Muscatine County Iowa
Cemetery Records


Directions to Harker Cemetery: From Route 61, five miles east of Muscatine, turn south on Sweetland Road. Travel a mile or so then turn East on 180th Street (gravel road). Cemetery is 1/4 mile on your left.

Submitted by Eleanor B. McCleary, November 21, 2001
with permission from the Sweetland Township Trustees


This project got started when we learned that the Sweetland Township Trustees did not have a listing of those who were buried in Harker Cemetery yet burials were still being made there today. All they had was an old, tattered, book with a partcial listing of Lot Owners and a Cemetery Plat that was made in November 1884 by J.A. Mathewson, Surveyor.

The task of re-creating cemetery records is like putting together a jig-saw puzzle; we had pieces of information from people who had walked the cemetery before, listings in WPA and County Court House records and a partcial listing of lot owners.

Along with my husband, Robert, and niece Jennifer Barrington, we read and numbered every stone. Mapping began with the basic technique of establishing vertical and horitzonal grid lines by using the fence posts that surrounded the cemetery. Then we got to figure out the logic used in each areas as described by the Plat map. That was quite a challenge for the stones were not aligned in nice straight rows with paths clearly defined between each Block. Nor were the Lots numbered in the same shaped pattern and shared consistent dimensions. To make it more confusing, at times gravemarkers were placed at the foot of the grave, others at the head of the grave and then there were some placed in the middle. It is always sad to find broken stones and worse to find them in a pile.

On November 19, 2001, the Sweetland Township Trustees were presented with two copies of all the documentation on Harker Cemetery Records. Their book of 220 pages contains the cemetery’s history, notes from the old cemetery book, glossary of terms, cemetery plat, lot owner index, lot owner register, a burial register according to Block, Lot and grave number and a burial record index. In very section are blank lines so they may enter future information.

Harker Cemetery is still accepting burials. For additional information contact the Sweetland Township Trustees.

Other names for Harker Cemetery, found in County Court records and obituaries, are Sweetland Cemetery, Sweetland Burying Ground, Harker Grave Yard and Hacker’s or Hawkers Burying ground. WPA records described area as Harker Cemetery on Flat Iron Point (a description several area residents disagree with).

The land on which the cemetery sits was deeded to the Sweetland Trustees by Joseph N. Harker and his wife, Lydia on 25th day of April 1853. The deed is filed in the Muscatine County Book of Lands ‘R’ on page 209. It reads in part:

In consideration of One Dollar, to us in hand paid by the Trustees of Sweetland Township in the County of Muscatine and State of Iowa, we have, and by these presents, do give grant and sell to them the said Trustees, in trust for the purposes hereafter explained, the following to wit:
Commencing at the South East corner of Section Nine, in Township Seventy Seven Range One West; thence running North Four chains and Seventy four links, thence South Forty one degrees and thirty minutes West, four chains and Sixty six links, to a Birch tree (center); thence south one chain and Seventy-seven links, then East three chains and forty six links to the place of beginning, containing one and twelve hundredths acres more or less. (Chains are Four Rods; one hundred links to a chain). To have and to hold to the said Trustees and their successors, forever, as a Burying Ground, in which to bury and any and all, white persons who may be brought there for sepulture, under such rules and regulations as said Trustees may from time adopt, and for no other purposes whatever. In testimony whereof, we have, hereto set our hands this 25th day of April A.D. 1853.

The 23rd day of January 1885, an addition was made to the cemetery when David Robinson and his wife Mary Ann, sold to the Harker Cemetery Association 51/100 of an acre for thirty three dollars. A plat of the cemetery was filed in the Muscatine County Book of Lots ‘15’ pg. 539 on 16th day of February 1885.

A small strip of land was sold to the Harker Cemetery Association for the sum of one dollar by C.F. Holtz and Amelia A. Holtz, his wife for the purposes for a roadway to the cemetery. This transaction was made on 22 March 1907.


b. = date of birth obit = Obituary from newspaper
d. = date of death Co. Court rec. = Muscatine County Court House Records
dau = daughter of GAR = Grand Army of the Republic - Civil War Era
na = none WPA = Gravestones copied by W.P.A. Graves Registration Project.

- Differnces between cemetery and WPA records are noted.
- Persons that have WPA only means that it was the only source that named the burial location of that individual. I was not able to find confirmation of that fact in either Muscatine County Court House records or obituaries.
- When ‘Unknown’ is noted under Block and Lot unknown means County Court death records indicated burial was made in Harker Cemetery, but no gravemarker remains, nor was there record of burial found in old cemetery records. If an obituary was found, place of burial was not noted.

Click Here to view gravestone photos posted on the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project.


BlockLot..Last NameFirst NameBirth DateDeath DateNotesWPA
J4..AdyHoward.26 Dec 1857Age 26 yrs. 11 mos. 27 dys.WPA
J3..AdyJonathan.23 Feb 1865Age 55 yrs. 5 mos. - gravemarker is leaning on the right side of Rachel & Joshua Ady's marker.WPA
J3..AdyJoseph F..8 Apr 1863Age 69 yrs. 1 mos. 16 dys.WPA
J3..AdyJoshua Sr..8 Jun 1857Age 93 yrs. 1 mos. 28 dys. - gravemarker leans on left side of Rachel & Joshua Ady's marker.WPA
J4..AdyJoshua W..18 Mar 188586 yrs. 10 mos. 19 dys.WPA
J4..AdyRachel.31 Mar 1853Age 54 yrs. 1 mos. 27 dys. - shares gravemarker with Joshua W. Ady.WPA d. 30 Mar 1853
J3..AdyRuth Anna1 Dec ?11 Feb 1857Dau of J.C. Ady - gravemarker leans on left side of Rachel & Joshua Ady's marker..
J4..Ady?...Broken Stone--Unreadable.
A22S 1/2.AlbrechtEdward C.10 Dec 191318 Jun 1914Son of Henry & Katie Eckhardt Albrecht.
A22S 1/2.AlbrechtLeo Arthur19201921Son of Henry & Katie Eckhardt Albrecht.
M19..AldingerCatharine.10 Feb 1893Age 75 yrs. 2 mos. 16 dys.WPA
M19..AldingerElizabeth M.18571935Mother - shares marker with John C. Aldinger.
M19..AldingerJohn.8 Nov 1856Age 41 yrs. 3 wks 1 dy. - shares marker with wife, Catharine Aldinger - Probate rec. stated d. Nov 1856WPA - d. 8 Nov 1859
M19..AldingerJohn C.185320 Oct 1923FatherWPA
A29..AndersenAndreas18621947Grave marker reads "Father".
A29..AndersenAnna C.18687 Aug 1927Grave marker reads "Mother" - wife of Andreas Andersen.
A29..AndersenCelia C.189027 Dec 1914Age 24 yrs. 25 dys. - dau of Andrew & Katherine Jensen AndersenWPA
O3..AndersonMary M..24 Oct 1865Age 69 yrs. 7 mos. 19 dys..
N4S 1/2.AyresWillie J..21 Oct 1884Age 7 mos. 9 dys. - son of A.W. & Ella Ayres.
N11..BarnardJoel.6 Aug 1879Age 70 yrs. 3 mos. 16 dys. - shares marker with Melvina BarnardWPA
N11..BarnardMelvina16 Apr 181019 Aug 1888.WPA
K6..BatchelorWm..12 Jun 1859Marker is leaning against back of Phebe & J. Pierson's grave marker.
K6..BatteyAlice.2 May 1882Wife of J.H. Battey - age 24 yrs. 1 mos. 17 dys..
Unknown...BoodDaniell.24 Aug 1857Age 37WPA only - no obit found
M5..BowleyCharlotte.15 Mar 1888Age 68 yrs. 8 mos. 8 dys.WPA
D1..BreedloveJesse G.12 Dec 19114 Dec 1966Co. Court rec. lists Jesse Jean, dau of Martin N. & Lizzie Sauer Goddard.
M9..BriggsEmma V.17 Jul 185223 May 1931dau of Richardson.
M15..BrisbineClark185126 Oct 1929..
M15..BrisbineInfant14 Sep 186014 Oct 1860..
M15..BrisbineJames11 Feb 181828 Jun 1900Grave marker reads "Father" - son of I. & H. Brisbine.
M15..BrisbineLucinda R..7 Jan 1875Grave marker reads "Mother" - age 53 yrs. - nee Swem.
J1..BroganBroken Stone..Unreadable.
J2..BroganElizabeth.6 Jun 1883Gravemarker reads "Elizabeth" - Wife of Jessie Brogan - age 64 yrs. 1 mos. 25 dys.WPA - named Jessie
J1..BroganFranun P..31 Jan 1918Gravemarker reads "Franun P." - Unsure of spelling on grave marker - Courthouse; Mrs. Joseph Brogan 79 yrs. 5 mos. 4 dys. - f. Gutha Miller.
J2..BroganJessie11 Feb 182115 Sep 1907 Gravemarker reads "Jessie" -WPA
J1..BroganJohn.29 Apr 1854Age 68 yrs. 8 mos.WPA - Veteran of War 1812
J1..BroganMargaret.31 May 1851Wife of John Brogan - age 57 yrs. 5 mos. 11 dys.WPA
J2..BroganUnknown.13 May 1855Infant Son of J. & E. Brogan - age 3 dys..
J2..BroganUnknown.3 Feb 1858Son of J. & E. Brogan - age 5 yrs. 3 mos. 6 dys..
D6..BrossartBelle Blanche18951 Oct 1962Age 67 yrs. - dau of George & Elizabeth Chasteen Kramer.
D6..BrossartViola Ruth11 May 191414 May 1914Dau of Alex O. & Belle Kramer Brossart - Courthouse; d. 13 May 1914.
D6..Brossart Alexander Oliver (Alex)24 May 188918 Aug 1968Shares marker with wife, Belle B. Brossart - son of Adam & Ann Grelle Brossart.
J7..BrownMolly.14 Aug 1867Dau. of J. & M. Brown.
M7..CarlAlice L..6 Feb 1864Age 2 yrs. 4 mos. 1 dy. - Dau of G. & F. Carl.
L5..CarlGeorge W..1 Feb 1857Age 2 mos. 16 dys..
L5..CarlMary..broken stone - unreadable - same style as for Samuel Carl.
L5..CarlMary.22 Mar 1858Age 4 mos. 22 dys. - dau of D. & R. Carl.
L5..CarlMary E..15 Aug 1856Age 10 mos. 29 dys. - dau of A. & H. Carl - gravemarker has broken off of base.
L5..CarlSamuel.24 Mar 1857Age 53 yrs. 9 mos.WPA - b. 1794
E8..CarstensenFrieda Minnie27 Jun 188921 Nov 1968Dau of Hans & Minnie Koenicke Carstensen.
E8..CarstensenHans18595 Jan 1941Dad - Shares marker with wife, Minnie Carstensen - age 81 yrs. 6 mos. 5 dys..
E8..CarstensenLillie Emma21 Jul 18915 Dec 1975Dau of Hans & Minnie Koenicke Carstensen.
E8..CarstensenLulu Ruth30 Mar 18985 Aug 1984..
E8..CarstensenMinnie186229 Oct 1934MomWPA
P8..CarterAlfred25 Mar 184717 Feb 1923 Grave marker reads "Father' - Co. A 9th IA Cav.
A2..CarterDorothy Marie10 Jun 19148 Nov 1915Dau of R. & V. Carter.
Unknown...CarterElvin186523 May 1897Obit Muscatine Journal 24 May 1897. Funeral M.E. Church, place of burial not noted.WPA only
A11..CarterGerald W.20 Jun 192028 Jul 1938.WPA
Unknown...CarterHannah18381917.WPA only
M4..CarterHannah M..20 Aug 1879Grave marker reads "Mother" - age 59 yrs. 4 dys..
M4..CarterHenry11 Nov 182216 Sep 1907Grave marker reads "Father"WPA
A3..CarterJames Albert185425 Mar 1922Age 68 yrs. 2 mos. 23 dys.WPA
N10..CarterMale Infant1 Oct 18841 Oct 1884Submitted March 2010 by Neal Carter: Merritt Carter infant son
of Elvin E. & Mary Ella (Flint) Carter
P8..CarterMalinda11 Feb 184714 Mar 1918Grave marker reads "His Wife" - dau of James McDowellWPA
A3..CarterMary A.18621920Wife of James CarterWPA
A11..CarterMary Elizabeth17 Feb 186723 Jul 1952Grave marker reads "Mother" - wife of Wm. Carter - dau of Fred Welsch.
M5..CarterSidney L..17 Aug 1900Age 35 yrs. 9 mos. 5 dys.WPA
A11..CarterWilliam18604 Jan 1927Grave marker reads "Father" - age 66 yrs. 5 dys.WPA
N10..CarterWillis18 Aug 187518 Aug 1875Son of A. Carter.
L9..ChambersMary.7 Feb 1878Grave marker reads Grandma on top - Age 84 yrs.WPA
A27..ChatfieldEmma Marguerite20 May 188025 Feb 1940..
A27..ChatfieldFrederick George2 Feb 190523 Jun 1936Shares marker base with Anna C. MorseWPA
A27..ChatfieldWalter H.7 Nov 187925 Oct 1926Shares marker with wife, Emma M.Kirchner Chatfield - parents to Carl, Fred, Raymond & AliceWPA
Unknown...ClendenenDorothy.18 Jul 1881Co. Court rec.: burial at Harker Cem.; age 3 hrs. d. 18 Jul 1881 - no grave marker remains.
J19..ClendeningJohn.15 Nov 1856Age 61 yrs.WPA
J19..ClendeningMargaret.10 Sep 1877Age 85 yrs. 5 mos. 25 dys.WPA - age 81
J19..ClendinenSteward.6 Jan 1899Age 72 yrs.WPA - spelled Heward
I4..ColemanAlbert A..7 Apr 1846Son of L.D. & H. Coleman - 6 yrs..
I4..ColemanLawson D..16 Feb 185?edge of date chipped off.
I4..ColemanMary.20 Jan 1865Wife of David Coleman.
M1..CollyerSamuel H..11 Oct 1852Age 47 yrs. 1 mos. 22 dys. - foot stone reads S.H.C. WPA age 47 y 1 m -d.
O3..CooperAnn L..28 Feb 1876Age 83 yrs. 14 dys.WPA
A30..CusterRobert D.17 May 191517 Jul 1932.WPA
M4..CusterSusie (Mrs.)2 Apr 18592 May 1916"Mother" foot stone leaning against Sidney Carter's grave markerWPA
D2..DartingErnest I.25 Mar 188727 Jan 1961Son of William & Lillian Belk Darting.
D2..DartingLetha F.191128 Nov 1911Age 12 dys. - dau of Ernest & Mabel Pace Darting.
D2..DartingMaybelle Alma5 Jul 189131 Aug 1983Shares marker with husband, Ernest Darting - dau of Ernest & Ida M. Henneker Pace.
D2..DartingRobert D.19261926Shares marker with sister, Letha F. Darting - son of Ernest & Maybelle Darting.
L3..DavisBenj..2 Jan 1889Age 37 yrs. 10 mos. 22 dys. - died at Tacoma WA.WPA
L3..DavisHannah.15 Nov 1889Age 65 yrs. 1 mos. 17 dys - Wife of I. Davis; died at Tacoma WAWPA - Age 66 yrs. 1 mos. 17 dys
L3..DavisIsaiah.5 Oct 1890Age 74 yrs. 7 mos. 25 dys. - GAR - IA 9 Cav. Co..
L3..DavisJames.19 Jun 1855Age 1 yr. 22 dys. - son of I.& H. Davis.
Rd between Block M Lot 5 & N Lot 17...DavisMary P..10 Apr 1863Age 24 yrs. - dau of E. & S. Davis - marker was laying face down on ground.
L3..DavisRachael.20 Jun 1864Age 12 yrs. 5 mos. 6 dys. - dau of I.& H. Davis.
L3..DavisShephard.20 Jul 1863Age 18 yrs. 4 mos. 10 dys. - IA 35th Inf. Co. - died in Adams Hospital, Memphis, TN; son of I. & H. Davis.
L3..DavisThomas6 Jan 188931 Jan 1889Son of J. & E. Davis.
L3..DavisUnknown..Grave marker unreadable.
M19..DomerAlma May1 May 188720 May 1960Dau of John C. & Mary E. Johnson Aldinger.
P18..DownerElizabeth.30 Jan 1873Age 58 yrs. - wife of John A. DownerWPA
P18..DownerJohn A..5 Jul 1888Age 82 yrs. 9 mos. 3 dys.WPA
A5..EckhardtCharles Lewis187113 Feb 1957Shares marker with Helen M. Eckhardt - age 85 yrs..
A5..EckhardtHelen M.188727 Jan 1938Age 50 yrs. 28 dys..
A9..EckhardtHenry15 May 183413 May 1924Shares marker with wife, Johanna Eckhardt - Civil War G.A.R.WPA
A9..EckhardtHenry G.18791961Son of H. & J. Eckhardt.
Unknown...EckhardtInfant.30 Jul 1908Co. Court rec.; burial at Harker Cem.; parents Henry & Daisy Wintermute Eckhardt - no grave marker remains.
A9..EckhardtJohanna R.19 Nov 184829 Dec 1914f. Charley RestoWPA
K4..EdwardsWilliam.29 May 1853Age 22 yrs. 5 mos. 16 dys.WPA
P15..EverettRansom dates on G.A.R. marker - Co. A 35th Iowa Inf.WPA
I1..FarnsworthAnn.18 Jun 1848Wife of A. Farnsworth - age 36 yrs.WPA - age 37 yrs. 10 mos. 14 dys.
I1..FarnsworthCharles.11 Oct 1856Son of A. & H. - age 4 mos. 19 dys. - shares stone with Ann Farnsworth.
M2..FarnsworthGeorge A..7 Sep 1856Age 1 mo. 23 dys. - son of M. & R. Farnsworth.
M3..FarnsworthHomer L.8 Mar 18306 Nov 1862.WPA
M2..FarnsworthMenora.20 Oct 1865Age 6 yrs. 10 mos. 10 dys..
M2..FarnsworthRebecca.19 Nov 1869Age 43 yrs. 6 mos. 9 dys. - wife of Homer FarnsworthWPA - b. 1817
B4..FickDora5 Jun 18248 Aug 1898.WPA - 74 yrs. 2 mos. 8 dys.
B4..FickHans24 Oct 18243 Jan 1900.WPA - age 75 yrs. 3 mos. 10 dys.
M12..FranklinAnna25 May 188018 Feb 1920Wife of F. Franklin.
N19N 1/2.FranksHannah11 Dec 182326 Feb 1889..
N19N 1/2.FranksIsaac15 Mar 18117 May 1893.WPA
I2..FullerEmily.10 Nov 1851Wife of Alvin Fuller - age 30 yrs.WPA - b. 1821 dates givenG.A.R. marker - Co. A 9th IA CalvaryWPA - Co. A 9th Iowa WA Dav. - Civil War G.A.R.
P17..GebertMary.3 Oct 1888Wife of Fred. GebertWPA - b. 1813
K5..GilmanElmer E..29 Sep 1883Age 23 yrs. 8 mos. 26 dys.WPA
K5..GilmanPhebe V..28 Nov 1922Grave marker reads "Mother".
D8..GoddardAnnie E. (Anne Ellen)19 Jan 188627 Mar 1973Dau of Martin N. & Louisa Brei.
D8..GoddardCaroline Elizabeth6 Sep 18845 Sep 1963Dau of Martin N. & M. Louisa Goddard.
C1..GoddardCharles20 Nov 182023 Feb 1885Grave marker reads "Father"WPA
C12..GoddardCharles Ludwig8 Apr 188714 Jul 1913Son of Martin N. & Louisa M. Brei GoddardWPA
C11..GoddardDennis L.11 Dec 193910 May 1990Son of Lauren & Edith Hopkins Goddard.
C11..GoddardEdith R.7 Jul 19119 Jun 1992Dau of Guy & Emma Kent Hopkins.
C11..GoddardEdward M.24 Sep 189016 May 1966Son of M.N. and M. Goddard - Co. Court rec. d. 15 May 1966.
C1..GoddardElizabeth D.26 Nov 183226 Mar 1916Grave marker reads " Mother" - wife of Charles GoddardWPA
D1..GoddardEllen Frances186326 Feb 1928.WPA - b. 13 Nov 1863
D1..GoddardEmma L.4 Dec 186529 Mar 1949Dau of Charles & Elizabeth Healey.
C1..GoddardHiram W..8 Oct. 1909Age 55 yrs.WPA - b. 1854
C1..GoddardHorace C.13 Feb 186117 Sep 1895.WPA
C12..GoddardHorace Grant.25 Feb 1901Age 1 yr. 5 mos. 5 dys. - son of Martin & Lizzie Goddard - Co. Court rec. d. 25 Feb 1900.
C11..GoddardLauren John11 Nov 19089 Jul 1979Shares marker with wife, Edith Goddard - parents of Dennis L. & Linda L. Goddard - dau of Martin N. & Lizzie Sauer Goddard.
C12..GoddardLizzie A.187127 May 1923Grave marker reads "Mother" - nee Elizabeth Anna Sauer, 2nd wife of Martin N. Goddard.
C12..GoddardLouisa Maria17 Jun 186515 Mar 1892Wife of Martin N. Goddard - age 26 yrs. 3 mos. 27 dys. - dau of Ludwig & Elizabeth Krell BreiWPA - b. 1866
C12..GoddardMartin Norris27 Feb 185911 Dec 1936Grave marker reads "Father" - son of Charles & E. GoddardWPA
D1..GoddardNorris M.10 Sep 18943 Aug 1947Co. Court rec. lists Martin Norris Goddard - age 52 yrs. - son of Martin N. & Lizzie Sauer Goddard.
C11..GoddardRachel D.20 Nov 189325 Nov 1985Shares marker with husband, Edward M. Goddard - dau of J.N. & Cornelius Stuart McConnaha.
M20..GoodDaniel L..24 Aug 1852Age 37 yrs. 9 mos..
E1..GorwinW.H..11 Dec 1864Age 51 yrs. 7 mos.WPA spelled Carvin - b. 1813
N15..GoshaMary M..25 May 1887Age 61 yrs. - obit Muscatine Journal May 30, 1887 d. at res. of her dau. Mrs. E.S. MottWPA - b. 1826
A19..Grete3710420 Mar 185925 Sep 1920Grave marker reads "Father"WPA
O7..GreteFrederick.1 Feb 1896Age 81 yrs.WPA - b. 1815
B12..GreteGeorge27 Mar 18369 Feb 1907Grave marker reads "Father" - b. GermanyWPA
A19..GreteLouise2 May 185812 Sep 1947Grave marker reads " Mother".
B12..GreteMary4 Jan 182719 Jul 1906Grave marker reads "Mother" - dau of Frederick & Anna ___ b. Germany.
O7..GreteWilhelmine.29 Jan 1880Age 70 yrs. - Mother - shares marker with husband, Frederick GreteWPA - b. 1800 d. 20 Jan 1870
B2..GriffinHelen Shepard14 Jul 19158 Jun 1977..
B6..HaifleighElizabeth (Lizzie)27 Aug 182927 Dec 1907Wife - Grave marker reads "Mother" - b. MarylandWPA
B10..HaifleighElla Miller1 Feb 186120 Feb 1936Wife of David Haifleigh.
B10..HaifleighSamuel David20 Oct 185422 Oct 1933.WPA - d. 1938
B6..HaifleighW.S.21 Jun 18275 Jan 1900Grave marker reads "Father"WPA
A21S1/2.HallingCharles H.18841959Shares marker with wife, Gertrude H. Halling.
A6..HallingClara11 Mar 18746 Dec 1946Dau of Charles & Christina Fuenstick Baer.
A6..HallingGeorge186310 Aug 1933Husband of Clara Halling - age 70 yrs. 2 mos. 15 dys.WPA
A7..HallingGeorge Vernon24 Aug 1906March 1987Shares marker with wife, Myrtle G. Halling - parents of Mary Ann, Robert, William, Marion - son of Geroge & Clara Baer Halling.
A21S1/2. HallingGertrude H.1 Oct 189013 Jul 1991cremated remains interred May 1992 - pg. 83.
A7..HallingMarion Jean.1943Dau of G.V. & M.G. Halling.
A7..HallingMyrtle G.191014 Feb 1999..
L6..HamannChristain12 Jan 18365 Aug 1903Grave marker reads " Father"WPA spells name as Christine
L6..HamannEdward30 Jun 188714 Aug 1903Grave marker reads "Edward".
L6..HamannElizabeth18541930Grave marker reads "Mother"WPA
M5..HamberlinSamuel H..5 Mar 1860Age 21 yrs. 2 mos. 21 dys. - son of SM & ES Hamberlin - grave marker is leaning against Charlotte Bowley's stone.
A4S 1/2.HammannJohn F.18801920.WPA spells Hamann
K1..HarkerJohn (twin).25 Aug 1850Age 3 mos. 11 dys. - son of J. & L. Harker - shares marker with Sarah Harker -Foot stone reads "John Harker" - all in the pile
(children of Joseph N. & Lydia)
K1..HarkerJoseph N..23 Jan 1883Age 74 yrs. 9 mos. 13 dys - Foot stone reads "J.N.H" - all in the pile
(Joseph Northup b. 10 Sep 1808 Sussex Co., NJ. Son of Samuel & Sarah)
WPA - b. 1809
K2..HarkerLydia.2 Feb 1904Mother - age 88 yrs. 8 mos. 27 dys.WPA - no first name - b. 1816 d. 2 Feb 1904
K1..HarkerSamuel.26 Nov 1853Age 82 yrs. 0 m. 5 dys.
(born 21 Nov 1771)
buried in the Hardwick Church yard, Sussex Co., NJ
WPA - b. 1771
K1..HarkerSarah.19 May 1858Age 84 yrs. 11 mos. 22 dys. - Wife of Samuel - marker is broken in two pieces.
(born 18 May 1773 dau of Isaac Rosenkans & Polly Brink)
WPA - b. 1774
K1..HarkerSarah (twin).22 Aug 1850Age 3 mos. 5 dys. - dau. of J. & L. Harker.
K1..HarkerTheodore.22 Sep 1862Age 18 yrs. - son of J. & L. Harker ** 2nd stone is G.A.R. marker reads Co. A. 35 IA Inf. (born 25 Mar 1844)WPA - b. 1844
I4..HarrellBetsy A.22 Aug 1861Wife of John W. Harrell.
A8..HayesJames F.185328 Apr 1917Age 61 yrs. 2 mos. 22 dys..
P9..HebrewJames W.5 Feb 184919 Apr 1921FatherWPA - father of William & Mrs. H.B. Crawford
N10..HebrewMaybelle E..16 Jul 1879Age 9 yrs. 18 mos. 20 dys. - dau of James & S. Hebrew.
P9..HebrewSarah A.27 Jul 184921 Mar 1934MotherWPA - Wife of James Hebrew
M20..HeilIsaac..19 Feb 1851Age 70 yrs 4 m 17 dsWPA spelled Hill, Isaac - b. 1781
A1..HerleinAlbert F.10 Jun 190616 Nov 1989Son of Henry H. & Mary B. Hutcherdorf.
G6..HerleinBeulah Gertrude15 Nov 189826 Oct 1987Dau of Lewis & Sene J. Nyweide Miller.
C7..HerleinEdward17 Jun 190227 Aug 1903Son of Mary & Henry Herlein.
C6..HerleinGail26 Mar 18992 Jul 1990Dau of Henry & Mary Hutchindorf Herlein.
C7..HerleinHenry H.31 Aug 186920 Jul 1933FatherWPA
G6..HerleinJohn Herman (Johnney)10 Jun 190010 Oct 1986Son of Henry & Mary Hutchindorf Herlein.
C6..HerleinJohn W.16 Sep 182312 Apr 1900Shares marker with wife, Minnie C. Herlein - b. GermanyWPA
C6..HerleinLaura15 May 189713 Sep 1897Dau of H. & M. Herlein.
C7..HerleinMary B.18 Oct 18746 Oct 1959Mother.
A1..HerleinMary K.194116 Jan 1997Dau of Ruth & Albert Herlein.
C6..HerleinMinnie C.16 Apr 183322 May 1895.WPA
A1..HerleinRuth A.6 Mar 190522 Dec 1953Shares marker with husband, Albert Herlein - dau of Fred & Clara M. Riek Stortz.
C3..HeslerHenry4 Nov 184320 Nov 1924G.A.R. IL 25 Inf.WPA
C3..HeslerMartha.25 Jul 1887Age 39 yrs. 11 mos. 28 dys. - wife of H. Hesler.
C3..HeslerSusan19 Apr 18439 Jan 1926.WPA
C3..HeslerWilliam.16 Mar 1880Age 9 yrs. 7 mos. 23 dys. - son of Henry & Mattie Hesler.
A20..HoltzAmelia28 Jun 186924 Aug 1943Dau of Charles & Louise Unkel Nesselbush.
A20..HoltzCharles F.10 Sep 186513 Jul 1948Shares marker with wife, Amelia Holtz - son of John & Mary Praul Holtz.
L8..HoltzChrist.9 Apr 1870Age 75 yrs. 11 mos. 15 dys.WPA - no first name given - b. 1795
C4..HoltzFred G.185826 Sep 1919.WPA
A26..HoltzGertrude Louise29 Nov 188612 Mar 1967Dau of John & Louise Kemper Sywassink.
A20..HoltzHarry F..6 Nov 1889Age 1 mos. 26 dys. - son of C.F. Holtz.
Unknown...HoltzInfant.11 Jan 1887Co. Court rec.; buried Sweetland Burying ground Rec. 1 pg 115 - no grave marker remains.
L8..HoltzJohn.3 Apr 1900Grave marker reads "Father" - Age 73 yrs. 4 mos. 28 dys. - b. GermanyWPA - b. 1830
A26..HoltzJohn William29 Jan 188429 Dec 1960Shares marker with wife, Gertrude Holtz - son of John O. & Carrie May Gipple Holtz.
C4..HoltzKatherine J.13 Sep 18712 Aug 19452nd wife of Fred Holtz - dau of Ludwig & Elizabeth Krell Brei.
C4..HoltzLaura L..24 Feb 1894Age 24 yrs. 9 mos. 15 dys. - wife of F.C. HoltzWPA - spelled Haltz - b. 1870
C4..HoltzLizzie L..16 Apr 1894Age 1 mos. 29 dys. - dau of F.C. & L.L. Holtz.
A20..HoltzLouise E.18961935WifeWPA
L8..HoltzMary.2 Dec 1873Grave marker reads "Mother" - Age 40 yrs. 9 mos. 23 dys.WPA - b. 1833
A17..HoltzNannie D.4 Oct 18647 Nov 1953f. Eastridge Daniel.
A20..HoltzRaymond Albert14 Oct 192214 Oct 1922Son of Louise Holtz - age 7 hrs..
A17..HoltzBaby8 Sep 190110 Sep 1901Grave marker reads "Infant dau of H.A. & N.D. Holtz" - age 1 1/2 dys..
A16..HoltzCarrie M.1 Mar 18637 Jan 1955Mother - wife of John O. Holtz - dau of George & Mary Brooks Gipple.
F3N 1/2.HoltzHelen Victoria10 Jul 191110 Nov 1983Dau of John & Georgia Kauffman Leibrecht.
A17..HoltzHenry A.185626 Apr 1936.WPA
F3N 1/2.HoltzHoward Frederick16 Aug 190519 Jan 1989Shares marker with wife Helen V. Holtz - son of Fred & Katherine Brei Holtz.
A16..HoltzJohn O.2 Jun 18557 Apr 1933FatherWPA - no first name listed
A16..HoltzJohnnie F..11 Jan 1887Age 4 mos. 3 dys. - son of H. & N. Holtz.
N3..HowardEliza J..10 Feb 1860Age 18 yrs. 3 mos. 10 dys. - wife of A. Howard - marker was face down in the ground, broken off base..
F4..HowardJerry W. 194915 Aug 1998Shares marker with wife, Brenda Howard - parents of Jessica.
P1..HunterCurtis8 Sep 189211 Nov 1970Husband of Matilda Hunter - son of Curtis E. & Mary Mills Hunter.
P1..HunterMatilda C.28 Apr 1900Sep. 1978..
E5..IrwinCharles H.18681945..
E5..IrwinFrederick James22 May 191212 Sep 1993Son of Charles Henry & Pricilla Grace Andries Irwin.
E5..IrwinPricilla Grace18881938..
E4..IrwinWalter24 Aug 1909July 1985Shares marker with wife, Pearle N. Irwin - parents of Donald, Marvin and Arnold.
N14..JaquesAnn.15 Jan 1861Age 22 yrs. - wife of David Jaques - foot stone reads "A.J.".
L2..JesterEliza A..24 Jun 1874Age 27 yrs. 6 mos. 0 dys..
M19..JohansonArthur28 Aug 18975 Jun 1948..
N18S 1/2.JonesAlbert C.20 Jul 182224 Feb 1897Grave marker reads "Father"WPA - father of Henry L. & Mrs. J.J. Friday
N18S 1/2.JonesElizabeth Ann13 Mar 18324 Feb 1911Wife of, Albert Jones - b. OH - dau of Isaac & Miss Leich Franks.
A29..KemperElmer H. (Jr.)19091951..
J19..KindJames.3 Jan 1873Age 85 yrs. - towards bottom end of grave marker "C.R." is etched upside down. This grave marker has broken off base and is leaning on back of Steward Clendinen's marker..
B1..KirchnerAugust C.8 Mar 184321 Jun 1912Grave marker reads "Father".
B1..KirchnerCharlotte12 Mar 184630 Jun 1898Grave marker reads "Mother" - nee Johanna Charlotte Krell, dau of Simon & Eliz. Krell.
D5..KramerChild.1908Age 8 yrs. - no grave marker remains - source Old Cem. Record Book pg. 86.
D5..KramerEdna Ruth.17 Feb 1908Age 3 yrs. 6 mos. 23 dys. - dau of G. & E. Kramer - Co. Court rec.: age 3 yrs. 7 mos. 21 dys..
D5..KramerElizabeth187330 Nov 1956Wife of George F. Kramer.
D5..KramerGeorge F.18651939..
D5..KramerLeRoy G.9 Apr 190927 Aug 1993Sl US Navy WWII - son of Geo. & Elizabeth Kramer.
C8..KramerMary P.23 Oct 18304 Jun 1903Grave marker reads "Mother" - b. GermanyWPA
D5..KramerRichard19281929Son of L.G. & Laura Kramer.
C8..KramerWilliam F.4 Dec 185915 Jul 1925.WPA
C8..KramerWilliam H.17 Dec 183312 Feb 1902Grave marker reads "Father" - b. GermanyWPA
P5..KretschmarMax F.18797 Apr 1947..
P5..KretschmarMinnie C.24 Oct 18796 Feb 1964Shares marker with husband, Max Kretschmar - dau of Daniel & Minnie Soehren Sauer.
Unknown...LakeTirzah20 Apr 18025 Aug 1874.WPA only
P9..LangDavid H.14 Feb 183010 Apr 1917 WPA
P9..LangUnknown..Grave marker reads " His Wife" - no other information given -.
P1..LeachJanet Kathleen17 Oct 194518 Oct 1945Dau of Dwight P. & Elana A. Soltwedal Leach.
B9N 10 feet.LeonhardHenry G.10 May 18642 Jul 1928Shares marker with wife, Minnie Leonhard - son of Henry LeonhardWPA
B9N 10 feet.LeonhardMinnie (Wilhelmina)3 May 187018 Jan 1955Dau of Ludwig & Eliz. Krell Brei.
M18..LittleCatherine.5 Nov 1883Age 79 yrs. 11 mos. 19 dys.WPA b. 1804
E3..LittrelInfant.naInfant of Maurice and Bonnie Littrel - Remains removed to a different cemetery.
O3..LongstrethIsaac.27 Jan 1869Age 52 yrs. 12 dys.WPA - b. 1817
O4..LongstrethIsaac4 Jan 185617 May 1942Husband of Mary Longstreth - f. Isaac Longstreth.
O3..LongstrethJanisa.10 May 189?Wife of Isaac Longstreth - age 69 yrs. 4 mos. 25 dys.WPA - spelled Janis A. - b. 1819 d. 10 May 1899
O4..LongstrethMary E.11 Mar 18579 Jul 1939Wife of Isaac Longstreth.
Unknown...LongstrethWilliam Ellis.26 Jan 1883Co. Court rec.: burial in Sweetland Burying Ground - 3 yrs. 4 mos. 19 dys. - no grave marker remains.
D12..MartinAdelaide G.2 Mar 18564 Mar 1941Grave marker reads "Mother".
D11..MartinAmanda B.18 Jun 189428 Aug 1990Shares marker with Benjamin Martin - dau of Elvin Y. & Ida M. Henniker Pace.
D11..MartinBenjamin Clifford26 Jul 18929 Jun 1966Son of W.B. & Adelaide McClean Martin.
D12..MartinEva Pearl8 Oct 189114 Jan 1963Wife of Wm. P. Martin - dau of Fletcher & Laura Brooks Duncan.
D11..MartinJospeh S.21 Feb 1887May 1976..
D11..MartinLois R.12 Jun 1889July 1973..
D11..MartinRuth A.19141917..
D12..MartinW.E.17 Jan 185721 Feb 1921Grave marker reads "Father"WPA
D12..MartinWm. P.19 Apr 1888Oct. 1970..
C9..MartzAmelia17 Nov 186114 Feb 1902Grave marker reads "Mother" - wife of Gustav Martz - b. Germany.
C9..MartzGeorge O.22 Mar 189821 Jul 1901Grave marker reads "Brother" - son of G. & A. Martz.
C9..MartzGustav3 Nov 185417 Jan 1925Grave marker reads "Father".
C9..MartzInfant7 Oct 19157 Oct 1915Grave marker reads "Infant".
A11..McElroyViolet Margaret19 Nov 191019 Apr 1911Grave marker reads "Violet" - dau of W.E. & Mable Carter McElroy.
M16..McFarlandHarriet.1 Jun 1852Age 3 yrs. 3 mos. 25 dys. - dau of S.& L. McFarland.
I5..McMurphyMary A..8 May 1857Wife of H. McMurphy - age 17 yrs. 22 dys.WPA - b. 1840 Wife of L.H.
B3..MeerdinkBenjamin11 Mar 18523 Dec 1922.WPA - d. 11 Mar 1852
B3..MeerdinkGeorgia 3Feb 18661 Sep 1935Grave marker reads "Mother" - Wife of B. Meerdink WPA - d. 3 Feb 1866.
Unknown...MeerdinkHarry Roy..Age 21 dys. - orginally interreded at Harker then moved to Greenwood Cemetery on 17 Apr 1934..
B3..MeerdinkLotta.3 Jan 1890Age 2 yrs. 4 mos. 19 dys..
B3..MeerdinkSusan.8 Dec 1898Grave marker reads "Mother"WPA - b. 1845
N11..MetteerBessie A..17 Dec 1868Age 15 yrs. - dau of Robert Metteer.
J19..MillerAmanda R.C.184129 Jul 1917Shares marker with husband, Clark A. Miller - Age 76 yrs. 2 mos. 14 dys - b. PA - dau of John & Margaret Hamilton ClendinenWPA
J19..MillerClark A.18361926.WPA
N4N 1/2.MillerElmer C.18641926..
N17..MillerEmmaline18681932Wife of Elmer Miller (His gravemarker is directly across from her in Block N Lot 5).
N4S 1/2.MillerErnest C..18 May 1888Age 1 mos. 6 dys.- son of E.C. & L. Miller.
Rd between Block M Lot 10 & N Lot 13...MillerJosiah and.......Grave marker reads "Josiah Miller and ... "- marker sunk deep into the ground - dates unreadableWPA -.... Mrs. Josiah Miller d. Apr 8, 1868
Rd between Block M Lot 10 & N Lot 13...Miller... Mrs. Josiah..Shares gravemarker with husband, Josiah Miller.
Unknown...MillerPasha Lelia.24 Mar 1905Co. Court rec.; burial in Harker Cem. - age 8 mos. 6 dys. - dau of Elmer C. & Emiline Sinkler Miller - no grave marker remains.
A27..MorseAnna Chatfield27 Mar 190625 Mar 1976Dau of Charles & Grace Andries Irwin.
P12..NesselbushCharles.13 Jan 1873.WPA named Charley b. 1826
P12..NesselbushLouise.16 May 1901Shares marker with Charles Nesselbush - nee UnkelWPA - b. 1830
A4N 1/2.NorcrossCharles Judson5 Apr 18625 Jul 1942Son of Jacob & Emeline Taylor Norcross.
A4N 1/2.NorcrossClara Marie11 Jun 187828 May 1968Shares marker with husband, Charles Norcross.
N5N 3/4.NorcrossEmeline3 Aug 183218 Feb 1913Grave marker reads "Mother" - wife of Jacob Norcross - Co. Court rec. d. 17 Feb 1913WPA
N5N 3/4.NorcrossJacob9 Jul 183111 Aug 1910Grave marker reads "Father" - son of Aaron & Emeline Van Camp Norcross - b. NJWPA
C5..NyehuisFrederick28 Mar 18992 Jun 1900Son of G.C. & B. Nyehuis.
P6..NyenhuisBeulah Phillips2 Sep 189524 Sep 1964Wife of Glenn C. Nyenhuis - dau of Dan E. & Sarah L. Pike b. Carol, MO.
K8..NyenhuisEdward26 Dec 18974 Jan 1898Son of G.C. & B. Nyenhuis.
P6..NyenhuisGeorge C.23 Sep 187018 Nov 1949Parents; Chris Christian & Berendena Bolthoff Nyenhuis.
P6..NyenhuisGlenn C.17 Mar 190118 Oct 1975Parents; George C. & Rebecca Welsch.
P6..NyenhuisRebecca18731921Wife of George G. NyenhuisWPA
F10..OpelDennis Wayne194911 Oct 2000Father of Chad - Denise.
F10..OpelGeorge A.10 May 19125 Aug 1996Son of Adam & Mary Opel - shares marker with wife, Violet Opel..
F10..OpelViolet E.19 May 190924 Apr 1981Dau of Fredick & Katherine Brei Holtz.
C2..PaceAmanda26 Feb 18254 Dec 1894Grave marker reads "Mother" - Wife of M.P. Pace - b. INWPA
D3..PaceEarl F. (Jr.)6 Jul 19256 Jun 1931Son of Clyde L. & F. A. Pace.
D4..PaceEarl M.27 Sep 188121 Dec 1973Shares marker with wife, Edith B. Pace - son of Elvin & Ida Henneker Pace.
D4..PaceEdith B.20 Oct 188114 Jan 1951Dau of John C. & Elizabeth Johnston Aldinger.
D3..PaceElvin Young10 May 185610 Dec 1911FatherWPA
D4..PaceErnest H.27 Sep 188115 Dec 1964Shares marker with wife, L. Pearl Pace - son of Elvin Y. & Ida Mae Henneker Pace.
D3..PaceIda M.27 May 185729 Nov 1932MotherWPA
D3..PaceKarl H.11 Nov 189710 Jun 1934WWIWPA
D4..PaceL. Pearl19 Nov 18809 May 1952Dau of Elbridge Rand & Patience Adams Sherfey.
D3..PaceLeigh Glen (Jack)8 May 18861960Son of Elvin & Ida Henneker Pace.
C2..PaceM.P.25 Feb 18158 Apr 1892Grave marker reads "Father"WPA
N12..ParsonsLorenzo.29 Jul 1864Age 39 yrs. 6 mos. 14 dys. - grave marker is leaning up against treeWPA - b. 1814
K3..ParvinJohn A..8 Jun 1865Brother - age 10 dys. - son of T.S. (Thomas Sutton Parvin) & J.E. Parvin .
K3..ParvinLydia A..23 Sep 1870Sister - age 10 mos. - dau of T.S. & J. E. Parvin - shares marker with John A. Parvin.
O2..PattersonSarah Y..17 Sep 1859Age 30 yrs.- wife of L.S. PattersonWPA - b. 1829
Unknown...PiersonAlice18582 May 1882.WPA only
K6..PiersonEiceno.1883Age 22 yrs..
K6..PiersonElsie Ann.28 Oct 1906Age 88 yrs. - b. NJWPA - b. 1818
K6..PiersonJ..naAge 69 yrs. 11 mos. 14 dys.
K6..PiersonPhebe.3 Nov 1861Wife of A. Pierson - age unreadable - shares marker with J. PiersonWPA - b. 1788
Unknown...PiersonRichmond E.18411863.WPA only
K6..PiersonSilas C..2 Sep 1872Age 75 yrs. ? mos. 2 dys.WPA - named S.O. Pierson b. 1807
A10..PlumlyGertrude M.3 Jan 18869 Feb 1911Grave marker reads " Gertrude M." - dau of Frind. & Mary Moots NesselbushWPA
L8..PrawlFred.2 Nov 1878Age 64 yrs. 11 mos. 23 dys.WPA spelled Prowl b. 1814
L8..PrawlMary.31 Jan 1874Age 67 yrs. 3 mos. 18dys. - wife of Fred PrawlWPA spelled Prowl - b. 1897
M9..RichardsonCharles T..15 Feb 1864Son of F.H. & I.M. Richardson - stone is broken and is leaning against F.H. Richardson's marker.
M9..RichardsonF.H..15 Feb 1864Age 62 yrs. 11 mos. 5 dys. - FatherWPA - b. 1813
M9..RichardsonIsabell.8 Sep 1892Age 70 yrs. 7 mos. 24 dys. - Mother - Wife of F.H. RichardsonWPA - b. 1822
A25..RichterLorraine I.7 Aug 192314 Mar 1926Dau of H.D. & I. Richter.
M2..RiddleFrancis Lee.18 Aug 1886Age 6 yrs. 6 mos. 10 dys..
N19S 1/2.RidenourElmer8 Jul 19138 Jul 1913Son of Walter W. & Grace Miller Ridenour.
N17..RidenourGrace Mae8 Mar 189231 Jan 1968Shares marker with husband, Walter Ridenour - dau of Elmer C. & Emma Sinkler Miller.
N19S 1/2.RidenourLeroy.1933..
N19S 1/2.RidenourLloyd19151919Son of W.W. & G.M. Ridenour.
N17..RidenourWalter W.10 Oct 189020 Sep 1978Son of David & Sarah Burger Ridenour.
E7..RiekAddie W.21 Oct 18985 Apr 1972..
E7..RiekFred Robert22 Apr 189011 Mar 1958Pvt. Co. K. 23.
B5..RobinsonDavid H.3 May 183125 Mar 1904Grave marker reads "Father"WPA
B5..RobinsonGeorgia28 Jan 18637 Sep 1888Grave marker reads "Georgia" - Daughter.
C10..RobinsonLuella21 Apr 190520 Mar 1909Dau of I. & Alice Bean Robinson.
Unknown...RobinsonLuella21 Apr 186420 Nov 1904.WPA only
B5..RobinsonMary Ann1 Dec 183313 Aug 1912Grave marker reads "Mother" - b. Nova ScotiaWPA
B8..RobinsonNira28 Sep 190414 Oct 1909Dau of W.H. & I.M. Robinson.
D10..RobinsonWilliam H.9 Feb 18666 Jul 1917Son of David & Mary A. Robinson. dates on G.A.R. markerWPA names John Rowland d. 28 Nov 1864 - Co. C 55th Ill, Inf. Civil War - G.A.R.
P3..SauerAlbert C.3 Oct 188819 May 1938Davenport Demoncrat 19 May 1938 listed siblings as Will, George, Ed., & Mrs. Minnie KetschmarWPA
....SauerBetty Mae Silberhorn 26 May 192713 Sep 2018s/s Danforth W. Sauer.
....SauerDanforth W. "Dan"19 Apr 19216 May 2016 married Betty Mae Silberhorn 13 Sep 1945, p/o Barry, Scott, Craig. Vicki .
P2..SauerDaniel15 Feb 184026 Oct 1925Father.
A18..SauerEdward D.31 Aug 188324 Feb 1946Shares marker with wife, May H. Sauer - son of Daniel & Minnie Soehren Sauer.
A18..SauerEdwin August9 Jan 19141 Feb 1914Son of Edward D. & May I. Grete Sauer - Co. Court rec. d. 2 Feb 1914, age 24 dys..
P4..SauerGeorge L.188116 Nov 1945..
K8..SauerJohn11 Mar 18781 Mar 1879Son of D. & M. Sauer.
P4..SauerLucy E.31 Jan 188226 July 1969Shares marker with husband, George L. Sauer - Co. Court rec. b. 1884 - dau of John S. & Ida Porter Hetzler.
A18..SauerMay H.5 Mar 189112 Oct 1944Dau of August & Louise Nolte Grete.
P2..SauerMinnie1 Mar 185029 Nov 1911MotherWPA
N20..SauerRuby E.28 Feb 189422 Sep 1984b. Oregan - f. George Edwards.
P3..SauerWilliam H. (Will)29 Apr 187620 Dec 1958Son of Daniel & Minnie Soehren Sauer.
P7..SchmalmAndreas.7 Dec 1881Age 62 yrs. 2 mos. 1 dy..
P5..SchmelzerSara Sheperd.5 Jun 1968..
F3S 1/2.SeilerDonald Henry28 Dec 191416 Aug 1996Son of Wm. & Flossie Seiler - shares stone with wife, Grace Ann Seiler..
F3S 1/2.SeilerGrave Ann19 Jul 19164 Aug 1995nee Holtz.
B2..ShepardCharles J.8 Jul 188315 Dec 1966Grave marker reads "Father" - son of James K. & Susan Jarvis Shephard.
N1..ShepardD. Vernon3 Jan 19065 Jun 1984..
B2..ShepardEva Mae4 Feb 188316 Nov 1963Grave marker reads "Mother" - dau of S.D. & Ella M. Miller Haifleigh.
N2..ShepardHarriet B.14 Mar 19119 Mar 1983Parents; Roy & Emma Atwill Baker.
N2..ShepardJames K.14 Jan 191116 Nov 1990Son of Charles & Eva Haifleigh Shepard.
C10..ShulerOliver Franklin190727 Mar 1909Son of R. W. & Ethel Robinson Shuler - age 2 yrs. 2 mos. 16 d.
C10..ShulerRuby19091909Dau of R. & E. Shuler.
C10..ShulerRupert19091909Shares marker with twin, Ruby Shuler - Son of R. & E. Shuler.
N4N 1/2.SinklerAnna M.184310 Dec 1901Wife of James Sinkler - b. Warren, NJWPA
N5S 1/4.SinklerEmeline.10 Jul 1885no dates on marker - Co. Court rec. b. Kingwood, NJ - age 74 yrs. 6 mos. 24 dys..
N4N 1/2.SinklerJames K.11 Feb 184119 Dec 1916..
N14..SmithDavid H.18381843Son of Tunis & Mary Ann Smith - age 5 yr. 10 mos. -.
N14..SmithGeorge W..18 Sep 1882Father - Co. Court rec.; d. 17 Sep 1882 - age 44 yrs. b. New York CityWPA - b. 1838
N14..SmithMary Ann18101849Age 39 yrs. 11 mos - shares marker with David H. SmithWPA - d. 2 Dec 1849
N14..SmithMary C.25 Nov 184722 Oct 1911Mother - wife of George W. Smith - dau of Joseph & Lydia Harker (marr 6 Dec 1866, Muscatine Co.) WPA
N13..SmithRhoda A.8 Jan 181118?Shares marker with Tunis SmithWPA - no date of death
N13..SmithRobert R.18741965Son of George & Mary Smith.
N13..SmithTunis3 Mar 181122 Apr 1892.WPA
B9S 1/2.SohnGottlieb30 Jan 182324 Jul 1893Grave marker reads "Father".
B9S 1/2.SohnMrs. Gottlieb27 Feb 183210 Jul 1896Grave marker reads "Mother" -.
P1..SoltwedelChristina19 Apr 183830 Jul 1915Grave marker reads "Mother" - b. GermanyWPA
P1..SoltwedelEdna May19066 Dec 1923Age 17 yrs. 7 mos. 24 dys.WPA
A30..SoltwedelEllen E.186910 Nov 1912.WPA
P1..SoltwedelFredericka B.18779 Nov 1961Dau of William & Margaret Johnson Placke.
P1..SoltwedelJohn9 Jun 183211 Jul 1906Grave marker reads "Father" - b. GermanyWPA
A30..SoltwedelJulius H.29 Jan 186717 Feb 1951Shares marker with wife, Ellen E. Soltwedel - f. John Sotlwedel.
A30..SoltwedelNorma Rutledge18951941..
P1..SoltwedelOtto E.11 Jan 187410 Feb 1955Shares marker with wife, Fredericka B. Soltwedel - son of John & Christine Vruegge Soltwedel.
L5..SpringerMary E.18281867.WPA - d. 1857
B9N 1/2.StokerHarrison14 Feb 185517 Aug 1926Grave marker reads "Harrison"WPA - b. 1858
B9N 1/2.StokerWilliam H.19 Apr 189520 Jun 1896Grave marker reads "William H." - Son of H. & M. Stoker.
M12..StrattonMargaret180023 Mar 1863Mother.
M12..StrattonWilliam.12 Nov 1882Husband - age 45 yrs.WPA - 1837
A12..SywassinkJohn18603 Aug 1940..
A12..SywassinkLouisa C.23 Nov 185927 May 1917Wife of John Sywassink - nee KemperWPA
A14..TaylorGeorge Sibinus19 Jun 18758 Jul 1942Shares marker with wife, Lizzie Taylor - son of Joseph & Laura Stiles Taylor.
A14..TaylorLizzie G.13 Nov 18761 Mar 1965nee Lisetta Rose Kirchner - dau of August & Charlotte Krell Kirchner.
I5..ThomasEdmond.28 Nov 1857Age 16 yrs. 8 mos.WPA - b. 1841
E6..TisorElmer Leroy29 May 19198 Nov 1987S2 US Navy WWII - son of Henry J. & Effie Josephine Wilson Tisor.
N11..UnknownMother..Grave marker gives no other information.
M6..Unknown...Grave marker sunken under sod.
O1..Unknown...broken stone - unreadable.
P14..Unknown...Grave marker reads "Mother" - no other information given.
M17..VanCampAnn Maria17 Jan 182825 Aug 1916.WPA
M17..VanCampEdith Louise186519 Jan 1937Mother - shares marker with James H. VanCamp - age 71 yrs. 5 mos. 12 dys..
M18..VanCampEmma C..30 Aug 1859dau of K. & M. VanCamp.
M17..VanCampJames H.18601937Father.
M18..VanCampKiple15 Sep 182223 Nov 1903Grave marker reads "Father" - husband to Ann Maria VanCamp - b. NJWPA
M18..VanCampMarshall E..7 Sep 1872son of K. & M. VanCamp.
A23S 1/2.VanderpoolIvy L.J.25 Sep 191313 Oct 1915Dau of W.L. & D.M. Vanderpool - Co. Court rec. named Lyole Vanderpool.
A21N 1/2.WagnerEmma187923 Nov 1907Grave marker reads " Mother" - Wife of G.W. Wagner - age 28 yrs. 3 mos. 14 dys.WPA
A21N 1/ dates listed.
N3..WashburnFrank14 Jan 188211 Feb 1882Age 28 dys..
N3..WashburnHarry14 Jan 188222 Jan 1882Shares marker with twin, Frank Washburn - sons of C.D. & M.E. Washburn.
N9..WashburnNancy.10 Apr 1892Age 77 yrs. 1 mos. 5 dys. - wife of Noah WashburnWPA - b. 1815
N9..WashburnNoah P..2 Oct 1874Age 71 yrs. 3 mos. 12 dys.WPA - b. 1803
F7..WatermanKevin Patrick19521971..
F7..WatermanLois L.22 Nov 190014 Sep 1989..
F6..WeiseJohn9 Jan 18701 May 1963Son of George & Barbara Weise.
D8..WelkRichard E.20 Sep 19277 Oct 1927..
C5..WelschElizabeth16 Feb 18341 Feb 1912Grave marker reads "Mother" - wife of Frederick WelschWPA
C5..WelschFrederick16 May 183225 Mar 1906Grave marker reads "Frederick - Co. C 169th Ohio Inf. - G.A.R.WPA
C5..WelschFrederick15 Sep 180224 Aug 1878**This grave marker is a newer stone. There is another old marker for a Frederick Welser in Block K, Lot 7 which carries the same dates - coincidence or same person?WPA spelled Wilson, Frederick
K7..WelserFrederick15 Sep 180224 Aug 1878Age 75 yrs. 1 mos. 9 dys -**see notes for Frederick Welsch in Block C, Lot 5.
N15..WillisFrances14 Mar 180211 Jul 1883Mother - age 81 yrs. 8 mos. 27 dys..
L9..WinklerElizabeth..dates unreadableWPA - b. 1824 d. 19 Feb 1897
C2..WinnWarren.20 Dec 1893no dates on marker - G.A.R. Civil War - Co. A 2nd IL Cav. - b. ILWPA
N15..WinnemoreCharlotte25 Jan 183327 Mar 1912Dau of John & Frances Johns Willis - b. PA.WPA
N15..WinnemoreThomas M.13 Jun 182826 Nov 1902Share marker with wife, Charlotte WinnemoreWPA
A8..WintermuteAndrew S.18411915.WPA
A8..WintermuteNellie M.18621915.WPA
A25..YarchoIrma H. Richter5 Nov 18982 Jul 1983Dau of George & Clara Baer Halling.

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