Muscatine County, Iowa
Muscatine Journal & News-Tribune
Centennial Edition
31 May 1940

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Wedding Anniversaries, Other Events Noted

Shelby Norman Post and W.R.C. Join in Installation Rites

Shelby Norman Post No. 231, G.A.R., and W.R.C., No. 122, issued an invitation to their friends to be present late last Saturday evening at the joint installation of the officers-elect, and there was a generous response, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather. All the room was occupied and the entire assembly seemed to be in the very best of spirits. A meeting of the Post was first in order, during which time J. Walter Lee, of Iowa City, Inspector of the Second Division of the Iowa G.A.R. inspected the Post and paid it a very high compliment, not only as to its efficiency in the ritualistic work, but upon their possessing such elegant quarters which he though were about the finest in Iowa. After the order of business had been observed the doors were thrown open and the Corps and friends came in and occupied seats.

Officer Presented.

After a few moments delay Past Commander J.H. Munroe was introduced as the installing officer, and the beautiful ceremony of inducting the following officials into office, according to ritual, was conducted by him:

Post commander, Gus Schmidt; senior vice commander, H.P. Jones; junior vice commander, W.S. Peck; adjutant, N.M. Brown; Adjt. Sergt., G.M. Scott; quartermaster, J.E. Coe, Q.M.S., John Liebler; surgeon, S.M. Cobb; chaplain, Jacob Fath; officer of the day, A.B. Carpenter; officer of the Guard, Patrick Hearn.

After they had been declared formally installed and Installing Officer Munroe had handed Post Commander Gus Schmidt the gavel, the presiding officer returned thanks to the installing officer for his services, and the Post officers vacated their stations to make room for the Corps. Comrade Gus Schmidt had been appointed installing officer for the Corp, and was ably assisted by Mrs. Barbara A. Detwiler, as conductress. The ceremonies were equally as impressive as those of the Post, and the ladies assumed their respective stations with the grace and dignity becoming their sex.

The New Staff.

The new installed officers of the corps are: President, Mrs. Emma Dean; senior vice-president, Mrs. Anna Cummins; junior vice-president, Miss Belle Lewis; secretary, Mrs. Lillian Baird; treasurer, Mrs. Jane Madden; chaplain, Mrs. Sarah Hoover; conductor, Mrs. Amanda Coriell; guard, Mrs. Henrietta Neibert; assistant conductor, Mrs. J. Gertenbach; assistant guard, Mrs. J.E. Evans.

Gain Recorded.

Mrs. Dean, for the Corps, returned the thanks to Commander Schmidt for installing the officers, when Commander Schmidt made a few remarks upon the order. He said that on January 1, 1889, the enrollment showed 136 members, which has since increased past 28 members during the year, making a total of 164. At the same date last year there was in the hands of the quartermaster $136.65 had been received during the year, making a total of $520.70. For hall rent, relief, per capita tax, etc., $380.13 had been expended, so that there is not a balance of $140.57. As Post Commander he had made thirty-two sick visits to members of the Post and five on soldiers not members of the Post, being companied and assisted by the Senior Vice Commander.

He announced a lap supper to follow. It was quickly served and it is unnecessary to say comprised all the good things of the land and was much enjoyed. Music by Schmidt Bros’. orchestra, Beckey’s martial band, and songs by Messrs. Gus and Herman Schmidt, Frank Richman and A.K. Raff followed until about 10 o’clock when the meeting adjourned, having proved a very pleasant one. – Jan. 6, 1890.

* * * * * * *

Editor and Wife
Photo of John Mahin and Mrs. John Mahin

Guiding the destinies of The Muscatine Journal for a half century was John Mahin, while his wife, the former Anna Lee of Johnson county, was his able helpmate.

Mr. Mahin also served as postmaster of Muscatine, served in the house of representatives for two years, was secretary and manager of the Soldiers’ Monument assn. of Muscatine and was also largely instrumental in organizing of the Muscatine Building and Loan assn. He was a member and promoter of the several temperance organizations of the city and county, a leader in the Methodist church and active in scores of community enterprises.

Born in Noblesville, Ind., Dec. 8, 1833, he came here first in 1843 and returned again in 1847. The Mahins were married Sept. 20, 1864. After leaving here they resided in Evanston, Ill. Mr. Mahin died in 1919. His first wife was the former Anna Herr, who died March 12, 1862.

* * * * * * *

The Champions Celebrated Again

Once a year the Champions assemble at their fine quarters, with their wives for a pleasant time. The custom has been to celebrate the anniversary of the organization. The company knows full well how to have a good time and it is on these occasions they spread themselves. The floor of the meeting room was cleared last evening and to Eichoff’s excellent orchestra music the light fantastic was tripped until a late hour. At the proper time they regaled themselves with a fine repast, served by John Koehler, and ample justice was done the same by every member. After they had partaken of this feast Mayor Schmidt, the first president of the company, who still retains his membership made a few appropriate remarks, which were attentively listened to. After his remarks it was again in order to engage in the mazy whirl, which was indulged in until one o’clock this morning. – Jan. 8, 1890.

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