Muscatine County, Iowa
Muscatine Journal & News-Tribune
Centennial Edition
31 May 1940

Section 8 - Muscatine Business Directory
“The first hundred years are the hardest . . .” or are they?

Of the more than 600 business firms in Muscatine, listed in the following business directory compiled by The Journal for its first centennial edition are many who have weathered the storms of depression and hard knocks for nearly a hundred years. If we’ve missed any one of them in this listing, we deeply regret the oversight which is entirely unintentional. We have tried faithfully to give you a picture of how Muscatine firms have grown down through a century – from 1840 to 1940 – with each firm listed under the year in which it was established. It is also interesting to note by whom these firms were established, and the brief historical sketches which accompany most of them contain many amusing notes of the early days of our city.

When the wheels of industry began turning in Muscatine back in 1840 it was a far cry from the stream-lined business and industrial activity of today. We offer here the Journal’s business directory of Muscatine firms:

Submitted by Kathy Foote
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FLOYD BLAKE RADIO REPAIR – Established in 1935 by Floyd Blake.

MILLAR BORGSTADT DELIVERY SERVICE – Established Nov. 2, 1935 by Millar Borgstadt.

CENTRAL OIL & GREASE – Established in September of 1935 by Dan Bennett.

    The Central Oil and Grease has been operated by Dan Bennett at 402 East Third street since September of 1935. Central Oil and Grease products are sold, and in addition a complete garage repair and service station is maintained.

COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY – Established Dec. 19, 1935 by Ben Bankhead.

    Ben. Bankhead took over the franchise for the local Coca-Cola Bottling works in 1935 and started building the plant at 813 West Front street that fall. The first bottling was done at the new works in April of 1936. Just this spring all new equipment was installed. The Firm employs 12 men.

CROW’S GARAGE – Established in June of 1935 by Selden Crow.

ECONOMY COAL COMPANY – Established in 1935 by John Kurland.

    John Kirkland came to Muscatine from Chicago in 1934, and a year later opened the Economy Coal company at 816 East Fifth street. He has his residence and office building at that location, both which he built new.

ECONOMY WELDING SHOP – Established in September of 1935 – by Harley Mills.

OLD MILL ICE CREAM COMPANY – Established in 1935 y Edwin C. Cheney and Floyd D. Flanders of Davenport.

    The Old Mill Ice Cream company was started in 1935 by Edwin C. Cheney and Floyd D. Flanders of Davenport, under the name Dutch Mill Ice Cream company. The firm name was changed to Old Mill in 1937. Thirty flavors of ice cream are made with the newest and most sanitary of modern equipment, using all pure ingredients and no substitutes. The company has ice cream retail stores in Muscatine, Davenport, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Clinton and DeWitt.

FRANK’S DRESS SHP – Established in august of 1935 by Frank Rimmerman.

GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES – Established May 15, 1935 by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

    W. D Shellady has managed the Goodyear Tire Service store in the five years of its existence in Mscatine, with the exception of one year when he was out-of-town. The store was first started at 210 Iowa avenue, and moved to its present location two years ago. A full line of Goodyear tires is handled, and complete tire service is offered. The store was …

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Submitted by Charlene Nichols Hixon
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HERSHEY AVENUE MARKET – Established Jan. 1, 1935 by Elmer Tobias and Walter Schmidt.

KORD’S DRUG STORE – Established in June of 1935 by Schlegel’s Drug Store.

    Kord’s drug store was established in June of 1935 by the Schlegel drug firm of Davenport. The building at 114 East Second street where Kord’s is located was formerly a shoe store, but remodeled to conform with the needs of the new drug store in 1935. Low prices are featured by the firm, which carries a complete line of drugs, toiletries, and sundries, and hospital supplies. The store has had three managers, Elmer Erickson, Reuben Swanson, and the present one, Adien Olson.

FELTEN KURZ TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. – Established in March of 1935 by Felten Kurz.

W. R. LEASE STANDARD SERVICE – Established in June of 1935 by W. B. Lease.

    The first filling station in Muscatine was opened by W. b. Lease and “Chick” Korneman for the Standard Oil company in 1917 at the corner of Cedar and Front streets. The two men ran the station together until Mr. Korneman’s death, after which Mr. Lease managed it alone. Later he went on the road as a salesman for Standard Oil about a year and a half, and then was changed to the station at Fourth and Sycamore streets which he now operates. Mr. Lease managed the station up until June of 1931 when he took over the lease.

O. K. TIRE WELDING – Established Sept. 20, 1935 by M. U. Dutro.

    Farmers in Muscatine and surrounding territory need not send their tractor tires away for repair, as the O. K. Tire Welding firm at 115 Mulberry avenue makes a specialty of repairing tractor tires. A rubber welding process is used by M. U. Dutro, proprietor of the firm, which he established on Sept. 20, 1935.

    Mr. Dutro repairs all kinds of tires and guarantees that his work will not throw the tire out of balance. Used tires, all of which have been put in excellent repair, are sold by the firm. Washing and greasing service is also maintained.

LUCAS STREET GROCERY – Established n May of 1935 by L. Brookhart.

MUSCATINE MEMORIAL PARK – Established in October of 1935 by the Iowa Cemetery company incorporated.

MUSCATINE METALIC VAULT COMPANY – Established Jan. 1, 1935 by A. F. Grensing.

MUSCATINE CREDIT BUREAU AND STATE ADJUSTMENT CO. – Established in April of 1935 by W. J. Barloon of Davenport.

    The Muscatine County Credit Bureau was organized in April 1935. Since that time the organization has been steadily growing till at the present time practically all the professional and business firms of Muscatine are users of the service.

    The files of the Credit Bureau are constantly being added to and revised in order to keep the information up to date. In the 50,000 files a card on every resident of Muscatine County and neighboring territory is maintained. In order that the information may be available at any time to the users it is necessary that trained and skilled operators be employed. With this object in view there are now five on the staff of the Credit Bureau.

    The Credit Bureau also has an efficient collection department and through its affiliation with the State and National Associations is able to furnish credit information or handle collections in practically any place in the United States or Canada.

    The State Adjustment company is the collection affiliate of the Muscatine County credit Bureau. Through the efforts of this department credit conditions are considerably improved as accounts that are not paid promptly are given to the State Adjustment Company for attention. Through the use of this service credit users of Muscatine and vicinity are being educated in the necessity of prompt attention to their accounts.

PRAIRIE PRESS – Established in July of 1935 by Carroll Coleman.

ROOSEVELT INN – Established in August of 1935 by Sam Young.

RUMMELLS ELECTRIC STORE – Established in November of 1935 by John Rummells.

    John Rummells, who has been in the electrical business for the past 15 years, started his own store in November of 1935 in the 300 block on East Third street. After two years he moved to his present location at 323 East Second street. The firm is exclusive agent in Muscatine for the Norge line of home appliances, and also handles R. C. A. Victor radios. A specialty is made of electrical wiring contracting, and fixtures.


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... tablished in March of 1935 by Howard Sander.

FISHER BLACKSMITH SHOP – Established in 1935 by Thomas Fisher.

R. B. SHARAR COAL COMPANY – Established in June of 1935 by R. B. Sharar.

    The Sharar Coal company was operated by R. B. Sharar up until the time of his death in March of 1938. His widow has since been in charge of the business. Mr. Sharar had started in the coal business as a salesman for the W. G. Block company of Muscatine, which soon sent him to Maquoketa, Ia. as manager of one of their yards there. Later he became a salesman for the University Avenue Coal company at Des Moines, working for them 17 years before establishing the R. B. Sharar Coal company in Muscatine in June of 1935.

SCHMIDT AUTO SERVICE – Established in August of 1935 by George Schmidt.

    Schmidt’s Auto Service moved into its new building at 325 West Front street on June 18, 1939. The firm specializes in wrecker service in addition to general repair work, and handles Kendall oil and grease, Kelly tires, and oil filters. Before opening his own garage in August of 1935, George Schmidt worked at Lange’s garage about 12 years. He first started his own garage in the rear of the Home Oil company building, until moving to the new garage last June.

BOOLEY’S SERVICE STATION – Established in1935 by F. L. (Booley) Marx.

    F. L. (Booley) Marx started operating a Shell service station in Muscatine in 1929 when the station at the intersection of Grandview avenue and Oregon street was first built. He took over the business for himself five years ago. Beside handling all kinds of Shell products, Booley’s station, as it is familiarly known, also specializes in grease jobs. Previous to operating the Shell station, Mr. Marx worked for the Brower Oil company and also at Roach and Mussers.

WE CAN WELDING COMPANY – Established in December of 1935 by Harold Ditch.

WINNING GROCERY – Established July 1, 1935 by Carl Winning



CITY CAB COMPANY – Established in February of 1936 by Lyle Froehner.

    The City Cab company has served as a convenient transportation agency in the city of Muscatine since it was organized in 1936 by Lyle Froehner. At that time Mr. Froehner started with only one cab, and at the present time is running three, with a staff of from five to seven persons working for him.

HENRY GOLDFISH HATCHERY – Established in April of 1936 by L. C. Henry.

AXEL’S DRY GOODS – Established May 1, 1936, by Werner H. Axel.

JOE BIEBER INSURANCE – Established in July of 1936 by Joe Bieber.

    Prior to opening his insurance business in 1936, Joe Bieber was engaged in farming near Muscatine. In 1931 he moved into town and went into the gasoline business with Harry Thiessen.

    In July of 1936 Mr. Bieber opened his insurance office in the Hershey building, where he is still located. General insurance is handled by the firm.

CARLISLE’S MARKET – Established May 12, 1936 by John Carlisle and son, Ed.

    Carlisle’s market moved into its new modern quarters at 1134 Lucas street on Jan. 1 of this …

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    ... year, upon completion of the new grocery building and filing station which is operated in conjunction. Previous to this the firm had been located at 1153 Lucas street.

    John Carlisle and his son, Ed, operate the business together. The market is modern in every detail, handling fresh meats and vegetables as well as frozen food and a complete line of high-grade canned goods. A free delivery service is available to customers.

J. A. DAVIDSON INSURANCE – Established in 1936 by J. A. Davidson.

    J. A. Davidson, agent for Muscatine county of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance company of Milwaukee, has been in the insurance business in Muscatine the past eight years. His associates in the city and county are Maeglin and Diercks, and John R. Thompson, of Muscatine, John Kleinert at West Liberty, and Harold and Robert Nicolaus at Wilton.

EDDIE’S D. X. SERVICE STATION – Established April 23, 1936 by Eddie Berg.

    Starting in a small garage in South Muscatine, Eddie Berg soon increased his business to the extent that he moved uptown and opened a D-X service station at 321 Mulberry avenue on April 23, 1936. Since that time he has steadily increased his facilities and building until today he has one of the largest service stations in town. Two additions have been made to the building, first a grease house in 1937 and a year later a wash house. Several departments have also been added to the business, including greasing and washing, motor steaming, motor flushing, and complete motor analysis, in addition to a tire and battery business.

    In March of 1938 Mr. Berg put his “courtesy car” into operation,hauling patrons to their destination after they have left cars at the station for service. After June 1, however, The Journal has been informed that Eddie’s D. X. station will be under new management.

EVANS FOODS – Established in August of 1936 by Ross Evans.

    Ross Evans, who has operated the Evans Food market in Muscatine since August of 1936, has been in the grocery business for the past 15 years. The market located at 215 West Second street, in the same building as the Richardsmeat market, features special prices all week long. It carries a complete line of groceries as well as frozen foods. Competent delivery service is offered by the firm.

GOODRICH SILVERTOWN STORES – Established in July of 1936 by Herbert Leu.

    Since July of 1936, when the firm was established in Muscatine, Goodrich Silvertown Stores has noted a steady increase in business. The main line featured by the firm is Goodrich Silvertown tires, together with batteries, bicycles, and a complete line of auto accessories. Mr. Leu’s associates in the business are Chester Hufford, Milton Taylor, and Jack Sheard.

MILDRED HOWARD BEAUTY SHOP – Established in April of 1936 by Mildred Howard.

    Mildred Howard bought her beauty shop from Betty Shiflet, located in the American Bank building, in 1936. A little over a year ago she moved her shop to 104 ½ East Second street, above the Garfield Millinery. She is a graduate of Burnham’s Beauty school at Chicago and the Busselle School of Cosmetology at Davenport.

GEORGE HUDSON GARAGE – Established in January of 936 by H. E. Argyle.

    H. E. Argyle, who started the O. K. Appliance shop at 224 East Second street in January of 1936, was formerly employed with the Barry-Althaus firm for a number of years. The O. K. shop does contract electric wiring and handles a complete line of electrical merchandise. A complete electrical repair shop is also in the hands of capable electricians.

KOLPACK AUTO SALVAGE – Established in December of 1936 by Ben Kolpack.

    Ben Kolpack has been wrecking cars in Muscatine since 1920. He operated a junk yard on Fifth street before starting his Auto Salvage at 515 East Second street in December of 1936. Mr. Kolpack is assisted in business by his two sons, Leo and Arnold, and a regular crew of three other men, Harold Keller, Joe Fisher, and William Harris.

    The firm does expert work in glass installation being equipped to cut safety glass and give a factory finish to the job. A large stock of used auto parts is carried. Mr. Kolpack even goes out-of-town to get cars to wreck so that he may have all parts to supply locally. The business has expanded steadily since its founding.

L. L. LUPTON TYPEWRITERS – Established in July of 1936 by L. L. Lupton.

E. E. BLOOM INSURANCE AGENCY – Established Aug. 1, 1936 by E. E. Bloom.

    Back in 1910 the late W. F. Bishop, then well known to most residents of Muscatine, founded the W. F. Bishop Company, of which E. E. bloom Insurance Agency, established by Mr. Bloom in 1936, is the successor organization. How well this business was started is shown by the continuous years of insurance service that has been rendered to the citizens of Muscatine.

    Likewise, the fact that many of the companies now represented by the present company started in with the first organization, almost thirty years ago, gives definite evidence of stability and soundness of the companies represented. With the same token the customers of the E. E. Bloom Insurance Agency are assured the business placed by them is written only in sound and progressive insurance companies and at reasonable premiums.

    The E. E. Bloom Insurance Agency specialize in survey work to determine completeness of coverage, and at costs commensurate with insurance requirements. This service is given without obligation to those interested in bringing their insurance contracts up to date.

MISSISSIPPI VALLEY GRAIN & FEED COMPANY – Established in August of 1936 by G. A. Kent.

MILLER AND SONS FLORISTS – Established in February of 1936 by Roy Miller.

    Roy, Ray, and Fred Miller started raising flowers in a small greenhouse at 612 Hope street in February of 1936. The three brothers use the name of their father, Ed Miller, in their business. A steady increase in trade soon necessitated building a larger green house and a smaller one has since been added. Both a wholesale and retail business is maintained.

TROUT’S SANITARY MARKET – Established in November of 1936 by M. A. Trout.

    A complete line of groceries and quality meats is carried by Trout’s Sanitary Market, located at 107-109 East Second street. When the store was started in 1936 by M. A. Trout, it only occupied the one place of business at 107, but in October of 1938 was enlarged to include 109.

WESTERN AUTO STORE – Established Oct. 15, 1936 by R. S. Wayland.


PETER OLSON MONUMENT BUILDER – Established in 1898 by Peter Olson and conducted since his death by the Peter Olson Granite Works.

    Peter Olson worked for W. W. Webster, monument builder, for about 10 years, cutting, engraving, and erecting monuments in Iowa and Illinois until the firm sold out to George W. Gruber marble and granite works. He continued with the latter firm for five years, or until it discontinued business. In 1898 Mr. Olson purchased what stock and tools the g. W. Gruber firm had and started in business for himself. A few months later he built a small frame display room and workshop on Sixth and Orange street. About eight years later he decided to build a larger and better building. This building was completed in 1906, being a display room and workshop on the first floor, and the family residence above.

    Peter Olson, who established this business more than 40 years ago, died in 1937. Peter Olson Granit Works are endeavoring to conduct the monument business on the same principles of quality granites …

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    ...and first class workmanship that were used by their founder.In the earlier days before concrete, most every city or county building used Bedford stone for trimming (window sills, door sills, and water-tables). Also in most all curbings in city streets Bedford stone was used exclusively while now most of these are made of cement.

    Mr. Olson furnished curbing for most of the streets in those days. He also did all the cutting and carving of stone in several public schools, the public library, and many other buildings in the city.

BOWSER & SAMPLE – Established in September of 1937 by A. E. Bowser and Grant Sample.

A. C. BRUEMMER SERVICE STATION – Established Dec. 16, 1937 by A. C. Buremmer.

DANSON MOTOR AND BODY SERVICE – Established in October of 1937 by H. C. Danson.

JARRARD CASH GROCERY – Established in June of 1937 by Harry Jarrard.

LEGAL ABSTRACT COMPANY – Established May 1, 1937.

MEERDINK SERVICE STATION – Established in January of 1937 by Earl Meerdink.

    Within the next month Earl Meerdink is planning to completely rebuild the Cities Service station at the corner of Walnut and Second streets, which he established in January of 1937. New restrooms will be built, wash and grease facilities added, and a new drive constructed and the building completely modernized. Besides selling Cities Service products, the firm maintains a complete service department, and has a full tire and battery service.

MICHAEL LEONARD SEED COMPANY – Established in Muscatine in September of 1937.

MISSISSIPPI VALLEY CANNING COMPANY – Established in April of 1937 by Lester Farber of Davenport.


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Established in the fall of 1937 by the National Tea company.

    The National Food Store located at 209 East Second street carries all quality products, including a complete line of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables. Featured merchandise is the Come Again and Hazel Brand labeled products.

    Frank Atkinson is manager of the firm.

    A popular radio program sponsored by the National Food stores is the Cartune-O musical quiz game, which is on the air every Thursday from 7:30 to 8:15 (CDST) over station WGN, Chicago.

    The songs are identified by checking cartoons which illustrate them. Cartune-O cards, bearing the cartoons, are distributed without obligation at the National Food store. Full instructions for playing the game, based on knowledge of popular tunes, are given by the announcers. Everyone who correctly identifies five cartoons across the Cartune-O card wins a prize.

ALFRED E. OLSON MONUMENTS – Established in October of 1937 by Alfred Olson.

R. & S. SHOE STORE – Established in Muscatine in September of 1937 by the Schiff company.

    The R. & S. Shoe store has been located in Muscatine since September of 1937, Robert Schiff of Columbus, O., is president of the company which operates stores in Muscatine, Iowa City and Des Moines under the name R. & S., and stores at Clinton, Dubuque, and Cedar Rapids which were founded earlier under the name of Big Shoe stores.

    Everett Herring, the present manager, assumed charge of the local store on March 23, succeeding William Fradin who had been manager here for two years.

MONTE RANDALL’S CORIELL SERVICE – Established April 2, 1937 by Monte Randall.

WEBSTER’S D. X. SERVICE STATION – Established Oct. 4, 1937 by F. L. Webster.


B. & B. TRANSFER – Established in March of 1938 by James Ballenger and Jack Barger.

WALTER BREEDLOVE ROOFING COMPANY – Established in 1938 by Walter Breedlove.

    Walter Breedlove was engaged in the roofing business with Harry Bowman five years before purchasing the business from him in 1938. He is carrying on the same traditions established by Mr. Bowman, and continues to use high-grade materials from Bird and son in Chicago, with whom Mr. Bowman dealt for 35 years.

    Roofing jobs are done by the Breedlove firm both in Muscatine and other communities. Mr. Breedlove has three men working with him permanently.

BUTZ MARKET – Established March 10, 1938 by Faith Butz.

HOME COMFORT INSULATION – Established in September of 1938 by Carl Lucas.

    Carl Lucas is well equipped to insulate homes and general buildings having worked for the company whose material he handles nine years prior to starting in business for himself in September of 1938. The name Home Comfort is explanatory of the satisfactory work done by Mr. Lucas. Home and buildings which he insulates are cool in summer and warm in winter. He handles Eagle Picure Leud products, and maintains headquarters at 1569 Washington street.

CHANT TENTS & AWNINGS – Established in April of 1938 by Herbert Chant.

CLARK’S STANDARD AUTO PARTS – Established in November of 1938 by Clarence C. Clark.

    Clarence C. Clark has been in the auto parts business about 12 years. His store at 528 Mulberry avenue, which was opened in November of 1938 carries a complete stock of standard auto parts and accessories. Also included in the business is a machine shop.

HEALEY METAL REPAIRS – Established in January of 1938 by Laurence Healey.

    Laurence Healey bought out the metal repair business of Maurice Lorber, for whom he had worked in January of 1938 and changed the name to Healey...

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    ... All kinds of welding and blacksmith work is done by the firm including work for contractors, trucks, farm work of all kinds, and for business firms around town. Mr. Healey also does work on the local elevators and for barge companies on the Mississippi river.

HETZLER DAIRY – Established Sept. 24, 1938 by Keith Hetzler.

    The most modern sanitary equipment is used by the Hetzler Dairy, located at 425 Mulberry avenue, which was established in September of 1938 by Keith Hetzler. The firm has a Spray E Pasteurizer, considered the very latest in pasteurizers, and two months ago added a welded wire hood seal which gives the milk added protection. Started a year and a half ago with one milk route, the Hetzler dairy is now operating five. The firm handles a complete line of pasteurized goods, and Meadowgold products.

HINSHAW’S CASH GROCERY – Established in July of 1938 by J. Z. Hinshaw.

L. D. HOFFMASTER MONUMENTS – Established in January of 1938 by L. D. Hoffmaster.

    L. D. Hoffmaster gained experience in the monument business through working for J. T. Boland, who sold monuments in Muscatine for many years. In January of 1938 Mr. Hoffmaster started in business for himself at 1311 East Second street, also his place of residence. He handles all kinds of monuments, having them made up in many kinds of granites at quarries in numerous states.

KUT KURL BEAUTY SHOP – Established in December of 1938 by Mrs. Blanche Hartman.

LANE’S READY-TO-WEAR – Established in November of 1938 by Herman Silverman.

MAHRAUM SERVICE STATION – Established in November of 1938 by Walter Mahraun.


MAPLECREST TURKEY FARMS – Established in Muscatine in April of 1938 by A. C. Gingery.

    About 640,000 turkeys are …

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    … raised each year by the Maplecrest turkey farms, located at Wellman and Muscatine. The farm at Wellman was established in 1918 by A. C. Gingery, and the farm on Muscatine Island was started by Mr. Gingery in April of 1938.

    The egg-laying pens are at the Muscatine plant and the incubators at Wellman. After the eggs are hatched the young turkeys are sent back to the Muscatine farm for raising. Dressed Maplecrest turkeys are shipped to eastern markets, and some sold locally.

    Charles Yoder is manager of the Muscatine farm.

MINER COAL COMPANY – Established Nov. 1, 1938 by Frances Miner.

MODERN ELECTRIC STORE – Established May 6, 1938 by Herbert Bendle and Charles McCarty.

    The Modern Electric store, located at 221 East Second street, is the home of General Electric in Muscatine. Established in May of 1938 by Herbert Bendle and Charles McCarty, the firm handles General Electric home appliances, heating equipment, and air conditioning and engages in the electrical contracting business as well. Herbert Bendle is the active head of the firm.

MUSCATINE BEAUTY SHOP – Established in March of 1938 by Ruth Hitchcock.

    Miss Ruth Hitchcock received her training in beauty work at Busselle’s school of cosmetology in Davenport. She entered the school in August of 1937 following her graduation from Muscatine high school the previous June, and in March of 1938 brought out the Muscatine beauty shop, located on the third floor of the Hershey building. Miss Hitchcock purchased the business from Eva Greathouse.

ROWDY THOMPSON AUTO DEALER -- Established in April of 1938.

ORANGE STREET GROCERY – Established in July of 1938 by Frank Soukup.

    The Orange Street Grocery was originally started by Joe Manjoine’s father, and has had several other proprietors before being taken over by Frank Soukup in July of 1938. Mr. Soukup has been in the grocery business 29 years, previously operating a store at Wilton. A complete line of groceries and meats is carried at the orange Street Grocery.

PINE CASTLE – Established in July of 1938 by Henry and John Havemann.

PLA-MOR BOWLING ALLEYS – Established in September of 1938 by Ollie Bently.

    Ollie Bently, who bought out the Pla-Mor Bowling alley from Slim Baker and Ben Bankhead in September of 1936, is planning to enlarge his business this year by taking over the balance of the upper floor in the building at 113 West Third street. He is also building nine new alleys which will add greatly to the enjoyment of bowling, and plans to install a soda fountain.

    The enlarged Pla-Mor building will accommodate the large crowds of players and spectators which enjoy this sport daily.

    When Mr. Bently bought the business he added two more alleys and completely re-modeled and decorated the recreation center. During his first year in business he operated 56 teams in league play, and this year had 70. He expects 100 next year with his improved new alleys.

WHITE’S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION – Established Sept. 1, 1938 by Joe White.

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Submitted by Kathy Foote
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WOOLSEY’S STANDARD SERVICE STATION – Established May 1, 1938 by Ray Woolsey.


BALL MOTOR SALES – Established in May of 1939 by W. W. Ball.

    The Ball Motor sales at 111 Chestnut street is a comparatively new firm in Muscatine. W. W. Ball, who founded the business in May of 1930, sells Hudson automobiles, both new and used, and operates a general repair service. Mr. Ball has lived in Muscatine the past four years, coming here from Winfield, Ia.

BEE GEE SHOP – Established May 29, 1939 by O. A. Glatstein.

    One of the newer firms in the city is the Bee Gee shop, started in May of 1939 on the second floor of the Furniture Mart by O. A. Glatstein. The store receives its name from the initials of Mr. Glatstein’s wife, Birdie Glatstein, and is managed by their daughter, Shirlee.

    In October of 1939 the firm moved into the building next door, at 120 East second street. It is a moderate-price store, and specializes in sport-wear, extra sizes, and a “hat bar.”

BERNIE’S 66 SERVICE STATION – Established Sept. 16, 1939 by B. Rosenberg.

MUSCATINE BUICK COMPANY – Established Feb. 20, 1939 by J. E. Trevellyan and C. W. DeRoque.

CENTRAL MARKET – Established June 7, 1939 by Ed Barry.

FOOD CITY – Established Nov. 15, 1939 by the Benner Tea company.

    The Benner Tea company opened a new large modern market at 111-116 East Third street under the name of Food City in November of 1939, remodeling the building formerly occupied by a garage.

    The store features every-day low prices, and operates on a self-service plan. Eleven employees are on hand through the week to wait on customers, with 16 employed on Saturdays. A complete line of groceries, meats, fruits, and vegetables is carried. Robert Quinn has been manager of the store since it was opened.

JAMES BROTHERS GROCERY – Established July 1, 1939 by Ernest and Raynard James.

THE KARMEL KORN SHOP – Established March 19, 1939 by Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mercer.

    Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mercer became proprietors of the Karmelkorn shop at the corner of Fifth and Mulberry on March 10, 1939. They continued in business there until December of 1939, at which time they closed the firm, starting again at the old location on Jan. 25, 1940. On March 10, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Mercer moved their Karmelkorn shop to 406 Mulberry avenue, where they continue in business at present.

LATHAM MOBILGAS STATION – Established Oct. 7, 1939 by Sam Latham.

LEADER STORE – Established in May of 1939 by Leonard Skolnik.

MODE O’DAY STORE – Established in Muscatine in June of 1939 by Jack H. Harris.

    The Mode-O-Day shop located on East Second street is one of 225 independently owned Mode-O-Day stores operating in 165 cities and 16 states throughout the country. Jack H. Harris, owner of the local store, established his shop here in June of 1939.

    Dresses, lingerie, and hosiery are carried by the shop, with styles direct from Hollywood. Mode-O-Day is one of America’s largest cotton frock manufacturers, the factory being located at Los Angeles, Calif. Grayce Young is manager of the local store.

PAINT & OIL MARKET – Established Feb. 22, 1939 by Merrill Thomas.

    Merrill Thomas is well qualified to sell paints and oils, having been in the painting and decorating business 20 years before opening his Paint and Oil Market at 526 Mulberry avenue. The firm was started by Mr. Thomas on Feb. 22, 1939, with a formal opening held in May. He handles a complete line of John H. Witte and Sons paints, varnishes, etc., and polmerik oil, made by Archer Daniel Midland company of Minne- …

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    … apolis. Mr. Thomas was born in Illinois across the river from Muscatine, but has lived in this city for the past 18 years.

POOLE STANDARD SERVICE STATION – Established in June of 1939 by Charles M. Poole.

SCHMIDT STANDARD SERVICE STATION – Established Nov. 10, 1939 by Oscar Schmidt.

COPPER KETTLE – Established in April of 1939 by Ila Rabedeaux and glen Seydel.

    The Copper Kettle, favorite Muscatine eating place located at 212 Iowa avenue, is attractively decorated in tones of tan and brown, with hunting scenes adorning the walls and backs of the chairs. Meals are served daily, including Sundays and holidays. Ila Rabedeaux of Muscatine and Glen Seydel of Davenport established the firm in April of 1939. It is managed by Gertrude Hohenadel, sister of Miss Rabedeaux.

STANLEY ENGINEERING COMPANY – Established July 1, 1939 by C. M. and Arthur Stanley.

    The Stanley Engineering company, located in the Central State Bank building, is the largest consulting engineering firm in the State of Iowa, is one of the sizable firms in the middlewest, and is the outgrowth of a practice established in 1910 by C. H. Young. The history of the firm in its present line of work, however, dates back to 1932, when C. M. Stanley purchased half interest in the practice of C. H. Young and assumed active management of the practice. The scope of the work performed has been materially widened to include not only drainage work, but also municipal and industrial work including buildings, power plants, distribution systems, sewers and sewage disposal plants, water works and water treating plants, swimming pools, and other types of work. The firm has also done a vast amount of rural electric transmission lines constructed on projects financed by the Rural Electrification Administration.

    Paralleling the increase in scope and volume of work has been a corresponding increase in personnel. The number of employees of the organization has increased from 3, in 1932, to approximately 50 at the present time. There are now 28 employees in the local office and about 22 in the field. Although many local residents have been employed by the firm, the need of trained engineers has resulted in the firm’s bringing outsiders into Muscatine. The firm has brought some 12 engineers and their families to Muscatine in addition to several unmarried men. The personnel of the firm includes engineers in all types of work, including civil, electrical, mechanical, and architectural.

    The activities of the organization have included work in the States of Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Arizona, in addition to Iowa. While the greater portion of the work has been in Iowa, the volume in other states is increasing each year. The offices of the organization are located in the Central State Bank Building, using the entire area of the third floor and one room on the second floor. These offices have been occupied since December, 1938, when the business was moved from its former quarters which had become inadequate for the increasing volume of work. The present space provides offices for the members of the firm, a conference room library, reception room, laboratory, and a blueprint department, in addition to the drafting room and office space for the engineers. Included in the work done by the firm are many local projects, among them the following: Additional boiler installation in municipal electric plant in 1933; 3,000,000 gal. concrete storage …

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    … Reservoir; substation and service building for the municipal electric plant; present improvements under construction at municipal electric power plant; improvements to boiler plant of Huttig Manufacturing company. Reconstruction of Mississippi river bridge; preliminary plans for addition to Garfield school.

R. A. THOMPSON ICE & COAL – Established in April of 1939 by R. A. Thompson.

    R. A. Thompson bought out his ice and coal business from Ed Messier in April of 1939, when the latter moved to California. Mr. Messier’s business had been known as fuel Service, and was formerly located on East Second street, later being moved to 1205 Washington street where it continues to operate. Mr. Thompson also has a Mobile gas station in connection with his ice and coal business.

WELCH BROTHERS GARAGE – established June 1, 1939 by James S. Welch.

    The Welch Brothers garage occupies 220-222 of the Welch building, Iowa avenue, which is owned by one of the partners, James M. Welch. The Welch apartments are at 224 Iowa avenue.

    The firm was started by James M. and W. A. Welch on June 1, 1939, and last July the former’s son, Howard, entered the business. The garage deals in Studebaker cars and Ford tractors with Ferguson system. James Welch has owned the Welch apartment building for the past 15 years.


Dollman grocery – Established Jan. 20, 1940 by Ernest Dollman.

    Ernest Dollman has operated the grocery store at 1010 Poplar street since the first of this year...

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    --- A complete line of fancy and staple groceries and meats is carried. Mr. Dollman has been remodeling his store a little at a time since taking it over.

GLADYS BEAUTY SHOP – Established April 2, 1920 by Gladys Reinsager.

MUSCATINE PRODUCE – Established March 20, 1940 by H. J. Boulund.

PORT CITY AUTO SALVAGE COMPANY – Established Feb. 12, 1940 by Mrs. Helen Bancroft.

    The Port City Auto salvage company, established by Mrs. Helen Bancroft in February of 1940, carries a complete line of auto parts and also maintains a garage repair service. Jim Hallbert is mechanic for the firm.

STORMER ELECTRIC COMPANY – Established Jan. 1, 1940 by R. E. Stormer.

THRIFTY THREE STORES – Established Feb. 2, 1940 by Chet Sander, Howard Sander, and Ed Barry.

    The Thrifty-Three, a cooperative grocery organization, was established in February of this year by three Muscatine grocers, Chet Sander, proprietor of the East Hill Market, Ed Barry of the Central Market, and Howard Sander of the West Side Market. The organization was established to provide easy and more economical buying and selling facilities, and cooperative advertising.

    The three member firms being located on east hill, the central area, and west hill, thus provide better parts of town. One of the newer organizations of Muscatine, the thrifty Three has as its slogan, “Watch Us Grow.”

DR. DODDER, CHIROPRACTOR – Established April 22, 1940 by Dr. E. L. Dodder.

    Prior to opening his office in Muscatine this April Dr. E. L. Dodder, chiropractor, had been associated with his uncle and aunt, Drs. Peterson and Peterson in Tipton, Ia. Dr. Dodder took his schooling at Lincoln college of Indianapolis, and a post – graduate course at the Logan Basic Technique college of St. Louis.

    Complete chiropractic health service is given by Dr. Dodder in his office at 213 Iowa avenue, including basic technique. He specializes in child cases as well as adult. The chiropractor’s home was formerly at Glenwood, Ia.

THE SAND MOUND – Opening June 1, 1940. Established by Verne Wardlow.

    We close our centennial directory with Muscatine’s newest firm, the Sand Mound, which will be opened by Verne Wardlow on Highway 61, 1 ½ miles west of Muscatine, on June 1.

    The Sand Mound will specialize in steak, fish, and chicken dinners, as well as sandwiches and short orders. Attractive interior decoration combined with good food and service promises to make the new Sand Mound a popular place.

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