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The research for this cemetery was compiled and submitted by Eleanor B. McCleary.

A portion of the land now known as Greenwood Cemetery was formerly the homestead of John B. Nyenhuis. It is believed that when his daughter, Sena, died in 1881 that John B. Nyenhuis selected an area, on his land, to established a private family cemetery.

Muscatine County Recorders’ Office has two Plat Maps on record. The first one was titled: Plat of the Nyenhuis Addition to Muscatine Cemetery:

Situated in the S W corner of Out Lot No. 24 in a sub Division of Sections 2 and 3 in Township 76 North Range 2 West of the 5th Principal Meridian – Described as follows – Commencing at the SW corner of said Out Lot – Thence North 201 feet – Then East 133 feet – thence South 212 ft – thence Westwardly along the South line of said Out Lot 133 feet to Beginning – Containing .63 acres.
Survey in May 1886 by JA Mathews City Engineer.
Filed for Record this 31st day of July A.D. 1886 at 10 O’Clock A.M.
Recorded in Book One of Lots page 87 by J.B.Hudson Recorder

This area was surveyed again by Central States Engineering Company in April of 1924. The Re-Plat was titled: Joseph Nyenhuis Addition to Greenwood Cemetery. It was recorded in Book Sixty-three of Lots on page 82.

On August 5, 1958, C. Arthur Nyenhuis, surviving heir of J.B. Nyenhuis estate and his wife Beverly J. Nyenhuis, of Scott County, Iowa…

In consideration of the sum of $1.00 paid by City of Muscatine they sold all of Block One of the Joseph Nyenhuis Addition to Greenwood Cemetery to be used only as a place of burial for the dead.

The Nyenhuis Private Addition was the last of the private cemeteries to come under the management umbrella of Greenwood Cemetery. Unfortunatly their agent did not turn over their family burial records at that time. Documentation has been found on four individuals that imply that they are interred in this lot but because they do not have marked graves, their place of burial is unknown.

Directions: from Lucas Street, enter Greenwood Cemetery by East Entrance (closest to town). Keep straight on Gateway Avenue. Go up a little hill. Turn left (East) on 24th Street. The Nyenhuis Private Addition is on a raised area surrounded by a cement border.

Surname First Name Birth Death Notes
Andrews Blanch Nyenhuis Nay 6 Jun 1912 10 Dec 2002 .
Koenig Carl H. . 29 Mar 1970 Age 74 yrs.
Koenig Manilla . 28 Feb 1975 Age 76 yrs
Koenig Robert George . 1928 Greenwood records: buried 9 Dec 1928 Age 2 yrs
Nay Eugene Rollo 21 Jul 1909 10 Sep 1975 Husband of Blanch
Nyenhuis Benjamin 27 Oct 1878 1 Jan 1925 Greenwood records: buried 3 Jan 1925 Age 46 yrs - WPA records Spanish Am. War Vet.---Husb of Maude---Father of Blanche---Newspaper notice of death: Davenport Democrat, 2 Jan 1925
Nyenhuis Gertrude Beatrice 9 May 1907 23 Feb 1920 Greenwood records: buried 24 Feb 1920 Age 12 yrs
Nyenhuis Henry 1859 1934 Greenwood records: buried 8 Jan 1934 Aged 75 yrs
Nyenhuis John B. (Father) 1833 1888 Noted on Family Monument: b. 14 Feb 1833 in Holland d. 17 Feb 1888 in Muscatine Aged 53 yrs 13 dys
Nyenhuis Joseph 1865 1939 Greenwood records: buried 2 Mar 1939 Age 73 yrs
Nyenhuis Katherine (Mother) 1839 1912 Noted on Family Monument: b. 24 Jun 1839 in Holland d. 19 Feb 1912 in Muscatine Aged 72 yrs 7 mos 28 dys
Nyenhuis Laura May Vanatta 1865 1922 Wife of William. Greenwood records: buried 24 Jul 1922 Age 57 yrs
Nyenhuis LaVista Victorene 26 Jul 1903 10 Sep 1905 Daughter of Benj. & Maude Nyenhuis
Nyenhuis Lizzie L. 1869 1925 Wife of Joseph. Greenwood records: names Lizzie Louise, buried 4 Apr 1925
Nyenhuis Mary A. Wigim 1860 1915 Wife of Henry. Greenwood records: buried 23 Aug 1915
Nyenhuis Maude Elizabeth 23 Jan 1881 23 Dec 1962 Greenwood records: d. 24 Dec 1962 Age 81 yrs
Nyenhuis Sena (Sister) 1877 1881 Noted on Family Monument: Daughter of John B. & Katherine Nyenhuis, d. 2 Jul 1881 Aged 4 yrs 6 mos 10 dys
Nyenhuis Tilla 1869 1895 Greenwood records: d. 1 Jan 1895, wife of Joseph Nyenhuis
Nyenhuis Wiliam 1864 1947 Greenwood records: buried 9 Oct 1947 Age 83 yrs
Rice Clifford E. . Unmarked Grave Greenwood records: d. 23 Oct 1934, buried 25 Oct 1934
Rice Wilson . Unmarked Grave Obit in Muscatine Journal & News Tribune 27 Sep 1939 - b. 19 Feb 1864, d. 27 Dep 1939. Married Jennie Elizabeth Nyenhuis. Daughter Mrs George (Verna) Zoller, sons Erwin Hazen and Clifford Edward Rice.
Rice Jennie Elizabeth . Unmarked Grave WPA records 1871-1937. Obit in Muscatine Journal 14 Jun 1937 - b. 1 Jul 1870, d. 12 Jun 1937 buried in Greenwood Cemetery.
Zoller George Rice . Unmarked Grave Greenwood records: buried 1 Apr 1930

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