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Transcribed by Shirley Plumb, March 29, 2017

Pg. 158

Gene and Vickie Samuelson Hammons
122 Railroad Street

        The house was built in 1800.

        Gene was born September 8, 1958 the son of Cecil and Pauline Frauenholtz Hammons in Iowa City, Iowa. He attended West Liberty High School graduating in 1976, then went to Muscatine Community College in 1990. He has been a member of the Volunteer Fire Department for ten years and is a First Responder. Gene is employed as a Maintenance Craft Person at Hon Industries in Muscatine, and enjoys photography, hunting, fishing and watching the Mallard Hockey games.

        Gene married Vickie Samuelson November 3, 1990 in Wilton, Iowa. Vickie was born January 1, 1964 the daughter of Victor and Karen Atkins Samuelson. She attended school in Muscatine and graduated in 1982. Vickie is a Data Entry typist at C.D.S. in Wilton, Iowa. She enjoys crafts, reading and watching the Mallard Hockey games. There are two children Jennifer and Misty of Durant.

Picture: Gene and Vickie Hammons home

Dennis and Mary Hepker
423 Linn Street

        The house was built in 1985.

        Dennis was born September 17, 1946 the son of Hubert S. and Florence Gauger Hepker. He went to school in West Liberty and graduated in 1964. Dennis employed at Muscatine Farm Implement and enjoys golf and playing with the grandchildren He is a member of the City Council and is a member of the Jaycees.

        Mary was born December 8, 1945 the daughter of Cedric and Kathryn Ballou. She went to school in West Liberty and graduated in 1964. She is the manager of Casey’s in Durant. Her hobbies are golf, sewing, decorating cakes and playing with the grandchildren. Mary is a member of the Atalissa Betterment Committee.

        Dennis and Mary have between married sixteen years and have three children Randy and Sonya Sturms of Wilton, Scott Jensen of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and Al and Susette Guzman of Norwalk, Connecticut. There are five grandchildren Travis, Heather, Kayla, Andrea and Ryan.

Picture: Dennis and Mary Hepker

Dwain and Lila Hepker
1791 110th Street

        The house is thirty-three years old.

        Dwain was born July 1, 1934 the son of Hurbert and Florence Gauger Hepker on the Shetler farm south of Atalissa. He attended Cedarville School to second grade, then Independence School through eighth grade and then to Atalissa High School graduating in 1952. He was in the Army stationed in Germany from 1954-1956. Dwain is with the Masonic Lodge No. 122 and helped in getting the old School House Bell placed at the Fire Station. He has lived in the area all his life and is involved in farming and enjoys …

Picture: Dwain and Lila Hepker

Pg. 159

…raising and riding horses.

        He married Lila in 1959 in Muscatine.

        Lila was born December 22, 1938 in Rock Island, Illinois. Lila enjoys interior decorating and reading. She is employed at the Press Citizen in Iowa City. They have two children Robin in Iowa City, and Syrena Even of Atalissa. There are two grandchildren Jacklyn and Dakota.

        They are members of the Cedar Valley United Methodist Church.

Picture: The Dwain Hepker family in 1980

Melvin Leroy and Mary Kathleen Wieskamp Hepker
2131 102 Street

Picture: Melvin and Mary Kathleen Hepker

        Melvin was born in 1937 the son of Hubert and Florence Gauger Hepker at home. He went to school at Independence through eighth grade, Atalissa School for ninth grade and then to West Liberty High. Melvin served in the United States Army as a Sargent E-5, from 1956 through 1958. He was stationed in Korea part of the time. As a child he was a member of the Community Club. He has been in the community all his life and is engaged in farming.

        Mel married Mary Kathleen Wieskamp January 27, 1962. Mary Kathleen was born in 1938 the daughter of Leo and Wilma White Wieskamp, in Bellview Hospital in Muscatine. She went to school in Atalissa until the fourth grade and then to Davenport for fifth through eighth grade. Mary graduated from West Liberty High School and then went on to Mercy Nursing School in Iowa City graduating in 1960. She has retired from nursing now but has a full time job taking care of Melvin and the farm. As a child she enjoyed tap dancing. There are two children Sue and Laurie Jewell. The farm was William White Wieskamp’s, Kathleen’s grandparent’s farm.

Melvin and Mary Kathleen and family
Melvin and Mary Kathleen’s home

Charles & "Tony” and Janene R. Herrold
115 Third Street

        Tony was born March 6, 1964 the son of Chuck and Margine Herrold in Iowa City, Iowa. He went to school in West Liberty graduating in 1982. He works for Dultmier Sales as Service Manager and is an auctioneer with Herrold and Herrold Auctioneers. Tony enjoys collecting old lighters, riding snowmobiles, local Pool games and hunting.

        Tony married Janene Bisbey in 1990 in West Liberty, Iowa. Janene was born November 17, 1961 in Cedar Falls, Iowa the daughter of Dick and Vera Clevenger, her paternal father Donald L. Bisbey is deceased. She went to school in Muscatine and graduated in 1980. She is in quality assurance at N. C. S. and is also a clerk for Herrold and Herrold Auctioneers. Janene enjoys bass fishing, riding snowmobiles and collecting Antiques. They have lived in Atalissa around eight years.

Pg. 160

Picture:Tony and Janene Herrold

        The Crepp girls lived in the house many years ago. Jessie Stewart remember taking milk and cream to them when she was a little girl.

Guy and Evelyn Hinkhouse
1100 Noble Avenue

Picture: Guy and Evelyn Hinkhouse on their wedding day in 1983

        The house is between seventy-five and one hundred years old.

        Guy was born September 15, 1934 the son Harold and Florence Jensen Hinkhouse in Moscow, Iowa. He attended school in Atalissa and graduated in 1952. Guy was in the Army from 1955 to 1957. He was a life long resident of the community and died December 12, 1991.

        Guy married Evelyn I. Hughes January 26, 1958 in the Lincoln Boulevard Baptist Church in Muscatine, Iowa. Evelyn was born March 29, 1938 the daughter of Ted and Irene Hughes in Muscatine. She attended school in Muscatine and graduated in 1956. Evelyn is a member of the Get to Gather Club and was President of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Fire Department. She enjoys playing Euchre and dining out with friends.

        There are three children Kay Meyer of Durant, Douglas of Wilton and Karen Flack of Durant, there are nine grandchildren.

Picture: Guy, Evelyn and family

        After their marriage Guy and Evelyn moved to the farm and began their life there. They became equal partners in the everyday chores on the farm. In the mid-sixties Guy began noticing his hands were changing and his joints and fingers were getting puffy. They became sore for no reason, and it wasn’t the kind of sore relating to a hard day’s work. He was finally diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1968 by the family doctor. He was eventually treated at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Iowa City. He began reading every book he could find on the disease but all he found was there was no cure for it. Dr. Karr, Rheumatology specialist at the Veterans Center said less than one percent of America’s Population has forms of Arthritis. Guy had the worst form that is known. It would pull the lining until the bones and muscles would become deformed in the areas affected by the disease. There is no known cause for this disease and the treatment ranges from Aspirin to Cortisone or Steroids for the most severe cases. However using Cortisone over a prolonged period can have side affects. Dr. Karr said he tries to encourage his patients to do as much as possible so the joints don’t freeze up completely and the patient becomes totally unable to move around.

        Guy never let his crippling disease get him down. With Evelyn at his side he continued to farm. He had both knees and a hip replaced, and still he would go out and do a full day’s work. In the spring he would get into the tractor and Evelyn would fill the planter, the bags were too heavy for Guy, and he would start planting. These two special people really showed all those lucky enough to know them what one can do if they set their mind to it. Towards the end of Guy’s life his hands were so swollen and deformed he could hardly hold a glass but he kept his sense of humor and was an inspiration to everyone. Guy and Evelyn would come to town…

Pg. 161

… and stop at the bar (University of Atalissa) for a few beers and a lot of stories and laughs. Guy or Evelyn would never let the horrible disease ruin their lives and never thought of giving up the farm. They farmed two hundred eight-five acres of Bottomland by the Cedar River.

        Evelyn is still farming, her son does the planting and the heavy tasks but you will see her on the tractor from time to time. She still has chickens. Here in Atalissa she is known affectionately as “Chicky”. She has been in this area since her marriage. They belong to the Lutheran Church.

Picture: Evelyn Hinkhouse

Alvin and Hilda Hinrichs

Picture: Alvin and Hilda Hinrichs

        Live on a farm on Highway 6 East of Atalissa. They bought the farm in 1950.

        Alvin and Hilda were married in 1936 and have two children Marilyn Smock and Marvin Hinrichs. Alvin is still farming. In 1951 he stopped to help a man change a flat tire and ended up being hired by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service known as ASC. He was hired part-time to go around to the farms and measure ground for fields and sealed government grain. There are 9 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

Richard Hood
214 Third Street

        Dick was born in Creston, Iowa the son of Donald and Margaret Hood. He went to school in Creston and graduated in 1947. He was in the Navy for five years. He has been in the area for twenty years. Richard is retired now but still drives the van to pick up patients for the V.A. Hospital in Iowa City. He does a lot of grass mowing around Atalissa and helps the Atalissa Betterment committee whenever help is needed.

Picture: Richard Hood

Gayle and Joyce Hollenbeck
110 First Street

        Gayle was born January 4, 1940 and Joyce was born September 9, 1938. They were married February 14, 1985. Gayle is the owner-operator of an over the road semi truck. Joyce is the Atalissa Post master.

        Gayle has three children Jay (Mindy) Hollenbeck, Mitchell Hollenbeck and Brenda James. Joyce has four children Deb Carter, Diane Cunningham, Danita Terhune, and Don Kasper Jr. There are ten grandchildren. They moved to Atalissa five years ago from West Liberty.

Picture: Gayle and Joyce Hollenbeck

Russell Frank and Kristina Marie Howes
311 Fourth Street

        Russell was born June 25, 1962 in Lowell Massachusetts the son of Jack and Gail Howes.

Pg. 162

…Kristina was born May 13, 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the daughter of Betsy McConnell and Dr. Gerald DiBona.

        Russell went to school in High Mowing, New Hampshire. Kristy went to Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, New Hampshire, it is a four year Business College. They have three children Megan Eileen born November 30, 1990 in Spencertown, New York, Malcolm John born June 24, 1992 in Spencertown, New York and Julie Jane born August 25, 1995 in Atalissa. Russell works for the McComas and Lacina Construction in Iowa City. Kristy works at the Riversbend Health Club in Muscatine. They have lived in Atalissa for a four years. Kristy reads the water meters for Atalissa.

Picture: Russell and Kristina Howes and family

Richard and April Humphries
223 Highway Six

Picture: April Humphries and children

        Richard was born in Texas and went to school there. He is employed at Hon Industries and enjoys fishing. Richard married April Sivia in 1989 in Tipton, Iowa. April is the daughter of Ernest and Delores “DeeDee” Sivia. She went to school in West Liberty graduating in 1979. She is employed at UP Electronics. April also enjoys fishing. They have two children Ricky and Tabitha.

Wesley Hunter
2119 155th Street

        Wes was born October 3, 1924 the son of Tony and Teresa Staley Hunter in Atalissa. Wes went to school in Atalissa and Muscatine graduating in 1943. He was in the Navy from 1943-46. Wes owned his own Television Store and was on the Sheriff’s Patrol for fourteen years. He belongs to the Cedar Valley Church. There are three children Tim of Cedar Rapids, Chris of Ottumwa, Iowa and Todd of Wilton and five grandchildren.

Wesley Hunter as a child
Wesley Hunter

Marv and Carol Irwin
226 Second Street

        The house is thirty-four years old and they have lived there thirty-one years.

        They moved to Atalissa in 1965 from West Liberty. Carol is the daughter of Tom and Wilma Carlisle. Carol works at the West Liberty Index…

Picture: Marv and Carol Irwin

Pg. 163

… and has helped with proofing some of this book.

        There are four children Mark, Michelle Hanson, Scott and Sheri Sloan. They enjoy camping and decorating their home for Christmas.

Ralph and Lela Ridenour Isabel
115 First Street

Picture: Lela Isabel

        Ralph was born July 1914 the son of Asa and Pearl Cook Isabel in rural Ramsey, Illinois. He went to school in country schools and Atalissa. Ralph was a farmer. He died in 1959.

        Lela was born October 29, 1914 the daughter of Fred and Marzellaella Walker Ridenour. She went to School in West Liberty graduating in 1932. She lived in Rural West Liberty and has been in Atalissa over thirty years. She is a member of the West Liberty Methodist Church. She was married to Ralph Isabel for twenty-three years and they had two children Nancy Wilson (born January11, 1938-died September 30, 1962) and Joyce Wilson of Atalissa. There are three grandchildren Janet Boulund of Bettendorf, Iowa, Melissa Morrison (deceased) and Peggy Salemink of Wilton. Ralph passed away several years ago.

        Lela is a retired farm wife and enjoys reading. She was active in two country social clubs while living on the farm. Ralph and Lela farmed the land that Lela’s ancestors settled when coming from Ohio. The farm was five miles north of Atalissa in Cedar County. After Ralph’s death Lela moved to West Liberty where she lived with Nancy until her death. Then she moved to Atalissa to live with Joyce and Jerry Wilson to care for their children Janet and Peggy.

        Lela had polio at age ten but is still able to take care of herself and her home today. She was able to travel with Dorothy Garvin on numerous trips over the years and is active with the Atalissa Seniors Group.

Picture: Lela Isabel’s house

Hilbert and Ina Frenzel Jensen
2247 102nd Street

Picture: Hilbert and Ina Jensen

        Part of the 100 year old house was built by John Arch.

        Hilbert was born in 1916 in Atalissa the son of Martin and Katherine Christensen Jensen. Hib has lived his whole life in the area and is a farmer by trade. He went to Champion Hill School through eighth grade. Arlo Hinkhouse was his teacher. Hib enjoys raising shorthorn cattle.

        He married Ina Frenzel in 1943 in Kahoka, Missouri. She was born south of Moscow, Iowa on April 14, 1917 the daughter of Henery and Mae Maurer Frenzel. She went to school south of Moscow. She enjoys gardening. They belong to the Methodist Church in Moscow.

Bob and Paul Klemme
15 Lundy Street

        Bob was born March 7, 1967 the son of Barb Klemme of Tipton. He attended Lincoln Community School and graduated in 1985. Bob is the Night Manager for Family Foods in Tipton. Bob married Paula Phillips on September 7, 1996. Paula was born August 13, 1971 the daughter of Dave and Pat Phillips. She attended school in Muscatine and graduated in 1989. Paula is a housekeeper at the Wilton Care Center. They…

Pg. 164

…have one son Drake Jared. Both Bob and Paula enjoy camping, spending time and playing with Drake. Trains are Drake’s favorite.

Picture: Bob and Paula Klemme with son Drake

Scott and Bethann Kordick
310 Cherry Street

        The house was built in 1912.

        Scott was born in Waterloo, Iowa, the son of Dave and Pat Kordick. He went to school in West Liberty and graduated in 1983. Scott is employed with the Wilton Telephone Company. He married Bethann Feldman at St. Joseph Church in West Liberty. Bethann is the daughter of Don and Jean Feldman. She was born in Iowa City. She went to school in West Liberty and graduated in 1983. Bethann is a Cosmetologist and has her own shop in Atalissa. It is called Cherry Street Cuts.

        Scott and Bethann have five daughters Allison, Hannah, Andy Sue, Mollie and Hunter.

        The whole family is involved in Slow-pitch and sports.

Picture: Scott and Bethann Kordick with their daughters

Gerald and Evelyn Henderson Leggins
524 Oak Street

        Gerald was born November 5, 1921 the son of William and Lillie Marticke Leggins in Grinnell, Iowa. He was schooled in Moscow, Iowa through sixth grade, Champion Hill School graduating from eighth grade in 1938. George served in the South Pacific while in the United States Army from 1942 to 1945. He is a truck driver (semi-retired).

        Gerald married Evelyn Henderson June 6, 1948 at the West Liberty Church.

        Evelyn was born March 8, 1927 the daughter of Orville and Ruth Hime Henderson in West Liberty. She attended West Liberty school graduating in 1945. She worked at the Louis Rich Company from 1970 to 1985. There are three children Tim of West Liberty, Nancy Coffman of Cedar Rapids, and Tom of Lawrence, Kansas. They have been in the area forty-nine years.

Gerald and Evelyn Leggins wedding picture June 6, 1948
Gerald and Evelyn Leggins

Richard and Susan Lyon
118 Sixth Street

        The house is thirty years old and built by Dennis Samuelson.

        Richard was born January 23, 1963 the son of the late Kenneth and Patricia Lyon. He attended school in Olin, Iowa and graduated in 1982. Richard works for the Americold Co., in Bettendorf, Iowa. He enjoys hunting, fishing and collecting Hot Wheel cars.

       Richard married Sue Lincoln Conklin four years ago. …

Pg. 165

… Sue was born October 22, 1959 the daughter of Jim Lincoln and Lorna Pahl. She attended school in Durant, Iowa and graduated in 1978. She works at Proctor and Gamble in Iowa City, Iowa.

        There are two sons Justin Conklin and Tyler Lyon.

Picture: Richard and Sue Lyons with sons

Anthony and Chris Madagrang
110 Third Street

        Anthony Madarang the son of Monico and Boanca Madarang was born in the Philippines. He graduated from San Diego High School, San Diego, California in 1989. Tony is employed as a technician at the Oral B. Company in Iowa City.

        He has been married to Chris Powers for eight years.

        Chris was born in Iowa City the daughter of Sam and Elise Powers. She graduated from West Liberty High School in 1988. She is a registered nurse.

        They have three children Alex, Drake and Bryton. They belong to St. Joseph Church in West Liberty. Chris enjoys making crafts. They have been in the area around seven years.

Picture: Anthony and Chris Madarang with family

Mark and Charlena Madsen
1932 Highway Six

        Mark was born in 1962 the son of Paul and Betty Madsen. He went to school in West Liberty graduating in 1981. Mark is a farmer and has lived in the Atalissa area all his life. He married Charlena July 31, 1981 and they have three children Vicki, Lisa and Kristin. Charlena was born in 1963 and went to school in West Liberty graduating in 1981. She is a Bookeeper for Fred’s Feed and an Upholsterer for Henderson Upholstery in West Liberty. They belong to Zion Lutheran Church in Atalissa.

Mark and Charlena Madsen and family
Mark and Charlena’s house

Paul Madsen
1924 Highway Six

        Paul was born November 4, 1929 the son of Lund and Dorothy Madsen in West Branch, Iowa. He attended school in West Liberty graduating in 1947. Paul has made farming his lifelong occupation. He married Betty Franklin on January 27, 1952 in the Walnut Street Baptist Church in Muscatine, Iowa.

        Betty was born August 19, 1933 the daughter of Ed and Grace Franklin in Muscatine, Iowa. Betty attended school in Muscatine graduating in 1951. She is employed part-time at the school in West Liberty along with helping out on the farm.

Pg. 166

…They have four children Connie Sue, Rick, Tracy and Mark and have nine grandchildren. They belong to the First Church United in West Liberty.

Paul and Betty Madsen
Paul and Betty’s house

Terry and Carol Mahnke

        Terry was born August 16, 1948 in Sioux City, Iowa the son of Roland and Helen Mahnke. Terry attended the C. M. Russell High School in Great Falls, Montana and graduated in 1966. He then attended Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota graduating in 1975 and then Winer Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota graduating in 1998. Terry is the pastor of the Zion Lutheran Church in Atalissa.

        Carol was born October 8, 1951 in Jackson, Michigan the daughter of Donald and Claritta Knapp. Carol attended Anoka High School in Anoka, Minnesota graduating in 1970. She then went to Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota graduating in 1973 and then Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota where she graduated in 1990. Carol is a writer. They are members of the Rotary Club. There are two children Kerr from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Jon who lives at home.

        They are members of the Zion Lutheran and Our Redeemer in West Liberty.

Picture: Terry and Carol Mahnke

Clarence March Family
1873 Highway Six

Picture: Clarence and Marie March family taken in 1996

        The March farm was bought by Marie Weiss March’s Grandfather Phillip Weiss in 1914 from Eleanora Bowie. Phillip and his wife Rosina never lived on the place, they raised their family on a different farm. Phillip tore down the old barn and built a bigger one with the help of his son George. Maria (one of Phillip’s daughters) and Ernie Geertz lived on this farm before George bought it from his Dad in 1920. George married Rose Marolf of Moscow, Iowa and had two daughters Marie and Hilda.

        In 1930 George and Rose sold a tract of land to Muscatine County for road purposes and the public highway.

        Marie married Clarence March of Eastville in 1947. They moved an old school house onto the property and made it their home. Clarence and Marie had four daughters Waneta, Ruth, Edith and Wilma.

        Hilda Weiss continue to live in the old home after her parents, George and Rose died.

        Clarence and Marie had half ownership of the farm at this time and later bought Hilda’s half in 1996. Hilda moved into their home as the old house had become in disrepair.

        Through the years the farm produced corn,…

Pg. 167

…beans, oats, hay, chickens, hogs and dairy cows. Clarence retired from farming in 1978, the family continued to live in their home but rented out the cropland to Rick and Randy Weiss and Paul and Mark Madsen.

        The history of the March farm goes back to 1849 when John Popejoy bought one hundred sixty acres from the USA government. In 1851 he sold eighty acres to William and Lucretia Bagley, in 1851 William Jones bought the remaining eighty acres. The Jones’s sold their land to William and Sarah Lewis in 1852 then to Lineaus and Hannah Lewis. In 1853 the Bagley’s sold their land to Preston and Jane Brown. Hiram and Elizabeth Ady bought the property in 1857 but lost it to William Burke for a debt owed. In 1884 Jonathan Pringey bought it from Burke. Pringey’s had to sell the land to pay off promissory notes. Daniel and Elizabeth Dickerson then bought the land. Lineaus and Hannah Lewis sold their property to Asa and Eleanor Bowie in 1892. In 1893 the Dickerson’s sold their property to Asa and Eleanor Bowie. By 1899 Asa Bowie had all one hundred sixty acres. Most of the property was lost to Eleanor in a divorce settlement. In 1909 she sold about thirty acres to Earl and Pearl Turkle. In 1914 she sold the remainder of the farm to Phillip Weiss.

Picture: The March family home taken in 1996

Dick and Denise McCleary
226 Railroad Street

        Dick and Denise bought the property thirteen years ago and had the old house burned down and built a new one. They were married in the Zion Lutheran Church. They have two daughter Amber Garrison and Kelly McCleary. Dick is employed with Hon Industries and Denise is a registered nurse.

Picture: Dick and Denise McCleary’s home

Robert McCleary
Cherry Street

Picture: Robert McCleary’s home

Betsy McConnell
310 4th Street

        Betsy was born September 17, 1940 in Plainfield, New Jersey the daughter of Mac and Ella Wright. She went to school in Mountainside, New Jersey and Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Betsy has been in Atalissa for three years. She has two children Kristy Howes of Atalissa and Vicky DiBona of Iowa City, Iowa and three stepchildren Mark McConnell of Massachusetts, Matthew McConnell of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Dough McConnell of New York City, New York. There are three grandchildren and three step-grandchildren.

        Betsy belongs to the Church of Christ in Atalissa and is a member of the Atalissa Betterment Committee. She also writes the Atalissa News Column for the West Liberty Index.

        James Stucker’s family owned this house before Betsy bought it.

Picture: Betsy McConnell

Pg. 168

Craig and Karla McKillip
1094 Atalissa Road

Picture: Craig and Karla McKillip and family taken while Craig was in the field broke down at the time.

        Craig was born August 16, 1958 the son of Bill and Marilyn McKillip. He attended school in West Liberty. Craig is a farmer and drives a cement truck. He enjoys being a mechanic for his son’s dirt bike and going to Motor-Cross races with his family.

        He married Karla Campbell March 26, 1982 in Muscatine.

        Karla was born November 8, 1952 the daughter of Norman and Ellen Campbell in Iowa City. She attended school in Columbus Junction, Iowa. She is employed at Eastern Tire in West Liberty as a bookeeper. Karla enjoys playing bingo.

        There are four children Kimberly Robinson, Mary Sue, Adam and Conny. They have three grandchildren.

        The original house burned down and they have a mobile home on the property now.

Dale and Penny McKillip
315 Depot Street

Picture: Dale and Penny McKillip’s home

        Dale was born December 26, 1952 the son of Ernest and Lois Rieland McKillip in Muscatine. He attended school in West Liberty where he graduated in 1971. He is a Volunteer Fireman in Atalissa and is employed by the Hon Company of Muscatine. He married Penny Holladay twenty-seven years ago in Wilton.

        Penny was born September 1, 1954 the daughter of Floyd and Betty McConnaha Holladay in Muscatine. She attended school in Wilton and graduated in 1972. She is employed at West Liberty Foods in West Liberty. They have one daughter Jennifer Rodgers of West Branch, Iowa and one grandson Avery. Dale has been in Atalissa his whole life and Penny since their marriage.

Daryl McKillip
227 W. Second Street

Picture: Daryl McKillip

        The house is over 100 years old.

        Daryl was born December 12, 1956 the son of Ernest “Jake” and Lois McKillip in Muscatine. He went to school in West Liberty graduating in 1974. He has been in Atalissa his whole life and is a trucker by trade.

Dennis and Jody Ford McKillip
311 W. Second Street

Picture: Dennis and Jody McKillip’s home

        Dennis was born July 11, 1947 the son of Ernest “Jake” and Lois McKillip in Muscatine. He graduated from West Liberty High School in 1967. He was in the National Guard. His occupation is …

Pg. 169

…Truck driver. He married Jody Ford in West Liberty.

        Jody was born December 14, 1957 the daughter of John and Joyleen Ford in Muscatine. She graduated from West Liberty High School in 1977. She is a housewife. There are three sons Brian of West Branch, Michael and Jason of Atalissa and one granddaughter Caitlyn.

Ernest and Lois McKillip
223 Linn Street

Picture: Lois McKillip

        Lois was born February 5, 1931 the daughter of George and Alma Holst Rieland in Lone Tree, Iowa. She went to school at Penn Avenue Grade School and Atalissa High School, she received her GED in 1971. She was married to Ernest “Jake” McKillip for twenty-two years and has lived in Atalissa since 1941. Lois is a member of the Church of Christ and is a retired factory worker from Oral B in Iowa City. Her hobbies include working in her yard and home, dancing and traveling. There are three children Dennis Eugene, Dale Leslie and Daryl Wayne, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

        Ernest was born July 26, 1922 in Nichols and died November 17, 1968.

Terry and Liz McKinley
523 Linn Street

        Terry was born April 21, 1961 in Davenport, Iowa, the son of Don and Bev McKinley. He went to school in Davenport and graduated from West High School in 1979. Terry is a truck driver for Sysco Foods. He enjoys fishing, golfing and hunting.

        He married Liz Spitzmiller May 14, 1988 and they have been in the area six years. Liz was born December 8, 1964 in Davenport, Iowa the daughter of Jim and Lois Spitzmiller. She attended school in Davenport and graduated from West High School in 1983. She is a Service Rep. for Social Security. Liz enjoys boating and bowling. There is one daughter Casey.

Picture: Terry and Liz McKinley

Jason and Tamra McMichael
131 Linn Street

        Jason was born January 27, 1972 the son of Jerry and Linda McMichael. He attended school in West Liberty and graduated in 1990. Jason is employed at Purethane in West Branch, Iowa. Jason enjoys hunting, fishing, boating and working on cars.

        Jason married Tamra Crees two years ago. Tamra was born February 6, 1973 the daughter of Duane and Margaret Crees. She attended school in West Liberty and graduated in 1991. Tamra is employed at Hon Industries and enjoys boating and shopping. She has been in the area about six years. They have one child.

Picture: Jason and Tamra McMichael

Pg. 170

Luther and Sadie Faulkner McMichael
1839 Highway Six

Picture: Sadie and Luther McMichael on their 40th wedding anniversary 1979

        Luther was born July 10, 1920 and died 1987. He married Sadie Faulkner February 26, 1939. They lived at 2208 Ivory Avenue until 1971. There are three sons Jerry, Ron and Jay all of Atalissa. There are six grandsons and five great grandchildren.

        Sadie was born November 1, 1924. She and Luther always went to Atalissa Days, never missed a Saturday night dance and loved to travel the U.S.A. in their camper.

Sadie McMichael
Sadie and her boys getting ready to harvest the crops taken in 1999.

Matt and Michele Brennan McMichael
2208 Ivory Avenue

        Matt was born January 8, 1974 the son of Ron and Doris McMichael at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa. He went to school in West Liberty graduating in 1992. Matt has chosen farming as his occupation and has been in Atalissa his whole life. He married Michele Brennan March 30, 1996 and they have two children Shannon and Alyssa. Michele was born April 14, 1973 the daughter of Larry and Janet Brennan in Muscatine. She went to school in West Liberty and graduated in 1991. Michele is a housewife.

Matt and Michele McMichael with family
Matt and Michele’s home

Ron and Doris Devore McMichael
123 Fifth Street

Picture: Ron and Doris McMichael

        Ron was born April 16, 1948 the son of Luther and Sadie McMichael. Ron went to school in West Liberty and graduated in 1966. He is a farmer and is on the Volunteer Fire Department…

Pg. 171

…Doris was born May 8, 1953 the daughter of Donald and Mary DeVore. Doris went to school in Wilton and graduated in 1971. She is employed as the Post Master Relief and is on the Women’s Auxiliary of the Fire Department. Ron married Doris DeVore on June 5, 1971 and they have one son Matthew. Matthew lives at 2208 Ivory Avenue. Ron’s hobby is woodworking.

Picture: Ron and Doris' home

Dan Messner
318 Fourth Street

Picture: Dan Messner home

Karl and Elizabeth “Betsy” Nebergall
2365 Atalissa Road

        Karl was born September 8, 1947 in Iowa City the son of Mearl and Lois Nebergall. Karl has lived in the Atalissa area all his life. Karl went to school in Atalissa for six years and graduated from West Liberty in 1965. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. Karl and Betsy were married on January 2, 1977 at the Presbyterian Church in Wilton, Iowa. Betsy was born on February 22, 1954 in Iowa City the daughter of Don and Mary Seydel. Betsy attended school in West Liberty. Betsy has been here for 22 years. The family goes to the Zion Lutheran church in Atalissa where Betsy has been a Bible teacher. They are both involved in farming. Their children are William, Raymond and Sarah. Betsy likes to sew, read, fish and do crafts.

        The old homestead, which stood where the new house is, was destroyed by a tornado which leveled it in 1995. The Melick family built the house in the late 1800’s. Morrison Construction put the new house up.

Picture: Karl and Betsy Nebergall and family

Shane and Mindy Newsom
326 1st Street

        Mindy has lived in Atalissa her whole life and is the daughter of Lloyd and Sandra VanDusen.

        Both are employed by Hon Industries. There are two children Tyler and Kane.

Picture: Shane and Mindy Newsom home

Dennis and Carol O’Neill
114 Third Street

        Dennis was born January 3, 1947 to Jack and Dorothy O’Neill. He went to school at Dubuque Wahlert graduating in 1966 and St. Ambrose College graduating in 1975. He works for Hon Industries.

        Carol was born on June 22, 1947 to Bob (Mel) and Mary Oetting. She went to Muscatine High School graduating in 1966. She works for Monsanto. Carol is a member of the Atalissa Betterment Committee and also a Fireman’s Auxiliary member. Dennis has 2 children Deidre O’Neill of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Dennis O’Neill of Iowa City, Iowa and Carol has 2 children Gary Meyers of Phoenix, Arizona, and Missy Keeler of Muscatine, Iowa. They have 4 grandchildren. They have lived in the Atalissa area for 12 years.

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Picture: Dennis and Carol O’Neill

Bill and Carolyn “George” Pace
113 Fifth Street

Picture: Bill and Carolyn “George” Pace and family

        Bill was born on August 24, 1959 to Patty Armey and Keith Pace in Muscatine, Iowa. Carolyn was born on February 22, 1957 to Donald and Mary DeVore in Muscatine, Iowa. Bill attended West Liberty Schools and Muscatine Community College. Carolyn attended Wilton Community School graduating in 1975. They were married on February 17, 1979 in West Liberty and have 2 children, Amy and Ryan. Bill is a mechanic and they have lived in the area all their lives. Bill is a Volunteer Fireman serving as the Chief and is also an EMT. Carolyn is active in the Women’s Auxiliary.

Picture: Bill Pace at age 3 years

Donald F. and Arlene Passmore
126 East Railroad Street

        The house is over 100 years old and previous owners are Stanley Phelps of West Liberty, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hahnke-deceased and Mr. Paul Gatzke of Atalissa-deceased.

        Don was born on August 23, 1927 in rural Nichols, Iowa to Fred and Theresa Passmore. Don attended Cedarville School and finished in Atalissa graduating in 1945. Don was in the Air Force, the Berlin Air Lift, from 1947-1953. He was a Volunteer Fireman serving as Fire Chief for 30 years. Volunteer-President of the Isaac Walton League, on the D.N.R. Board for six years and Mayor of Atalissa for 6 years.

        Don and Arlene were married March 28, 1948 at the Lutheran Church in Atalissa.

        Arlene was born on November 16, 1928 in rural Walcott, Iowa to Roland and Thelma Rochau. Arlene attended City High School in Iowa City, Iowa graduating in 1946. They lived on the farm South of Atalissa for 10 years and have lived in this house for 37 years. They both like yard work, cooking and enjoying their grandchildren. Don is a retired farmer and an Electrician. Arlene has been a Dietary Aid for 22 years.

        They have 4 daughters, Jackie Passmore Powers, Karen Passmore-Lenz, Mary Passmore and Pamela Passmore. There are 5 grandsons Jason, Ryan and Adam Powers, Dustin and Travis Lenz.

Donald and Arlen Passmore
Don and Arlene and family

Pg. 173

Dwight and Judith Passmore
215 5th Street

Picture: Dwight and Judith Passmore

        Dwight was born on September 20, 1932 on the farm SW of Atalissa to Fred and Theresa Passmore. Judith was born on March 18, 1941 to Louis and Lota Gerdts in Muscatine, Iowa. Dwight went to the Cedarville School thru the 8th grade and finished at Atalissa graduating in 1951. Judith went to school in Atalissa until 1957 then went to West Liberty graduating in 1959. They were married in 1962 at the Zion Lutheran Church in Muscatine, Iowa. They have 6 children Steven, Mark, Annette, Deanna, Angela and Nathan. There are also 13 grandchildren. Dwight was in the U.S. Air Force from 1952-1956, was a Volunteer Fireman from 1972-1989. Judith was a member of the Fireman’s Auxiliary for 2 years. They have been lifelong residents of Atalissa except for being in Tacoma, Washington from 1962-1969.

        Dwight retired from Hon Industries in 1994 and enjoys woodworking and music. Judith likes to do crafts and enjoys traveling and camping. They are members of the Zion Lutheran Church where Dwight is the organist.

        Judy would like to know if anyone remembers who put the chicken in Celia Jones, the schoolteacher’s, car on Halloween in 1956?

Picture: Dwight and Judith and family

Cory and Rhonda Petersen
First Street

Picture: Picture: Cory and Rhonda Petersen’s house

Bob and Sandra Kay Petersen
326 West 4th Street

Picture: Robert and Sandra Petersen’s house

        Bob was born December 12, 1942 the son of Ernie and Betty Petersen. He attended West Liberty School and graduated in 1961. Sandra was born February 13, 1945 the daughter of Elmer and Vera Boller. She attended Wilton High School and graduated in 1963. They were married on January 21, 1967 and have lived in Atalissa for 30 years. There are 2 children Shanna Rae and Scott Eugene, there are also 3 grandchildren. Bob works for Cropmate and Sandra is at NCS. His hobby is golfing and she likes to go shopping and to the gambling boats.

        Bob was in the military for 2 years. He was also on the Volunteer Fire Department for 27 years and was Fire Chief. Sandy was a member of the Fireman’s Auxiliary. They are members of the Lutheran Church in West Liberty.

Raymond Pelzer
849 320th Street

        Raymond was born October 1, 1923 the son of Ralph and Pauline Pelzer. Ray has been in the Atalissa area over 60 years. He graduated in 1941 and served in the Military from August 1943-May…

Pg. 174

…1946. Ray is a farmer by trade. His hobbies are Bowling and Playing Cards. Ray is a member of the St. Joseph Church in West Liberty. He and Don built his house in 1983.

Picture: Raymond Pelzer’s home built in 1983 by Ray and Don Pelzer

Dave H. and Patricia Connor Phillips
322 1st Street

Picture: Dave and Pat Phillips

        Dave was born November 19, 1943 to Harlan and June Phillips and Pat was born February 16, 1947 to June G. Connor. They were married September 6, 1964 at the Park Avenue Methodist Church in Muscatine, Iowa. They have 3 children Brenda VanDusen, Jody Fuller and Paula Klemme. There are 7 grandchildren. Dave works at Econo Foods and Pat at UPS Electronics. They have been in the Atalissa area for 12 years and have lived on 1st St. 6 years. For awhile they helped Dave’s Dad, Harlan “Skeeter”, run the University of Atalissa Bar.

Wayne and Cindy Pierce
2032 Highway 6

        The house was built by the Arnolds and is 46 years old.

        Wayne was born in 1950 the son of Fred and Hope Pierce in Iowa City, Iowa and Cindy was born in 1950 the daughter of Hugh and Betty Probst in Iowa City, Iowa. They both attended the West Liberty Schools and graduated in 1968. They were married in 1970 in West Liberty. There are two children, Nathan of New London, Wisconsin and Jessica at home. They both like to fish. He is at QC TECH and she is an Office Clerk. They belong to the First Church United. They have been in the Atalissa area for 15 years.

Picture: Cindy Pierce

Rod and Tami Plank
2136 137th Street

        Rod was born November 9, 1965 at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa. He is the son of William and Sharon Plank. He attended school at Mid-Prairie and graduated in 1985. Rod is employed as a grain operator for Gringer Grain in Iowa City. Tami was born April 3, 1970 at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa. She is the daughter of Howard and Donna Williams. Tami attended school in West Liberty and graduated in 1988. She is employed at Hills Bank and Trust Co. Rod and Tami were married June 11, 1994.

        Rod is a Volunteer Fireman and Tami is a member of the Atalissa Betterment Committee, the Ladies Fireman’s Auxiliary and is a member of the Daycare Center Advisory Board in West Liberty. Tami has been in the area over twenty years and Rod has lived here since their marriage. They have one son Lucas.

Picture: Rod and Tami Plank with Lucas

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