Muscatine County, Iowa

1901 – 1954


~ PART 20 ~

Transcribed, as written, by Beverly Gerdts. Submitted March 8, 2020

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Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Eichelberger Entertain
Children and. Grandchildren

    Covers were laid for 25 when Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Eichelberger were Hosts to their children and grandchildren at a goose dinner New Year’s Day. For 18 years Mr. and Mrs. Eichelberger have entertained the family on the first day of the year. Those present Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eichelberger and. Helen of Muscatine, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Eichelberger, Arlene, Lyle, Dean and Edward, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Eichelberger, Wayne and Doris, Mr. And Mrs. Levi Eichelberger, Richard and Virgin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stone, Mary, Elva, Ida and Elmer.



Seventy-Six Township Organization Presents-

    Crops subjects and improvement were discussed when the Seventy- Six Township organization of the Muscatine County Farm Bureau held a meeting Tuesday night at the R. W. Vincent home with 65 members in attendance.

    Robert Wigim gave a talk on "Soy Beans'", Wilmette Hendricks spoke on “Why Plow Corn", George Bailey discussed "Hybrid Corn", William Cashman spoke on "Fertilizer on Wheat and Morrie Legler on "Corn for this Community". The program featured community singing, including a solo, "Plowing Song" by Earl Bailey, solos by Cloyce Downer, a reading by Lawrence Wigim, an accordian solo By Morris Legler, and a report on the federation meeting by Harold McCormick.

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Fire, Origin Unknown, Causes Damage of $9,000

    Fire of unknown origin, which started about 1 p.m. Saturday, destroyed the home of M. Healey and the general store at Ardon before it could be extinguished by efforts of a bucket brigade. The blaze, first noticed by L. A. Summers, owner of the general store, started on the roof of the Healey house which is east of the store building. Damage was estimated at between $9,000 and $10,000.

    Although there was but a light northwest wind the fire burned with such rapidly that both buildings were reduced to smoulderings ruins within an hour. The dwelling was a two story frame structure measuring about 24 by 100 feet.

    As soon as the fire was discovered a call was sent to the Muscatine fire department, but the distance was too great to take the local trucks. Ardon has no fire department of any kind, but a bucket brigade was immediately formed, in which about 100 men joined, and efforts were made to extinguish the blaze with water from a cistern on the store property.



Joseph E. Furlong Dies While Blasting Stumps

    Joseph S. Furlong, lifelong resident of Seventy-Six Township, was instantly killed at 5:45 p.m. Tuesday by a premature explosion of dynamite while he was blasting stumps in a field at his farm If miles west of Ardon.

    Mr. Furlong had been engaged in clearing the field, for most of the day, and the explosions were heard at intervals during the afternoon. When he did not return to his home by night, Mrs. Furlong sent their son, Maurice, 13 to investigate, and the shattered bodv was found by the son, who notified other members of the family.

Pace, Horst, Investigate

    L. G. Pace deputy sheriff was summoned to the scene, and in the absence of Dr. W. B. Norton, was accompanied, by H. D. Horst, justice of the peace. The body was brought to the Furlong home and later Tuesday night to the Wittich Funeral Home.

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    As there were no witnesses, the exact manner and cause of the tragedy will never be known.

    Mr. Furlong was born March 22, 1861, in Seventy-Six Township on the farm where he spent practically all his life. He was the son of John and Johanna Cosgrove Furlong, both natives of Ireland. He married Miss Margaret Nolan of Muscatine May 2, 1905.

Widow, 5 Children Survive

    Surviving are his widow, five children, James, Edward, Leo, Maurice and Alice, all at home; and two sisters, Mrs. Frank Daniels, Columbus Junction, and Mrs. Kate Welane, Letts. One daughter, Monica, died abut 17 years ago.

    Alice Furlong is a pupil in St. Mary's school in Muscatine.

    Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. J. J. Schoenfelder, pastor of St. Mary's Church at Wilton, at St. Malachi's Church, Aedon, at 10 o'clock Thursday morning.

    Burial will be at Ardon. The Wittich Funeral home is in charge of funeral arrangements.



    Three sons, James, Edward and Leo Furlong and three nephews, Leo McCarthy, Clarence Nolan, and Joe Daniels, served as pallbearers when funeral services were conducted for Joseph Furlong at St. Malachi's Church at Ardon Thursday morning. The Rev. J. J. Schoenfelder of St. Mary's Church at Wilton officiated.

    Burial was in the Ardon cemetery.

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Letts Four-H Girls Engage In Wild Flower Hunt
Near Wagner Home

    A wild flower hunt and tree recognition were held near the Wagner home when the "76 Sparklers" Four H club held its meeting. Many flowers previously studied were located and about 15 varieities of trees correctly named in the woods. After the hunt they enjoyed a picnic supper. Then the business meeting was held.

    In the absence of the regular officers, Anita McEride acted as president and conducted the meeting and Helen Byrnes was secretary pre tern.

    Roll call was answered by a Four-H quiz question.

    Those present were Mary Byrne, Monica Rose Byrne, Helen Byrne, Anita Byrne, Laura Panther, Frances Kaalbert, Anith McBride, Eugenia McBride, Edna May Wagner.

    The visitors were Anita Kealburg and Dorothy McBride.

    It was decided to send three girls to the summer camp to held at Columbus Junction next month.

    A program was planned for the July Farm. Bureau meeting for which a play was chosen. Work on it will start immediately. It was decided to sell ice cream and cake at the meeting also.



Play "Waggin' Tongues" to Be Presented Last
Thursday In July

    The "76 Sparklers” Four-H Club had an all day meeting at the Byrne home Tuesday, Miss Helen Byrne being hostess. Each family brought one covered dish and sandwiches for the noon luncheon.

    Mrs. Grace Rylander, specie! guest, gave a talk on the camp and the pageant to be given at Rotary Lodge next week.

    Miss Anita McBride vice president, presided at the business meeting. All members responded to roll call with current events. These were all concerned with the Ames conventions, choosing that the girls were keenly interested although they could not all attend. Miss Helen G. Byrne, delegate to the convention, and Mrs. Wagner, gave reports on the work and activities at Ames. Miss Byrne met another Helen G. Byrne who was the same age as she is. Next year’s work will be on home furnishings.

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    Miss Mary O'Brien gave a demonstration on children's garments. Helen Byrne gave 10 health rules and a demonstration on slips And undergarments. Mrs. Wagner, the leader, demonstrated fagoting, Italian hemstitching and smocking. Samples of these were made for the note books.

    One new member, Miss Evelyn Smith, was initiated and two former members, Miss Loretta Healey and Miss Eileen Summers, were reinstated.

    The guests present were Mrs. Grayce Rylander, Mrs. Rose Pollick, Mrs. J. Byrne. Honorary members present were Misses Mary Byrne, Genevieve O'Brien and Gwendolyn McBride.

    Arrangements were made for the program, to be given by the girls at the next 76 Farm Bureau meeting which will be held at the end of July at the John Ellsson home. The play, "Wag-gin' Tongues” will be given by Helen Byrne, Mary O'Brien, Frances Kaslburg, Anita McBride, Mary Byrne, Rose Byrne and Edna May Wagner. Eleven girls will give a color wheel march to show color and color combinations as they have learned to use them in the last two years of club work. This will also help in home furnishing next year. Miss Anita Byrne will give a reading and all the girIs will sing the Four-H clover song and others.

    Ice cream, cake, and pop will be served after the program.



    Mrs. Grace Rylander held a special meeting Tuesday morning with Misses Anith McBride and Helen Bryne, who are the demonstration team for the West Liberty fair, from the 76 Sparklers Four-H club.

    In the afternoon, the regular meeting of the 76 Sparklers was held at the home of Anita McBride where 14 members responded roll call with, "What to make for the fair", All members but one being present. One member was reinstated and Miss Edith Fitzgerald was initiated into the club. Miss Anita McBride gave a health talk and Miss Helen Byrne, a talk on "Dress Accessories". The girls practiced their color wheel drill and their play, "Waggin' Tongues."

    Three visitors were present, Mrs. McBride, and two daughters. Lunch was served by Miss McBride.

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    Corn plowing and wheat cutting is all done in this vicinity And oats cutting is progressing nicely. The hum of the thresher will soon be heard.

    The gas pipe line through this part of the county will soon be ready for operation.

    Edmond Cashman, his two little daughters and Miss Nellie Cashman, all of Chicago, have been visiting at the home of Thomas Cashman for a while. Edmond and Miss Nellie have gone back to Chicago. The two little girls will stay, during vacation.

    Miss Beatrice Healey, of Chicago, who is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey, came out from Muscatine Saturday morning, after a short visit there.

    Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Spratt and John Sieler, of Parnell, were weekend visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fitzgerald.

    The Ardon kittenball team played the Letts team Sunday afternoon, the score being 3 to 1 in favor of Letts.

    Joe Hickey shipped a car load of cattle to Chicago Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John O'Brien and William and Mary were callers at Mrs. J. E. Furlong home Sunday afternoon.

    A few relatives surprised Mrs. J. E. Furlong late Sunday afternoon by coming in with ice cream and cake, it being her birthday.

    Mrs. Riechert, of Muscatine, was a Sunday visitor at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Emmet 0'Toole.

    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Franz have moved from Ardon to the Gay Smith farm.



    Mr. and Mrs. William Wasson, from west of Letts, were visitors at the home of George Hollenback Monday night. George Hollenback went home with them to spend the week.

    Arthur Altekruse shipped a car load of cattle to Chicago Tuesday and the Shipping Association sent a car of hogs the same day.

    Joe Byrne of Chicago who has been here visiting his mother for a few days, returned home Tuesday night.

    Threshing has started in earnest in this community. The wheat field is much better than was expected and is of excellent quality.

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    Little James Byrne is visiting this week at the home of his uncles, Frank, and Lawrence Byrne.

    Jake Minder, from near Bayfield, was a caller at the home of C. Tolan Monday.



    Mrs. James 0'Toole who was taken suddenly ill last Wednesday afternoon and was operated on at Hershey Hospital Thursday morning is reported improving.

    Mrs. Harry Schnedler and two sons, Junior and Robert, of Muscatine, were passengers to Ardon Saturday morning to spend, the weekend at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan. Mr. Schnedler arrived Sunday to spend the day.

    The Panther and John O'Brien families of High Prairie spent Sunday afternoon at the home of James O'Brien.

    John Verink and son John Henry spent Sunday with relatives in Columbus Junction.

    John Foley and wife of Nichols visited Sunday evening at the James O'Brien home.

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Belk and four children of Albany, NY are visiting at the J. E. Downer home. Mr. Belk is a brother of Mrs. Downer.

    Mr. and Mrs. George Hollenbeck and sons, Merle and William, spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Wasson. George Hollenbeck, who had spent the weekend at the Wasson home turned with them.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Weber and family of Columbus Junction spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Downer.

    Mrs. Will Wasson of near Letts fell Saturday and injured her left knee quite badly.

    F. C. Thomsen of Chicago was a visitor at the home of Reed brothers Sunday.

    Frank Byrne and little nephew James Byrne spent Sunday afternoon in Muscatine.

    A. J. Altekruse shipped a carload of cattle to Chicago Sunday.

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    Will Wasson and grandson George Hollenbeck spent Sunday afternoon at Nichols. George Wasson and. daughters, Elsie and Darlene of Columbus Junction, accompanied them, and Velma Wasson who had been visiting in Nichols returned home with them.

    The 76 kittenball team of this community played with the Pleasant View team of Columbus Junction Sunday afternoon. The score was 17 to 14 in favor of the Columbus Junction team.

    Miss Celia Daniels spent the weekend at the home of her parents Mr. and. Mrs. Frank Daniels at Columbus Junction. Her sister, Miss Falistas Daniels, is spending this week with her at the Thomas Cashman home.

    Miss Beatrice and Irene Healey spent the weekend in Muscatine.

    A company of friends surprised John Healey Saturday evening, it being his birthday.


    Little Junior Schnedler, of Muscatine, who has been visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan, returned home Tuesday evening.

    Mrs. Rolla Copley, of Davenport, arrived Tuesday morning to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Healey.

    Misses Irma and Florence Martin, of Muscatine, are visiting at the home of Mr. and. Mrs. John Tomney.

    Mrs. James 0'Toole who is at Hershey Hospital, is reported not quite so well.

    Maurice McAvoy suffered an injury to his right hand Wednesday while carrying water to a threshing crew. The crank of his car struck an. invisible stump, becoming bent in such a way that when he went to crank it his hand struck against the edge of the license plate cutting quite a gash. He was taken to Dr. Eland at Letts and several stitches were taken, to close the wound.

    Miss Beatrice Healey, of Chicago, who has been here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey, returned to Chicago Wednesday evening.

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    Eugene and. Carol Hogan of Iowa City are spending a few days visiting at the home of their uncle, Ed Cody.

    Mrs. Lottie Bentley and. Miss Pontson spent the last weekend with Mrs. Thomas Hackett.

    Dorothy and Ruth Weber of Columbus Junction spent last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Downer.

    James O'Brien, Maurice McAvoy and Nannie O'Brien visited over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Foley of Nichols.

    The 76 kittenball team played the Conco team of Fruitland last Sunday winning the game 12 to 1.

    Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Nolan of Muscatine, visited at the C. Nolan home Sunday evening.

    Elsie Wasson of Columbus Junction is visiting this week at the home of her aunt, Mrs. George Hollenbeck.

    Miss Margaret Spratt of Holbrook, la. and Mrs. Anna Elgers and daughter Ethel of Rock Island are spending this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fitzgerald.

    John Gieler of Holbrook, la. called at the. John Tomney home Tuesday.

    The 76 kittenball team will play the Atlas Special team of Muscatine on the 76 ball diamond next Sunday afternoon.

    Clement Grosser, and some friends of Davenport visited at the fen Fitzgerald home Sunday.

    Anna and Ethel Russell of Davenport came Tuesday to visit with Mrs. Tom Fitzgerald for a few days.



    Mrs. James C'Toole who has been at Hershey Hospital for some time has gone to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Auls.

    Orville Rittenhouse of Muscatine and brother Vern of Ohio Visited with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Hackett, Saturday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Lev/is Downer and. family attended a family reunion of the Jake Belk family at Grandview Sunday.

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    Mrs. O’Connell and daughter of Wilton were visitors at the home Mr. and Mrs. Phillip O'Toole, Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. George Hollenbeck and sons spent Sunday at Columbus Junction, attending a family reunion of the Wasson family which was held at the tourist's park.

    Mr. and. Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald and daughter, Edith, and Leonard Setler spent Sunday with relatives at Parnell.

    Miss Genevieve O'Brien who is a student nurse at St. Anthony’s Hospital at Rock Island, fell last Thursday and suffered, a broken arm.

    Miss Elsie Wasson, who has been spending a week with her aunt, Mrs. George Hollenbeck, returned home to Columbus Junction Sunday.

    Miss Eileen Summers is spending a few days at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Howe, at Muscatine.

    Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have moved from the farm of George Townsley to the tenant house on the farm of John O'Brien.

    L. A. Simmers and. sons, Jack Thomas and Joseph, visited with Mr. Summer's father and mother in Ottumwa over Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stump of Muscatine are visiting at the home of Mrs. 3tump's father, John Verink. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nolan of Muscatine visited Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wigim and son visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Wigim, of Muscatine Sunday.



    Sister Mary Anita, formerly Kathleen O'Toole, and sister Mary Gorges of the B.V. M. order are visiting with the former's brother, Willis and sisters Molly, Margaret and Agatha O'Toole. Sister Mary Anita will again be stationed at Casper, Wyoming.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goldsherry and sons, and Mrs. Whitley of Chicago have returned home from a visit to Trenton, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zoliner cared for the farm during their absence.

    Mrs. Tom Dugan and sons, Elmer and Dickey, of Davenport returned home Sunday after spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Byrne.

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    Mrs. Margaret Furlong and children attended the funeral of Mrs. Fred Frye at Letts Saturday. Mrs. Frye's daughter Bernyce was formerly a teacher at High Prairie School.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wigim and children Richard and Ruth Ann accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fitzgerald drove to Marengo Sunday.

    Miss Mary Kathleen Byrne of Cedar Rapids is visiting at the Home of the Byrne brothers.

    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stump and John Henry Verink visited relatives at Columbus City Sunday. Mrs. Lottie Wilmering accompanied them home to spend the week.



    Mr. and Mrs. John Coady and family of near Chicago are visiting with Dr. Coady's brother and sister, Ed and Bryde Coady.

    Mrs. Ernest Zeug and daughter, Sharley Jean, of Newton, spent Riley with Mrs. John Healey.

    Muscatine callers from this vicinity Monday were Denis O'Brien, Riley Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey, Mike and John Tomney.

    Mrs. Mary Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hogan and family, Iowa City, spent Sunday at the E. J. Coady home.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lindle and family of Atalissa and Mr. and Mrs. Copely of Davenport spent Sunday with Mrs. Lindle's and Mrs. Copely's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Healey.

    The threshing season was brought to a close when Robert Wigim threshed timothy for the Byrne brothers, John Healey and his son.

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8-27- 31


    Dorothy and John Mallberg of West Liberty are visiting at the home of their uncle Reinhart Mallberg.

    Alice Furlong spent Wednesday at the home of V. W. Legler visiting with Dorothy and Jean. The girls were schoolmates while attending High Prairie School.

    Elmer Eichelberger and son shipped three carloads of cattle Chicago Sunday, both accompanying the shipment.

    Mr. and Mrs. Ed McAvoy and daughter Geraldine of Algona, la. are visiting at the James O'Brien home.

    Mrs. John Healey returned, home after spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Rolla Coperly, and attending the Davenport fair.

    Margaret O'Brien, Dennis O'Brien and Carrie Neal drove to Ottumwa Sunday where they visited friends and relatives.

    Mrs. C. Nolan and son, Clarence Nolan, and family have returned from a motor trip to Minnesota. They visited. Mrs. Nolan's brother Martin L. Seltzer and family at Des Moines, from there to Tracy Minn. where they spent a week visiting with Hugh Nolan and family, returning by way of Alta Vista and visiting relatives there.

    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schnedler and sons, Harry, Anthony, and Robert spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Schnedler’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan.

    Eugene and Robert Brugman of Nichols spent Sunday with John McAvoy.

    Eula Downer and Mrs. Vernon Legler went to West Liberty on Monday to act the Farm Bureau Booth of this township ready for fair.

    Mary and Irene Humphrey of Chicago arrived Monday to spend a few days with. Miss Mary Cashman.

    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Downer and Eula visited with the G. W. Weber family at Columbus Junction Sunday afternoon.

    Mr. and Mrs. George Hollenbeck and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will Wasson spent Sunday at the home of Howard Metzger of Mt. Pleasant.

    Mr. and. Mrs. Reinhart Kallberg of High Prairie visited at the home of Mrs. J. E. Furlong Sunday.

    Edward Furlong and Joe Mickey shipped a carload of hogs to Chicago Sunday.

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    Miss Florence Byrne and Helen Stefani, of Chicago are visiting at the home of Mrs. Anna Byrne and. I. A. Summers.

    Miss Irma Mickey returned, home from a visit with Miss Irene Rupert at Iowa City. She visited Dubuque Sunday and took a trip to Dickeyville, Wis., to see the Holy Ghost grotto there.

    Mr. and Mrs. Ed HcAvoy and family of Algona returned home Friday, Maurice and John McAvoy who have been spending their summer vacation at the homes of relatives in this community are returning with them.

    Miss Irene and Mary Humphrey who have been spending a few days at the home of Miss Mary Cashman returned to their home in Chicago, Friday.

    Mrs. Pret Meeker and daughter, Marion, of Muscatine, are spending the weekend at the home of Mrs. John Lee.

    There will be a reunion of the Downer and Davis families next Sunday, and will be held at the L. E. Downer home.

    Pat Lynch who is at Bellevue Hospital is reported being much better.

    Miss Mary Louise Wilmering of Columbus City is spending the week with Mrs. Carl Stump.

    John Tomney, Leonard Sieler and Mark Nolan attended the fair at West Liberty, Wednesday.

    Mrs. Carl Stump and Miss Mary Louise Wilmering called on Mrs. C. Nolan Tuesday.

    Phillip Digney was a Muscatine visitor Wednesday.



    Mrs. Florence Byrne and Helen Stefani, of Chicago, who have been visiting at the L. A. Summers home have returned home.

    Miss Florence Healey, of Davenport, arrived Monday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Healey.

    John Lee and son, Lloyd, returned Friday night from Trenton, Mo. where they had been on a business trip.

    Miss Alice Furlong went to Muscatine Sunday evening where she entered her third year at St. Mary's high school.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Hudson, of Denver, Colo, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oberman, of Mt. Union, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Downer Sunday.

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    Miss Eula Downer went to Muscatine Sunday evening. She will teach mathematics in the high school.

    Misses Margaret and Marie Spratt and Bert O'Brien of Parnell, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fitzgerald.

    John Sieler, who has spent the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald, has returned to his home in Parnell.



    Kenneth Shoemaker of Maynard, is visiting with his uncle, Mike Healey.

    John Lee is the first in this vicinity to start silo filling.

    Miss Mary Cashman, Edmond Cashman and little daughter attended the band concert at Muscatine Friday.

    John Tomney was a Muscatine visitor Thursday afternoon.

    Pat Lynch, who has been in Bellevue Hospital, has returned to his home, and is much improved.

    The 76 kittenball team will play the grocers of Muscatine for the second time on the Ardon diamond Sunday afternoon.

    Miss Irma Hickey left Thursday for Turton, S.D. where she will teach English and Latin in the high school.



    Mrs. M. W. Shellabarger and daughter, Dorothy, visited at the home of John Verink Friday. Miss Shellabarger will leave soon for Zearing where she will teach this school year.

    Mr. and Mrs. Byrne and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hackett spent Saturday evening with friends at Hopewell.

    Mr. and Mrs. James McMichael and family of Nichols spirit Sunday with Mr. and. Mrs. George Hollenbeck.

    Miss Genevieve O'Brien, who has been home for several weeks with a broken arm has returned to Rock Island, where she is a student nurse.

    Frank Byrne, Miss Mary Byrne, and Mrs. Nellie Mahoney went to Buffalo Monday night for the Labor Day program.

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    Edmond Cashman and two daughters Mary Helen and Margaret of Chicago started for home Saturday. The little girls spent the summer vacation at the home of their grandfather, Thomas Cashman. L. A. Summers and daughter Eileen left Monday for Ottumwa Where Eileen will enter her fourth high school year at the St. Joseph's Academy.

    Miss Louise Stienmetz of Muscatine visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Downer Sunday.

    Miss Loretta Healey was a passenger for Muscatine Monday evening.

    Miss Mary Byrne left Tuesday morning for Ottumwa where she will teach school this year.

    A large crew of men has been working on the natural gas pipe line in this vicinity, getting it finished. A few small leaks have been discovered which must be fixed.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nolan and family of Muscatine spent Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan.



    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Schmitt, of Muscatine, spent Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and. Mrs. Joe Martin.

    Mrs. Bert Millhollan and daughter, Mabel, visited Tuesday with Mrs. Carl Stump.

    Mr. and Mrs. George Hollenbeck and family attended the Columbus Junction fair Thursday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Foley, of Nichols, were callers at the James O’Brien home Friday.

    Mrs. James O'Toole who has been convalescing at the home of her daughter in Muscatine for some time, returned home Wednesday.

    Miss Florence Healey, Of Davenport, who has been spending a couple of weeks vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Healey, has returned home.

    Mr. and. Mrs. A. Lear of Riverside, were visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fitzgerald. Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan and. John Tomne3r were Muscatine visitors Wednesday.

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    Irene Healey spent Sunday with Gwendolyn. Phillips of High Prairie.

    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin visited Sunday evening at the V. L. Hesford home in Muscatine.

    Elmer Eichelberger shinned a carload of hogs to Chicago Tuesday.

    Miss Olive Martin called on Mrs. John Tomney on Monday.



    Miss Helen Byrne has gone to Ottumwa where she will start her first year college work at Ottumwa Heights Academy.

    Mrs. Margaret Furlong and sons were Muscatine callers Wednesday.

    Fred Poole, of Nichols, spent Friday at the home of George Hollenbeck, overhauling his tractor.

    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sullivan and daughter, Anita, spent Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Hollenbeck.

    William Young was taken to Hershey Hospital Friday where he was operated on for abscess on his face.

    Will Cashman was a Muscatine visitor Thursday.

    Mrs. Vernon Schmitt, of Muscatine, spent Thursday evening at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin.

    The pipe line through here is nearing completion, there having been men appointed to walk the line, each man having a 36 mile stretch to take, walking 12 miles daily and return.

    Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Nolan and children, Dorothy and Paul, called at the C. Nolan home Thursday evening.

    Silo filling is all done in this community and corn cutting and tomato nicking is in full swing.

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    Miss Amelda Byrne, of Cedar Rapids, arrived Saturday to spend a few days with relatives.

    James Ryan, of Davenport, was a Sunday visitor at the James O'Toole home.

    Miss Olive Martin visited Saturday with her sister in Muscatine.

    Mrs. Carl Stump and daughter, Mary, John Henry Verink, Miss Olive Martin and Walter Martin spent Thursday at the barbecue at Letts.

    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Reed, of Grandview, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and. Mrs. Harland Rowe.

    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Schmitt, of Muscatine, visited Sunday at the home of Mrs. Schmitt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin.

    J. W. Browning, of Muncie, Ind., spent the weekend at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Guy Smith.

    Mrs. George Howe, of Muscatine, was a visitor at Ardon Saturday.

    Mr. and Mrs. P. G, Summers, of Ottumwa, are visiting with their son Leo Summers.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Foley, of Nichols, spent Sunday evening at the home of James O'Brien.

    John Lee attended the sale at West Liberty Monday afternoon.

    Will Young, who has been in Hershey Hospital, returned to the Home of L. E. Downer Sunday, and is reported feeling much better.

    A number of friends from this vicinity attended the funeral of Mrs. James McCarthy at West Liberty Monday morning.

    A carload of hogs was shipped from Ardon to Chicago Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John. Tomney and Mike Tomney visited at Conesville Sunday.

    Misses Mary Louise and Dorothy Wilmering, of Columbus Junction, Have been visiting Mrs. Carl Stump.

    Mrs. James McCoy and mother, Mrs. Satorelle, of Detroit, visited at the John Verink home Saturday.

    Mrs. Rupert Kautz, of Buffalo, arrived Monday morning to visit at the home of her brothers, Frank, John, and Laurence Byrne.

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    Tales of indescribable suffering and horror are told in letters received here from the Rev. Timothy Leahy, formerly of St. Mathias Church here, now stationed, at Hanyang, Hupeh, China. He is in the territory where the Yangize River has swelled, into a huge lake, taking a toll of life and property impossible to estimate.

    Father Leahy says in part:

    Conditions Appear Hopeless - "For hundred of miles the Yangtze River has swelled into one huge lake 20 miles in width. Thousands of towns and villages along the valley have become totally submerged. No government or any organization can possibly cope with it. Food, conditions are hopeless. Sanitary measures are impossible. There is no escape from the unspeakable stench created by rotting food, floating bodies and carcasses.”

    "Within, the past 24 hours along another 200 refugees here have been swept away to a watery grave. The scenes in this Wuhan area are impossible to describe. Where once were busy streets and prosperous business houses, there now are nothing but huge gaps. Yesterday one Chinese hotel went down and killed or injured 800 in its fall."

Refugees Fill Houses

    "Our three houses are filled to overflowing with Catholic refugees, packed like sardines in a box. Others whom we had. to refuse are outside the house, reciting their rosaries and pleading for help. They are in a state of desperation and we have no remedy. The poor pagans are in despair. Self destruction is common, among them. There are many cases like that of a family of eight, near us, who ended it by suicide."

     “The bishop has asked me to write to everyone I know and I am doing so for if any man ever needed assistance he surely needs it now. All I can say is in God's name help him if you are able."

Bishop Sends Letters

    Enclosed in Father Leahy's letter is one from the bishop. Following are parts of it:

     “Never in the history of our vicariate have we been faced with such an appauling disaster as at the present time. The last bulwarks of the Yangtze River have gone before the pounding of its waters, and the greatest flood in China’s recorded history is spreading death and devastation everywhere.”

    'The greater part of our immense diocese, with its teeming Population of five million people is one vast lake. Ruin is starting to stare us in the face.

Page 637



     “I simply cannot describe it. The area effected is so vast and the number of homeless and starving people around us so immense that none of us can grasp its terrible significance."

    Thirty million along the Yangtze Valley are homeless and of these the million are without food. Everything they had has been swept away; they are utterly destitute."

     “I shall leave it to yourself to picture the terrible plight of our priests and sisters who are working amongst the sufferers in this unprecedented, calamity. Multitudes of people whose homes have been swept away are fleeing in boats, rafts and in whatever they can from the stricken areas. The more fortunate amongst them have enough rice to last for a few weeks, but one third of their number - ten million - are utterly destitute."

     “These are but the cold facts. The sickness, the disease, the faces of despair - these things I cannot describe."

     “Here on the hillside, outside the mission, the people are huddled In thousands under the burning sun. To hear the little bables crying in the night is terrible. A Catholic mother gave birth to her child out there on the hillside last night. God help us it is dreadful."

     “In the ground floor of the house where I am writing this letter To you there is seven feet of water, and in the mission compound the water is 12 feet deep."

     “Corpses are afloat even in the main streets of these Wuhan cities, and hundreds of bodies are drifting with the current along the embankments outside."

     “We are doing everything we can to alleviate the suffering. We Have given shelter to over 900 refugees; the sisters are caring for the sick, and the priests are working amongst the stricken people. From every part of Vicariate the same terrible cry of distress is coming to me; the Catholics are homeless and destitute in every section. What in. God's name am I to do?"

Page 638



    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hackett have been visiting friends, in Moline, Illinois.

    Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Tomney were Muscatine callers Tuesday.

    Mrs. Carl Stump and daughter Mary and Miss Olive Martin were in Muscatine Tuesday.

    Wendall Hoopes and Harry Scott brought a car load of Hereford calves from Souix City to Ardon, Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. William Darting of Wilton, arrived Wednesday, to spend several days with their daughter, Mrs. Joe Martin.

    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin and family, and Mr. and Mrs. William Darting spent Thursday evening at the home of their daughter in Muscatine,

    Wheat sowing Is progressing nicely in this vicinity, although a much smaller acreage than usual seems to be the talk; of all farmers here.



    Mr. and Mrs. John Healey and son Edward, attended a surprise party on Mrs. Bert Milholin in Muscatine Friday night.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Byrne and. daughters, Rose and Nita, spent Saturday in Ottumwa visiting with their daughters, Mary and Helen at Ottumwa Heights academy.

    Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Summers, who have been visiting at the home of their son, returned to their home in Highland, Sunday. L. J. Summers taking them home by auto, He also visited with his Daughter, Eileen, who is attending Ottumwa: Height Academy.

    Tom Chelf and Miss Mabel Milholin of Muscatine spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stump Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Tomney, Mike Tomney and. Leonard Sieler spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin at Muscatine.

    Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan and son, Mark, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nolan and children, Dorothy and Paul, motored to Kinross Sunday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Gage. Mrs. Gage was formerly Miss Margaret Nolan.

Page 639



    Mr. and Mrs. John O'Brien of High Prairie spent Sunday afternoon visiting with John, Frank and Laurence Byrne.

    Will Cashman went to Chicago Sunday with a. shipment of cattle.

    Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Doriner spent Sunday afternoon at the Weber home in Columbus Junction.



    The state T.B. test started in this locality on Wednesday morning at the John Lee farm. The verterinarians finished in this vicinity the same day, meeting no opposition, and. only testing herds that had shown some reactors at the former test two years ago.

    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin are the parents of a 7 pound daughter, Audrey Ann.

    John Verink and Carl Stump started to Lyon County, Minnesota, Wednesday night with a truck load of sweet potatoes. They will visit Mr. Stump's parents and other relatives in. and around Tracy, Minn.

    Mrs. Margaret Furlong and son, and Ed and Bryde Coady went to Ottumwa, Friday to attend the funeral of Ed Oswald of that place, the funeral taking place Saturday morning.

    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Schmitt and Mrs. John, Schmitt of Muscatine vIsited at the home of Mr. and. Mrs. Joe Martin Thursday night.

    Mr. and Mrs. Rolia Copeley of Davenport came Thursday and spent the day with her parents, Mr. and. Mrs. John Healey.

    Leonard Sieler, John Henry Verink and Walter Martin attended the baseball game at Oakville, Friday afternoon.



    The women of Seventy-Six Township Farm Bureau met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs, John Ellason, with 17 present.

    Mrs. John Healey is staying in Muscatine for a few days, taking treatment for rheumatism.

Page 640



    The stats reading of the T.B. test in. this community found all cattle tested clean and free of disease.

    A shock of fodder on the James O'Brien farm, was struck by lightning during the storm of Saturday morning and. burned.

    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Schmitt spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin.

    James O'Brien was the victim of a peculiar accident while leading a spirited horse. It pulled back in such a way as to catch the third finer of his right hand with the halter rope, breaking the finger.

    Clarence Nolan, and family of Muscatine spent Sunday evening at the John Verink home.

    Will Reed shipped two carloads of cattle to Chicago Sunday. Mr. Reed accompanied the shipment.

    There will be an all day session of the Farm Bureau women at the home of Mrs. Robert Wigim on Wednesday, the four districts; Nos. 1, 2, 4 and. 8 combining on this occasion and taking the lesson jn a body.

    Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Summers visited, with Mr. and. Mrs. Joe Marti Sunday evening.



    L. E. Downer, George Bloomer and. Elmer Eichelberger shipped four loads of stock from Ardon Sunday. Mr. Downer and Mr. Bloomer went with the shipment.

    John Verink and Carl Stump returned Tuesday morning from a motor trip up into Minnesota.

    L. F. Byrne was a Muscatine visitor Tuesday afternoon.

    The Farm Bureau women's meeting, which was to have been held the Robert Wigim home Wednesday has been postponed for one week because of the condition of the roads.

    Dayton Reed was taken ill quite suddenly on Thursday night.

    James and Eddie Furlong and Frank and Lawrence Byrne attended the Poland China hog sale of Mr. Duncan at Columbus Junction Friday.

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