Muscatine County, Iowa
Muscatine Journal & News-Tribune
Centennial Edition
31 May 1940

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from The Huttig Organization

on This, Your 100th Anniversary

We too are justly proud of our record of nearly three-quarters of a century of continuous progress in the manufacture of QUALITY MILLWORK for the homes and business institutions of our community and throughout the nation from north to south and from east to west, which has been made possible through the loyalty and co-operation of our many employees.

Photo ~ Willim Huttig, 1860 Founder. Born – Feb. 5th, 1836, Jena, Saxe Weimar Germany. Settled in Muscatine in the Year 1855. Died April 6th, 1915.

Photo ~ William Huttig, 1905. Son of Founder. Born – June 16, 1868, Muscatine Iowa. Assumed Charge of Huttig Mfg. Co. in the year 1890. Died – August 31st, 1935.

Photo ~ Harry W. Huttig, 1934.

We take pride in reproducing herewith a copy of our HONOR ROLL, which contains the names of employees with service records of twenty-five or more years.

Plant Years Plant Years
Gus Kolmerer 55 Henry M. Kindler 30
William Martin 55 Robert Long 30
Frank Kintzle 52 Henry G. Walters 29
C. S. Woods 51 Clarence L. Walters 28
Gustave Oeter 50 Clarence Cornthwaite 27
Ralph Peck 48 Retired  
Herman Kindler 47 Henry Fuhlman 45
Fred Kindler 46 George Klein 39
Milo Rittenhouse 42 Henry Brown 39
Fred Tuerck 42 Theodore Kurtz 38
Franklin Freeman 41 Ernest Dollman 36
Joseph Schaab 39 Office and Sales Force  
George Hermley 38 Pearle R Barnhart 41
Edwin Becker 36 T. Ray Brown 31
Charles Hermley 36 Wm. H. Schwab 31
Rudolph Daedlow 34 Harold L. Brandau 30
Walter Rauch 34 Ralph B. Fuller 27
George McGaughey 32 Wm. S. Kerr 25
Harry Dollman 32 Retired  
Norman Neipert 32 C. R. Quackenbush 36
Alfred K. Atkins 31    

From the founder down to the present time our organization has developed, pioneered and improved its products,
until today the name “HUTTIG” is synonymous with “QUALITY and SERVICE.”

The Huttig Manufacturing Company
Established 1866

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