Muscatine County, Iowa
Muscatine Journal & News-Tribune
Centennial Edition
31 May 1940

Section 4 - Muscatine Business Directory
“The first hundred years are the hardest . . .” or are they?

Of the more than 600 business firms in Muscatine, listed in the following business directory compiled by The Journal for its first centennial edition are many who have weathered the storms of depression and hard knocks for nearly a hundred years. If we’ve missed any one of them in this listing, we deeply regret the oversight which is entirely unintentional. We have tried faithfully to give you a picture of how Muscatine firms have grown down through a century – from 1840 to 1940 – with each firm listed under the year in which it was established. It is also interesting to note by whom these firms were established, and the brief historical sketches which accompany most of them contain many amusing notes of the early days of our city.

When the wheels of industry began turning in Muscatine back in 1840 it was a far cry from the stream-lined business and industrial activity of today. We offer here the Journal’s business directory of Muscatine firms:

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OGILVIE’S I. & I. GROCERY –Established in March of 1900 by T. H. Ogilvie.

    T. H. Ogilvie, who established Ogilvie’s I. and I. Grocery at the turn of the century, is now associated in business by his two sons, Harold and Frank. The store was originally located across the street from its present location, and for about 15 years operated in the 400 block on East Second Street before moving to the present site at the corner of Walnut and Second.

    A new improved market was opened in 1932 at this location. It is a complete super-market, featuring refrigerated fruits, vegetables and meats as well as frozen food. The store is so arranged that customers may either wait on themselves or be waited on by well-trained clerks.

ADDLEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY –Established in 1900 by D. B. Addleman.

A. G. WHITTAKER SALE BARN –Established in 1900 by Fred Schreurs and Allie Freers.

GENEVA GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB –Links laid out in May of 1900—Dr. F. H. Little, first president.

CHARLES JONES BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP—Established in 1900 by Charles Jones.

J. E. ELLIOT, HOUSEMOVER – Established Sept. 1, 1900 by W. S. Elliott and son, J. E. Elliott.

    J. E. Elliott and his father, W. S. Elliott, went into the house moving business together in 1900. The father had formerly been a carpenter, J. E. Elliott is now in the business alone. Besides moving houses he also moves machinery and other heavy articles.

GOLDSBERRY COAL COMPANY –Established in 1900 by W. D. Goldsberry.


HINKEL & FLANNERY GROCER –Established April 1, 1901 by F. C. Hinkel and L. P. Flannery.

KORNEMAN BROTHERS CONTRACTORS –Established in 1901 by August Korneman.

    Fred and Herman Korneman are continuing the contracting business established by their father, August Korneman, back in 1901. Three sons of the founder, Fred, Herman, and Arthur took over the business at their father’s death in 1922, but Arthur dropped out of the firm three years ago because of ill health. Headquarters are maintained at 612 Fairview Avenue, the Fred Korneman residence, and 304 West Eight Street, the home of Herman Korneman. General contracting is done by the firm.


FRED H. BOMKE COAL COMPANY –Established in 1902 by J. D. Diercks.

W. W. RICHARDS COAL OFFICE –Established in 1902 by W. W. Richards.

    W. W. Richards first sold wood for the old Kaiser saw mill, having 16 teams to handle the wood and do the work for the mill. After his contract ended with the saw mill, Mr. Richards began selling wood in a firm of his own which he established in 1902.

    The original office was located at the site of the Nazarene church.

    In later years Mr. Richards has been dealing exclusively in coal. He has been located at 107 Dewey Avenue for a number of years.

ROMANN & LIEBBE COMPANY –Established in October of 1902 by Adolph Romann and Henry Liebbe.

    Adolph Romann and Henry Liebbe, who founded the firm known as Romann-Liebbe and company in October of 1902, were former employes of John Kuebler, who ran a meat market in the present location of the Busch Drug store many years ago.

    Mr. Kuebler, who is 82 years old and still living, started his market with Charlie Goetzman back in 1883. Mr. Goetzman died two years after starting in business, and Mr. Kuebler continued alone until 1902. He moved the firm to a building just west of the original location, and la-...

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    ... ter, when it became Romann-Liebbe company, it was moved across the street to its present location at 1062 Hershey avenue.

    Mr. Romann and Mr. Liebbe bought out the business for 1902 and continued together for some time. About 1928, Mr. Liebbe having retired some years previous, Ralph Romann, son of the other founder, took charge of the firm. His father is still living, but retired, but Mr. Liebbe died several years ago.

    Since taking over the business, Ralph Romann has carried on successful wholesale and retail business. He coined the phrase “Rolico” from the firm name Romann-Liebbe company, and these products are distributed throughout Muscatine and nearby territory.

    In 1938 a new cold storage locker system was added to the business.

KLAFFENBACH PRINTING COMPANY -- Established in 1902 by Clarence E. Klaffenbach.

HERSHEY HOSPITAL – Established in 1902 by Miss Myra Hershey as a memorial to her father, Benjamin Hershey.

    On June 26, 1902, the Benjamin Hershey Memorial hospital was opened to the public. This magnificent public benefaction was the gift of Miss Mira Hershey in memory of her father, Benjamin Hershey, one of the pioneer business men of Muscatine – a man who spent many years of activity in the community.

    Miss Hershey at first selected a board of business and professional men – not doctors or ministers – as a governing board of the hospital. But about eight years later, with Miss Hershey’s consent, the articles of incorporation were changed and a board of five local doctors appointed, of whom Dr. T. F. Beveridge and Dr. B.E. Everesmeyer are still practicing medicine in Muscatine.

    Dr. S. G. Stein and P. M. Musser were among the early leading citizens of Muscatine who contributed money for charity cases at the hospital.

    Over $40,000 worth of improvements have been made through the years on the large hospital building on Mulberry avenue, including a fine new Nurses’ home which was erected about 15 years ago. By making constant improvements in its facilities the hospital has always kept strictly up-to-date.

PAUL GROSSKLAUS, CONTRACTOR – Established in 1902 by Paul Grossklaus, Sr.

BEACH LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY – Established in June of 1902 by Miss Mira Hershey, Fred Beach, P. W. Francis, A. S. Lawrence, Frank Ashcraft and John A. Stortz.

    The Beach Lumber and Supply company has a significant history, as it is the outgrowth of the old Hershey sawmill which played an important role in the early days of Muscatine.

    Benjamin Hershey came to Muscatine in 1852 and rented a mill until 1857 when he built a new one at the site of the present Beach Lumber and Supply Co. The Hershey Lumber company was incorporated in 1876 and continued until 1901 when the saw-mill was dismantled.

    In 1903 the retail business which had been carried on by the firm was incorporated by Mr. Hershey’s daughter, Miss Mira Hersey, together with Fred Beach, the present owner, P. W. Francis, A. S. Lawrence, Frank Ashcraft and John A. Stortz.

    In 1919 the firm became known as the Beach and Stortz Lumber company, and in 1928 Mr. Beach took over the company himself.

    The present building was erected in 1903, and about two years ago was completely re- ...

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… modeled both outside and in. It is now one of the most modern lumber firms in the middle west.


HAWKEYE PEARL BUTTON COMPANY – Established in February of 1903 by W. F. Bishop, F. C. Vetter, C. C. Hagermann, and George Jackson.

    The Hawkeye Pearl Button company has entered its thirty-eighth year in business, having been established in February of 1903 by W. F. Bishop, F. C. Vetter, C. C. Hagermann and George Jackeson.

    About a year after the firm was started, the interests of George Jackson was purchased by the other three members and he retired. This trio continued until 1914 when Mr. Bishop sold most of his interest to Hagermann and Vetter, although remaining as president of the firm until 1916, when he started the Iowa Pearl Button Company.

    At that time the rest of his stock was purchased by the remaining two members of the Hawkeye Pearl Button company, who have continued the firm to the present day.

    Additional stockholders since 1914 were Albert Hartwig, whose wife still olds stock, F. W. Hermann, Edward Hagermann, Sumner Shafnit and F. W. Switzer. As the latter two men retired because of age, Mr. Switzer’s stock was sold to Ed Hagermann, and Mr. Shafnit’s went to his wife.

TESTRAKE FLOUR AND FEED MILL – Established in October of 1903 by John TeStrake.

    In 1903 John TeStrake bought what was formerly known as the Barnard and Will mill and founded the TeStrke Flour and Feed mill at 115 West Third street. Mr. TeStrake had been engaged in truck farming near Muscatine before moving into town. He was head of the firm until his death in1938, at which time his eldest son, Elmer, took charge of the business for Mrs. TeStrake.

    Beside its flour and feed business, the firm also engages in trucking, operating several large trucks for moving and long-distance hauling, as well as a smaller truck for hauling and moving shorter distances.

C. H. LEU, TYPEWRITERS – Established in June of 1903 by C. H. Leu.

    Before opening his typewriter agency in Muscatine in 1903, C. H. Leu worked in Davenport at the typewriter exchange of Mr. Shimm, the formerly ran a business college in Muscatine. Mr. Leu’s first agency in this city was upstairs over the present Chaudoin Electric shop. He….

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    ... is at present located in the same building as the Ramseyer Plumbing and Heating shop, at 200 West Second street.

    Mr. Leu was the first agent for Woodstock typewriters in Iowa. When he first started in business he sold the old Oliver machine which had only three rows of keys and was not the standard keyboard as the Woodstock typewriters which he sells today. His son, Chester, started working with him 15 years ago.

EUROPEAN HOTEL—Established in 1902 by E. M. Randall.

    E. M. Randall came to Muscatine in 1894 and operated the Kemble hotel until 1902, at which time he built the present European hotel. The building was formally opened in 1903, but Mr. Randall was destined to run his new hotel only two years, as death occurred in 1905.

    At that time the hotel was sold to W. J. Vanatta, who in turn sold it to Charles Salisbury. Mr. Salisbury operated the European until his death, after which his son, Charles, Jr., took it over. In 1932 the hotel was purchased by Mrs. Mabel Motier, who continues to operate it at the present time.

HAROLD CARTER’S SECOND-HAND STORE –Established in the fall of 1903 by W. M. Carter.

    Carter’s Second-Hand store is the oldest second-hand firm in town, doing business here since the fall of 1903. At that time the store was established by W. H. Carter, father of the present owner, Harold Carter. The son took over the business in 1926. The store was first located across the street from its present location at 424 East Second Street. Mr. Carter buys and sells second hand goods at reasonable prices.


IOWA PANITORIUM—Established in 1904 by Arthur Welch.

    While the Iowa Panitorium was established by Arthur Welch in 1904, Fred Aull has been proprietor of the firm for the past 28 years. The establishment has always been located on Iowa avenue, but originally occupied the place next to the old Lilly dry goods store across the street from its present location. The firm does all kinds of cleaning, pressing and repair work in addition to making clothes to measure.


REPUBLIC WESTERN GRAVE VAULT COMPANY –Established in 1904 by the Richie Corrugated Culvert co.—organized into present company in December of 1938 by J. R. Glesler.

GEORGE ZOLLER JEWELRY STORE –Established in 1905 by I. Nierel.

GLATSTEIN STORES –Established Jan. 20, 1905 by Harry Glatstein, Sr.

    A son and grandson are carrying on the business established by Harry Glatstein, Sr., back in 1905 when he started the Glatstein Stores, at 425 East Second Street. His son, Harry R. Glatstein, is president of the firm, and a grandson Harry M. Finkle is vice president and general manager.

    During their 35 years in business, the Glatstein stores have been greatly enlarged and the volume of business steadily increased. High quality lines of house furnishings are carried by the firm.

LUELLEN’S CLEANERS –Established in 1905 by Harry Luellen.

    Luellen Cleaners has been a Muscatine firm for 35 years, being established by Harry Luellen in 1905. Arthur Nickerson bought out the business from Mr. Luellen in 1937, and installed a new cold storage vault for fur coats which is one of the finest in the state and the only one in Muscatine.

    He is continuing the firm name of Luellen, and the motto “Wear Clean Clothes.” Mr. Luellen first started his cleaning establishment next to the Muscatine State bank, but the firm has been in its present location for about 21 years.

CHASE MUSIC STUDIO –Established in 1905 by George and Alice Chase.

Y.W.C.A. –Established in June of 1905 by a group of local women.

WAGNER CIGAR STORE –Established in 1905 by Alfred Wagner.

    Alfred Wagner first had a cigar store with Frank Koeckeritz back in 1902, at the present location of the Muscatine Music House. In 1905 it became known as Wagner Brothers, and was operated by Alfred and Arthur Warner. Later the firm was sold to Mr. Weber, and several years after, Alfred Wagner re-entered the business with Mr. Weber.

    In 1923 the Wagner Cigar company was founded by Alfred Wagner, and was located where Morgan’s Drug store is now. The firm moved to its present location at the corner of Sycamore and Second streets in 1933. A wholesale and retail business is carried on.


UNIVERSAL CRUSHED SHELL –Established in May of 1906 by C. H. Gebhardt.

BELLEVUE HOSPITAL –Established in the early fall of 1906 by Dr. J. L. Klein and Dr. A. J. Weaver.

    Photo of Bellevue Hospital - One of the most attractive public places of Muscatine is the grounds and building of Bellevue hospital, which stands on a high, commanding bluff overlooking the Mississippi. The main building is famous for its historic past and great beauty, being historically known as “Wagner’s Folly”. Many years ago a lawyer known as “Alphabet” Wagner, from the fact that here were three initials to his name, A. B. C., settled in Muscatine and was at once struck with the beautiful view of the Mississippi and the surrounding country from the hill overlooking the river at the head of West Second Street. It was not long before great pillars of stone arrived in the city and work was commenced in the little village on a building that promised to be of great propensity. But after several weeks’ construction on the edifice, work was stopped and Wagner left the city.

    The great stone pillars that had been brought from Boston were left lying about the unfinished building. The undertaking had been too great for its projector and eventually the unfinished structure fell into the hands of General Gordon, who completed it. The building in its present state shows the honesty of its construction and the classic beauty of its lines.

    In the early fall of 1906 the building became a private hospital under the direction of Drs. A. J. Weaver and J. L. Klein. Following the death of Dr. Weaver in 1932, the hospital was continued as a non-profit corporation on the old basis.

    Just this year a fine new addition was erected, giving the hospital a 41 bed capacity and adequate administrative facilities including laboratories, operating rooms, and elevator service. This is to be the beginnings of a thoroughly modern, fireproof hospital which will be enlarged even more as time goes on. Through the years the hospital has kept up-to-date, with new modern equipment added from time to time.

GABRIEL BARBER SHOP –Established in 1906 by B. B. Baker.

JOHN K. TYLER, OPTOMETRIST –Established in the fall of 1906 by J. K. Tyler.

MUSCATINE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION—Established Nov. 13, 1906, by practicing attorneys of the county.

    Although the Muscatine County Bar association, composed of practicing attorney of the county, was organized on Nov. 13, 1906, it was not until 1924 that record were first kept.

    Officers serving at that time, (1924), were E. F. Richman, president, C. R. Stafford, secretary, and J. F. Devitt, treasurer. These men were in office for a number of years. Mr. Stafford acting as secretary from 1924 to 1938.

    Jerome Carskaddan, dean of the Muscatine bar, was president of the first association, and W. R. Jayne was secretary.

    Present officers are E. R. Tipton, president: Frank Drake, vice president; Harvey G. Allbee, treasurer; and E. C. Erwin, secretary.

    The Muscatine County Bar association adopted a constitution and by-laws in 1934. Since that time a new president has been elected each year. Harvey Allbee has served as treasurer of the association since 1935.

F. W. WOOLWORTH & COMPANY – Established in Muscatine in October of 1906.

    When the F. W. Woolworth company store came into Muscatine in October of 1906 it was quite an event in the city, as 5 and 10 cent stores were a novelty at that time. Although the Woolworth Company is 61 years old, the first stores were in the east, and one in this part of the country was still a curiosity in the early 1900’s.

    Today people do a great deal of their shopping at “the dime store” and appreciate the many values which are offered through useful articles at low cost.

    The store originally occupied the building, across the street from its present location, where the Furniture Mart is now housed. In 1914 it was moved to the present address at 123 East Second street. Two remodeling programs have been carried out, one in 1924 and another in 1936 when the store was enlarged, increasing the floor space about 20 per cent.

    C. D. Ager is starting his seventh year as manager of the firm.

    The local Woolworth store has served as a training school for a number of Muscatine young men who have gone out from here to manage stores for the company in other communities. The present superintendent of the Davenport district, E. G. Buegler, at one time managed the store at Muscatine, as did E. M Fengler, another superintendent.


GLOBE BARBER SHOP –Established by Charlie Jones in 1907.


LANE’S BEAUTY AND GIFT SHOP –Established in September of 1908 by Myrtle A. Lane.

    Mrs. Lane started her beauty shop in partnership with her sister, Mrs. Gertrude Walker, in the American Bank building. Later the business was moved to the Hershey building, and about 15 years ago to its present location at 215 Iowa Avenue.

    The firm now combines three shops – a gift shop which Mrs. Lane started upon moving to the present location – a knit shop which is in charge of Mrs. Walker – and the beauty shop managed by Mrs. Lane’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth. Mrs. Walker is also chiropodist for the firm.

GEORGE A. HAHN COMPANY –Established in 1908 by G. A. Hahn.

    George A. Hahn started in the fruit and vegetable business with his father and brothers and in 1908 went into business for himself. He continued this firm until the time of his death in 1931, at which time his son-in-law, Warren G. Baker, bought the business.

    Upon Mr. Baker’s death a year ago his widow, Mr. Hahn’s daughter, took over the business of which she is sole owner. In October of 1939 she sold the fruit and vegetable business to the Lagomarcino-Grupe company, but still retains her interest in the Soltwedel canning company and the shipping of cabbage.

WILLIAM GLATSTEIN JUNK YARD –Established in 1908 by William Glatstein.

    William Glatstein arrived in this country in 1903 from his native land in Russia crossing the ocean in a freight boat with 66 horses on top of the deck. When he landed in New York without funds he wrote his brother the late Harry M. Glatstein Sr. who sent him $ 25. The train ticket from New York to Muscatine was $ 24.85 leaving him 15 cents to buy food for two nights and one day on the train. Arriving in Muscatine he secured a job from the Old Mus- …

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    … Muscatine Lumber and Box Co. pulling lumber out of the Mississippi onto the rafts. For this work he received $1.50 per day.

    Mr. Glatstein has engaged in variety of work before starting his junk yard located at 327 Oak street in 1908. Since going into business he has purchased and wrecked the old Kaiser Lumber and Saw Mill – all the street cars and tracks in the city of Muscatine – and the old Muscatine and Burlington railroad. He has wrecked many other large industrial concerns in eastern Iowa. He recently bought the old United Light and Power Co. power plant from the Iowa electric company and sold this unit to the Huttig Mfg. Co. who have remodeled it at large expenditure for their power plant and smoke is now rolling out of the mammoth stack which has been idle for the past 15 years. Today he operates the largest junkyard in Muscatine, and buys and sells horses.

A-MUSE-U THEATER – Established in 1908 by E. M. Henle.

    The A-Muse-U theater was first opened by E. M. Henle in 1908, in a new building erected by Adam Van Dresky at 103 Sycamore street.

    Mr. Henle had previously operated the bijou on West Second street, which was the first moving picture theater in Muscatine. He ran the A-Muse-U until 1914 when he built the Palace theater and sold the former to Ludy Bosten and George Neipert, who had previously operated the Princess theater on East Second street.

    Later Mr. Neipert dropped out of the business, and Mr. Bosten continued to run the A-Muse-U until October of 1931, when he sold out to C. J. Jamison, the present proprietor.

JOHN P. SQUIRE & COMPANY – Established in Muscatine in August of 1908 by John P. Squire company.

    The John P. Squire company has been buying hogs and calves for eastern shipment from producers in this and adjacent territory since 1908.

    First agent for the company in Muscatine was John Abbott. The present agent, C. N. Nickelson, has been here 28 years.

    The stockyards were originally located on East Second street, at the present site of the Poole Transfer company. In 1909 they were moved to the present location on Washington street, and have been increased to three times the original capacity.

HENDERSON’S DRUG STORE – Established in June, 1908 by Lauren Henderson.

    Lauren Henderson first started in the drug business, following his graduation from the pharmacy college of the State University of Iowa, when he went into partnership in the Pentzer and Tyler drug store, located at that time in the middle of the 100 block on East Second street. The store had formerly been owned by Alice Halstead.

    Later Mr. Henderson bought out the business for himself. When the American bank building was erected, Mr. Henderson moved his drug store to the former bank location at 130 East Second street and remained in business there 10 or 15 years, until moving to his present site at the corner of Iowa avenue and second street.

    Mr. Henderson has been identified with the Rexall drug company most of the time he has been in business. About five years ago a fountain and luncheonette was added to the firm.

    Last July Mr. Henderson was appointed by Governor Wilson to the state board of pharmacy, and will go to Des Moines to assist in giving the state board examinations.

H. C. HAVEMANN CEMENT BURIAL VAULTS – Established in 1908 by C. M. Bell.

O. G. KRUEGER, FLOUR & FEED – Established in January of 1908 by O. G. Krueger.

G. A. CHAUDOIN ELECTRICAL COMPANY – Established April 1, 1908 by G. A. Chaudoin.

    G. A. Chaudoin learned the electrical business when he was stage manager for the Grand opera house many years ago. Before that he had worked for the old Muscatine Lighting company and had operated a street-car in Muscatine about eight years.

    Then when the lighting company started a contract concern Mr. Chaudoin worked for that, and later when the contract was bought by George B. Jackson he continued in the latter’s employ. Four years afterward he bought Mr. Jackson out, and started the Chaudoin Electric shop, being first located in the Redman building.

    After four years in that location Mr. Chaudoin moved his sop to 209 West Second street, where the Luellen Cleaners is now established. He has been in the present location at the corner of Chestnut and Second streets since 1912.

    Mr. Chaudoin recalls the early days of electrical work when direct current was generally used, making the work very crude in comparison to later developments.


PURITAN ICE COMPANY – Established in 1909 by Dr. J. T. Martin.

U. S. BUTTON COMPANY – Established in June of 1909 by S. C. Clark.

JAKE STELLRECHT HARNESS SHOP – Established in January of 1909 by Jacob Stellrecht and Glen Vanatta.

    Jacob Stellrecht learned the harness trade when as a boy he worked with his uncle, Jacob Hess, who ran a harness shop on East Second street in the early days of Muscatine.

    Mr. Stellrecht established his own shop at 207 East Third street on the first day of January, 1909, and has been continuously in business at the same location since that time. For the first two years Glen Vanatta was a partner in the firm, but Mr. Stellrecht has operated the business alone ever since. Among those who have worked for him are Barney Wirtz, George Schaefer, Frank Randall, and at present, Gus Reinsager.

    Ten years after opening his harness shop Mr. Stellrecht added a shoe repair to his business, and has combined the two ever since.


DETTHOF HARDWARE COMPANY – Established Feb. 1, 1910 by H. G. Detthof.

    H. G. Detthof, who founded the Detthof Hardware store in 1910, was born in Muscatine in 1868 and worked in a sawmill several years during his youth.

    In 1882 he started to work at the Thompson Hardware store and remained with that firm until opening his own store at 124 East Second street. He has been in the same location to the present day. Mr. Detthof is assisted in the business by his daughter, Miss Agatha Detthof.

    Since Mr. Detthof first started his hardware store a decided change has been noted in the line of merchandise carried. In the early days bright colors were unheard of in the kitchen, as were the modern labor-saving devices which Detthof’s now handle.

    The firm has sold the complete Westinghouse line for the past ten years, and has the distinction of having the first Westinghouse refrigerator west of the Mississippi.

MAGNUS MODEL LAUNDRY – Established in October of 1910 by A. J. Magnus.

EVANS NEWS STAND – Established in 1910 by George Evans.

    Evans’ News stand has been operating as a news stand in Muscatine for thirty years. It was first located on Second street, and moved to 209 East Third street during the first World War.

    Following the death of George Evans in 1929 the business was taken over by his widow, now Mrs. L. A. Crull. In February of 1938, Mrs. Crull moved to her present location at 124 East Third Street.

    In addition to handling magazines and newspapers, Mrs. Crull opened a card shop in her new store. She also carries a complete line of party favors and gift wrappings, and caters to planning color schemes, favors and place cards for party hostesses.

ROY FISHER GROCERY – Established in November of 1910 by Roy Fisher and Howard Coon.

H. G. SMEENK BOOKKEEPING SERVICE – Established in April of 1910 by a group of local business and professional men.

CHARLES H. YOUNG, CONSULTING ENGINEER – Established in 1910 by Charles H. Young.

    Charles H. Young started a private engineering office in the Hershey building in 1910, under the name of Central States Engineering company. Three weeks ...

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    ... later he was elected city engineer, and employed H. P. G. Halbfass, the present county engineer, as manager of the Central States firm. After four and a half years, Mr. Halbfass was elected to the county engineer’s post, and Mr. Young employed M. L. Hutton as general manager in his place. Mr. Hutton at present is director of conservation in the state of Iowa.

    In 1917 Mr. Young quit his office as city engineer and assumed charge of the Central States Engineering company himself. In 1903 he organized the Muscatine Bridge company and also the alluvial Land company, which was changed in 1939 to Farm Homes Incorporated.

    In 1932 the Central States Engineering company became Young and Stanley and in 1939 Mr. Young severed his connections with the firm and it became the Stanley Engineering company. Mr. Young, who is now a consulting engineer, is also vice president of Highway 92, and a director for the scenic highway from Port Arthur, Can., to New Orleans.

ASTHALTER BOOK STORE—Established Jan 1, 1910 by E. J. Asthalter and L. J. Umseheid.

M. & F. BISESI FRUIT STORE–Established in March of 1910 by Mike and Frank Bisesi.

G. W. LINDLE AND SON INSURANCE AGENCY–Established in September of 1910 by George W. Lindle.

MUSCATINE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION–Established in April of 1910 by a group of Muscatine business men.

    Organized by a group of Muscatine business men to encourage home ownership in this city, the Muscatine Building and Loan association has been paying dividends twice each year since 1910 when it was started by a group of local business men.

    W. S. Hill was the first president of the association, and H. W. Metzger the first secretary.

    Present officers include Fred M. Ziegler, president; J. F. Hill, vice president; R. G. Tipton, treasurer; and H. G. Smeenk, secretary. The association was re-incorporated in 1930.

D. E. LAW GROCERY–Established in 1910 by B. E. Law.

    The Law grocery, now operated by D. E. Law at 308 Stewart road, was started in that same place by his grandfather, B. E. Law, in 1910. The present owner’s father, H. S. Law, also ran the grocery for a number of years, until two years ago when D. E. Law took over the business.

PAUL HOCKE SHEET METAL SHOP–Established in December of 1910 by Paul Hocke.

WEBER CIGAR STORE–Established in February of 1910 by C. M. Weber.

MCCORMICK – DEERING STORE–Established in Muscatine in 1910


NATHAN DRUCKER SHOE REPAIR–Established in May of 1911 by N. Drucker.

PEARL CITY NEWS–Established in June of 1911 by Earl Weissmiller.

BRINGER GARAGE–Established March 9, 1911 by Ferd Bringer.

S. J. LEWIN GROCERY-Established in December of 1911 by M. Lewin and son.


GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR–Established Nat 10, 1912 by G. P. Petersen.

    G. P. Petersen has operated a shoe repair in the same location on East Second street for the past 28 years. Mr. Petersen started in business on May 10, 1912 at 311 East Second street and has located there continuously until the present.

E. P. METZGER GROCERY–Established Aug. 12, 1912 by Ed Metzger.

C. D. & M. RAILWAY–Established Aug. 1, 1912 by the Davenport and Muscatine Railway company.

    Electric passenger service was established by the Davenport and Muscatine Railway company Aug. 1, 1912, and abandoned Nov. 8, 1938, the corporate name of the company being changed to the Clinton, Davenport and Muscatine Railway company in January of 1916.

    Electric freight service, started in conjunction with the electric passenger service, was discontinued on Nov. 15, 1938. Motor coach service has been provided on this division of the line since Oct. 22, 1929, and motor freight service since June 17, 1931.

    On March 31 three new pusher-type buses, purchased at a cost of $22,000, were put in service. These are of the latest pusher-type rear engine design with seating accommodations for 29 passengers as compared to 21 in the case of the buses which were replaced.

BON TON–Established in August of 1912 by A. Glass.

    The Bon Ton was known as the Chicago Lace store when it was established in August of 1912 by A. Glass. First located where Trout’s Sanitary Market is now, the firm was moved to the site of the present Tradehome shoe store in 1918, and in 1932 to the location of the R. & S. shoe store.

    In 1936 Mr. Glass re-modeled the lower floor at 113-115 West Second street, and moved his millinery up there. Three years ago he added a ready-to-wear department. Now millinery, ladies ready-to-wear, and accessories are sold by the firm.

    Later this year Mr. Glass plans to enlarge his business and add still other departments.

MUSCATINE COUNTY FARM BUREAU–Established Oct. 17, 1912 by a group of local farmers.

    On Oct. 17, 1912 a meeting of the farmer representatives from various townships in the county relative to crop expert movement was held at the commercial club rooms in Muscatine. The meeting was called to order by temporary chairman, F. D. Steen.

    In order to arrange for a permanent organization, a committee of I. J. Nichols of West Liberty and J. E. Hoopes and H. C. Lawrence of Muscatine was chosen to select a committee of two from each township for the purpose of perfecting plans for a permanent organization.

    At the next meeting, Oct. 26, 1912 the constitution and by-laws submitted by the Crop Improvement association of Chicago were read and adopted, and the following permanent officers chosen: President, F. D. Steen, West Liberty; vice president, J. R. McClean, Wilton; secretary, H. C. Lawrence, Muscatine; and treasurer, William Hendrix.

    K. A. Kirpatrick was hired as the first crops advisor, reporting for duty on Jan. 15, 1913. The county board of supervisors gave room in the court house for his office. On Sept. 15, 1914, Mr. Kirkpatrick resigned and J. W. Merrill was appointed to succeed him on Jan. 4, 1915.

    The present county agent is Ralph H. Olson who has held the office since the spring of 1937. Other county agents who have served the Muscatine County Farm Bureau are J. J. Wilson, H. J. Schnittjer and Carl Rylander, the latter having preceded Mr. Olson.

    The first home demonstration agent hired by the Muscatine County Farm Bureau was Miss Mollie Feil, who started work here in May of 1918. Miss Mary Grace Martin has served as the local H. D. A. for three years.

    In October of 1937 the Farm Bureau office was moved from the court house to new quarters in the re-modeled Muscatine postoffice where it functions today.

ALICE THOMPSON BEAUTY AND CHIROPODY SHOP–Chiropody established in 1912, beauty shop in 1917.

    Dr. Alice Thompson received her training in beauty culture and chiropody from three institutions. She completed a course at Moler college on Aug. 7, 1916, at Burnham’s on Sept. 5, 1917 and at the Chiropody college in Chicago on July 8, 1921.

BARRY-ALTHAUS HARDWARE COMPANY–Established Sept. 12, 1912 by L. C. Barry.

    The Barry-Althaus Hardware company has occupied the same location at 218 East Second street since it was established in 1912 by L. C. Barry. Ralph Althaus entered the firm as a partner about 12 years ago. The store carries on both a wholesale and retail business in general hardware, specializing in heavy hardware and mill supplies, and builders’ hardware.


NAU & SON INSURANCE–Established in 1913 by Conrad Nau.

HENRY F. KATH–Established in 1913 by Henry F. Kath.

FRED M. ZIEGLER INSURANCE–Established in 1913 by Fred M. Ziegler.

    Fred M. Ziegler started in the insurance and real estate business in 1913 when he opened an office in the old Bilkey building at the corner of Second street and Iowa avenue. Later he moved to the Hershey building, and again to the Central State Bank building where his office is still maintained.

    Insurance of all kinds and real estate are handled by the firm. Before going into business for himself, Mr. Ziegler had worked at the saddlery trade, being employed at Van Nostrands for 19 years , and in Chicago for a year.

SUNNYSIDE HATCHERY–Established March 1, 1913 by Eva Mae Ashton Paetz.

AUGUST ALTENBERND CONTRACTOR–Established in April of 1913 by August C. Altenbernd.

    Building and re-modeling are specialties with August Altenbernd, Muscatine contractor,...

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    ... some examples of his work being the new fronts on Spurgeon’s and Broud’s stores which he remodeled and the Municipal sub-station for which he was the general contractor.

    Mr. Altenbernd, who started in the contracting business in April of 1913 has 11 men on his staff, including himself, his father, Christian Altenbernd, and his own son, David Altenbernd. All but two of the other men have been working with him for periods ranging from five to 18 years, their many years of experience qualifying them for superior workmanship.

    These men and the years they have been working for Mr. Altenbernd are: Harry Weierheuser, five years; Clifford Reinsager, five years; Martin Heussner, five years; John Schomberg, 13 years; Curtis Hunter, four years; Walter Weierheuser, 18 years; Fred Reinsager, 17 years; and Leonard Bower, one year.

D. M. BRIDGES & COMPANY, REAL ESTATE–Established Nov. 26, 1913 by D. M. Bridges.

KLEINDOLPH ROOFING COMPANY–Established in 1913 by Ralph Kleindolph.

    Beside serving Muscatine and surrounding territory, the Kleindolph roofing company has done jobs as far as 150 miles away. The firm, founded by Ralph Kleindolph in 1913, often does work in Keokuk, Ft. Madison, Burlington, Iowa City and the smaller towns between. Mr. Kleindolph has his roofing company headquarters at 703 Orange street.

PACE COAL COMPANY–Established in 1913 by Walter Haynes and John M. P. Pace.

    The Pace Coal company, established by Walter Haynes and John M. P. Pace in 1913, was taken over by Mr. Pace alone in 1932. In addition to his coal company, Mr. Pace also has an extensive trucking business.


PALACE THEATER–Established in February of 1914 by E. M. Henle.

    E. M. Henle built the Palace theater in 1914 and ran the first show there in February of that year. In 1921 Mr. Henle sold the Palace to his son-in-law, George Koenigsaecker, and Fred Block who continued in partnership for two years. At that time Ludy Bosten bought Mr. Koenigsaecker’s share in the theater, and continues to own the Palace together with the Block interest at the present day. Recently new comfortable seats have been installed in this theater.

PALACE POPCORN STAND–Established in 1914 by Mrs. E. M. Henle.

JONES AUTO COMPANY–Established by Omer Jones at Washington, Ia., in 1914 and in Muscatine in august of 1923.

    Omer Jones has been a dealer for Dodge automobiles and trucks more than 25 years, operating first at Washington, Ia., and coming to Muscatine in August of 1923. A year ago he received a 25-year service plaque from the Dodge company.

    Mr. Jones first had his auto company in Muscatine in the 200 block on West Second street, and after three years moved to the present location at 416 East Third street. He started in business at Washington, Ia., in 1914. Beside dealing in Dodge and Plymouth, the firm also maintains a successful repair department.

FISCHER SHOE STORE–Established in August of 1914 by Henry Fischer and sons, Paul and Albert.

GLASS SMART SHOP–Established in February, 1914 by Anna and Roy Glass.

MEERDINK CLOTHING COMPANY–Established Sept. 15. 1014 by George Meerdink and Ernest Moore.

    The Meerdink Clothing company was originally known as Moore and Meerdink, back in 1914 when George Meerdink and Ernest Moore bought out the firm of Hine brothers. It has occupied the same location at 217 East Second street down through the years.

    About 12 years ago Mr. Meerdink took over the store himself, and the name was changed to Meerdink Clothing company. His son, Charles, entered the business in 1938. Ray Reesink, Harold Pantel, and Victor Hine have been associated with the store for many years, Mr. Hine for about 18 years, Mr. Pantel 16, and Mr. Reesink 14. The firm features Griffon and Kuppenheimer clothes for men, Stetson hats, and Enro and Arrow shirts.

NORTHERN GRAVEL COMPANY–Established in May of 1914 by G. H. and E. W. Boynton.

By use of hydraulic dredge and the most modern washing and screening equipment, the Northern Gravel company takes gravel from Muscatine Island and ships it all over the United States and to parts of Canada.

The Northern Gravel company was established in May of 1914 by G. H. and E. W. Boynton, and has been continuously doing business since that time.

Since the death of both founders, E. W. Boynton Jr., son of the late F. W. Boynton, has carried on as head of the firm.


HOTEL MUSCATINE–Established in April of 1915 by the Muscatine Hotel company.

WEIS & LUPTON PRINTING COMPANY–Established Oct. 4, 1915 by Gustav Weis.

WEBER & SONS BUTTON COMPANY–Established in 1915 by John Weber, Sr., and sons.

CHOCOLATE SHOP–Established in 1915 by Harry Sickman and William Ahlf.

WALTMAN & WEST–Established in June of 1915 by E. V. Waltman and W. L. West.

MUSCATINE IRON AND METAL COMPANY–Established in the summer of 1915 by Max Skolnik.

    A greatly increased volume of business is conducted at the Muscatine Iron and Metal company, 527-29 East Second street. Max Skolnik has operated this business in Muscatine continuously since 1915. It has been at the same location through the years. Much waste material is replaced by cash in the hands of the owner and the material itself converted into material which is again processed into marketable products of many kinds. Besides waste material, they buy and sell usable materials, also auto and tractor parts, tires and accessories.

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