Muscatine County Iowa
Cemetery Records


The Timberlake Cemetery is located south of Atalissa, Iowa. On Highway 6, on the west edge of Atalissa, by the railroad tracks, turn south at the corner of Kelly Ave and Highway 6. Go one mile exactly and turn right on a gravel road. Go about .8 mile and the cemetery is on the left side of the road.

This cemetery database was submitted by Dave Dunston. Many of the stones are very hard to read, because of age and/or sunk in the ground, broken, etc. He walked through the cemetery in Fall of 2000 and added information from the WPA records.

The meanings of the abbreviations used in this database are: w/o=wife of, p/o=parents of, s/o=son of, d/o=daughter of. Good luck in finding your ancestors!

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SurnameFirst NameMiddle Name
or Init.
Birth Date or AgeDeath DateComments
?EmilyC.aged 22?yrs, 21?dys12 Jan 1862?d/o J. & ? ?
?J.E...nothing else on stone
?J.F...nothing else on small stone
?Jane...can't read rest of stone, between Deahr and Parry stones
?Louisa...broken stone
? other info on stone
?Peter.aged 12yrs4 Nov 1869stone close to Stephens stones
?Rhargo?J..1853can't read rest of stone--between Dement and Thompson stones
?....big stone, can't read
C. or G.W.H...only thing on small stone
.....stone has no name or dates
?....three stones: one nothing on it, 2nd one has R.B., 3rd has J.F.---between Petty and Humpleby stones
Ady?....can't read stone next to Ady's
AdyGregg..28 Mar 18??s/o ? ? Ady
AdyInfant.aged 8dys? ? 1859??/o ? & ? Ady
AdyT. or F.L.27 May 182919 Mar 1886Farewell, Husband and Father, until we meet again
Allen??...can't read stone, maybe Allen
AllenAlexander.3 Aug 182214 Sep 1883?.
Allen?ElizaC.?..w/o ?, can't read rest of stone
AllenElizabethM.aged ?yr, 9?ms, 23dys18? Aug 1860d/o A. & R?C. Allen
AngelCarrie.aged 4yrs?, 3ms, 26dys?7 Dec 1863?d/o F.C. & M. Angel
AngelF. or E.G. or C...can't read rest of stone, WPA says age 33 and died 24 Dec 1861
ArmstrongEdith.age 3613 Oct 1870This info from WPA records
AskamThomas...Per Stephanie Haslam: This is one of my ancestors. My dad walked through this cemetery years ago andwas telling me that little Thomas Askam is buried here, b. 20 Apr 1856 Fairburn, Yorkshire, England d. 10 Sep 1865, s/o George & Hannah Askam. Stone located between Deahr and Parry stones
AtkinsonEnoch.18321913WPA record says he was age 100 and died 1932
AtkinsonElizabethA.18341875his wife other info on stone other info on stone
Barkhurst?....s/o S.M.?, can't read rest of stone, by Barkhurst stones
BarkhurstClarrisaB.???d/o J.? & F. Barkhurst, stone sunk in ground
Barkhurst?DoraC.?aged ?yrs, 22?dys22? Sep 1887?by Barkhurst stones
BarkhurstEleanor.15 Nov 181519? May 1866WPA record says death date was 10 May 1866
BarkhurstEliM.aged 12yrs, 9?ms, ?dys26 Sep 1865s/o J. & N.T. Barkhurst
BarkhurstEliza.18 May 18447 Oct 1905.
BarkhurstGeorgeW.10 Jan 187326 Jun 1914.
Barkhurst?GeorgeC.aged 2ms?, 17dys?15? Jun? 1870by Barkhurst stones
BarkhurstJamesA.?28 ? 185?stone is sunk in ground
BarkhurstJohnD.5 Jan 184430 Mar 1916.
Barkhurst?LewisM...s/o ?, can't read rest of stone, by Barkhurst stones
BarkhurstWilliam...stone sunk in ground, can't read stone
BarkhurstWilson.?15 Feb 1859can't read rest of stone
BarnesLouisaJ.18291909WPA shows age as 70yrs
BarnesWilliamE.18161885WPA shows age as 49 and death as 1865
BartlettElizaA.13 Jul 18508 Aug 1881w/o H.E. Bartlett, d/o A. Rowe
BartlettJessie.20 Feb 187820 Aug 1878d/o H.E. & E.A. Bartlett
BartlettNillaG.16 Jul 188116 Aug 1881d/o H.E. & E.A. Bartlett
BeattyWm.J.age 2710 Dec 1865This info is from WPA records
BeyerCarrie.12 Mar 188228 Jul 1958.
BeyerLouisW.1 Sep 192116 Nov 1987.
BlackAdaline.age 7124 Jan 1893This info is from WPA records
BlackArthur.11 Dec 180522 Mar 1891aged 86yrs, 3ms, 11dys
BlackMarcellusA.aged 9yrs, 9ms, 2dys? Aug 1868d/o A.B.? & A.N. Black
Bobshaw?Ann.aged 77yrs, 1mo, 6dys27 Feb 1887w/o George Bobshaw? or Robshaw
Bobshaw?George.aged 66yrs, 5dys25 Jan 1874maybe Robshaw instead of Bobshaw?
Bobshaw?George.aged 30yrs8 Sep 1863s/o G. & A. Bobshaw or Robshaw
Bobshaw?Sampson.aged 23yrs, 9ms, 7dys24 Feb 1864s/o G. & A. Bobshaw or Robshaw
Boo??...can't read this stone, next to Boo? stone
Boo?MaryJ.aged ?yrs, 10?ms, ?dys3? May? 1880?d/o ? & E. Boo?
BookerJames..12 Sep 1851This info is from WPA records
BoothAnnaM.aged 1yr16 Dec? 1870child of E. ? Booth
BoothEdwardH.aged 1yr?, 2ms, 4dys16 Dec 1867child of E. ? Booth
BoothJohn.aged 61yrs, 11ms, 11dys4 Mar 1870.
BoothRobert.6 Mar 18361 Nov 1898Civil War Veteran
BoothSusannah.12 May 18347 Aug 1882aged 48yrs, 2ms, 25dys
Boyle?...can't read rest of stone
BoyleBettyJean8 Dec 19308 Dec 1930d/o M.R. & D.F. Boyle
BoylePhoebeH.20 Jan 183611 Dec 1897born in Newcastle Co., Del.
BoyleRachel.13 or 18 Mar 186628 Dec 1866.
BoyleRobert.29 Feb 182028 Apr 1896born in Chester Co., Penn.
BrannanH.B.aged 63yrs31 Mar/May 1863Co. B 32nd or 37th Reg. Iowa Vol.
BrannanNancyM.aged 60yrs?2 Oct 1852wife of H. B. Brannan,
WPA records show age as 41 and death date as 7 Oct 1872
Brooker?AlbertA.18 Sep 1811? Oct 1881?born at Lockland, Ohio,
WPA records show age as 40ys 1m 4ds and death date as 4 Oct 1881
BrookerChas..18361909WPA records show age as 70
BrookerJames..12 Sep 1851.
BrookerMaryE...d/o ? Brooker, can't read dates
BrookerSophia.aged 62yrs13 Jul 18?1w/o James Brooker,
WPA records show death date as 1861
BrownAnnaRachel185629 Sep 1892w/o W. E. Brown
Brown?Barter other name or dates, between Brown stones
BrownCharlieJ.?25 ? 188?s/o W. ?. & G.? R.? Brown
BrownIsabellaJ.age 179 Aug 1864This is info from WPA records
BrownJamesM.aged 31yrs, 7ms, 23dys1 Apr 1855.
BrownLucy.aged 4ms, 7dys27 Feb 1850d/o J. M. & O. Brown
BrownLydiaC..22 Aug 1845w/o Edwin Brown,
WPA records show age as 20
BrownMildredR.30 Jun 188024 Mar 1881.
BrownSarah.aged 68yrs, 6ms, 25dys17 Mar 1855w/o S. H. Brown,
WPA records show age as 63 or 68 and death date as 27 Mar 1855
BrownSoklbeth?H.aged 69yrs, 6ms, 18dys20 May 1855.
BrownSovebein.age 6920 Nov 1865veteran of War of 1812
ChaseJulia?? Nov 186319? ? 1871??/o J.S.? & G.S.? Chase
ClarkCharlesC.4 Jul 18277 Jan 1863born at Duxbury, VT.,
died at Columbus, KY.,
Co. G.(rest is sunk in ground),
WPA records show Co. C 35th IA. Vol. Inf.,G.A.R.
ClarkFranzell.3 Mar 186218 Aug 1936Spanish Am. War Vet, Father of Harry & Charles,
All info is from WPA records
ClarkTheodoreA...can't read rest of stone,
WPA records show age as 32 and death date as 11-22-1863,
also, Co. G 35th Reg. Iowa Inf., Private
CookAgnesB.14 Jan 187013 Sep 1883.
CookGeorge.age 35yrs 1m 0ds10 Feb 1870Co. G 35th Reg. Iowa Inf., Private,
All info from WPA records
CookGeorge.13 Jun 186513 Feb 1889all info from WPA records
CookJessieLee2 Apr 187215 Sep 1883WPA records show name as Lee Jessie
CookLee.14 Oct 181416 Sep 1898.
CookMary.16 Oct 181614 Jul 1877WPA records show she is w/o Lee
CookOrphaLeffler16 Jul 185014 Feb 1893.
CooperAmos.aged 61yrs17 Jul 1851WPA records show death date as 17 Jul 1854
CooperGeorgeE.?aged 2yrs, 1mo, 4?dys26 Dec 1865?s/o ? & M.A. Cooper
CooperLauraG.?..d/o ? & M.A. Cooper, can't read rest of stone
CopeChas..age 82yrs 8ms 24dys (WPA)8 Apr 1917 (WPA)Com. Sgt. Co. G 2nd IA. Cav.
CopeLulaL.aged 1yr, 9ms, 27dys22 Aug 1873d/o J.M.M. Cope
CopeNettie.aged 31yrs, ?ms, 18dys28 Jun 1880w/o Chas. Cope
CopeSarah.age 81yrs 5ms 1d13 Aug 1878w/o Wm., all info from WPA records
CopeWilliam.aged 73yrs, 1mo, 26dys27 Sep 1869WPA records show death date as 1889
CossCharlotteM.aged 25yrs, 11ms, 13dys29 Oct 1868d/o of P. & S.J. Stotler
CossEmmettElsworth1 Aug 18875 Mar 1952Iowa Pvt. 161 Infantry 41 Division WWI
Creflly?Eva.aged 21dys19 Oct 1885.
CrefllyRuth.aged ?17 ? 1866?.
Creflly?....three stones I can't read, maybe Creflly?
Crettie?John? other info on stone
CumminsAgnes?aged 1yr?, 9ms?, 20dys?28 Apr 1874.
CumminsAgnesB. or S.aged 68yrs, 8ms, 25dys20 Oct 1876w/o T. Cummings
CumminsSamuel.18491881(Gone but Not Forgotten)
CumminsTom.18441926WPA records show age as 84 yrs.
CumminsThomas.aged 84yrs, 11ms, 14dys6 Mar 1876.
CunninghamEmilyC.age 2212 Jan 1862Info from WPA records
Currie?William.aged 70yrs, 2 or 7ms, 6 or 8dys16 Sep 1865WPa records show him as possible vet,
newspaper notice of death,Musc. Journal, 18 Oct 1865
DauCharlotte.Age 2529 Oct 1868All info from WPA records
DauWalter.Age 2322 Jan 1864All info from WPA records
DeahrAdam.25 Apr 185030 Mar 1925.
DeahrInfant..8 Oct 1872d/o Adam & Sarah Deahr
DeahrInfant..3 Jul 1878s/o Adam & Sarah Deahr
DeahrInfant..26 Jan 1892s/o Adam & Sarah J. Deahr
DeahrSarahJ.16 Jul 185131 Jan 1892his wife (Adam)
DilatushMrs. dates.d/o Thomas & Agnes Cummins
Dement?ElizaBethaged 85yrs19 Mar or May 1876WPA records show name as Elizabeth Dumont, age 85 yrs, died 19 Mar 1876
DuncanCharles.aged 76yrs, 8ms, 11dys31 Dec 1882WPA records show last name spelled Dugan
DuncanInfant.18841884d/o I.J. & E.A. Duncan
Elliott?...w/o ?, d/o ?
ElliottWilliamM.11 Apr 187828 Nov 1899s/o W.S. & M. B. Elliott
EvansNancyA.aged 25yrs, 3ms, 3dys7 Nov 1854wife of F. H. Evans
EvansWilliam.aged 50yrs, 4ms, 19dys4 Oct 1835WPA records show death date 4 Oct 1855
EvittJames.aged 51yrs19 Jul 1870s/o R. & A. Evitt; WPA records show birth year as 1819
EvittThomas.aged 46yrs30 Jun 1866.
Farrinster?Elias.aged 37yrs, 11ms, 25dys28 Nov 1853WPA records show name spelled, Elias Farrington
FergusonJayJ.aged 1yr, 5ms8 May 1856s/o S. & J. H. Ferguson
Ferguson?Mary...stone is sunk in dirt, this stone by Jay Ferguson stone; WPA records show birth date as 1834 and death date as 21 Oct 1861
FiderleinChesterG.?aged 10ms, 3dys9 Jan or Jun 1879.
FiderleinJohnK.22 May 18735 Jan 1892Died at St. Elmo, Colorado
FiderleinJuliaA.aged 41yrs, 5ms, 12dys29 Jan 1880w/o Louis Fiderlein
FiderleinLouis.21 Dec 183227 Jan 1910born in Hardheim, Baden, Germany; WPA records show birth date as 20 Dec 1832
FiderleinMaudeJ.aged 12dys9 Feb 1880.
FiderleinM.F...only info on stone
FinchJesse.aged 59yrs, 7ms, 14dys23 Apr 1864.
FullmerDr. J.W.30 Jun 182229 Apr 1891.
FullmerNancyS.18271913WPA records show name as Nancy C. Fullmer
GossShalotte.184829 Oct 1868All info from WPA records
GrahamHarvey.18281897born in Butler, PA.
GrahamJamesH.aged 31yrs, 5ms, 20dys18 Sep 1863Co. B 35 Reg. Iowa Vol.; WPA records show birth date as 29 Mar 1829
GreeneWilliamB. or H.21 Apr 181119? Nov 1886?born in Newport?, IA and died at Atalissa, Mus. Co., IA; wPA records show death date as 10 Nov 1856
GreggSusannah.aged 83?yrs, 12dys2 Dec 1876w/o William Gregg; WPA records show name spelled Susana Gregg and birth year as 1783
GreggWm..aged 72?yrs, 10ms21 Sep 1853?WPA records show birth year as 1775 and death date as 21 Aug 1857
GriffithIsabella.aged 8mos, 4dys?15 Jul 1863?d/o W.T. & M.?R.? Griffith
GriffithMaryR.aged 28yrs, 1mo, 26dys18 May 1866w/o Wm. T. Griffith
HallockFlorenceMcCaughey?aged 18yrs17 Apr 1902WPA records show birth year as 1884
HallockMary.aged 61yrs, 9ms, 16dys11? Oct? 1889?w/o Nathaniel Hallock; WPA records show name as Mary A. Hallock, birth year as 1818 and death date as 14 Oct 1879
HallockMaude.27 Oct 187710 Aug 1879.
HallockNathaniel.aged 76yrs, 4ms, 26dys26 Jun 1876.
HeathA.J.aged 66yrs, 4mos, 9dys5 Mar 1933All info from WPA records
HeathJackson.186126 Aug 1884All info from WPA records
HeathMargaret.14 Nov 184019 Oct 1891All info from WPA records
HeathMay.aged 59yrs, 8mos, 25dys28 Jan 1933All info from WPA records
HeberlingBerthaW...d/o ? & ? Heberling
HeberlingElizaA...?/? Heberling
HeberlingJohnE.aged 6 or 16yrs, ?, 2 or 12dys30 Mar 1860s/o ? & P.A. Heberling
HeberlingMandy?...?/? Heberling
HeberlingPrudenceAnnaged 28yrs, 7?ms, 24?dys3 Aug 1863w/o A. Heberling; WPA records show name spelled Prudence Heberlin, birth year as 1835
HenryLizzieA.aged 5yrs, 9ms9 Apr 1885d/o J. & M. Henry
Hilderand?Sarah.aged (can't read)21? ? 1866?w/o M.M. Hilderand?; WPA records show name spelled as Sarah Hildebrand, birth year as 1830 and death date as 21 Apr 1868
HolmesBenjamineF.aged 1yr, 10ms, ?dys18??s/o W.C. & H. Holmes
HolmesHannah.23 Oct 182715 Feb 1905(his wife); WPA records show name spelled Hannah Homes
HolmesIdaM.aged 1yr, 3ms, 5dys2? ? 1850s/o W.C. & H. Holmes
HolmesMargaretA.31 Oct 185?21 Jan 1893d/o W.C. & H. Holmes; WPA records show birth date as 31 Oct 1863
HolmesW. C.or G..7 Aug 181526 Aug 1896WPA records show name as W. G. Holmes
HowardCaroline?aged 38yrs, 1mo, 10?dys26 Nov 1861w/o ? Howard
HoyetCaroline.22 Jul 182527 Mar 1860All info from WPA records
HumplebyAnn.aged 19yrs??d/o Wm. Humpleby; WPA records show name spelled Ann Humphreys, birth year as 1820, death date as 6 Aug 1860 and wife of Wm.
HumplebyWm..aged 86yrs18 Aug 1901.
Hungerpogg?Wm..15 Jul 183018 Apr 1872WPA records show name spelled Hungerford
Jemmerson?...can't read rest of stone
JewettEmetM.?aged 9?ms, 2?dys26 Jan 1869s/o R.C. & S.H. Jewett
Jewett?SusanM...can't read rest of stone
Judson??...can't read stone; WPA records show a Abigail Judson, birth date as 25? May 1814 and death date as 30 May 1880?
JudsonAlmaE.22 May 186416 Feb 1881aged 16?yrs, 8ms, 24?dys,
d/o Joshau & Harriett Judson; WPA records show name spelled Almae Judson
JudsonEddie.28 Jun 187811 May 1880aged ?yrs, 10ms, 18?dys
JudsonEli?.aged 7?yrs18? Mar ?s/o J. & H.? Judson
JudsonElis..aged 86?yrs23 Apr 1874WPA records spelled name as Elis Judson, birth year as 1808 and death date as 22 Apr 1874
JudsonHattieBelle20 May 1875?? ? 1889?d/o Joshua & Harriett Judson
JudsonSarah?.25 May 181420? M? 1880w/o Elis. Judson
KingsburyAmyE.184624 Oct 1864All info from WPA records
KingsburyMaryAnnno date10 Aug 1869All info from WPA records
LambHattieB.aged 17?yrs, ?, ?2 Dec? 1875?d/o ? & ? Lamb
LambLennie...s/o ? & ? Lamb, stone sunk in ground
LambertElizabeth.aged 61yrs, 7ms, 14dys14 Sep 1868.
Larain?Scedorah?E.aged 3yrs, 2ms29 Jan 1855d/o C.? & H. A. Larain?
LewisSelena.aged 17 or 47yrs, 17dys20 Jan 1875w/o Wm. Lewis; WPA records show name spelled Selina Lewis, birth year as 1828
LewisWilliam.11 Dec 18245 Aug 1899WPA records show name spelled William Lews and a Mexican & Civil War Vet.
LyonsFrankM.aged 2?yrs, 5?ms, ?dys1? Aug 1869s/o Wm. H.? & S. Lyons; WPA records show birth year as 1849 and death date as 1 Apr 1869
LyonsSarah?...can't read rest of stone; WPA records show name as Sarah Lyons, birth date as 11 Oct 1811 and death date as 16 Sep 1891
LyonsStephen...s/o Wm. H. & Sarah Lyons, can't read rest of stone
Lyons-ParryNancyL..27 Apr 1846.
MarkhamEdmondD.6 ? 1868 or 1888?4? Feb 1899s/o J.E. & S.E. Markham
MarkhamEmersonE.19211921infant son of Elva M. & Avis McKillip Markham
MarkhamGeorge.18608 Feb 1890All info from WPA records
MarkhamHenryH.4 Feb 182224 Aug 1901.
McLaughlinElvaF.19 Oct 187020 Aug 1872.
McMahonMary.17991875p/o Eliza,Andrew, Edith, John, Robert & William; WPA records show death date as 10-30-1875 and wife of Wm.
McMahonWilliam.17831885p/o Eliza,Andrew, Edith, John, Robert & William; WPA records show birth year as 1781 and death date as 8 Sep 1883
McMahonWilliam.184313 Aug 1863All info from WPA records
McPhersonEleanor.aged 45yrs, 10ms, 15dys27? Apr? 1868w/o S. S. McPherson; WPA records show birth year as 1823, death date as 27 Aug 1868 and wife of S. S.
McPhersonL.H.aged 22yrs, 3ms3 Jul 1872drowned in Cedar River; WPA records show birth year as 1850
Miller?..aged 90yrs, 3?ms, 17dys12? Oct 1887can't read well, stone also by Pratt; WPA records show a Susannah Miller, birth year 1797 and death date as 12 Oct 1887 and wife of J. B.
MillerJohnB.?7 Oct 179624 Dec 1872.
MooreLennaA.aged 3yrs, 2ms, 10dys11 Sep 1898child of L.R. & M.J. Moore
MooreLeroy.25 Jan 186231 Jul 1938.
MooreMargaretJ.3 Oct 186123 Dec 1949.
MooreRalphH.aged 1yr, 7ms, 22dys5 Feb 1904s/o L.R. & M.J. Moore
MooreRudy.aged 2yrs, 4ms, 14?dys11 May 1894child of L.R. & M.J. Moore
MorganDavid, M.D..aged 28yrs, 11ms, 24dys15 Dec 1866WPA records show birth year as 1848
MorganGeorgeW.aged ?17? ? 1881 or 1884?G.A.R. 1861-1865; WPA records show birth year as 1833 and death date as 17 Nov 1854
MorganJohn.aged 60yrs, 13/dys7 Feb 1867WPA records show birth year as 1807 and death date as 10 Sep 1867
MorganJohn.181130 Jul 1879All info from WPA records
MorganLouisa...d/o ?--can's read rest of stone
MorganMary.aged 68yrs, 5ms, 22dys30 Jul 1879w/o John Morgan
MorganMaryJ.aged 40yrs, 7?ms, 27?dys11 Jun 1868w/o Wm. Morgan; WPA records show birth year as 1828
MorganMaryBelleaged 2yrs, 1mo, 19dys16 Sep 1866d/o M.? & V.M.? Morgan
MorganStella.aged 2ms?, 20dys5 Nov 1861.
MyersKateW.aged 6ms, 21dys21 Nov 1855d/o D. & N. Myers
MyersNicholas.aged 19yrs, 3ms, 25dys4 Aug 1863WPA records show birth year as 1814
NorrisCharlie Ben.29 Dec 18686 May 1872s/o W.A. & B.J. Norris
NorrisJane.18389-17-1887All info from WPA records
NorrisNath.T.?aged ?, 29dys? Sep 1887Co. K 180 Ohio Inf.
NortonAliceA.aged 17yrs, 6ms?, 6dys?15 Feb 1874d/o Russell W. & Ellen Eliza (Thompson) Norton; WPA records show birth year as 1857
NortonEllenElizaaged 39yrs, 9ms, 21dys9 Feb 1872w/o Russell W. Norton, maiden name was Thompson
OdellElenor..18 Mar ????can't read rest of stone
OdellNancyDrake15 Jul 1793?10 May 1844w/o T. S. Odell; WPA records show birth date 15 Jul 1795
OvermanLeah.?7 Aug 1842w/o Demsey G. Overman
OvermanShauah?H.H.?aged 1yr?, 9ms20 Aug? 1847?s/o Sel.? Overman
ParryCatharine.30 Jun 183511 Apr 1916.
ParryDavid.5 Aug 181119 Apr 1889born in Chester?, Penn.,
aged 77yrs, 8ms, 14dys,
s/o John & Rebecca Parry
ParryDelavanL.18 Dec 187129 Apr 1872.
ParryEleanorKate12 Jan 190217 Jan 1902d/o Chester & Myra Parry
ParryJohnA.22 Feb 184720 Sep 1918.
ParryLewwellen.21 Dec 188811 Apr 1898WPA records show name spelled as Lewellen Parry and birth date as 21 Dec 1838
ParryLydiaK.20 Apr 180521 Feb 1882born in Newcastle Co., Delaware,
w/o David Parry, d/o J. & P. Hollingsworth,
aged 76yrs, 10ms, 1dy; WPA records show death date as 2-25-1882
ParryMargarett.20 Mar 187528 Mar 1875.
PeltonErwinM.18585 Jan 1878All info from WPA records
PettyLouisa.aged 6yrs, 16dys7? Feb 1849d/o A. & S. Petty
PettyMaryE.aged 5yrs, 6ms, 28dys15 Dec 1860d/o A. & S. Petty
PettyRhodaE.aged 4yrs, 1mo27 Jan 1849?d/o A. & S. Petty
PickeringElmoreE.aged 21yrs, 9?ms, 25dys12? Oct 1881s/o ? Pickering
Popes?Elmira.aged (can't read)22 Aug 1870d/o S.C.? & G.N. Popes?; WPA records show name spelled Elmira Popes, birth year as 1871
Porter?Mary.aged 1mo?, 8dys?? Sep 1861?d/o D. & A. Porter?
PrattWinnieC.aged 22yrs28 Jan 1883 or 1888WPA records show name spelled Minnie C. Pratt and birth year as 1861, death date as 28 Jan 1883
PrestonMaryC.?aged 26yrs, 5?ms, 12?dys18 Dec 1866w/o C.M. Porter; WPA records show name spelled as Mary R. Preston and birth year as 1840
RallJohnny.aged 1yr, 6ms, 14dys?4 Oct 1887s/o L.A. & C. Rall
RallSammy.aged 4yrs? (can't read stone)2? Oct 1888s/o L.A. & C. Rall
Richards?Abe.aged 54yrs, 3?ms, 20dys2? Aug 1864s/o ? Richards?; WPA records show name spelled Ann Richards, birth year 1810 and death date 28 Apr 1864
RiddleArabellaB.aged 49yrs, 8ms, 8dys6 May 1875w/o Dr. W.W. Riddle: WPA records show name spelled Orabella D. Riddle, birth year 1826 and wife of Dr. Riddle
RiddleDr. W.W.aged 56yrs, 9ms, 15dys4 Jun 1880WPA records show birth year as 1823 and was in Co. D 2nd Ia. Inf., Private, G.A.R. Note: Civil War pension applied for by widow, was denied as a fraudulant claim. The William Riddle who served in the 2nd Iowa died in Des Moines in 1916.
RhodeSophia.aged 1mo, 26dys12 Oct 1868d/o F.? & S. Rhode
RobshawGeorge.180825 Jan 1874All info from WPA records
RobshawGeorge.18338 Sep 1863All info from WPA records
RobshawJane.181727 Aug 1877All info from WPA records
RobshawSampson.183124 Feb 188435th Ia. Inf.; All info from WPA records
RoweAnson.aged 66yrs, 3dys11 Sep 1877.
SalsburgCarolineHoyt?22 Jul 1825?born in Kingston, ? Co., PA.
w/o ? N. Salsburg,
can't read rest of stone
SalsburgStellaS.29 Jul? 1851? ? 1861born in Kingston, ? , PA.,
aged ?, ?, 15dys,
d/o ? & Caroline Salsburg
ShaneA.A.10 Jan 183510 Feb 1870Lieut., Co. G 35 Reg. Iowa Vol. Inft.; WPA records show name spelled Abb A. Shane, birth date 10 Jun 1835
ShetlerMaryS.aged 50yrs, 2ms, 10dys27 Sep 1904w/o S.G. Shelter; WPA record shows birth year as 1854
ShetlerSimonG.6 Oct 185022 Jan 1930WPA records show birth date 5 Oct 1850
SkubalRonaldV.18 Dec 19282 Apr 1996.
Smith?..11 or 14 Apr 1857??/o ? ? Smith
Smith?..? May? 1866??/o ? ? Smith
Smith?.aged 3ms, 2dys5 ? 1885s/o D.H. & O. Smith
SmithAlbert...s/o J.P. & ? Smith, stone is sunk in ground
SmithAngaline.aged ?20 Dec 1866w/o Richard Smith; WPA records show birth year as 1845
SmithBaby.aged ? ?? Jul 1873?s/o J.P. & ? Smith
SmithElizabeth.96yrs, 10ms, 6dys8? Feb 1888WPA records show birth year as 1792 and death date 6 Feb 1888
SmithElizabeth?...can't read rest of stone
SmithInfant..22 Mar 1873?d/o J.P. & M.? Smith
SmithInfant.?18 Aug 1??/o R. & A. Smith
SmithJarret..9 Jul 1874stone is sunk in ground; WPA records show name spelled Janet Smith, birth year as 1788 and death date 9 Jul 1874
SmithJennet.aged 92yrs, 8?ms, 13dys23 Jan 1885WPA records show birth year as 1793
SmithJeremiah.aged 1yr, 11ms, 5?dys9 Sep 1865s/o W.M. & M. Smith
SmithJohn...s/o ? Smith, stone is buried in the ground
SmithMelissa.aged 28yrs?, ?7 Feb 1889?w/o W.? Smith; WPA records show birth year as 1858 and death date 7 Feb 1886
SmithSarahArvestaaged 2yrs, 7ms, 2dys1 Mar? 1889d/o D.H. & O. Smith
SmithWessie...s/o J.P. & M.J. Smith, stone sunk in ground
StaufferElizabeth.aged 5yrs, 9ms, 3dys14 Jul 1860d/o D.S. & M.A. Stauffer
StaufferG.W...Co. G 2nd IA. Cav.
StaufferSusan.18381922w/o G. W. Stauffer
Stephens??...can't read stone, by Stephens stones
StephensBessie.aged 2yrs, 5ms, 23dys22 Feb 1889d/o J. & F.H. Stephens
StephensEthel.21 Sep 187017 May 1890All info from WPA records
StephensLyons.18395-20-1890Civil War vet---G.A.R.; All info from WPA records
Stephens?Siby?A..? ? 18??d/o J. & F.H. Stephens?
StotlerPeter.aged 64yrs, 1mo, 12dys28 Feb 1874.
StotlerSarahEllenaged 9yrs, 11ms, 2dys19 Sep 1856Daughter
StotlerSarahJ.aged 35yrs, 8ms, 14dys26 Mar 1854his wife
StotlerWalter.aged 23yrs, 6ms22 Jun 1864Co. D IA. Inft. 8 Reg. Vol.; WPA records show name spelled Walter Statler, birth year as 1841
StuartAllen..22 Mar 1914killed by being run over by a train
SutliefJames.178415 Mar 1867All info from WPA records
TimberlakeAmy.aged 94yrs, 6dys16 Dec 1885w/o John Timberlake; WPA records show birth year as 1791
TimberlakeHannaH.184026 Nov 1861All info from WPA records
TimberlakeHarmon.28 Jun 183323 Oct 1907WPA records show birth date as 28 Jun 1823
TimberlakeJohn.aged 62yrs16 Aug 1855rest of stone buried in dirt; WPA records show name as John Timberlake SR., birth year as 1783 and death date as 17 Apr 1855
TimberlakeMalinda.6 May 18433 Feb 1915.
ThompsonWilliamM.aged 38yrs, 6ms, 25dys12 Apr 1870WPA records show name spelled as William N. Thompson, birth year as 1832 and death date 13 Apr 1870
VanpeltCharlesF.aged 11ms, 10dys18 Jan 1860s/o Dr. A.M. & A. Vanpelt
VanpeltGeorgeF.aged 2ms, 28dys17 Jun 1855s/o A. M. & A. Vanpelt
VanpeltMargaretA.aged 12dys12 Nov 1853d/o A. M. & A. Vanpelt
VanpeltRuthA.aged 3yrs, 4ms, 29dys1 Jan 1860d/o A. M. & A. Vanpelt
Wales?Hannah.can't read stone.drowned, w/o Harvard? ?, this stone by Wales stones
WalesMaryD.aged 76yrs, 8ms?, 19dys18 Jul 1878w/o ? ? Wales; WPA records show birth year as 1701 which is a misprint I'm sure and death date is 19 Jul 1879
WalesTho?Garew?aged 19yrs, 10ms12 Dec 1861of Co. A 5th Iowa Inf.; WPA records show name spelled Thos. Carew Wales
WalesThomasG. or C.aged 4ms16 Sep 1860s/o J? G. & A. Wales
WarnerLouisP.6 Mar 190526 Oct 1993.
WarrallFrankV.3 Aug 185818 Jul 1872right by Worrall stone
WattersMary.18431 Feb 1915All info from WPA records
WattersTeresaD.aged 65yrs, 1?mo, 20dys11 Jun 1886w/o W.W. Watters; WPA records show name spelled Jeresa Watters, birth year as 1821
WattersWm.?W.aged 74yrs21 Mar 1888?.
Watts?....cannot read stone, by Watts stones
WattsAmyE...d/o J. & A. Watts, rest of stone gone
WattsEdgar.aged 1dy23 Jan 1866s/o J. & A. Watts
WattsFrankR.aged 11yrs, 9ms, 11dys4 May 1887s/o J. & A. Watts
WattsHenry.aged 5dys9 Oct 1861s/o J. & A. Watts
WebbElla.aged 5yrs11 Jan 1859d/o ? Webb
WhiteEdward..27 Oct 1862rest of stone is sunken; WPA records show birth year as 1810
WhiteLula.aged 3wks, 3dys16 Mar 1857d/o Edw. White
WildmanHannahJ.aged 15?yrs, 3dys22 Dec 1851d/o W.B. & L. Wildman
WildmanLydia.aged ?yrs, ?ms, ?dys2 Jun 1876w/o Walter Wildman; WPA records show birth year as 1805
WildmanWalterB.?aged 64?yrs8? Jun 1871WPA records show name spelled Walter B. Wildman, birth year as 1787 and death date as 8 Jun 1871
WilliamsElizaAnn..d/o J. & R.S. Williams, stone is buried in ground
WilliamsEmelineR.aged 15yrs, 25dys5 Apr 1860d/o ? Williams?
WilliamsThos.E.?aged 23yrs, 9ms, 16dys24 Dec 18?4WPA records show birth year as 1841 and death date 24 Dec 1864
Wilson?.aged 53?yrs, 11ms, 27?dys29 Aug 1858w/o Wm. Wilson; WPA records show a Mary F. Wilson, birth year as 1823 and death date 29 Apr 1858
WilsonThomasA.aged 1yr, 2ms, 22dys9 Feb 1860s/o Wm. M. & S? S. Wilson
WinerMarvyE.aged 1yr, 4ms, 2dys25 Aug 1865s/o J. & E. Winer
Worrall??...small stone next to Worrall stones, can't read; WPA records show a Frank V. Worrall, birth date as 3 Apr 1858 and death date 18 Jul 1872
WorrallJohnL...s/o L. & A.M. Worrall or Warrall, stone sunk in ground
WorrallNathaniel.aged 24yrs, 5ms, 25dys2 Sep 1858right by Warrall stone; WPA records show birth year as 1837
WorrallSamuelGeorge18041891G.A.R. 1861-1865; WPA records show a George Worrall, birth date as 19 Sep 1804 and death date 20 Feb 1892 and was in the Civil War as a private, Co. B 37th Ia. Vol. Inf.
WorrallSarahW.18271887WPA records show a Sarah Worrall, birth year as 1833 and death date 8 Oct 1883

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