Muscatine County Iowa
Cemetery Records


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Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Notes
Davis Comelia C.   2/18/1862 Wife of Jinklen, age 29yrs, 4mos, 28dys
Kidd Adeline   6/16/1851 Daughter of J. & J., age 7yrs, 5mos, 26dys
Nye Azubah   3/4/1879 Wife of Benjamin, age 80 yrs.
Nye Azubah A   12/20/1840 Twin of Benjamin & Azubah Nye. age about 9 mos.
Nye Benjamin   3/3/1852 age 56 yrs.
Nye Benjamin E.   12/20/1840 Twin of Benjamin & Azubah Nye, age about 9 mos.
Page John I. 1840 12/12/1862 Co. B 8th Reg. Ia. Vol. Inf.---son of John & C. C.,
Shelley Mary   10/15/1838 Wife of Wm., age 22 yrs.
Shelley Nancy M.   10/1/1838 age 1yr, 5mos, 4dys
Webster A.   9/10/1840 age 38 yrs.
Whittier George   10/31/1840 age 1mo,15dys
Whittier William Raymond   9/19/1840 age 4yrs, 2mos
Whittier Wm.   4/12/1846 age 40yrs,11mos,8dys
Whittier Wm. C.   10/31/1840 age 40yrs,15dys
Wright Edward   5/5/1858 age 69 yrs.
Wright Haveyriah   11/28/1854 Wife of E., age 64 yrs.
Wright Lucinda   11/18/1851 Daughter of E. & H., age 37 yrs.
Wright Mary E.   4/8/1847 Wife of W. P., age 19 yrs.
Wright Rachel   11/18/1838 Daughter of E. & H., age 13 yrs.

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