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WPA Graves Registration project information for Gatton Cemetery was submitted by Dave Dunston on January 25, 2005.

Surname First Name Age or Birth Date Death Date Notes
Gatton Elizabeth 12/13/1805 3/3/1883 Wife of W.
Gatton Nate ? ? Civil War Vet.---No marker on grave or fence
Gatton Wm. 11/22/1793 11/30/1876 Born in Alleghany Co., Mo.
Gatton W. (Junior) ? ? .

Additional information was submitted by Phyllis Hazen, June 3, 2007, with permission from the Musser Library Acting Administrator.

Publicationn Name: MUSCATINE COUNTY CEMETERY, compiled by the Library Staff in 1989 SC977.768 MUS.
Survey was done in 1972 by Irene Sweitzer, Library staff member.
Updated material provided by Jo Ann Carlson, Library staff member 1989.

William and Elizabeth Gatton came to Muscatine County in 1839 and one can only surmise that they fell in love with the area bordering the Cedar River for this is where they owned land and established a home—then apparently chose to be buried on this land on a spot so spectacular that were they alive they could look out at all their land, the river and today watch the operations of the huge Wendling rock quarry to the east.

To reach the spot, one follows Highway 6, going west and crossing the main Cedar River bridge. There is a secondary road that turns off to the right or north and follows along beside cottages on the river bank, past the Wendling quarries and makes a large turn to the West. One comes to a farm with the house on the north side of the road and the barns on the south. There is a long lane that follows along a fence row south of the barn for a long way, maybe three quarters of a mile. Looking to the south there is a high knoll in the hills. One must climb the fence at the corner and climb at least another quarter of a mile in a big pasture. The graves are in a cluster of brush and dominated by a big old cedar. A Strong iron fence made in Kenton, Ohio surrounds this twelve feet square plot. It has a gate in it and is in surprisingly good shape considering that this is a pasture with cattle in it. A superb view to the north shows the cabins along the river, to the east the quarries, and to the south and west woodlands. It really was worth the climb!

A tall monument stands there. It has a tapering square shape that is sort of a folded, tasseled drape in stone. On it is inscribed the following information:

Elizabeth H. Gatton
William D. Gatton died 1876, aged 83 years.
William and Elizabeth Gallo were married October 28, 1823 in Holmes County, Ohio.
Moved to Muscatine County October 1839.

Note: Have been told that in summer of 1972, these two graves were moved to Moscow Cemetery
because of approaching Wendling quarries.

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