Muscatine County, Iowa

also known as Duffe Cemetery or Sand Hill Cemetery

Directions to cemetery: Take Highway 6 west from Highway 38. About 2 to 3 miles, turn north on Moscow Rd (X 54 County Road). Go about .7 mile which puts you Moscow, Iowa. Turn right (east) on Clay Street. Go one block and turn left onto Ocean Avenue, a gravel road. Go about .5 mile and turn right on a field dirt road. Go about .2 mile and you will be at the Kaufmann Cemetery.

The land for this cemetery was given by Gottieb F. Kaufmann for a burial ground for any of his relatives.

Over time the cemetery has also been called the Duffe Cemetery, probably because this cemetery was surrounded by land once owned by the Duffe family. It has also been been referred to as the Sand Hill Cemetery because there was a Sand Hill County School standing near this land at one time. This information was provided from a book called, "Kaufmann History From 1847-1985".

Dedicated to the Honor and Courage of Our Ancestors
Who Came to America in 1847.
Gottlieb F. (1793-1854) & Dorothea E. (Kruse) (1796-1877) Kaufmann
and their Children:
Henrietta (1812-1871 & John F. Borghart
Dorothea 1817-1884 & John Mahring
Frederick F. 1821-1897 & Kunegunda (Will)
Henry A. 1823-1894 & Justina (Miller)
Fredericka 1825-1912 & William Duffe
C. Christian 1827-1897 & Louise (Zakor)
Andrew H. 1828-1898 & Rosina (Ruchti)
One Family, One Nation Under God

Lynn and Bob McCleary took pictures of all the gravestones in this cemetery in November, 2012.
Click here to view them on the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project.

Marker No. Surname Given Name Birth Death Notes
26 Barclay Gerald J. 17 Sep 1933 25 Oct 2012  
6 Daut Frank E. 11 Jul 1887 27 Sep 1887 son of Geo. & Emma Daut, aged 2ms, 16ds
7 Daut George W. P.   5 Feb 1878 son of Geo. & Emma Daut, aged 5ms, 16ds
5 Daut Harry 20 Nov 1891 24 Apr 1892 son of G. & E. Daut
  Duffe Anna   12 Sep 1907 Per WPA: w/o Frank, no stone found Nov. 2012
4 Duffe Family Monument   n/d Lot Marker
  Duffe Frederica   9 Mar 1912 Per WPA: w/o Wm., age 87 yrs, no stone found Nov. 2012
2 Duffe Missouria 1854 1926 w/o Wm. F.
  Duffe William   15 Feb 1907 Per WPA: age 84 yrs, no stone found Nov. 2012
3 Duffe Wm. F. 1848 1924 h/o Missouria
1a Kauffmann Cemetery Sign     Brass plate on large boulder with Dedication to the Descendants of Gobliff & Dorothea
1b Kauffmann Family Memorial     Flat granite marker with Dedication to the Descendants
10 Kaufmann Andreas H. 27 Mar 1823 28 Mar 1898 s/s Rosina (also known as Andrew)
12 Kaufmann Christian C. 1827 1897 shares memorial stone with Louise, buried in St. Louis, MO.
21 Kaufmann Dorothea E. 5 Feb 1796 25 Mar 1877  
11 Kaufmann Father   n/d no surname on grave marker for Andreas H.
23 Kaufmann Father   n/d no surname on grave marker for Heinrich A.
13 Kaufmann Florence G. 1900 1913  
15 Kaufmann George F. 1 Apr 1897 16 Aug 1909  
20 Kaufmann Gottlieb F. 29 Sep 1793 28 Jan 1854  
22 Kaufmann Gustina Miller 19 Feb 1832 20 Apr 1909 born in Germany, emigrated to USA, 1846, s/s Heinrich A. (also known as Christina)
22 Kaufmann Heinrich A. 18 May 1823 18 Jun 1894 born in Pruessen, came to America 1847
19 Kaufmann Ivin K.? 8 Jan 1853 11 Sep 1854  
12 Kaufmann Louise 1844 1913 shares memorial stone with Christian C., buried in St. Louis, MO.
9 Kaufmann Mother   n/d no surname on grave marker for Rosina
24 Kaufmann Mother   n/d no surname of grave marker for Gustina Miller
25 Kaufmann Pauline E. Marolf 23 Jul 1871 21 Apr 1899  
17 Kaufmann R.   n/d  
10 Kaufmann Rosina 2 Feb 1833 30 Jun 1887 w/o Andreas H.
18 Kaufmann Rosina E. 1 Dec 1855 16 Oct 1857  
14 Kaufmann Royal E.   29 Sep 1886 son of R. & F. Kaufmann, aged 12ds
8 Kaufmann Wilhelm C. 10 Mar 1863 30 Jun 1870 son of Andrew & Rosina Kaufmann
16 Unknown     n/d grave marker with no visable markerings

Kaufmann Cemetery Map
Created by Lynn McCleary

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