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Transcribed by Lynn McCleary, July 10, 2018

The State Historical Society of Iowa's has a collection which includes county-level inventories of people and places associated with the Underground Railroad. The following have been identified as associated with the Underground Railroad in Muscatine County.

(**) indicates the individual has been researched by the Iowa Freedom Trail Project and a biographical form is on file at the State Historical Research Center in Des Moines.

For additional info visit the SHSI Underground Railroad in Iowa Collection online at

Inventory of Places

** Alexander Clark House Muscatine National Register of Historic Places #76000796
** American House Hotel Muscatine
** Atalissa  
** Dr. D. P. Johnson House 126 W. 3rd St, Muscatine
** 403 W. 2nd St. Muscatine
** Octagon House Muscatine
** Keith’s Mill West Liberty
** Meeting House-Congregational Church Muscatine
** Tenement House West Liberty
** West Liberty  

Abolitionist: One who either demanded the immediate abolition of slavery or who showed ferocious hostility to the institution of slavery. Individuals who were both antislavery and abolitionist are listed only as abolitionist.

** Butler, Jacob Muscatine
** Byers, Moses Watson Bloomington Township
  Clark, Alexander Sr. Muscatine
  Cloud, David Muscatine
** Foster, Suel Muscatine
  Gibson, Joseph M. Atalissa
  Johnson, Dr. David P. Muscatine
  Johnson, Sarah Melissa Bumgardner Muscatine
  Keith, A. E. West Liberty
  Lee, John B. Muscatine
  Mahin, John Muscatine
  Maxson, Jonathan West Liberty See also Cedar County
** Parvin, John A. Muscatine & Sweetland Township
  Robbins, Reverend Alden B. Muscatine, Iowa Band
** Robertson, Dr. James M. Columbus City
  Stout, N. L. Muscatine
** Taylor, Steward West Liberty
  Weed, Dr. James Muscatine

Station Agent/Conductor: One who worked as an Underground Railroad agent by hiding fugitive slaves in their homes, barns, or elsewhere on their property. One could be both a conductor and a station agent but not necessarily both.

  Brockway, Frank Unknown
** Butler, Jacob Muscatine
  Clark, Alexander, Sr. Muscatine
  Cope, Charles Atalissa
** Foster, Suel Muscatine
  Gibson, Joseph Atalissa
  Greening, William Muscatine
  Jelly, J.A. (?) Atalissa
  Lundy, William Atalissa
** Parvin, John A. Muscatine & Sweetland Township
** Robertson, Dr. James M. Columbus City
  Smalley, first name unknown Unknown
  Van Pelt, Dr. A. M. Atalissa

Free African-Americans: One of a relatively small number of African-Americans who were not slaves. They may have been granted their freedom from their owners, bought their freedom, or by a grant of freedom from the state of residence.

  Clark, Alexander, Sr. Muscatine
  Greening, William Muscatine
  Kelly, Henry West Liberty
  Trusty, Elijah and family West Liberty

Freedom Seekers: A modern term to describe the same thing as the traditional term, fugitive slave.

  Clay, Anna Muscatine, Iowa City
  White, Jim Muscatine

Residents of the Tenement House, West Liberty

  Anderson, Dick and Hannah  
  Diggs family  
  Patterson family  
  Peyton family  
  Robertson family Wells, Gulliver  


  White, Jim Muscatine

Unknown Status

  Aikins, Edmund W. West Liberty
  Cope, John Goshen Township
  Cope, Sarah Dungan Goshen Township
  Cope, William Goshen Township
  Letts, Albina Brockway Story of runaway slaves
  Negus, Isaac Muscatine
  Parvin, James Vicinity unknown
  Robertson, Dr. William S. Muscatine

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