Muscatine County Iowa

Here is what the abbreviations in the bios stand for: far: farm; Co.: company or county; dir: dealer; IVA: Iowa Volunteer Artillery; IVC: Iowa Volunteer Cavalry; IVI: Iowa Volunteer Infantry; P.O.: Post Office; S. or Sec.: section; and st.: street.

Source: History of Muscatine County Iowa, Biographical Section, 1879, page 622

A. O. WARFIELD, ticket and freight agent of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, Muscatine: one of the oldest settlers of Muscatine, and the veteran freight and ticket agent on the line of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad is Maj. A. O. Warfield; he was born in Frederick Co., now Carroll Co., Md.,and was brought up there until he reached manhood; in company with David R. and Charles A. Warfield, he came to Iowa, and arrived in Burlington in November, 1837; on account of the ice in the river, he and David, with their guns on their shoulders, started on foot for Bloomington, now the city of Muscatine; when only four miles from Burlington, they stopped at night at a log cabin, and had pickled pork, corn dodger, and tea sweetened with wild honey for supper and breakfast, and were very glad to get that; in the morning they bought a horse, saddle and bridle, and paid $110 for it; then one of them would ride for a while and then tie the horse and walk on ahead, and when the one following, came up to the horse he would ride on some distance in advance of the other, tie the horse and walk on again; in this way they continued, stopping at cabins nights, and in three and one-half days reached Bloomington; they began looking for a mill-site in the following August, 1838; he settled here permanently, and he and David R. Warfield built a mill on Mad Creek; he afterward sold his interest in the mill to David and engaged in mercantile business for several years; in November, 1855, he was appointed freight and ticket agent of the Mississippi & Missouri Railroad; he began selling tickets in the old Ogilvie House (keeping his tickets in a small tin box) before any depot was built; he has held this position about twenty-four years, a greater length of time continuously than any other agent on the line of this road.

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