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Directions to this cemetery: Go east from city of Wilton on Highway 927 (formerly Highway 6) for about .5 mile. Then turn south on corner of Highway 927 and Taylor Avenue (Y14), cross the railroad tracks. Go south on Taylor Avenue for about 1.7 miles, then turn east on corner of Taylor Avenue (Y14) and 120th street. Go east on 120th street for about 1 mile and then turn south on corner of 120th street and Thayer Avenue. Go south on Thayer Avenue for .5 mile. There is a field dirt road on the left hand side. Go on this road for .5 mile and you will be at the Doran Cemetery.

This cemetery is no longer being used. While there in October, 2000, Dave Dunston walked the cemetery and updated the database.

Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Notes
Connell Annie Bird   3 Mar 1890 aged 22ys 9ds
Connell Annie M. 10 Apr 1838 15 Jan 1904 Wife of John
Connell Jeffrey   7 Jul 1878 aged 70yrs
Connell John   7 Dec 1917 aged 80yrs
Connell Maggie C. 7 Feb 1866 7 Feb 1866  
Doran Anne M.   2 Oct 1879 aged 63yrs
Doran F.W., Capt. 14 Aug 1826 22 Sep 1910 Co. E 35th Ia.Inf.
Doran Felix W., Dr.   17 May 1895 aged 30ys 29ds
Doran Ed T.   20 Aug 1863 aged 21ys 11ms
Doran Edward   29 Nov 1876? aged 72yrs, Father
Doran Edward T. 30 Dec 1875 4 Mar 1898  
Doran Edward 30 Jan 1851 unknown  
Doran Emmet M.   21 Nov 1859 aged 16ds
Doran Grattan P. 13 Nov 1877 11 Apr 1919 11 Apr 1919
Doran James A.   25 Feb 1899 aged 45yrs; rests by the Nelson River, Canada
Doran John   30 Jun 1862 aged 27yrs; Civil War Veteran
Doran Lillie M.   2 Jun 1873 aged 9wks
Doran Maggie G.   6 Dec 1880 aged 20yrs; rests in St. Mary's, Muscatine
Doran Mamie E.   23 Jul 1904 aged 40yrs
Doran Margaret C. or G.   11 May 1883  
Doran Mary A., Mrs.   22 May 1899 aged 70yrs
Doran Mary A. 8 Mar 1846 3 Jan 1929 Wife of F. W.
Doran Patrick   15 Aug 1901 aged 78yrs
Doyle Ellen   25 Jul 1874 aged 24yrs; born Tominearly Co., Wexford, Ireland
Jordan Ella E.   5 Oct 1880 aged 38yrs
McSwigin Mary   13 Apr 1872 aged 35yrs; wife of John
Rosenberry Oliver   30 Apr 1867 aged 66yrs

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