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This cemetery information was compiled by Dave Dunston from the Graves Registration Project, done by the WPA organization, back in the 1930's.

Surname First Name Age or Birth Date Death Date Notes
Holliday Mary Age 62yrs,10 mos,0d 7/18/1848 Wife of Samuel
Holliday Wilson Age 27yrs,3mos,9dys 8/24/1851 .

April, 2009 Jean Wistedt submitted this article from the Muscatine Journal & News-Tribune, February 24, 1931, page 1.

More Old Graves Found Near Here
Old Settlers Who died in 1848 and 1851 Buried on Farm Property

Publication of Bob Morris story in The Journal recently about two ancient graves on a high bluff on the Theresa Grosjean place, nine miles west on the Burlington road, has led to the discovery of two more historic resting places of early settlers in this vicinity. These graves are about a mile and a half off highway 61 on a road which turns off that highway at Eisele hill. They are located on a corner of the Lou Dalton farm property and are only a few rods from the new gas pipe line.

The grave markers, with their legends still plainly visible, are enclosed in an old wooden fence and an ancient elm tree stands in the center of the enclosure. Place against this tree is a headstone wit the following words:

“Mary, wife of Sam Holliday, died July 18, 1848, aged 62 yrs, 10 mo’s”.

The other stone in the enclosure bears the following inscription:
“Wilson Holliday, died Aug. 24, 1851, aged 27 y’s, 3 mo’s, 9 d’ys.

According to residents of the vicinity, the Hollidays are supposed to have been taken from this place by cholera, which swept through that locality in the early days. An old woman, name unknown, whose parents lived near the scene of the graves at the time they were placed, occasionally returns to view them, it is said.

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