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Snippet of Lutheran Homes history, submitted by Lynn McCleary.
Source: History written in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Lutheran Homes, on file at Musser Public Library.

Within the city of Muscatine, Rev. Henry Reinemund, then pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, dreamed of caring for the needy. On December 11, 1894, he set out to establish a society for Christian Charity. The initial meeting was for discussion purposes and for a preliminary draft of articles incorporation. Those who attended this first meeting were Pastors and Lay leaders of the Zion Lutheran Church and nearby Lutheran churches. Several weeks later at the Zion Lutheran Church, under the leadership of Rev. Henry Reinemund, they resolved to band together to establish the German Evangelical Society for Christian Charities. The constitution was read in German and English and was accepted. A board of twelve trustees were elected. Pastor Reimemund was elected President.

In the June 1946 issue of the "Lutheran Homes Messenger" was a the report of a board member of 25-years, who had been present at the organizational meeting:

"There are few of us left who remember that meeting in the school room of Zion Lutheran Church in Muscatine when the Society for Christian Charity was formed. I was spending Christmas vacation at the home of Pastor Reinemund and attended that meeting of January 2, 1895. There was quite a bit or argument and quite a bit of prayer. And there were 8 orphans on hand, crowded into the parsonage. The nearest home for children of our synod was up in Andrew, Iowa (near Dubuque) at the end of some impassable roads during half of the year.

Such was the beginning of our work. We did not start a new home in opposition to others. It was started because 8 orphans were crying for a home and it was impossible to keep them in the parsonage any longer. For once it became known that Pastor Reinemund took in orphans the applications came in faster and faster. At the moment a judge had four children from a broken home he wished to place in the 'Reinemund Orphanage.' so with a clear vision of our duty a Society was formed."

Rev. Reinemund addressed the newly organized society, that day, with the great news that the Society had received a gift of a new house and five acres of land.

This house was part of an 800-acre farm property of Benjamin Hershey, a wealthy Muscatine Lumber Baron. He had built the house as a summer home for his wife, but she never consented to live in it. After his death, his widow Elizabeth and daughter Myra donated it to the Society.

During 1895 the Hershey Home was renovated to make the building usable. Provision was made to accommodate the Reinemund family, a school and rooms for orphans and older residents, as well as cooking and dining facilities.

According to the original register, written in German script, the first child was brought to the home in January 1896 was Mabel Patten.

Shortly after, Friedric M. Fritschel, the first elderly person, was admitted in 1896. He died 18 October 1897 and was the first to be buried in the Lutheran Homes cemetery.

Original gift to the Society was expanded by many gifts and donations over the years. We have found references to the Home as Reinemund Orphanage, Elizabeth Hershey Orphans Home, German Evangelical Lutheran Orphan and Old People's Home, Elizabeth Hershey Orphan and Old People's Home and Lutheran Orphan and Old People's Home.

The children’s program was closed in the mid 1960’s. Today, Lutheran Homes located at 2421 Lutheran Drive, Muscatine, still offers Assisted Living and Elder Care Services.

Information from the Lutheran Homes Cemetery Register, was submitted by Charlene Hixon in May, 2007.
Data found in the WPA Graves Registration Project was added by Dave Dunston.

In 2009, the markers in the cemetery were photographed by members of the Muscatine County Genealogical Society.
See Iowa Gravestone Photo Project to view the pictures.

Surname First Name Death Date Notes
Aden John 6-Mar-1934 WPA - age 63 yrs.
Ahlmeyer Lizzie 11-Jun-1946  
Amelon Carl 9-Jul-1936 WPA - age 82 yrs.
Andreas Wilhelm (F W) 26-Apr-1923 WPA - age 90 yrs.
Arndt Amelia 3-Oct-1940  
Barnett John 16-Nov-1943  
Bauhofer Miss Mary 22-Apr-1953  
Bayer Christine 11-Apr-1915  
Bayer Julius 10-Jan-1912 WPA - Julius Andreas Bayer, age 77 yrs.
Behrens Johanna 26-Oct-1908 Not listed on Aged Register of Lutheran Homes however marker found in cemetery
Bender Margaretha 24-May-1915 WPA - age 82 yrs. Obit names Margaret
Berryman Selma 9-Dec-1929 WPA - Selina Berryman, age 81 yrs.
Besselman Miss Lena 25-Feb-1936 WPA - age 72 yrs.
Bienenhaus Mrs M 24-Apr-1921 Per obituary; burial at Home cemetery. No stone found. Born Sep 1820 in Germany.
Blake August 16-Dec-1935 WPA - August Blak d. 16 Dec 1936
Brechtel Maria 3-Sep-1937 WPA - age 92 yrs.
Bund Wilhelmine 23-Jan-1910 WPA - d. 29 Jan 1910, age 69 yrs. Stone & obit name Christina
Dammeyer Conrad 3-Mar-1954  
Dietz Katherine K 1-Jun-1944  
Draeger Edward A 21-Jul-1947  
Eckhoff Herman 25-Nov-1926 WPA - Herman Johann Eckhoff, age 70 yrs.
Fenner George 16-Aug-1929 WPA - b. 17 Nov 1856
Fessler Jacob 23-Oct-1916 WPA - b. 18 Oct 1834 in Baden, Germany
Finke Heinrich 27-Dec-1927 WPA - Rev. Henry Herman Finke, age 67 yrs.
Finke Marianne 2-Dec-1924 WPA - Mrs. Henry Herman Finke, b. 8 Jul 1860
Fischer Emma 23-Feb-1942  
Fischer Paul J 20-Apr-1949  
Franck Louise 4-Nov-1904 Not listed on Aged Register of Lutheran Homes however marker found in cemetery
Frerichs Fredericka 27-Mar-1942  
Fritschel Friedrich 18-Oct-1897  
Fritschel Julie 21-Feb-1911 WPA - Julia Fritschel. Obit names Julia
Fritz Clara C 16-Jan-1956  
Fritz John J 3-Jun-1958  
Gebhardt Johann 6-Aug-1925 WPA - Johann George Fritschel, b. 19 Oct 1836. Obit names John George
Gerdes John 11-Apr-1909  
Gottesacker Luther none given West side of momunment. In Memory of the Departed in the Ev. (Evangelical) Lutheran Orphanage and Old People Home, Muscatine, IA, 1901. Luther Gottesacker may not be buried in this cemetery. He might of been the one who placed this memorial stone or the person who carved it. South side of monument see Elizabeth Strickstock.
Graessle Christine 18-Oct-1914 WPA - Graesle (Mrs.). Stone reads Frau Doctor Christine
Graessle Dr. Carl L 31-Jul-1910 WPA - Graesle (Dr.) d. 28 Jul 1910. Obit names Dr. Otto Graessle
Grohmann Fritz 23-Dec-1930 WPA - b. 12 Feb 1870 spells Grohman
Guenther Alfred 10-Oct-1923 WPA - Alfred Guenter
Hahn Carl 11-Jul-1926 WPA - Carl (Gottlieb) Hahn, b. 1 Apr 1854
Holl George 4-Aug-1906 WPA - George Holm
Hansen Hans 6-Oct-1927 WPA - Hans Detlef Hansen, b. 10 Mar 1854
Hauptmann Gottlieb 1920 Not listed on Aged Register of Lutheran Homes however marker found in cemetery
Helms Friedrich 28-Jan-1909 WPA - Frederick Holm, b. 19 Jun 1830
Hermann Christina 27-Sep-1926 WPA - Christina Herman b. 25 Dec 1847
Hermann Friedrich 8-Feb-1925 WPA - Friedrich Herman b. 20 Aug 1844
Hoensch Ludwig Carl 8-Mar-1914 WPA - Ludwig Hoensch, b. 27 Nov 1837
Hoensch Marie 6-May-1921 WPA - Maria Hoensch, b. 21 Nov 1838
Hoffman Fredricka 3-Mar-1931 WPA - b. 24 Oct 1860 d. 8? Mar 1931
Hoffman L C 19-Sep-1921 WPA - Louis Hoffman, b. 29? Jul 1839?. Obit names Ludwig Carl
Holm Carl 7-Dec-1909  
Hopke Johannes 9-Oct-1907 WPA - d. 9 Jan 1908 spells John
Janssen Gertrude 15-Oct-1966  
Jastrow Wilhelm 3-Feb-1924 WPA - b 20 Oct 1842
Johnson Elizabeth none given Not listed on Aged Register of Lutheran Homes however marker found in cemetery. Shares stone with Son, Johnson
Johnson John D 30-Nov-1930 WPA - John Dietrich Johnson, b 4 Dec 1859
Johnson Son 11-Feb 1857? Shares stone with Elizabeth. B. 14-May-1850? Son of B. & E. Johnson. Hard to read.
Klaus Christian 20-May-1917 WPA - b. 11 Sep 1841
Kloos Henrietta 29-Apr-1937 WPA - b. 8 Feb 1851 d. 21 Apr 1937
Kludt Dorothea 10-Oct-1919 WPA - Dorothy Kludt, b. 4 Jun 1836
Kluge Frank 20-Apr-1964  
Knospe Wilhelm 10-Jun-1923 WPA - William, Knospe, b. 16 Jan 1861
Knote August 9-May-1925 WPA - Carl Knothe, b. 24 Oct 1845
Krabjau Hennriette 9-Aug-1910 WPA - Henrietta Krabjau. Obit spells Krobjan
Kraft Simon 24-Dec-1915 WPA - Simon Krafft
Krauss Johanna 15 Feb 1898 WPA - Johann Adam Krauss
Kressin August 1-Sep-1921 WPA - b. 22 Mar 1842
Kroker Emil 15-Apr-1933 WPA - Rev. Emil Bernhard Kroker, b. 10 Jan 1879
Lassen Marie 4-Apr-1930 WPA - b. 1 May 1854
Lassen Matthias 10-Apr-1940 WPA - Mathias Lassen b. 5 Jul 1852
Lintow Carl 28-Feb-1908 WPA - Carl Lindow
Loerpabel Heinrich 7-Jul-1902 WPA - Heinrich Loerpabal
Meier Johanna 2-May-1917 WPA - b. 15 Jun 1819
Mesch Fred 4-Jan-1937 WPA - b. 29 Aug 1853
Milke Ernst 9-Jan-1908 WPA - 19 Jan 1908
Miller Richard 8-Feb-1962  
Mussig Jacob 13-Mar-1940 WPA - Jacob Missig, b. 15 Nov 1854
Neth George 16-Dec-1910 WPA - George Neeth, b. 10 Feb 1834
Nolle Wilhelmine 12-Jan-1919 WPA - 22 Mar 1836
Nolting Maria 16-Feb-1937 WPA - b. 13 Feb 1842
Nordgauer George 23-Nov-1944 Obit spells Notdganer
Nunnenkamp Wilhelm 9-Jan-1914 WPA - Wilhelm Nunenkamp b. 5 Feb 1930
Onken John 30-Aug-1940  
Paustian Frau Ida 1906 b. 1822 shares marker with Friedrich
Paustian Friedrich 30-Sep-1906 WPA - Fred Paustian
Peters Anna 4-Jan-1933  
Peters Frau Louise 2-Oct-1907 WPA - Louisa Peters
Peters Mrs Anna 12-Oct-1908 WPA - Anna Peters, b. 12 Aug 1837
Petersen Arthur 24-Jul-1923 WPA - Arthur Peterson, b. 8 Jun 1854
Pommerening Friedrich 9-Apr-1923 WPA - Friedrick Pommerening, b. 23 Dec 1844
Postel Gustav H 25-Mar-1929 WPA - Gustave Postel, b. 20 Jun 1853
Raub Amelie 12-Feb-1924 WPA - Maria Raub, b. 4 May 1857
Reischauer Theresa 20-Jan-1940  
Remmers Siebolt 16-Nov-1950  
Rieger Johann 17-May-1924 WPA - Johannas Rieger, b. 19 Sep 1837
Rietzke Carl 28-Jan-1929 WPA - b. 29 Jun 1853
Roebert Gottfred 11-Dec-1928 WPA - Fred Roberts, b. 8 Feb 1845. Obit names Fred Roberts
Rogers Mrs Minne 13-May-1905  
Rohrsdorf Carl 13-Mar-1909  
Rohwerder Carl 6-Jan-1913 WPA - b. 19 Jun 1830
Rossel Paul 27-Feb-1934 WPA - b. Jan 1849
Schimpfky Father Rev Fredrich Emil 10-Jan-1951  
Schmidt Fred 29-Jul-1940  
Schnell Minnie 16-May-1942 Obit names Minna
Schroeder Carl 22-Feb-1934 WPA - b. 19 Jun 1849
Schuette Christian 27-Oct-1921 WPA - Christian Schuett, b. 10 Sep 1850. Obit names Christen Schuett
Schulze Fraulein Sophie 23-Apr-1911 (Miss Sophie)
Severins Henry 2-Oct-1956  
Soehl Henry 13-Jan-1938 WPA - b. 10 Dec 1844
Staehr Frieda 25-Feb-1948 Top of stone reads House Mother of Boys Home - under dates, Pasalm 23:1
Strickstock Elizabeth 20-Jul-1900 shares monument with Gottesacker, Luther
Stroessner Bertha 27-Aug-1949  
Suechting Wilhelmine 18-Feb-1951  
Taschner Pauline 24-Nov-1938  
Templin Amelia 25-Mar-1956  
Turban John F 6-Feb-1936 WPA - John F. Turbin, b. 29 Mar 1864
Van Horn George 26-Aug-1927  
Van Horn Kate 29-Apr-1913  
Von Zezschwitz Ivan Von 21-May-1919 WPA - Evon Von Zezschwitz
Wagner John 26-Jun-1938 WPA - b. 12 Mar 1859
Weege Ferdinand 1-May-1911 WPA - Ernst Fred Weege. Obit names Ernst F.
Westhoff Arnold 28-May-1910 WPA - b. 2 Apr 1835
White Leo 1927 Not listed on Aged Register of Lutheran Homes. Orphan accidentally killed. Marker in cemetery
Wickenmeyer Edmund 23-Mar-1944 Obit names Edmund A. Wickemeyer
Widmer John 6-Jun-1933 WPA - b. 21 Jun 1843
Wiese Marie Margaretha 9-Feb-1928  
Wiese Peter 26-Jul-1933  
Wietze Martha H 1974 Not listed on Aged Register of Lutheran Homes. Stone b. 1884
Wilken Thade 28-Apr-1919 WPA - Thadden Wilk
Wittig Louise 6-Feb-1933 Not listed on Aged Register of Lutheran Homes. Matron of the Home for many years. On top of stone: Orphans Mother. Phil 1:21 Christus Derist Mein leben
Wollbrink Annie 20-Feb-1946  
Wolter Emilie 10-Sep-1916  
Wuest Stephan 29-Nov-1954  
Ziebarth Andreas 21-Aug-1909 WPA - d. 21 Aug 1907
Ziegler Philip 18-Apr-1935 WPA - Zeigler, Philip M. b. 1 Aug 1861

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