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Muscatine Iowa

Here is an explanation of the abreviations used in this directory: "ws" for west side, "es" for east side, "ss" for south side and "ns" for north side. Also, "r" stands for residence, "bds" for boards, "e" for east of, "w" for west of, "s" for south of, "n" for north of, "c" for corner and "opp" for opposite. Also, let it be noted that in 1856 only "Water" and "Second" streets were numbered. Whenever you see a ? (question mark), that means I had a hard time reading the word and did my best to decipher it. If you want to know what the occupation means, this link may help: List of Occupations. Hit your back button to come back to this webpage. I hope you find your relative on this database. Good luck!!!
A thru E

Abbott, T. P. Merchant A. & Darland 273 Second r up stairs
Accola, John Confectioner 185 Second r up stairs
Acheson, J. H. Carpenter . Western suburb
Adams, A. F. Blacksmith . ns Seventh e Orange
Adams, Jonathan Blacksmith . ns Seventh w Walnut
Aener?, Henry Carpenter . ws Mulberry n Fifth
Aener?, John Carpenter . bds ws Mulberry n Fifth
Agey, John S. Clerk . bds Boston House
Ainsworth, D. H. Railroad engineer . bds Ogilvie House
Ake, John W. Salesman in lumber-yard . ns Sixth e Orange
Ake, Samuel Attorney . ws Mulberry e Seventh
Alexander, George Saddler . 57? Second
Allen, James S. Wheat buyer's agent . bds Irving House
Altekrus, Jacob Tailor 193 Second r ss Seventh w Walnut
Altman, H. Land agent . bds Clover House
Ambler, Henry Lawyer 229 Second r ss Fifth e Orange
Ament, W. D. Tinner & stove dealer W D A & Co. 177 Second r Water e Walnut
Anderson, Daniel White-washer . ss Seventh e Walnut
Anderson, William Barber . ss Seventh w Iowa Avenue
Andrews, James Saddler 118 Second r up stairs
Andrews, John Rail Wright . bds es Mulberry n Fourth
Anson, G. B. Teamster . basement United Brethren Church
Anson, Michael Painter . ss Fourth w Spruce
Anson, Patrick F. Painter ss Fourth w Spruce
Anson, Lawrence Laborer . ss Fourth w Spruce
Apple, Michael Nail-maker . ns Fifth e Sycamore
Apple, John Nail-maker . ns Fifth e Sycamore
Anthony, D. C. Manufacturer of hats, caps, & etc. Trowbridge & A. 135 Second bds Clover House
Armstrong, E. F. Tinner . bds 275 Second (up stairs)
Arnold, W. W. Proprietor Irving House Irving House
Ashcraft, Thomas Engineer . ss Third e Iowa Avenue

Backer, Michael Baker . rear 128 Second
Baechiel? Isaac S. Physician 266 Second bds Clover House
Baily, James Wagon Maker . ns Third e Cedar
Baily, Walter Clerk . bds Irving House
Baily, Lewis Lumberman . bds Irving House
Baird, Sam'l J. Pastor of First Preb. Church . ss Fifth e Mulberry
Baker, Samuel Cooper . ss Third w Orange
Banks, A. T. Livery Stable proprietor Marion? & B.? r 111 Water
Barber, A. H. C. Tinner & stove dealer ? Tritch & Co. 122 Second bds up stairs
Barber, Mrs. Rachael . . ns Sixth e Poplar
Barker, Mrs. Dress maker . 129 Second up stairs
Barrus, Charles Plasterer . ss Fourth w Locust
Barrus, Joseph C. Merchant tailor B. & Crocker 129 Second r ss Third e Walnut
Bartholomew, Benjamin Cloth cutter . ns Sixth c Mulberry
Bartholomew, John Clerk . bds ns Sixth c Mulberry
Bawson, John Laborer . ns Seventh w Walnut
Baughman, Reynolds Clerk . bds ss Second e Sycamore
Bayess?, R. Clerk . bds Ogilvie House
Beaca, Theodore Laborer . ns Sixth e Iowa Avenue
Beaca, Joseph Collier . Water w Elm (up stairs)
Beach, Benjamin Tinner . 246? Second (up stairs)
Beam, John Drayman . bds Water e Spruce
Beamer, Henry Blacksmith . e Spring s Seventh
Dean, Stephen D. Carpenter . bds 35 Water
Beaham, James Consable . ss Sixth w Oak
Beaham, John Carpenter . ns Fifth e Sycamore
Beard, John Carpenter . ss Third w Chestnut
Beardsley, C. Physician Miner & B. ss Third e Cedar
Beardsley, Aaron Tailor . ns Ninth e Lombard
Beastey, Thomas Finisher in foundry . bds ns Fifth w Mulberry
Beaty, Gordon Teamster . ws Cedar s Third
Beck, David Shoemaker . Water w Elm
Beck, Henry Stone mason . ns Sycamore n Fifth
Beck, John Carpenter . ns Second w Ash
Beebush, Henry Laborer . es Cedar s Fifth
Beedle, George Student . bds ns Third w Spruce
Beggs, James G. Clerk . bds Ogilvie House
Beham, Thomas Surveyor . ss Sixth w Poplar
Behman, Henry Stone mason . ss Sixth w Walnut
Beil, Barney Gunsmith Molis? & Co. 199 Second r ns Third w Walnut
Bell, George Blacksmith . bds Boston House
Bell, Wm. Blacksmith . es Iowa Avenue s Fourth
Bell, B. W. Teamster . ns Seventh e Walnut
Benburgh, R. A. Carpenter . bds Boston House
Bendink, Anthony Laborer . ns Fourth e Pine
Bennett, Joseph Merchant 150 Second r up stairs
Bennett, Mrs. Mary . . ss Sixth e Pine
Benson, Mrs. Melinda . . ss Third w Orange
Bentley, John Pastor German Presb. Church . ss Fourth w Locust
Bentz, J. H. Carpenter . bds Boston House
Berger, Martin Teamster . ss Sixth e Pine
Berger, Earnest Wagon Maker . ss Eighth e Poplar
Bergwin, John Cooper . ns Sixth w Linn
Berkholder, J. H. Clerk . bds 273 Second up stairs
Berkshire, M. M. Tailor 168 Second r 59 Second
Berry, Mrs. Sere A. . . ns Sixth w Poplar
Berry, George Cooper . ns Sixth w Poplar
Berry, John Cooper . ns Sixth w Poplar
Bevan, Thomas Collier . Water w Ash
Bevard, Wm. Cooper . ns Third w Oak
Bierbower?, Joshua Laborer . es Green, n Water
Biiler?, O. Boarding-house keeper . ws Chestnut s Third
Biles, J. D. Boarding-house keeper . ns Third e Iowa Avenue
Biles, Joseph Brick-mason . bds ns Third e Iowa Avenue
Biles, D. S. Printer . bds ns Third e Iowa Avenue
Binz, Daniel Butcher . 67 Water (up stairs)
Birchley, Thomas Laborer . rear 121 Water
Bisher?, August Carpenter . ss Fourth w Spruce
Bishop, Lewis Cooper . ns Eighth w Sycamore
Bishop, John Millwright . ns Sixth e Poplar
Bishop, Lewis Cooper . ss Eighth w Sycamore
Bitzer, Mrs. Barbara . . ns Sixth e Orange
Bitzer, William H. Carriage-maker . ns Sixth e Orange
Bitzer, David H. Carriage-maker . ns Sixth e Orange
Bitzer, Martin Grocer Jackson & B. 159 Second r ns Sixth e Orange
Bitzman, Henry Laborer . ws Spruce n Second
Blacy, Frank Laborer . ss Third e Orange
Blake, Jacob Tailor . ss Sixth e Linn
Blakemore, John Plasterer . ns Third e Iowa Avenue
Block, Marx Com. Merch. 49 Water r es Pine s Third
Blodgett, Charles S. Livery Stable proprietor . ss Second e Cedar
Boatman, Henry V. Laborer . 65 Second
Boblitz, John Carpenter . rear 65 Water
Boldman, James Drayman . rear 65 Water (up stairs)
Bohn, P. R. Merchant Olds & B. 126 Second r ws Walnut n Second
Bowman, Joseph Sr. Shoemaker . ns Fourth w Cedar
Bowman, Jacob Grocer 214 Second r ns Fourth w Cedar
Bowman, Gabriel Clerk . bds ns Fourth w Cedar
Bowman, Joseph Jr. Drayman . bds ns Fourth w Cedar
Bowman, Martin Pastor United Brethren Church . ns Fifth w Oak
Booth, E. H. Landlord B & Joiner at the Boston House
Boyd, Peter (Colored) Drayman . ss Fifth e Chestnut
Boyle, J. R. Railroad contractor . Water e Walnut
Boies, Toaddeus W. Broomsmaker . bds ns Fifth e Oak
Boies, Samuel Millwright . bds es Mulberry n Fourth
Bonsall, G. W. Brickmaker . ns Seventh e Oak
Bonsall, J. C. Brickmaker . northern suburb opp. Lombard
Bosson, Joseph Laborer . ns Seventh e Linn
Bowles, M. B Laborer . ns Sixth w Sycamore
Bowers, John W. Grocer Hall & B. 62 Water r 36 Water
Bradley, Phillip? Teamster . ws Walnut s Fifth
Brandenburgh, Charles Carpenter . ns Sixth w Pine
Brandenburgh, Mrs. Naomi . . ns Sixth w Pine
Brannan, W. F. Lawyer Over Isett & Brewster's Bank bds Ogilvie House
Brant, Conrad Carpenter . ss Sixth w Pine
Brecknel, Richard Butcher . ss Third w Walnut
Brent, R. W. H. Farmer . ns Seventh e Cedar
Brewster, William . . 211 Second
Brewster, Wm. C. Banker Isett & B. Ws Iowa Avenue s Third r 211 Second
Bridensto, John Marble-cutter . ws Oak s Sixth
Bridgman, Joseph Merchant C. Weed & Co. 119 Second r 105 Second
Brisbine, James Cooper . ns Seventh e Walnut
Broadhead, John Shingle maker . ss Sixth w Poplar
Broner, George Plasterer . ss Eighth e Cherry
Brooks, Sherman Carpenter . bds es Walnut n Fourth
Brown, James? B. Clerk . ns Third e Linn
Brown, Malen Carpenter . es Mulberry e Third
Brown, George Shoemaker . basement Methodist E. Church
Brown, William Miller . ss Iowa Avenue n Fourth
Brown, William Engineer . ss Third e Iowa Avenue
Brown, Abner R. Carpenter . ns Third e Orange
Brown, John Harness-maker . ss Fourth w Orange
Brown, Richard Employed on the railroad . ss Fourth w Orange
Browning, William L. Drayman . 56 Water
Browning, Charles F. . . bds 56 Water
Browning, Lawrence Drayman . bds 56 Water
Brownworth, Jacob Shoemaker . ss Fifth ? Mulberry
Brunlink?, Anthony Laborer . ns Fourth e Pine
Bryson, John Cabinet-maker . ss Seventh w Oak
Buckmore, Evander Teamster . bds 14?2 Water
Buhl, N. Blacksmith . ss Sixth w Poplar
Bush, Walter Miller . basement 92 Second
Burgesser, S. Clerk . ns Fourth w Linn
Burk, John Laborer . ss Fifth w Mulberry
Burk, John Laborer . ns Fifth e Linn
Burk, Richard Collier . Water w Ash
Burkell, Jacob Cabinet-maker . ws Walnut s Fifth
Burmester?, Crist Laborer . ns Seventh e Sycamore
Burnes, James Teamster . ns Fourth w Cherry
Burnell, Henry Carpenter . ss Eighth e Oak
Burnett, R. M. Bookseller 178 Second r ss Third e Locust
Burt, Millens Grocer J. A. Wilson & Co. 172 Second bds 187 Second (up stairs)
Butiner?, Reuben Plasterer . ss Sixth w Spring
Butler, Jacob Lawyer . 68 Second
Butler, S. O. Pork packer . 228 Second
Butterfield, Samuel Tinner . bs ns Fourth w Linn
Butterfield, L. S. Railroad contractor . ss Fourth e Oak
Byos, Elton (Colored) . . ns Seventh w Orange

Cadle, Cornelius Mill proprietor Chambers C. & Co. Walter e Oak 443 Water
Cadle, Richard Clerk District Court ns Sixth c Orange
Calahan, Miles Laborer . ns Fourth w Linn
Camden, Walker Brick-mason . bds Boston House
Canall, J. Laborer . bds Boston House
Cannon, J. H. Clerk . bds 58 Second
Cannon, William Clerk . bds Ogilvie House
Candee, S .N. Plow and wagon manufacturer Candee, McMurry & Co. ss Third e Walnut r ns Fifth c Oak
Candee, T. B. Wagon-maker . bds ns Fifth c Oak
Canahan?, John Laborer . 44 Second
Carl, Thomas Laborer . 20 Water
Carl, John Laborer . 30 Water
Carlin, John Carpenter . ns Eighth e Poplar
Carpenter, E. Dentist . 137 Second
Carigan, Patrick Laborer . es Spruce s Third
Carkan, Patrick Laborer . ss Fourth w Pine
Carmichael, Charles G. Railroad contractor . bds ns Third e Iowa Av.
Carmichael, L.? Railroad contractor . ns Third e Cherry
Carothers, G. N. Peddler . bds Boston House
Carskaddan, Jerome Lawyer Thayer & C. 178 Second (up stairs) r ss Eighth c Mulberry
Casper, Kassing Laborer . ss Sixth w Spring
Cass, M. G. Clergyman . es Mulberry n Fourth
Cass, M. M. . . es Mulberry n Fourth
Cass, O. D. Physician C. & Robinson 229 Second r es Mulberry n Fourth
Cass, J. Laborer . bds Boston House
Cassady, Francis Laborer . 50 Second
Chambers, Wm. Manufacturer and merchant Dunsmore & C. 208 and 210 Second r 144 Water
Chambers, Anderson . Dunsmore & C. 208 and 210 Second r ns Fifth w Orange
Chaplin?, Charles Engineer . 90 Second
Charles, S. P. . . bds Irving House
Chatfield, Lucien Bedstead manufacturer . ss Fourth w Oak
Chauduin?, J. P. Plasterer . ss Fifth e Spring
Check, John Carpenter . bds rear 139 Second
Cheesbrough, Hugh Carpenter . ns Walnut s Sixth
Clark, Harvey Veterinary surgeon . 149 Second (up stairs)
Clark, Harmon Blacksmith . 149 Second (up stairs)
Clark, Mrs. Lucy . . ns Third e Mulberry
Clark, Alexander (colored) Barber . es Chestnut n Third
Cleaner, Henry Brewer . ns Seventh w Mulberry
Cleinens?, William Teamster . 142 Water
Clifford, Michael Laborer . 29 Water
Cloud, D. C. Lawyer C. & O'Connor 229 1/2 Second r 231 1/2 Second
Clover, D. W. . . bds Clover House
Clover, John . . Water e Oak
Clover, Chester . . bds Clover House
Clute?, Jacob Sr. Laborer . ss Third w Cedar
Clute?, Jacob Jr. Tinner . ns Seventh e Oak
Clute?, David Butcher . ss Third w Cedar
Coda, Wilson Cabinet-maker . ss Third w Cedar
Cole, John H. . . bds Irving House
Cole John Teamster . bds ss Fifth w Broadway
Cole, Mrs. Catharine . . basement Baptist Church
Collins, G. N. Foundryman R. T. Mills & Co. Water e Spring r ns Fifth w Mulberry
Compton, J. Boarding-house keeper . 277 Second (up stairs)
Compton, Henry S. Clerk . ss Third w Linn
Compton, John Clerk . bds 277 Second (up stairs)
Conaway, William Laborer . ss Fourth w Linn
Conaway, S. F. Wagon-maker . ss Seventh e Oak
Connell, Jeffreys . . ss Sixth w Iowa Avenue
Conner, G. H. Clerk . 34 Water
Conner?, E.? W. . . bds 34 Water
Conlan, Andrew Laborer . ss Sixth e Walnut
Conlan, Hugh Cooper . bds ss Sixth e Walnut
Conley, Catharine . . ss Seventh w Poplar
Cook, M. D. Daguerrean? . ss Fifth e Walnut
Cook, Henry Tailor 114 Second bds es Iowa Avenue s Third
Cook, Wallace Grocer . ns Seventh c Oak
Cook, Edward . . bds Clover House
Cook, Joseph (Colored) Cook . ns Seventh w Orange
Cooper, Walter S. Auctioneer es Chestnut s Third r ss Sixth c Walnut
Cooper, George (Colored) Teamster . Water e Iowa Avenue
Copp, Daniel Clerk . ss Third w Chestnut
Cornman, George Cabinet-maker . 65 Water
Cornman, O. F. Clerk Clover House Clover House?
Coregan, Patrick Laborer . bds 114 Water
Corban, James Physician . ws Pine s Fourth
Corcoran, Patrick Laborer . ns Seventh w Spruce
Corsan, C. A. Shoemaker . ns Fourth w Iowa Avenue
Correll, George Brick-mason . ws Cedar s Fifth
Couch, Moses Painter C. & Griffith es Iowa Avenue s Second r 58 Second
Coughlin, Richard Stone-mason . ns Fifth w Pine
Courtney, James Laborer . 9? Water
Cowlton, William Boot and shoe dealer . bds Clover House
Crabb, Benjamin Physician . bds Clover House
Craig, Thomas Laborer . ss Sixth w Linn
Cramner?, John Laborer . es Cedar n Fifth
Crandol, Thomas Justice of the Peace 140 Second (up stairs) r ns Third e Linn
Crane, S. B. Grocer C. & Evans 130 Second bds Clover House
Crea, Alford Carpenter . ns Fifth w Cedar
Crocker, Jerome Merchant tailor Barrus & C. bds 79 Second
Crocker, A. Sawyer . ws Iowa Avenue n Seventh
Crowe, Henry Laborer . ns Fifth w Walnut
Crowe, Frederick . . ns Fifth w Walnut
Cummins, M. . . bds Ogilvie House
Cunningham, John Laborer . ns Second e Locust
Cunningham, Michael Laborer . ns Second e Locust
Curran, John Painter . ns Third e Mulberry
Cutler, William Collier . Water w Ash
Cutler, George Collier . Water w Ash

Daily, Timothy Laborer . ns Fifth e Pine
Daman, Augustus Steward Clover House Clover House?
Damer, John Shoemaker . ss Fifth e Mulberry
Daniels, George Carpenter . ss Third e Chestnut
Daniels, Julius Clerk . ns Fourth e Spruce
Daniels, Mrs. M. P. . . ss Fourth e Mulberry
Daplyn, Robert Grocer . ss Eighth w Poplar
Darick?, John Laborer . ns Sixth w Chestnut
Darlington, Brinton? Furniture dealer . ss Fourth c Iowa Avenue
Davis, A. C. Tailor . bds Clover House
Davis, Mrs. Rebecca . . ss Eighth e Sycamore
Davis, J. Shoemaker . bds ns Third e Iowa Avenue
Davis, William Collier . 34? Water
Davis, Frederick Collier . bds 34 Water
Davis, Willis Carpenter . basement Baptist Church
Davis, James Teamster . bds ss Fifth w Orange
Dayton, Mrs. Fanny N. . . ss? Fifth c Oak
Deal, M. Carpenter . bds Boston House
Deahl, Jacob Clothes cutter . bds Boston House
Dean?, J. B. Brick-mason . ns Fourth e Spruce
Debony, W. . . bds Boston House
Decker, Henry Grocer . es Chestnut s Second
Decker, William Sash-maker . ns Fourth e Spruce
De Hens, William Tobacconist? 142 Second r up stairs
De Hens, Nicholas Baker . Western suburb opposite Ash
Deitz, John Laborer . ns Fourth w Oak
Deming?, H. J. Tinner B?, Smith & Co. 241 Second r es Walnut n Second
Denison, George B. School teacher . bds Clover House
Detrich, Conrad Teamster . ns Seventh w Spruce
Devenport?, J. P. Painter? . bds ss Mulberry n Fourth
Devore, S. H. Engineer . ns Third w Mulberry
Dieson, James Machinist . ss Fifth w Mulberry
Derich?, P. H. Cooper . ns Third w Walnut
Dickerson, Sarge? Engineer . bds ss Second e Cedar
Dill, William Employed on the cars . 79 Second
Dimmie?, Carlos Carpenter . ns Third e Chestnut
Dixon, Israel? Painter . ns Ninth w Cypress
Dobbs, T. R. Cooper . ns Seventh w Spring
Donavan, John Laborer . es Chestnut n Fifth
Doren, John Laborer . 44? Water
Dorin, John Brewer . 16 Water
Dorin, Jacob . . 16 Water
Dorin, John Laborer . ss Seventh w Linn
Dorland, A. M. Merchant Abbott & D. 273 Second ?
Dorney, Mecham Shoemaker . ns Seventh e Mulberry
Dort?, A. C. Bridge builder . ws Mulberry s Seventh
Dorwin, O. G. Merchant 233 Second bds Clover House
Dolt, Mrs. Mary . . es Spring n Sixth
Dougherty, J. B. Druggist 181? Second r ws Mulberry e Water
Dougherty, William Farmer . ss Fifth w Iowa Avenue
Dougherty, Henry Cooper . ns Fourth w Walnut
Downer, Joseph Laborer . 7 Water
Downer, N. E. Laborer . 7 Water
Downing, F. L. Proprietor Clover House Clover House?
Dow, S. H. Steward Ogilvie House Ogilvie House?
Drake, F. A. Merchant D & Stewart 179 Second bds Clover House
Draper, Charles Grocer Stacker? & D. 151 Second bds Irving House
Dropes?, Albert Laborer ws Green n Water
Dropes, Henry Laborer . ws Green n Water
Drury, Charles Physician . 292 Second
Drury, W. A. . . 275 Second (up stairs)
Dulaney?, W. H. Lumberman . ns Fifth e Orange
Dulanty, John Laborer . ss Eighth e Spruce
Dunbar, -------- Painter . bds ns Third e Iowa Avenue
Dunderlain, E. J. Painter . ns Fourth e Broadway
Dunn, T. L. Clerk . bds ss Fifth e Oak
Dunn, John Brick-mason . ns Third w Oak
Dunsmore, A. Merchant 147 Second r ss Fourth e Ash
Dunsmore, Douglass Merchant D and Chambers r 212 (up stairs)
Dunger, John Laborer . ws Elm n Water
Duriee?, S. G. Silversmith Northam & D. 129 Second bds Ogilvie House
Dutton?, J. W. Banker J. W. D. & Co. 120 Second bds ws Walnut s Second

Eagan, Daniel Laborer . es Sixth? W Iowa Avenue
Earley, D. S. Editor Bogan? & E??? Journal bds Boston House
Earil, Mrs. Sidney F. . . ss Fourth e Mulberry
Eberhart, Albert G. Pastor First Baptist Church ns Second e Orange
Eberhart, Charles Steward Irving House Irving House?
Edmer, Pastien? Teamster . es Green n Water
Edmund, E. Cooper . ss Sixth e Orange
Eichelberger, M. L. Store agent . bds Ogilvie House
Eichelberger, John Restaurant keeper . bds Ogilvie House
Eitman, William Stone-cutter . bds es Mulberry n Fourth
Elliott, William Teamster . bds ns Fifth w Cedar
Erb, Christian Tailor . es Sycamore s Fifth
Erb, Jacob Clerk . es Sycamore s Fifth
Erwin, F. M. Harness-maker . bds ns Third e Iowa Avenue
Estell, Samuel Brickmaker . ns Fourth e Spruce
Estell, Stephen Brickmaker . ns Fourth e Spruce
Esterline?, John Painter and chair-maker . 65 Water (up stairs)
Espy, Henry Harness-maker . ss Sixth e Walnut
Evans, Charles Grocer Crane & E. r ss Fourth w Pine
Evans, R. Merchant R. E. & Co. 231 Second bds 275 Second (up stairs)
Evans, John Teamster . Western Suburb, opp. Water
Everett, Josiah Teamster . bds ss Sixth e Walnut
Evesmeir, Henry Laborer . Water c Elm

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