sr 27-May-1997 25-May-1997
Curry Elizabeth 16-Jul-2007 13-Jul-2007
Curry Fairie E 28-Jan-1984 7-Nov-1983
Curry George R 23-Jan-1988 25-Sep-1987
Curry Glen L 10-Sep-1997 10-Sep-1997
Curry Glenn E 11-Jan-2000 10-Jan-2000
Curry Glenn Eugene 27-Jan-2000 10-Feb-2000
Curry Hazel M 20-Apr-1995 20-Apr-1995
Curry Helen Hortense 23-Jan-1988 25-Mar-1987
Curry Hugh 30-Dec-1941 26-May-1941
Curry Infant 30-Dec-1949 16-Dec-1949
Curry James Lawrence 31-Jan-2004 19-Apr-2003
Curry James Lawrence 21-Apr-2003 19-Apr-2003
Curry Jane 30-Dec-1969 27-Nov-1969
Curry Laura Lee 15-May-2006 17-May-2006
Curry Lawrence 30-Dec-1940 16-Oct-1940
Curry Lester R 29-Dec-1967 7-Mar-1967
Curry Lorene Mrs 30-Dec-1948 10-Aug-1948
Curry Mary Jean 22-Apr-1994 21-Apr-1994
Curry Mervin C 23-Jan-1992 17-Feb-1991
Curry Mildred 28-Jun-2002 27-Jun-2002
Curry Patrick 30-Dec-1936 12-Feb-1936
Curry Paul Carroll 29-Jan-1994 29-May-1993
Curry Ralph H 29-Dec-1944 22-Nov-1944
Curry Raymond 30-Dec-1953 21-Nov-1953
Curry Rex E 1-Apr-1995 31-Mar-1995
Curry Rex E 3-Apr-1995 31-Mar-1995
Curry Robert L 30-Oct-1980  
Curry Ruth J 25-Jan-2003 17-Jul-2002
Curry Ruth J 18-Jul-2002 18-Jul-2002
Curry Ruth J 19-Jul-2002 18-Jul-2002
Curry Ruth M (Noll) 16-Oct-2008 15-Oct-2008
Curry Sarah 4-Jan-1939  
Curry Thelma A 23-Jul-2007 22-Jul-2007
Curry Wayne 23-Jan-1988 7-Mar-1987
Curry William H 30-Dec-1946 16-May-1946
Curry Mary Jean 28-Jan-1995 21-Apr-1994
Curtain Ann 1-Oct-1883 27-Aug-1883
Curtin Ethel M 30-Dec-1968 27-May-1968
Curtin John T 30-Dec-1957 29-Oct-1957
Curtin Susan 7-Apr-1898  
Curtin William,Mrs 16-Mar-1898  
Curtis Alma 30-Dec-1968 20-Oct-1968
Curtis Barbara 22-Dec-2004 20-Dec-2004
Curtis Barbara J 29-Jan-2005 20-Dec-2004
Curtis Benjamin Harrison 30-Dec-1952 2-Sep-1952
Curtis C Richard 28-Jan-2006 23-Jan-2005
Curtis C Richard 24-Jan-2005 23-Jan-2005
Curtis Charles Edward 30-Dec-1954 1-Sep-1954
Curtis Clement L 30-Dec-1963 1-Jul-1963
Curtis Clifford M 28-Jan-1984 10-Apr-1983
Curtis Darlene 26-Feb-2008 25-Feb-2008
Curtis Donald J 28-Aug-2007 27-Aug-2007
Curtis Donald L 10-Sep-1984 8-Sep-1984
Curtis Donald L 12-Sep-1984 8-Sep-1984
Curtis Donald W,Sr 29-Nov-2003 28-Nov-2003
Curtis Donald W,Sr 1-Dec-2003 28-Nov-2003
Curtis Ella May 28-Dec-1945 23-Nov-1945
Curtis Ester Marie (Buline) 7-Apr-2008 4-Apr-2008
Curtis Gladys 4-Sep-1999 2-Sep-1999
Curtis Howard Leland 30-Dec-1968 12-Sep-1968
Curtis John H 17-Jan-1987 13-Dec-1986
Curtis John H 17-Jan-1987 15-Dec-1986
Curtis John Richard 31-Jan-2004 4-Oct-2003
Curtis John Richard 6-Oct-2003 4-Oct-2003
Curtis Leona B 24-Jan-1998 10-Jan-1997
Curtis Letha Leona 29-Jan-1994 27-May-1993
Curtis Lloyd 28-Aug-1995 26-Aug-1995
Curtis Mr   15-Dec-1857
Curtis Ortha V 16-Mar-1995 15-Mar-1995
Curtis Ortha V 17-Mar-1995 15-Mar-1995
Curtis Ray 24-Oct-2001 22-Oct-2001
Curtis Robert 23-Nov-2004 21-Nov-2004
Curtis Robert 22-Nov-2004 21-Nov-2004
Curtis Romona Louise 29-Dec-1934 16-Jun-1934
Curtis Thomas 13-Mar-1900 12-Mar-1900
Curtis Thomas 16-Mar-1900 12-Mar-1900
Curtis Thomas 15-Aug-1984 4-Aug-1984
Curtis Thomas Ovale 30-Dec-1964 16-Oct-1964
Curtis Violet G 28-Jan-1984 26-Apr-1983
Curtis Virgil LeRoy 9-May-1972  
Curtis Walter Duane 28-Jan-1995 24-Jan-1994
Curtis Walter Duane 25-Jan-1994 24-Jan-1994
Curtis Diane Lea 30-Dec-1953 8-Nov-1953
Curtis Roy F 22-Jan-1972 24-May-1971
Curtis Walter Duane 26-Jan-1994 24-Jan-1994
Curvoerst Kate,Mrs 14-Jul-1897 14-Jul-1897
Cushman Helen M 15-Mar-2000 13-Mar-2000
Cushman Max D 26-Jan-1980 6-Jan-1979
Custer Carleton Kenneth 29-Dec-1944 4-Jan-1944
Custer Charles A   17-Dec-1902
Custer Feldon H 29-Dec-1956 9-Jun-1956
Custer Frank Edward 26-Jan-1991 21-May-1990
Custer Frank Edward Sr 29-Dec-1956 4-Nov-1956
Custer Howardine June (Massey) 26-Mar-2008 23-Mar-2008
Custer Junetta Birney 29-Dec-1950 5-Nov-1950
Custer Mary E 18-Nov-1995 16-Nov-1995
Custer Mary L 8-Dec-1910 16-Sep-1910
Custer Robert 30-Dec-1932 17-Jul-1932
Custer William 3-Jan-1930  
Cutburt Alfred R, Rev 30-Dec-1952 24-Jun-1952
Cuthbert Alfred R (Rev) 30-Dec-1952 24-Jul-1952
Cutis Wallace Leroy 3-Jun-2008 28-May-2008
Cutkomp Alliene 22-Sep-2003 20-Sep-2003
Cutkomp Carol 5-May-1972  
Cutkomp Gladys M 10-Oct-2002 9-Oct-2002
Cutkomp Herbert 17-Jan-1987 13-Jan-1986
Cutkomp Kenneth Russell 30-Dec-1968 16-Sep-1968
Cutler Clarence E 30-Dec-1936 5-Oct-1936
Cutler David L 30-Dec-1938 11-Mar-1938
Cutler David L 11-Mar-1938  
Cutler Jack 5-Jan-1977  
Cutler Mary 23-Aug-1995 20-Aug-1995
Cutler Mary 21-Aug-1995 20-Aug-1995
Cutler Mary 22-Aug-1995 20-Aug-1995
Cutler Wade Hampton 29-Dec-1967 2-May-1967
Cyner Perry Alden 29-Dec-1962 27-May-1962
Cyphers Evelyn Rose 25-Jan-2003 21-Jul-2002
Cyphers Evelyn Rose 22-Jul-2002 21-Jul-2002
Cyphers Evelyn Rose 23-Jul-2002 21-Jul-2002

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