Muscatine County, Iowa
Muscatine Journal & News-Tribune
Centennial Edition
31 May 1940

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45 Years of Community Service Down through the years with the Elks
Charity Thru the Years

Little did the handful of charter members realize that the lodge which they organized in 1895 would play such an important role in the welfare and charitable work of our community. Three of the original charter members, Ed Zeidler, Fred Hacker, and G. B. Samuels, still remain to appreciate the wonderful progress made by Muscatine lodge No. 304. Through the years our lodge has endeavored to do its share in making our community a better place to live. The 780 members representing a cross section of our citizenry Congratulate The Muscatine Journal on its 100th anniversary and sincerely hope that our lodge, together with the Muscatine Journal, can continue to be of service to our community through the years to come.

Past Exalted Rulers

Sherwood Kerr†1895-96
Sherwood Kerr 1896-97
S. A. Borger†1897-98
John Rowan1898-99
B. Schmidt†1899-1900
B. Schmidt1900-01
S. J. Fuller1901-02
C. J. Richman1902-03
R. W. George†1903-04
S. J. Fuller1904-05
P. J. Mackey1905-06
George Kranz1906-07
H. Johnson1907-08
†Wm. J. Watson1908-09
L. J. Horan†1909-10
John D. Reay†1910-11
Clay Kneese1911-12
Fred McDougall1912-13
Clay Kneese1913-14
Joe Aull†1914-15
Clay Kneese1915-16
Sam Bronner†1916-17
Sam Bronner1917-18
Sam Bronner1918-19
Al Schmidt1919-20
Sam Bronner1920-21
Leonard Bowen1921-22
Leonard Bowen1922-23
Leonard Bowen1923-24
Gary Thompson†1924-25
E. D. Horst1925-26
Albert S. Barry1926-27
Albert S. Barry1927-28
Arthur Umlandt1928-29
Harry B. Seem†1929-30
LeMoyne Halberg1930-31
Leo Berg1931-32
Clarence A. Hahn†1932-33
C. A. Graebner1933-34
Al Schmidt1934-35
Al Schmidt1935-36
George Patterson1936-37
Frank Bishop1937-38
Frank Thompson†1938-39
Harry Harder1939-40
Carl Walter1940-41

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