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Directions to Nichols Cemetery: One mile east of Nichols on south side of Highway 22.

This cemetery database was compiled and submitted to the Muscatine Co. IAGenWeb site in 2002 by Eleanor B. McCleary & Charlene Nichols Hixon. They had published a book titled "Pike Township Cemetery Records, Muscatine County, Iowa March 1836-March 2001". Their publication includes data bases for all five of Pike Township Cemeteries as well as maps of the cemeteries, burial locations and notes on relationships. Copies of the book may be found in the libraries of Muscatine County and Iowa State Historical Libraries.

February 2007, the Nichols Cemetery database was updated to include burials from 2001 to 2006, submitted by Sandra and David Enderle.

The data base was further updated through August 2016 by Phyllis Hazens.

Here is a little history on this cemetery!

Nichols Cemetery began as a “gentleman’s agreement” that a secluded knoll on land owned by Samuel Nichols, would be designated as a community cemetery. However it was not formally noted as such until Townsend Nichols, Samuel’s grandson, sold the land to Pike Township trustees for one dollar “for the purpose and use as a Township cemetery for all time to come.” The deed is on record at the Muscatine County Recorders Office: Book of Lands 41, dated 4 January 1897. The Origanal Section has also been referred to as “Swickard Cemetery” and “Nichols Summit Cemetery.”

On 20 Oct 1911, Townsend Nichols sold another parcel of land to Pike Township Trustees, again for one dollar (Muscatine County Recorders Office; Book of Lands 57). This area was platted as the First Additon to Nichols Cemetery dated December 1912.

Susie M. Green, Samuel’s granddaughter, also sold land to Pike Township Trustees to serve as an expansion of the cemetery. The Warranty Deed is listed in the Book of Lands 75, dated 8 March 1929.

Plat of Second Addition to Nichols Cemetery was done June 30, 1937. Third, Fourth, and Fifth Additions were surveyed in 1984. No burials have been made in the Fourth and Fifth Additions as of the date of this writing.

Inside the cover of the burial register of Nichols Cemetery was a hand written note by Mrs. D.H. Marine that “there are many unmarked graves that we have no names of in the South East Corner of the older part.” Mr. Marine was Sexton from 1928 to 1953.

Further inquires may be addressed to the Nichols Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 100, Nichols, IA 52766

Information presented below was compiled from data from the Cemetery Register books held by the office of the Cemetery Superintendent, information from grave markers and records on file at the Muscatine County Recorders Office.

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