Muscatine County, Iowa
Muscatine Journal & News-Tribune
Centennial Edition
31 May 1940

Section 5 - Muscatine Business Directory
“The first hundred years are the hardest . . .” or are they?

Of the more than 600 business firms in Muscatine, listed in the following business directory compiled by The Journal for its first centennial edition are many who have weathered the storms of depression and hard knocks for nearly a hundred years. If we’ve missed any one of them in this listing, we deeply regret the oversight which is entirely unintentional. We have tried faithfully to give you a picture of how Muscatine firms have grown down through a century – from 1840 to 1940 – with each firm listed under the year in which it was established. It is also interesting to note by whom these firms were established, and the brief historical sketches which accompany most of them contain many amusing notes of the early days of our city.

When the wheels of industry began turning in Muscatine back in 1840 it was a far cry from the stream-lined business and industrial activity of today. We offer here the Journal’s business directory of Muscatine firms:

Submitted by Charlene Nichols Hixon
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HOTEL MUSCATINE – Established in April of 1915 by the Muscatine Hotel company.

    Erected in 1915 as a 125-room fireproof hotel, the Hotel Muscatine stands at the corner of Iowa avenue and Front streets at a spot where the Mississippi river used to meet shore in the early days of Muscatine.

    The hotel was financed by local capital, being built by a local stock company. During the first year it was managed by a couple from Peoria, Ill., and for 14 years after that by Charles Wanner, until it was bought by Earl Tagney and Homer H. Mueller of Spencer, Ia., ten years ago. Mr. Mueller came to Muscatine at that time and has resided here since, taking active charge of the operation of the hotel.

WEIS & LUPTON PRINTING COMPANY – Established Oct. 4, 915 by Gustav Weis.

    Originally the Hawkeye Specialty and Printing company, founded by Gustav Weis in 1915, the Weis and Lupton Printing company became known as such on May 16, 1923 when Lyle Lupton entered the firm as a partner.

    It has occupied the same location at 120 East Third street through the years. All kinds of job and commercial printing are handled by the establishment, which has a Miller hi-speed press and four Platen presses, two equipped with self-feeders. Other equipment includes stitchers, punching machines, perforating machines virlcotyping machines and power cutting machines.

    The firm has been printing the Muscatine county financial report of 45 pages for the past several years, and a similar report for the Municipal Light company.

    Weis-Lupton’s handle supplies for business offices, and also carry a greeting card line.

    Mr. Weis, founder of the firm, was originally a printer on the Muscatine Journal and News Tribune. Mr. Lupton came to Muscatine from Chariton, Ia., where he had been employed as a printer.

WEBER & SONS BUTTON COMPANY – Established in 1915 by John Weber, Sr., and sons.

    John Weber, Sr., and his five sons, Louis H., Charles F., Walter F., William H., and John, Jr., established the Weber and Sons Button company in Muscatine 25 years ago, in 1915.

    The manufacture of pearl buttons had been the life work of John Weber, Sr., who died in 1934, leaving his sons and grandsons to carry on the business. Different members of the family head the several departments of the concern, which is located at 1008 East Sixth street.

CHOCOLATE SHOP – Established in 1915 in Harry Sickman and William Ahlf.

WALTMAN & WEST – Established in June of 1915 by E. V. Waltman and W. L. West.

MUSCATINE COUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY – Established in about 1915 by a group of Muscatine county dentists.

    The Muscatine County Dental society points with pride to the fact that the Iowa State Dental society was organized in Muscatine, July 14, 1863 at the office of a local dentist, Dr. Joseph Hardman.

    Dr. W. O. Kulp, also a former dentist of this city, and Dr. Hardman were instrumental in founding a state society of dentists, and were charter members of the group.

    Early recollections of the Muscatine County Dental society go back to 1914, at which time Dr. F. W. Englund was serving as secretary.

    Present officers of the county group are Dr. J. L. Pearlman, president; Dr. H. G. Johnson, vice president; Dr. J. B. Hathaway, secretary-treasurer; and Dr. W. B. Lease, president –elect.

Max Sholnik MUSCATINE IRON AND METAL COMPANY – Established in the summer of 1915 by.

    A greatly increased volume of business is conducted at the Muscatine Iron and Metal company, 527-29 East Second street. Max Skolnik has operated this business in Muscatine continuously since 1915. It has been at the same location through the years. Much waste material is replaced by cash in the hands of the owner and the material itself converted into material which again processed intomarketable products of many kinds. Besides waste material, they buy and sell usable materials, also auto and tractor parts, tires and accessories.

RELIABLE COAL COMPANY -- Established in September of 1915 by J. A. Nabedrick.

S. S. KRESGE COMPANY – Established in Muscatine in September of 1915.

C. W. RAMSEYER PLUMBING AND HEATING STORE – Established in May of 1915 by C. W. Ramseyer and C. R. Lotspiech.

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    C. W. Ramseyer and C. R. Lotspiech were partners in the plumbing and heating business from 1915 until Mr. Lotspiech’s death in 1928. At that time Mr. Ramseyer took it over alone.

    The firm was located on Iowa avenue the first year, where the Welch Brothers’ garage is in business, and has been in its present location at 200 West Second street ever since.

    Mr. Ramseyer carries a complete line of plumbing and heating equipment, featuring the Crane and Koehler plumbing lines, Auburn stokers and Timken oil burners.

TONY LANGE'S TAILOR SHOP – Established in November of 1915 by Tony Lange.

    Tony Lange, who has operated a tailor shop in Muscatine since 1915, has been in the tailoring business all his life and his father and grandfather before him. His father conducted a tailor shop at Effingham, Ill., and his grandfather worked at the trade in Germany.

    Mr. Lange came to Muscatine from Rock Island, and had previously operated a shop at Mattoon, Ill. for ten years.

    Assisted by his wife, Mr. Lange does all kinds of general tailoring work in his form, located at 217 1-2 East Second street. The shop was first started at 116 1-2 East Second street, being there about 20 years until it was moved above the Muscatine Music House. It has been in the present location at 217 1-2 East Second street for the past year.


HILL-GOETZ LUMBER & COAL COMPANY – Established in 1916 by J. F. Hill and E. E. Collins.

    The Hill-Goetz Lumber and Coal company has had 24 years experience in business, the firm carrying on the traditions of the former Collins and Hill Lumber company.

    In 1916 J. F. Hill and E. E. Collins purchased their retail lumber business from the Huttig Manufacturing company and continued to operate under the Collins-Hill name until 1938. In August of that year the Hill-Goetz Lumber and Coal company was established by J. F. Hill, Walter E. Goetz and Edward J. Hill. It has been in the same location at 807 East Second street through the years.

IOWA PEARL BUTTON COMPANY – Established in September of 1916 by W. F. Bishop.

MUSCATINE COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY – Established Jan. 15, 1916, by G. Allbee, H. G. Thompson, F. L. Bihlmeier, R. S. Jackson, W. R. Jayne, H. F. Giessler, N. Rosenberger, E. F. Richman, and Fred H. Hoffman.

    Attorney Gus Allbee has served as president of the Muscatine County Abstract company since it was incorporated in 1916 by a group of Muscatine attorneys and business men. G. Clyde Parks, former county recorder, is the present secretary.

    The company has always maintained offices in the American Bank building, being now located in rooms 414-415 on the fourth floor.

    The organization was founded for the purpose of preparing abstracts of title in a standard form by competent abstractors. By forming a corporation, the abstracts prepared by the corporation were given a continuous existence and reliability which would not cease with the death of the abstractor, as in the case of an abstract prepared by a private individual.

    First incorporators were G. Allbee, H. G. Thompson, F. L. Bilhmeier, R. S. Jackson, W. R. Jayne, H. F. Giessler, N. Rosenberger, E. F. Richman and Fred H. Hoffman.

AUGUST HOFFMAN GROCERY – Established in September of 1916 by August Hoffman.

LAGOMARCINO-GRUPE COMPANY – Established in Muscatine in April of 1916 by Harry Tiecke, Sr.

    Harry Tiecke, Sr., has been in charge of the Lagomarcino-Grupe company of Muscatine ever since it was established here in April of 1916. In his wholesale fruit and vegetable business, Mr. Tiecke receives Blue Goose oranges from a former resident of Muscatine Island, Arthur S. McDermott, now living in California.

    The firm also manufactures and sells Ideal ice cream, which is distributed both wholesale and retail throughout Muscatine and nearby territory.

    The Lagomarcino-Grupe company has other firms throughout Iowa and Illinois, with headquarters at Burlington, Ia.


LAUREL BEAUTY SHOP – Established in 1917 by McColm and company.

W. A. HOUK VETERINARIAN – Established in April of 1917 by W. A. Houk.

    Dr. W. A. Houk, Muscatine veterinary with offices at 203 Walnut street, has served as food and milk inspector of the city for the past eight or nine years.

    Upon completion of his schooling – four years at Kansas State college and a year at the Chicago Veterinary college – Dr. Houk came directly to Muscatine and opened his practice. His son, William Houk, Jr., became associated with his father in 1936 after his graduation ...

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    ... from Ohio State college. Six months later, Bill, Jr. accepted a position with the Bureau of animal Industry, which inspects meat for export shipping. The son is now stationed at Estherville, Ia.


J. A. BOOM & SONS GROCERY – Established April 1, 1918 by J. A. Bloom and sons, Ralph and Clarence.

LAUREL BUILDING – Established in 1918 by Mrs. Laura McColm Atkins.

    The Laurel building, erected in Muscatine in 1918, is one of the tallest structures in the city, having six complete floors and a mezzanine. It was named for Mrs. Laura McColm Atkins, its founder.

    The main floor is occupied by the J. C. Penney company store, the second and third floors by McColm and company, and the other floors by various business and professional firms which have offices and suites. An annex houses the Fischer shoe store. The building is conveniently located in the heart of the business district, at the corner of Iowa avenue and Second street.

REULING ENGINEERING COMPANY – Established in 1918 by R. E. Reuling.

    Ralph E. Reuling has operated the Reuling Engineering company in Muscatine since 1918, when he founded the firm at 301 West Front street, the same location where it is today. The firm does all kinds of general machine work plus a complete welding service, both acetylene welding and electric arc welding.

MUSCATINE OVERALL COMPANY – Established in November of 1918 by Henry Orren.

MUSCATINE HEATING AND SHEET METAL WORKS – Established in 1918 by Kindler and Eisenmann.

ILLINOIS OIL COMPANY – Established in September of 1918 by the Wallace Coal Company.

W. C. FULHMAN GROCERY – Established in October of 1918 by W. C. Fuhlman.

    Since a boy of 17, W. C. Fuhlman has been before the public in Muscatine. Much of that time has been spent in the grocery business both as clerk and as proprietor of his own firm. In 1918 Mr. Fuhlman first started his own grocery on Walnut street and remained there about 13 years until he moved down to 413 East Second street where he is now located.

    It is interesting to note that his present location is the same as where he first started selling groceries as a clerk.

DIERCKS & FROEHNER GROCERY – Established Jan. 1, 1918 by W. D. Diercks and J. H. Froehner.

MUSCATINE SHOE SHOP – Established Dec. 1, 1918 by Abe Rosenberg.

EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF IOWA – Established in Muscatine in 1918 by J. C. Van Lent.

JOHN HOHENADEL, GENERAL CONTRACTOR – Established in 1918 by John Hohenadel.

GERTRUDE EDWARDS GROCERY – Established in 1918 by Mabel and Gertrude Edwards.

    Mabel and Gertrude Edwards started in the grocery business at the corner of Mulberry avenue and Second street in 1918. After nine years Mabel Edwards sold out her share of the business to A. J. Schultz, and a year and a half later Gertrude Edwards again opened a grocery at 223 Mulberry avenue, where she is still located.


TOM DORA & SON TRANSFER – Established in 1919 by Tom Dora and Raymond Dora.

    When Tom Dora and son, Raymond, first started their transfer company at 117 Sherman street in 1919, they used horses and wagons for hauling purposes. Gradually these were replaced by motor vehicles, until today five trucks are used by the firm.

    Such articles as household goods and freight of all kinds are hauled for long distances or short.

HOLLAND FURNACE COMPANY – Established May 21, 1919 by Harry R. Othmer.

    Ray Othmer took entire charge of the Holland Furnace company at 208 Pine street following the death of his father, Harry R. Othmer, on Feb. 15, 1934. Ray had previously been associated in the business with his father.

    Recently the present head of the firm was awarded a trip to Holland, Mich., the home of Holland furnaces, as the result of selling his quota of furnaces for the year along with other branch managers who had made the same record.

    The local firm installs Holland furnaces and air conditioning systems.

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AUTOMATIC GRAVEL PRODUCTS COMPANY – Established in 1919 by Fred Block.

SANITARY PLUMBING & HEATING COMPANY – Established March 1, 1919 by E. D. Horst and E. J. Sywassink.

    The Sanitary Plumbing and Heating firm has occupied three locations since it was organized in 1919 by E. D. Horst and E. J. Sywassink. First it was located on the corner of Fifth and Mulberry, later moved to Walnut street, and in 1928 to its present location at 108 West Second street. In the beginning only plumbing and heating work was done by the firm, but now Heil oil burners, stokers, pumps, and Myers equipment are also handled.

KING’S STORES – Established in 1919 as Askins’ store by Charles Askins.

    King’s Stores was originally known as Askin’s store, being started in Muscatine in 1919 by Charles Askins, at the site now occupied by lane’s Beauty and Gift shop. It was moved to its present location about 15 years ago. Mr. Askins sold the store to Kaybee Stores, Inc., in 1930 and in February of 1940 it was again sold to King’s Stores company.

    Harry Bowsman has managed the firm since 1928. The first customer is still trading with the store.

EAST HILL MARKET – Established in 1919 by Chet Sanders.

CONNOR’S GROCERY – Established in June of 1919 by g. O. Connor and Walter France.

    Guy Connor is well experienced in the grocery field, having operated a business at the same site as his present store since 1919. This was with the exception of a few years when Mr. Connor was out of the field, later resuming his business at the same location, 1333 East Second street.

    The store is open days and evenings and offers free delivery service to all parts of town. Fancy and staple foods, featuring fresh vegetables and meats, and a complete line of canned goods is offered by the store.

    Mr. Connor is associated in the business with his three sons, Dick, Bob, and Bill.

A. C. SPRINGBORN PLUMBING & HEATING – Established in March of 1919 by A. C. Springborn.

    A. C. Springborn worked for William J. Watson in the latter’s plumbing and heating business for ten years prior to purchasing it in March 1919. The last year and a half he had managed the business for the Watson estate, following Mr. Watson’s death.

    Mr. Springborn has always sold standard brands of plumbing fixtures – Crane, Standard, and Koehler – in addition to Oil-O-Matic oil burners which he has been selling for 15 years, and Winkler Stokers. The Springborn firm also installs forced hot water heating systems.

HAVERMANN BROTHERS GROCERY – Established in July of 1919 by Henry and John Havemann.

AUTO PARTS COMPANY – Established in August of 1919 by William Mills.

MAEGLIN & DIERCKS INSURANCE AGENCY – Established in 1919 by Otto Maeglin.

ALBERT G. SLATTERY GROCERY – Established Sept. 15, 1919 by A. G. Slattery.

CASH SHOE STORE – Established in October of 1919 by R. W. Cash.

IOWA POULTRY FARM – Established in April of 1919 by Earl Duncan.


DR. J. B. GINGERY, VETERINARIAN – Established in 1920 by Dr. J. B. Gingery.

    Dr. Gingery served as veterinary professor in two institutions, the University of Missouri and Kansas State college, for periods of five years each before opening his practice in Muscatine in 1920. He bought out the practice of R. O. Byerum at that time.

    Dr. Gingery was graduated from the veterinary department of Kansas State college in 1910.

DRS. PEARSON & PEARSON OSTEOPATHS – Established June 21, 1920 by Dr. R. R. Pearson.

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C. HENRY WERNER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDING – Established in 1920 by C. H. Werner.

    C. Henry Werner worked at the Roach and Musser factory and the Hawkeye Button company before going into the contracting business for himself in 1920.

    After leaving Roach and Musser’s in 1910, Mr. Werner worked at the carpenter trade for two years, prior to taking a job as machinist at the Hawkeye Button company. He remained with the Hawkeye plant eight years. He has conducted his own business as contractor and builder at 401 Bartlett street for the past 20 years.

MEYERS FUNERAL HOME – Established in January of 1920 by N. W. Meyers.

    The Meyers Funeral home is known as the first actual home for funerals – not only in Muscatine –but also in eastern Iowa. Previous to that time morticians had conducted their work in connection with other businesses.

    In 1920 N. W. Meyers bought the charming house and grounds at the corner of Walnut and Seventh streets from Eversmeyer and Leffingwell and re-arranged it to conform with a home for funerals. He has been in this same location for 20 years. .

    Previous to opening his new funeral home, Mr. Meyers had had wide experience as a mortician. After 17 years with an old firm in Muscatine, he opened a business for himself on Second street next to the American Bank building. He remained there two years, and then moved up to Walnut street, between Second and Third, continuing there 12 years until opening the new home on East Seventh street. .

    His son-in-law, George Milder, has been in the business with him for eight years, and his grandson, Francis Milder, is serving his second year apprenticeship.

GLASGOW TAILORS – Established Sept. 1, 1920 by H. C. Beeson.

    Harry C. Beeson, who established the Glasgow Tailors store in Muscatine in 1920, has been associated with the Midwestern Tailoring company of Chicago,…

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    ... wholesale headquarters of the Glasgow stores, for the past 35 years, having owned stores in other towns. He has served as president of the Midwestern Tailoring company for the past three years.

    There are about 40 Glasgow stores located throughout the middle-west, all of them home owned. The local store was first established at 227 East Second street, and moved to its present location at 216 Sycamore street in 1930 where merchandise is shown to fair advantage in a daylight room.

    About 500 large pieces of goods are kept on hand at all times, and suits made to order from exact measurements. Their connection with the Midwestern Tailoring company enables the Glasgow Tailors to have the newest patterns on hand at all times. The firm also does tailoring and repair work on men’s and women’s garments.

J. G. JOHNSTON CHIROPRACTOR – Established Aug. 31, 1920 by Dr. J. g. Johnston.

TOM ROYSTER CONTRACTOR – Established in 1920 by Tom Royster.

    Tom Royster, Muscatine contractor, is carrying on his business from the same place at 1182 Hershey avenue where he was born. He started his contracting firm in 1920, and has been continuously in business ever since, erecting many fine homes around town. Mr. Royster has three men working for him.

E. X. BAUER PRODUCTS – Established in 1920 by E. X. Bauer

    Prior to starting his business of making mustard and other products in 1920, E. X. Bauer was a salesman. While on the road he became acquainted with a man who made mustard, and persuaded him to sell his formula. Since then Mr. Bauer has changed the formula to conform with his own ideas of making good mustard. His business has steadily increased until now he makes other products beside mustard, such as horseradish, peanut butter, pickle relish, dill and sweet pickles, and others. He makes these products at his home, 711 Leroy street. Some of them are shipped out, some sold to jobbers, and others sold locally.

DELUXE CLEANERS – Established march 1, 1920 by Gus Kossives.

CLARENCE NOLAN SILVER FRONT BARBAR SHOP – Established June 24, 1920 by Clarence Nolan.

HERR’S COAL YARD – Established in July of 1920 by Rolly Herr.

ERNEST NABER DAIRY – Established in February of 1920 by Ernest and George Naber.

IOWA SHINE PARLOR – Established in 1920 by Ed Gremmel.

    The Iowa Shine parlor has been in the same location at 206 ½ Iowa avenue since it was established 20 years ago by Ed Gremmel. Mr. Gremmel sold it to Stoker brothers in 1924, and in 1939 Eddie Gilmore, the present proprietor, bought the firm.

PARRY AUTO COMPANY – Established in September of 1920 by C. C. Parry and E. C. Hank.

    In its early years the Parry Auto company sold Hupmobile and Reo automobiles. Now only Reo trucks are sold, but the firm has an extensive repair department and specializes in the mechanical end of the business. Mobilgas products are also handled. The Parry Auto company, started by C. C. Parry and E. C. Hank, was incorporated in September of 1920. About four years ago Mr. Parry dropped out of the business.

ELFERS ELECTRIC STORE – Established in July of 1920 by Louis Elfers.

    Louis Elfers started in business in the South Side electric shop in South Muscatine which he founded in July of 1920. The firm was moved to 227 East Second street in 1931, and in 1938 to 203 West Second street, the present location. Mr. Elfers is at present stressing the construction end of the electrical business, his most recent job being the fixtures and construction on the new Bellevue hospital addition.

MUSCATINE CAR MARKET – Established in 1920 by Harold H. Schlutz and Albert Levin.

    Harold Schlutz and Albert Levin, proprietors of the Muscatine Car Market, have been in the automobile business together for 20 years. In that time they have been in three locations, on East Second street, at the corner of Third and Mulberry, and at present at 115 Cedar street. The firm handles Nash and Willis automobiles, Goodyear tires, and a complete line of auto accessories in addition to oil and grease, Willard batteries, and Champion sparkplugs. The Muscatine Car Market also sells used cars.

SCHMELZER ICE & COAL – Established in April of 1920 by George Schmelzer.

LORD BROTHERS, SUCCESSORS TO METAL SIGN ADVERTISING COMPANY – Established April 9, 1920 by Herman Lord, Andrew Lord, and Herman Zeug.

    The firm of Lord Brothers, composed of Herman B. and Andrew S. Lord, is successor to the Metal Sign Advertising company, established in April of 1920 by Herman and Andrew Lord and Herman Zeug. Metal signs of all types are made by the firm in its location on Marquette street, and these are sent all over the United …

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    ... States as well as to other parts of the world. Not long ago the company sent two signs to the Dutch West Indies – one a café sign and the other a sample sign. In past years signs have also been sent to Puerto Rico and South Africa.

MUSCATINE SHIPPERS’ ASSOCIATION – Established in January of 1920 by F. C. Marzolph.

ZIEGLER MUSIC SHOP – established in January of 1920 by Elmer Ziegler.

    For a period of 20 years – ever since his return from service abroad in the World war with the U. S. navy – Elmer Ziegler has been prominently identified with the music interests of Muscatine.

    For 18 years he has directed a Boys’ and Girls’ band in Muscatine, and in addition he this year plans to have a summer band in Muscatine. This will include a three months’ course for new players, with Mr. Ziegler providing the instruments free while the new musicians experiment with them to find if they are musically inclined. Eight scholarships will be offered on instruments most needed for the band.

    Those who make good in the summer band will be promoted to the Boys’ and Girls’ band in September. The summer band idea is nation-wide, but will be new to Muscatine.

    During his high school days, Mr. Ziegler ws director of the high school orchestra, and he also played in Paudet’s band and with the Muscatine Symphony orchestra. In addition to directing rehearsals of many bands and orchestras and teaching a large class of private pupils, Mr. Ziegler finds time to play viola in the tri-City symphony orchestra at Davenport and solo clarinet in the Kaaba Temple Shrine band at Davenport.

    Mr. Ziegler’s travels in his musical career have covered 34 states, Canada and Mexico. In his music shop at 105 West Sixth street he also deals in and repairs musical instruments of all kinds.


BROUD’S – Established in September of 1921 by Joe Broud.

    Broud’s, the store for everyone, located at 123 West Second street, is an outgrowth of one of the oldest hardware firms in town – the McQuesten and Sawyer hardware store founded in Muscatine in 1871. The firm was established by W. W. McQuesten and S. P. Sawyer, who remained in business until about 1890 when their two sons, William McQuesten and S. F. Sawyer, took charge. These two men operated the sore together until Mr. Sawyer’s death in 1905, at which time Mr. Mcuesten continued in business alone.

    In September of 1921 J. C. Broud bought out the McQuesten interests and started in business at the same location. He has continued the high standard of business ethics started by the founders back in the early days of Muscatine. Broud’s has just been remodeled both outside and in, including an entire new front with three large show windows.

HOFFMAN FUNERAL HOME – Established in 1921 by Ernest Hoffman.

    Ernest Hoffman started his first funeral home in 1921 in the five hundred block on Mulberry avenue, remaining in that location about five years. He then moved to the 300 block on East Second street, and after five years there moved again to the corner of Fifth and Cedar street.

    In 1936 Mr. Hoffman bought the old Cedar Street Methodist church at the corner of Fourth and cedar, and remodeled it to conform with a convenient, gracious, and modern funeral home. The arrangement of the church, with its large auditorium and pipe organ, made an ideal place for holding funerals.

    Mr. Hoffman is assisted in his business by Max Harden, also a licensed embalmer, and Howard Campbell, of Mechanicsville, who is serving his apprenticeship following his graduation from an embalming school in St. Louis.

MRS. LULU WEBSTER GROCERY – Established Dec. 17, 1921 by Webster and McCullough.

    Mrs. Lulu Webster and her late husband bought F. G. McCullough’s half interest in the grocery business on March 3, 1925. Mr. Webster died Aug. 10, 1928, and since that time Mrs. Webster has been operating the store at 218 Iowa avenue herself.

GLICK’S ECONOMY STORE – Established in June of 1921 by E. A. Glick and J. B. Becker.

    E. A. Glick, who together with J. B. Becker started Glick’s Economy store in June of 1921, bought out Mr. Becker’s interests in 1929 and has operated the business alone since that time. The store was originally located at 113-115 West Second street, but nine years ago moved to 316 East Second street. Mr. Glick handles a general line of men’s clothing and furnishings, as well as footwear for the entire family.

GRAND RADIATOR SHOP – Established in December of 1921 by George Rehbehn.


SWIFT AND COMPANY – Established in Muscatine Aug. 7, 1922.

CHAMBERLIN STUDIO – Established in July of 1922 by J. A. Chamberlin.

    J. A. Chamberlin operated photograph studios at Bellevue, O., and Bloomer, Wis., before coming to Muscatine in 1917. In July of 1922 he opened his own studio in Muscatine, located on west Second street at the site of the present Montgomery-Ward Store. He was in that location until about 10 years ago when he opened the enlarged and modern studio at 219 Iowa avenue which he continues to operate.

    Mr. Chamberlin has just installed the latest in illumination – a complete system of Fluorescent lighting – thus enabling him to make modern portraits in the most stream-lined manner.

ED LEU GARAGE – Established in March of 1922 by Ed Leu.

    The Ed Leu garage was first started on Walnut street by the Muscatine high bridge in March of 1922. About four years later Mr. Leu moved his business to 115 West Front street, and after three years moved again to 220-22 Iowa avenue.

    He remained in that location for 10 years, until moving to his present place of business at 810 East Second street a year ago.

    Mr. Leu’s son, Bob, has been associated in business with his father since finishing school. The firm is dealer for DeSoto and Plymouth cars and Diamond T trucks, besides maintaining a complete service and repair department.

MUSCATINE MUSIC HOUSE – Established in December of 1922 by Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Springborn.

    Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Springborn started the Muscatine Music house on Iowa avnue, where Chamberlin’s studio is now located, in December of 1922. After 10 years of business there, the Springborns bought out the firm of Lohr and Chase at 102 East Second street, and moved down to that location.

    On March 1, 1938, Mr. and Mrs. Springborn sold out to Mr. and Mrs. John Johnston, who are continuing the business at 102 East Second street. The firm features Haddorff and Gulbranssen pianos, Kimball and Gulbranssen electric organs, and a complete line of band instruments, sheet music and records.

TRADEHOME SHOE STORE – Established in Muscatine in 1922 by Tradehome Shoe Stores Inc.

    The Tradehome Shoe store was opened in Muscatine 18 years ago, just two doors from its present location which was formerly occupied by the A. and P. Grocery. By moving into its new and larger quarters at 105 West Second street, the firm indicated its confidence in the city’s future development.

HARRY TIMM GARAGE – Established in March of 1922 by Harry Timm and William Montgomery.

    Harry Timm’s electrical service station at 201 East front street was originally located at the corner of Third and Walnut streets. It moved to its present location six years ago.

    Mr. Timm started in business with William Montgomery in March of 1922, and 13 months later took over the business himself. The firm sells automotive parts and does repair work on units such as generators, starters, carburetors, speedometers, and other electrical units. It also handles Johnson outboard motors and carries a stock of marine supplies. A key and lock business is also carried on by the firm.

H. E. SMITH ICE & COAL – Established March 1, 1922 by H. E. Smith

ROTH SERVICE STATION – Established July 12, 1922 by Joe Roth, Byron Layton, L. C. Barry, and J. J. Ryan.

    In 1927 Joe Roth took over alone the business which had been started by himself, Byron Layton, L. C. Barry and J. J. Ryan five years before.

    In addition to his service station which includes Shell gas and oil and a complete wash and grease department, Mr. Roth also handles Century automatic oil burners. He started selling the oil burners in about 1924 and has continued in this line to the present day.

DR. C. L. HARTMAN – OPTOMETRIST – Established in July of 1922 by Dr. C. L.Hartman.

    Dr. C. L. Hartman, optometrist, came to Muscatine in July of 1922 from Chicago where he had maintained an office four …

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    … years previous. His first office in Muscatine was located at 209 1-2 East Second street, but was later moved to the Ewing Jewelry store. Dr. Hartman has been in his present location at 128 1-2 East Second street since the Ewing store went out of business five years ago.

    Complete optical service of the first quality is given by Dr. Hartman, including eye testing and fitting. His work has always been first rate and of high quality, featuring scientific examination. Dr. Hartman is a graduate of the Northern Illinois College of Ophthalmology in Chicago.

DR. A. F. BEISNER CHIROPRACTOR – Established Dec. 1, 1922 by Dr. A. F. Beisner.

    Dr. A. F. Beisner is a graduate of the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport. After completing his schooling he engaged in practice in Bushnell, ill., and came to Muscatine in 1922, opening his office on Dec. 1 in the Hershey building. About four years ago Dr. Beisner moved his office and residence to 218 East Fifth street, where he is now located.


HERMAN LANGE, CONTRACTOR – Established Dec. 28, 1923 by Herman Lange.

    Herman Lange has been doing carpenter work for the past 32 years, but it was not until Dec. 28, 1923 that he went into business for himself. Before that he worked with other contracting firms. His business, located at 600 Pine street, includes all kinds of cabinet work and carpentering.

MCKEE FEED & GRAIN COMPNAY – Established in 1923 by l. R. McKee.

    The McKee Feed and Grain company has been dealing in feeds and grains since 1923, but in 1933 the first unit to the McKee Elevator was built on the river front by L. R. McKee, founder of the firm. Two years later Mr. McKee built another unit, and in 1938 still an additional unit.

    The McKee firm brings in cotton seed meal in barge lots from the south, and the barges return loaded with grain. The grain is received at the elevator by truck and carload from farmers in the corn belt, and goes out by rail, water, and truck. In addition to its feed and grain business, the McKee firm deals in all kinds of feed seeds.

ROYAL SPECIALTY SHOP – Established in June of 1923 by Gene Rosenthal.

TIP TOP – Established in October of 1923 by Ed Brookhart.

GRIMM DRUG STORE – Established in October of 1923 by Raymond Grimm.

BAZLEY CASH MARKET – Established Nov. 17, 1923 by E. S. Bazley of Chicago.

    Bazley’s meat market has occupied the same location at 212 East Second street since it was started in Muscatine on Nov. 17, 1932, by E. S. Bazley of Chicago. Mr. Bazley has about 45 meat markets in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa, including another at Burlington, Ia.

    Carl Schenkel has served as manager of the local cash market for seven years.

HAPPY RADIO REPAIR – Established in 1923 by J. C. Hopkins.

    J. C. Hopkins has been doing radio work for the past 20 years, and in 1923 opened his own repair and parts shop at 209 Cedar street. Later he moved to his present location at 210 Mulberry avenue. Mr. Hopkins does all kinds of repair work on radios, pub- …

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    … lic address systems, and other sound equipment.


BROWER OIL COMPANY – Established in April of 1924 by M. B. Brower.

    M.B. Brower has been distributor for Texaco Oil company in April of 1924. Courteous service is the slogan at the Brower station located on West Third street, where complete auto service is given, in changing, wash and grease, featuring Marfak lubrication and tire and battery service. Everything possible is done to make car driving moe enjoyable for every motorist though the efforts of Mr. Brower and his associates.

CONH BROTHERS – Established in April of 1924 by Louis R. and Donald Cohn.

    Cohn Brothers, Louis R. and Donald L. Cohn, handle mostly structural steel, pipe, fittings and supplies in their firm located at 725 East Second street. They have been in the same location since starting the business in April of 1924. The firm furnishes a great deal of the steel and reinforcements for buildings which go up yearly around town. Estimates are willingly made for all jobs.

MUSCATINE MUNICIPAL LIGHT COMPANY – Established Jan. 5, 1924 by the city of Muscatine.

    Former Mayor Joseph B. Miller was the first customer of the Muscatine Municipal light company, being assigned meter No. 1 on June 5, 1924. At present the company has 6,273 meters.

    The city council of Muscatine, by an ordinance passed on April 6, 1922, created and organized a board of electric light trustees to have entire charge, control, and management of the electric light and power plant in Muscatine when constructed and completed. This ordinance was repealed by the city council on April 19, 1923 and by another ordinance of the same date, another board of electric light trustees was created under Senate file 319. The board of trustees in both these creations consisted of three members. In March 1929, the membership was changed to five.

    On Oct. 16, 1923, the trustees approved the contract of the engineer, and in June of 1924 operations were first started at the new plant on Maple Grove road. The administration building at the corner of Third and Sycamore street was opened March 14, 1929.

GREENWOOD FLOWER SHOP – Established in March of 1924 by George Hermann, Jr.

    The attractive stone building which houses the Greenwood Flower shop at 1000 Lucas street was built by George Hermann, Jr. in 1924, when he established his business. That same year he also erected a home on the site and greenhouses at the rear of the flower shop. When Mr. Hermann purchased the land it was being used as a corn field. Both a whole-sale and retail business in cut flowers, funeral work, and potted vegetable plants of all kinds are carried on. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crosley assist Mr. Hermann in the business.

J. C. PENNY COMPANY – Established in 1924 by J. C. Penney company.

    The J. C. Penney company store has occupied the first and mezzanine floors of the Laurel building for the past eight years. Before moving into its present roomy quarters, the firm was located a block east, in the place now occupied by Lane’s ready-to-wear. E. F. Rakow has been manager of the local Penney store for nearly seven years.

OBERHAUS BROTHERS MEAT MARKET – Established Sept. 11, 1921 by N. J. and H. P. Oberhaus.

    The Oberhaus brothers Norbert J. and Harry P. were meat cutters in Muscatine several years before opening their market at 529 Mulberry avenue in 1924. Harry was a meat cutter for Zollers nine years and Norbert was employed with the Richards firm. The modern Oberhaus market carries a complete line of meats and groceries.

WALTON NURSERIES – Established in March of 1924 by Clarence P. Walton.

The founder of the Walton Nurseries, Clarence P. Walton died five years ago and since then his two sons, --- and Jesse, have been in charge of the business located at --- Siegel street. These two young men are well-equipped for their work in landscaping, having worker with their father for many years before his death.
DAVID MARK SECOND-HAND FURNITURE – Established in 1924 by David Mark.

WILLIAM S. ROBERTSON, GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND NURSEY MAN – Established Sept. 1, 1924 by W. S. Robertson.

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