Muscatine County Iowa
Cemetery Records


This cemetery information was compiled and submitted by Dave Dunston. The sole source of the information found below was from the Graves Registration Project, done by the WPA organization, back in the 1930's. So this database only goes to 1938. This cemetery no longer exists. The Finch grave was probably moved elsewhere but don't know where at this time. The two Major graves were moved, in the 1960's with state's permission, to Wildasin Cemetery in Wilton. There may be and probably were other graves here and then moved, but need to do some research to find out. Good luck in finding your long-last relative!!

Surname First Name Age or Birth Date Death Date Notes
Finch Walter 1824 12/15/1858 .
Major Fred S. ? ? Co. A 7th Ia. Inf.---Civil War
Major John R. 1819 5/10/1857 .

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