Muscatine County, Iowa

1901 – 1954


~ PART 16 ~

Transcribed, as written, by Beverly Gerdts. Submitted January 27, 2020

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    Rev. Father Leahy, recently appointed assistant to the Rev. F. J. Leonard at the St. Mathias Church, here, arrived in Muscatine this morning. Father Leahy will aid Father Leonard here, and will also serve the Ardon church. He will celebrate mass there next Sunday.

    Father Leahy came to America from Ireland, where he received his education and entered the priesthood, less than a month ago. He is one of a number of young priests who recently came to United States from Ireland and were assigned to the Davenport diocese.



     Letts, Ia. Feb. 26 - The funeral of Mrs. Michael F. Tarpy, who died Wednesday afternoon, at her home on a farm near after an eight day illness with pneumonia, will be held at the St. Malachi's Catholic Church at Ardon at 10 o'clock Friday morning. Rev. Leahy of the St. Mathias Church, Muscatine, will have charge of the services, and the burial will be made in the Ardon cemetery.

     Mrs. Tarpy was taken ill with influenza the early part of last week and a few days later pneumonia developed. She was 35 years old, surviving are her husband and three children, Frances, John and Dorothy.



    Seventy-Six Township

    Republican - Trustee, term beginning 1921 - G. W. Batley

    Democratic - Township Clerk - James O'Toole

    Assessor - H. H. Fullerton

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    With twenty-eight relatives in attendance, members of the Levi Eichelberger family are holding a reunion today at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Watts on Roscoe Avenue. Mrs. T. Eichelberger of California is a special guest.

    The guests are spending the entire day in a social manner, At noon an eleaborate dinner was served, while this afternoon is being devoted to social conversation and to music. A luncheon will be served later in the day.



    Seventy-Six Township

    Judges - W. C. Hendrix, C. T. McCabe, Rep; E. E. Eichelberger,


    Clerks - James O'Toole, Dem.; L. E. Downer, Rep.



    V. W. Legler was chosen to head the Seventy-six township division of the Muscatine County Farm bureau at the meeting held at No. 4 school Friday evening, and Mrs. C. T. McCabe was elected as president of the women's home department for 1921.

    An interesting talk on the work of the state and national farm bureau organizations was delivered by Gale McClean, prominent young Wilton township farmer. J. W. Merrill, county agent, gave a lecture with illustrated slides on wool and cotton manufacture, and Miss Ethel Guthrie, home demonstration agent, addressed the women on the management of the farm household.

    Annual reports of the old officers were read at this meeting, and committees for the coming years were appointed.

    George Bailey will be the Seventy-six township division's new vice president, while E. J. Coady will act in the capacity of secretary and treasurer, Miss Mannie O'Brien is new vice president of the women's organization, and Mrs. V. C. Legler was named as secretary.

    The following men were named to serve for the coming year of the township board of co-operators : C. T. McCabe, Bert Milholin, J. S. O'Brien, L. J. Byrne, Ed Healey, W. J. Hendricks, H. Schafer John Healey.

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Frank Eichelberger

    Frank Eichelberger, longtime resident of Muscatine County, died Thursday night at the home of a sister, Mrs. Priscilla Hoffmeyer of Sioux City, Ia. A complication of ailments caused his death. He was 68 years old.

    He was born Jan. 22, 1854 in Seventy-Six Township. He married Miss Orpha Messick Feb. 14, 1877, who preceded him to death Sept. 18, 1915.

    He is survived by five sisters, Mrs. Priscilla Hoffmeyer, of Sioux City, Mrs. Irene Lake of Lake Township, Mrs. Lillie Hoffmeyer of Seventy-Six Township, Mrs. Alvira Watts of Muscatine, and two brothes, Winfield Eichelberger of Mitchell, S. D. and Elmer Eichelberger of Seventy-Six Township.

    The remains will arrive here Saturday morning. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon from the J. C. Watts Home, 816 Roscoe Avenue. The Rev. J. B. Rendall of the First Presbyterian Church will officiate. Burial will be made in Greenwood Cemetery.


Mrs. Katherine G. Byrne

    Mrs. Katherine Grant Byrne, long time resident of Muscatine County, died Tuesday at her home near Ardon, following a lingering illness of two years duration. She was 69 years old.

    Mrs. Byrne, formerly Miss Katherine Grant, was born Sept. 17, 1852, at Burlington, and was the eldest daughter of Patrick and Margaret Grant. She married Thomas Byrne at Muscatine Feb. 8, I876, and spent rest of her life near Ardon.

    Eight children were born to this union, six of whom survive. They are Peter Byrne of Ryan, Ia., William Byrne of near Wilton, John, Frank and Lawrence Byrne and Mrs. Felicitas Foley at home. All were at her bedisde when she passed away. Two sons, Stephen and Paul, preceded her in death by 28 years.

    She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. Thomas J. Byrne and Mrs. Margaret Dean of Muscatine, and six grandchildren.



    Miss Bernyce Healey, R.F.D.6, returned to her home Wednesday evening after several days visit at the R. E. Babbitt home in Lone Tree.

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    Organization of a community club among the women of the Seventy- Six township community was considered at a meeting held Thursday afternoon at the home of Miss Nannie O'Brien, near Ardon. Twenty women were enrolled in the club at the first meeting.

    The meeting was in charge of Miss Ethel Guthrie, county home demonstrattion agent. She presented a program outlined under the direction of the farm bureau, which will be carried out at future meetings.

    The election of officers, selection of a club name and other important matters of organization will be taken up at the next meeting, to be held in February. A talk on the subject, "Short Gain in Sewing" will be given by Miss Guthrie at that meeting. It is hoped to enroll several new members at the coming meeting.



    Arrangements for a work and business meeting of the Ladie's Aid Society of St. John's United Brethren Church in Seventy-six township have been announced, the meeting to be held Wednesday February 18, at the home of Mrs. John Healey.

    Plans for the meeting were discussed Wednesday, when members were entertained at the home of Mrs. John Gertenbach in Seventy- six township. The time was spent with quilting and work on comforters, and at a later hour a luncheon was served. Every member of the society attended.

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Rudolph J. Altekruse

    Rudolph J. Altekruse, a lifelong resident of Muscatine county, died at 3 o'clock this morning at his home, 214 West Seventy Street. A stroke of paralysis suffered Saturday caused his death. He was 72 years old.

    He suffered a paralysis stroke a year and a half ago, but his condition was not considered serious until Saturday when he was stricken for the second time.

    He was born on June 1, 1848, on a farm in Seventy-six township, where he resided most of his life. He retired and moved to Muscatine on April 1, 1908. He married Miss Alice White on January 5, l876, to which union five children were born, all of whom surrive.

    To survive, he leaves his wife, three daughters, Mrs. Walter Shellabarger of near Cranston, Mrs. Milton Walts of Lake township and Mrs. D. N. Scott of Fort Morgan, Col. and two sons, Samuel and Clark Altekruse of Seventy-six township.

    Definite funeral arrangements have not been made. The family requests that no flowers be sent.



    For the purpose of electing officers and directors to serve during the coming fiscal year, the Ardon Co-operative Shipping association will hold its annual meeting at Central School No. 4 in Seventy-Six township, Monday evening, March 21, the session to be called to order at 8'o'clock.

    Complete financial and statistical reports of the shipping body's work during the past year will be read to the meeting by Leo Bummers, association manager. A number of new matters of busi- ness interest to officers, and members will also come up for consideration.

    Formed less than 12 months ago, this co-operative association has grown steadily, until there are now more than sixty members enrolled. The association is made up of farmers and livestock shippers from Seventy-six township, and Cedar and Lake townships. Grain and other farm commodities are shipped in and live stock is shipped out of the Ardon community by this association.

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Majority Favors Free State, Declares Returned Priest

Population Differs on Means, But
Unanimously Hopes For Independence
at Some Time

    Seventy Twenty five per cent of the people of Ireland are in favor of the establishment of the Irish Free state and the acceptance of the peace treaty, although the population is almost unanimous in its desire that Ireland shall eventually be entirely free from British control so declares the Rev. Father T. J. Leahy, assistant rector of the St. Mathias Church, who returned to Muscatine this morning after a trip to Ireland. He was gone about three months.

    The fighting in Ireland is really over the question of the best means for securing the country's complete independence, he declares. The advocates of the establishment of the Free State believe that by this means peace and order will be secured and that later steps may be taken looking toward the freeing of Ire- land from British rule. The Republicans, on the other hand, believe that the only way in which Ireland may gain her freedom is by breaking away from Britain now, while the opportunity offers Father Leahy declares.

    Eventually Ireland will settle down under the Free State government, he believes, because of the fact that it is desired by three-fourths of the people. This is looked upon as the first step toward Ireland's complete emancipation from control by Great Britian.

    Industry has, of course, been greatly affected by the fighting. Father Leahy says, but the Irish people are carrying on their work as best they can in the face of great obstacles. Fighting is still prevalent, but is believed to be somewhat on the decrease he asserts.

    While in Ireland, Father Leahy spent most of his time in Limerick, his native city and the home of his parents and other relatives. Fighting was going on in the city while he was there, he says, and at that time the city was in the hands of the Republican army, although it has since been captured by the Free State forces.

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Speaks To Rotary Club At Weekly Luncheon

Order For Executive of Rebel
Leaders Swung Ireland to Sinn
Fein, He Says.

    "Irrespective of whether England was right or wrong in ordering the execution of the leaders of the Irish rebellion, the execution aroused the conscience of Ireland and the entire people swung to the Sinn Fein and adopted the policy of passive resistance to English rule," so declared the Rev. Father T. J. Leahy, assistant rector of the St. Mathias Church, in addressing the Rotary club at the weekly meeting at the Hotel Muscatine this noon.

    The Rev. Father Leahy, just returned from a three months sojourn in Ireland, reviewed the history of the Sinn Fein movement as outlined in Arthur Griffith's book on the success of passive resistance in Hungary against Austrian rule about 25 years ago. A similar policy was adopted by the Irish but met with active opposition on the part of England, he said, adding that after the rebellion in 1916 Griffith's theories and doctrine's made no headway in Ireland.

Set Up Own Rule

    The Irish people, after swinging to the Sinn Fein, set up their own civil service, their own courts and police and refused to recognize the English governmental institutions, Father Leahy said.

    "This brought on the reign of the Black and Tans, the English constabulary" he declared adding that "England's outlawing of those who refused to recognize English institutions created a certain group of young men, who to escape arrest and prosecution, fled to the hills. "Thus was established the Irish republicans army and the movement changed from one of passive resistance to one where force was employed."

    The speaker sketched the more recent events in Ireland since the treaty. He declared that after the adoption of the Irish peace pact 85 per cent of the people favored the Free State, although most of this group looked upon it only as a stepping stone to complete independence.

Cites Three Classes

    The present Irish republican army represents three classed, the clergy man told the Rotarians. He enumerated them as patriots, sincere but fanatical; easy going men who lacked the moral courage to quit the army, even though they believed its course was a foul hardy one; and a group who joined only for the easy life…

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… and adventure attached to army membership.

    The republican forces, the speaker declared, had. been driven from every town and village in Ireland. In his opinion the Free State will be firmly established in a short time. He paid tribute to the Free State leaders, declaring that all Ireland regretted and mourned the death of Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins.



    The Ladies' Aid Society of the St. John United Brethren Church of Seventy-Six township was entertained Wednesday at an all day meeting the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Ernest Shaffer in Cranston. There was a large attendance.

    The women will devote future meetings to carding buttons, the proceeds to be used for church funds.

    An all day sewing in three weeks will be at the home of Mrs. Robert Wigim, Seventy-Six township.

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John T. O'Brien

    John T. O'Brien, native resident of Seventy-Six Township, died at 9:55 o'clock Sunday morning following a breif attack of pneumonia. He was 49 years old.

    He was born in 1873. He was engaged in farm work his entire life. Fraternally he was affiliated with the Laurent Council, Knights of Columbus.

    He is survived by his father, Daniel O'Brien, 92 years old and one of the pioneer farmers of Muscatine County; two sisters, Sister Martha of the Humility of Mary convent at Ottumwa and Miss Margaret O'Brien, at home; and a brother, Dennis O'Brien, also at home.

    Funeral services will be held at 9:30 o'clock Tuesday morning from the St. Malachy Church at Ardon. The Rev. Father Leahy will officiate. Burial will be made in the Ardon cemetery.



    Mrs. John Healey of Ardon has left for Longmont, Colo., where she will visit for the next four or five weeks.



    Mrs. John Healey, Seventy-Six Township, returned home yesterday after a three week visit with relatives at Longmont and Loveland, Colorado.



    The St. Mathias Church was the scene of a pretty wedding at 7 o'clock this morning when Miss Theres Hinrichs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hinrichs, 919 Colver Street but formerly of Ardon, became the bride of Clarence Nolan, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan of Ardon. Miss Myril Nolan, sister of the groom served as brides- maid and the bride's brother, Lawrence Hinrichs as best man. The Rev. F. J. Leonard officiated.

    The bride wore a dress of white silk canion crepe, and a veil, which was held in place with a wreath of orange blossoms. Miss Nolan wore pale blue silk crepe with accessories to match. A wedding breakfast was served relatives at the Hinrichs home, immediately after the ceremony. The couple left during the morning on a wedding trip. They will be at home after Aug. 10 at 1104 West Third Street.

    For the past two years the bride has been a student nurse at the Bellevue Hospital. Mr. Nolan is proprietor of a local barber shop.

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Robert Wigim

    Robert Wigim, life-long resident of Seventy-Six Township, died at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon at the Hershey Hospital, following an extended illness. Pneumonia and a general complication of ailments caused his death. He was 67 years old.

    Mr. Wigim was born in Seventy-Six Township in 1856. He is survived by two brothers, Adam of Muscatine and Samuel of Lone Tree, two half brothers, T. L. Wigim and Hugh Wigim, both of this city.

    Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon from the Greenwood chapel, burial to be made in Greenwood cemetery. The service will be private and the family requests that no flowers be sent.



    The complete list of teachers in Muscatine County outside of the city was announced today by County Superintendent E. D. Bradley. Ninety two instructors are employed outside of the city of Muscatine. The teachers and schools in which they are employed follows:

    Seventy-Six Township

    Walnut: Esther Parmeloe; High Prairie: Fern Mills; Central: Miss Nellie Mahoney; Green Valley: Agatha Byrne; Burr Oak: Blanche DeCamp.

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Was Well Known Resident of Seventy Six Township

Lived There For Almost Three-Quarters
of a Century - Took Part In Gold Rush
to California

    Daniel O'Brien, a pioneer and one of the best known residents of Seventy Six Township, died at his home last night at 10:30. Mr. O'Brien was 92 years old and had spent nearly three quarters of a century in Seventy-Six Township.

    Born in Ireland, he came to this country while a young man, and after a short time in St. Louis came to this country. He took part in one of the later gold rushes to California, going down the Mississippi river and through the Gulf of Mexico to Panama, where he crossed the isthmus and resumed his journed by water. Mr. O'Brien married a Muscatine County girl, Miss Katherine Byrne. She died 36 years ago. Ten children were born to them, only three of whom are still living. They are Sister Martha, in a convent at Ottumwa, and Miss Margaret O'Brien and Dennis J. O'Brien, who live at home. He is also survived by three grandchildren.

    Funeral services will be held Thursday morning probably at 9:30 in St. Malachy's Church of Ardon. The Rev. T. J. Leahy of Muscatine will conduct the services.



    At the caucus of democrats of Seventy-Six township, held at the Number Four school house yesterday evening, the following nominees were named: Ed Healey for township truestee for the term beginning January 1, 1925; Earl Eichelberger for township trustee for the term beginning January 1, 1926; L. J. Byrne for township clerk; R. B. Wigim for assessor.

    Twelve delegates to the democratic county convention were also named. They are: Lee S. Riggs, John Healey, John M. O'Brien, Frank Byrne, E. E. Eichelberger, Louis Dalton, Joseph Furlong, John Verink, Earl Eichelberger, Edward Healey, William Fletcher, and Michael Healey.

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    Elmer Eichelberger, of Seventy-Six Township, underwent an operation for gall trouble and appendicitis at the Hershey Hospital today. Dr. E. R. Fulliam, Sr., performed the surgery.



Andrew Healey Sr., Succumbs To Complications

Lived In County Since 1859 - Operated
Large Farm Near Ardon For Many Years

    Andrew Healey, Sr., pioneer farmer and stockman of Muscatine County died at 5 o'clock this morning at his home, 110 East Fifth Street. He had been ill for six months and death was due to a complication of diseases.

    Mr. Healey was 72 years old, having been born in Pittsburgh, Pa. Feb. 7, 1852. He came to Muscatine County with his parents seven years later, in 1859, and lived in the county all his life with the exception of three years spent in Texas while he was a young man. He operated a large farm near Ardon eight miles west of Muscatine, until his retirement from active work. Mr. Healey was also one of the leaders of the county in the democratic party.

Survived By 10 Children

    He married Mary White in I876. She died Oct. 20, I899. They are survived by the following 10 children: Michael of Ardon, John T. of Seventy-Six township; Kate of Muscatine, Mrs. E. F. Connell of Oelwein, Ia., Mrs. J. H. Schumaker of Fayette, Ia., Andrew Jr. of Seventy Six township, Edward A. Healey of Minneapolis, Mrs. Walter Dorsey of Des Moines, Mark R. of Kokomo, Ind., Mrs. Walter Klink of Muscatine.

    Mr. Healey is also survived by two brothers, James M. Healey of Muscatine and Will C. Healey of Muscatine county, and by one sis- ter Miss Clara Healey, Muscatine.

    Funeral services will be held Monday morning at 9 o'clock from St Mathias Church. The family asks that flowers be omitted.

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Andrew Healey, Sr.

    Funeral services for Andrew Healey, Sr., pioneer farmer of Muscatine county, were held at 9 o'clock this morning from St. Mathias church. The Rev. F. J. Leonard officiated and was assisted by the Rev. Father Lawler of Davenport. Burial was in the St. Mary cemetery.

    Pallbearers were Patrick Lynch, Louis Downer, William Byrne, George Black, Jacob Legler, and Daniel Sullivan.



    A modest little Plymouth Rock hen out on the Elmer Eichelberger farm, six miles west of Muscatine, showed all her cousins of purer blood Thursday afternoon and laid a real egg. The egg's circumference is 9 inches the long way, and 71/2 inches around the middle. Mrs. Eichelberger broke the egg and found that it contained two eggs on the inside. The second egg was complete except that it had no shell while the third egg had shell, yolk and white, all perfectly formed.



Allen Will Blames Sparks From Locomotive

Says $10,490 Worth of Buildings and
Contents Was Destroyed - Milwaukee
Road Defendant

    Claiming that sparks from a locomotive belonging to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad set fire to his barn and the result- ing conflagration destroyed almost all of his farm buildings, Allen G. Will, a farmer living near Letts, this morning filed suit in district court against the railroad asking judgement for $10,490.

    Will in his petition, alleges that the fire occurred at 11 o'clock the morning of July 11, 1923. He says that the Milwaukee right of way runs through his farm and that sparks from a passing train flew onto the roof of his cow barn, which he values at $4,400. Other buildings which he says were destroyed were a horse barn and a wagon shed, valued at $2,200, and a double corncrib and shed worth$575. Two hundred dollars worth of attachments to a cement silo were also burned, he claims. The amount of the suit includes $3,115 which he says is the value of implements, tools and grains stored in the buildings and burned with them. This …

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… item Includes $1,495 worth of alfalfa.

    The suit is one of the largest of its kind ever filed in the county. Nichols, Tipton & Tipton are attorneys for Will.



    After connsiderable fruitless negotiation between the Muscatine county board of supervisors and the C. M. & St. P. railroad, over the changing of the bridge at the bottom of Funk's hill, the board of supervisors has taken the initiative and has brought the matter before the Iowa railroad commissioners. This was disclosed yesterday afternoon, when Theodore Drake, who was authorized by the board to present the case to the commissioners, announced that the members of the commission would come to Muscatine for a hearing at a time to be arranged later.

    The contention of the supervisors is that the road under the Milwaukee bridge at the bottom of the hill is too dangerous in its present condition and the plan is' to widen the road, improve the grade and eliminate the sharp turn under the bridge as far as possible. According to members of the board, the railroad has not made any more to aid in the work, and for this reason the commision was sent notice of the situation.

    Mr. Drake recently returned from Des Moines where he explained the situation. He has been given to understand, he announced, that the commissioners will come to Muscatine for a hearing right on the grounds, where they will have opportunity to examine every point brought up in this case.

    The sharp turn at the bottom of the hill has been the scene of many accidents, and the road and overhead bridge of the railroad are so angled as to make the corner unsafe.

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     Born to Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Todd of near Ardon, a boy.

     Mrs. R. M. Kautz of Buffalo, Ia. is visiting at the home of her brother.


Miss Gertrude Vincent

    At the annual convention of the South Dakota, Educational Asssociation held recently at Sioux Falls, Miss Gertrude Vincent of Letts, Ia. a teacher of home economics in the Dell Rapids, S.D. high school for the past two years, was elected alternate delegate to represent the South Dakota Home Economics Association at the national convention to be held in San Francisco next year.

    Miss Vincent is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Vincent of Letts, and before her graduation from the Iowa State Teacher's College at Cedar Falls, taught in the schools of this county, including School No. 4., in Severty-Six township, Sweetland Center and was principal and home economics teacher of Letts High School. She also taught at Macedonis, Ia. and two years at Lyons, Ia.

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    Ardon, Ia. Feb. 16 - Mike Lynch was here Thursday. Mrs. Addleman left for her home in Kansas Thursday evening after an extended visit at the home of Mrs. C. T. McCabe. J. E. Furlong and sons were in Ardon Wednesday visiting. The Co-operative association shipped two carloads of hogs and cattle Tuesday.

    Irene Healey and Donald Lee, are home after a few days spent in Muscatine, taking eighth grade examination.

    Hise Smith was an Ardon visitor recently.

    Matt Foley was in Ardon Thursday.

    C. T. McCabe was a business caller Thursday evening.

    John Lee was in Ardon Thursday.

    Mr. Mohnsen and family have moved from Illinois to their new home on the Ira Lee farm.

    The roads have been almost impassable for the last week and horseback seems be the popular mode of travel.



    Adam Wigim was an arrival from Muscatine,

    George Townsley is home after a business trip to Chicago.

    The roads are in very bad condition since the last rain.

    Little Edward Goldsberry was ill recently but is much better.

    Lee S. Riggs has returned from Kansas City, where he purchased two carloads of sheep.

    John Verink was a business caller in Ardon Friday.

    Edward Healey was an Ardon visitor Friday.

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    Ardon, Ia., March 7 - Mrs. Chris Nolan, living west of Ardon, was hostess to a meeting of the Ardon Welfare Society Thursday at her home. A large number were present and a pleasant afternoon was spent.

    Lee S. Riggs arrived home from Chicago Thursday. Lewis Dalton and Ollie Ricke were business visitors in Ardon Thursday.

    Frank Byrne was an Ardon caller Thursday.

    Thomas Holmes of Muscatine, was in Ardon Friday.



    Ardon, Ia., March 11 - V. W. Legler delivered hogs in Ardon Tuesday.

    The co-operative association shipped a carload of hogs to Chicago Tuesday.

    L. A. Summers was in Muscatine Monday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Kautz, of Dixon, Ill. spent a few days at the home of Mrs. Anna Byrne.

    Robert Wigim is reported on the sick list and little Edward Goldsberry has been ill but is recovering.

    There was a meeting of the board of trustees at the home of Township clerk L. J. Byrne Monday night.

    Mrs. Hazel Goldsberry was in Muscatine Tuesday at the bedside of her father, E. M. Howell, who is ill having suffered a stroke of paralysis last week.

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    Ardon, Ia. March 18 - Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stump of Walnut Grove, Minn.,are visiting at the home of Mrs. Stump's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Verink west of Ardon.

    Lee Riggs shipped two carloads of cattle to Chicago Tuesday.

    Directors of the different school districts met at No. 4 school house Monday afternoon and the school children enjoyed an unexpected vacation.

    Charles Fletcher, Jr. was a Muscatine visitor Monday.

    M. J. Harmon left for his home in St. Louis, Mo. Monday evening after a visit with his aunt, Mrs. Anna Byrne and other relatives in Ardon.



    Mrs. Nellie Mahoney went to Davenport Friday and returned yesterday. Mrs. R. M. Kautz of Buffalo, Ia. returned to her home after a week's visit with friends and relatives near Ardon.

    A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Noll of near Muscatine, Mrs. Noll was Miss Julia Byrne and made her home near Ardon for a number of years.

    Mrs. Carl Stump and Mrs. John Verink and Mrs. Charles Fletcher spent last Thursday visiting friends at Pleasant Prairie.

    Miss Helen Letts, teacher of Burr Oak School, went home Friday evening.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cole and baby, Richard, and Mr. and Mrs. Adam Paul and son Edmon spent Sunday in Ardon.

    Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Markham were Muscatine visitors Sunday.

    L. J. Byrne and Miss Mayme Byrne spent a few days in Muscatine L. A. Summers and Mrs. Anna Byrne were in Muscatine Monday.

    Miss Betty Fletcher spent the weekend at Pleasant Prairie.

    Among the passengers to Muscatine Saturday evening were Mrs. R. M. Kautz L. J. Byrne, Arthur Hill, Will Cheif and Agnes Foley.

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    Ardon, Ia. April 4 - Miss Helen Letts and Mrs. Nellie Mahoney attended the teachers convention in Muscatine the latter part of the week, schools closing and giving the children a holiday.

    Miss E. O. Markham spent Thursday in Muscatine. Her cousin, Miss Alberta Cochran and little brother Vern Walters accompanied her home for a few days.

    Spring work in the fields is progressing. Most of the farmers are through sewing oats.



    Ardon, Ia. April 20 - Vernon Legler shipped a carload of butcher stock to Chicago last week.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Callahan and Mrs. Will Callahan spent Tuesday in Ardon visiting relatives.

    Mrs. Wise Smith was in Ardon Wednesday.

    The H. J. Heinz company inspector was in Ardon Friday looking over hotbeds in the company's interest.

    Michael Byrne, living north of Ardon, is ill with a severe attack of flu.

    While sacking corn, James O'Brien was struck by a stalk which cut the ball of his eye.

    Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Kautz of Buffalo are visiting relatives near here.

    A team of horses belonging to M. Healey ran away Thursday, throwing the driver William Starkweather, to the ground. He was unhurt.

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    E. O. Eichelberger shipped a car load of cattle to Chicago last week.

    Mrs. Nellie Mahoney spent the weekend in Davenport.

    Miss Josephine Dana of Muscatine is visiting her former classmate Miss Veronica O'Brien.

    Mr.and Mrs. John Foley of Nichols visited relatives near Ardon, Sunday.

    E. O. Markham, who has been in charge of the county road work in this section has been transferred and has moved to Muscatine.

    Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Todd of Conesville were visiting friends in Ardon Sunday.

    Mrs. J. P. Walters and sons Lloyd and Vern and Miss Alberta Cochran of Muscatine visited with Mrs. 0. E. Markham Sunday.

    Elmer Frank of Muscatine was a business caller in Ardon Saturday.

    Lee Grosgean was a recent visitor in Ardon.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goldsberry and Little son Edward were Ardon callers Wednesday evening.



    Mrs. Nellie Mahoney left for Davenport Friday evening for a few days visit.

    Mrs. William Noll and children were Sunday morning arrivals for a short visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. Anna Byrne.

    Mrs. R. M. Kautz departed for her home in Buffalo, Ia. after a visit with relatives near Ardon.

    Mrs. Frank Martin and little daughter Irma of Muscatine spent the week end with her father, Joseph Hicky, near Ardon.

    Arthur Gideon has taken the place of E. O. Markham as road patrolman. Mr. Markham was transferred to the Iowa City road.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cole and little son Richard, Mrs. and Mrs. Adam Paul and little Edmon were Sunday guests at the home of Charles Fletcher.

    Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Furlong and children were Ardon callers recently.

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    Maurice Furlong was a Sunday guest of his friend Vance Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goldsberry and little Edward were Muscatine visitors Saturday.

    A choir under the direction of Orville Foster of Muscatine com- posed of the children of St. Mathias church will offer special music next Sunday. Mother's Day.



    Farm bureau women of Seventy-Six township met at the home of Mrs. William Hendricks in Seventy-Six township last Tuesday for a lesson in hat trimming, which was supervised by Miss Henrietta Safely, county home demonstration agent, Mrs. L. E. Downer, county chairman, was also at the meeting.

    Plans were made by the bureau for booths at the state fair and also at the West Liberty fair. Follow up meetings will be held by each school district and the lessons which were given in millinery will be passed on in the various districts.



    Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wilson, living north of Ardon, are parents of a son, and Mr. and Mrs. Philip O'Toole are parents of a daughter, Corinne Gertrude, born May 20.

    Central school closed Thursday and the pupils will picnic today at Weed park, Muscatine.

    Mrs. Adam Paul and son Edmond were Ardon visitors Thursday.

    William Reed arrived home from Kansas City this week, where he purchased a carload of cattle.

    W. W. Legler shipped a carload of butcher stock to Chicago Tuesday.

    Mrs. William Noll of Muscatine and children, Mary Margaret, and William were guests at the home of her mother, Mrs. Anna Byrne Thursday.

    Mrs. and Mrs. Summers entertained Mr. Summer's brother, Ira and wife of Ottumwa, a few days this week. Mrs. Cole and baby Richard spent Tuesday at her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fletcher.

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    Master Johnny Verink has returned home after a visit in Muscatine with his sister, Mrs. Carl Stump.

    A daughter was recently born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foster. She has been named Frances Jean.

    Adam Weber was a business caller in Ardon recently. Dayton Reed transacted business in Ardon Monday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stump of Muscatine spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Verink.

    Mrs. G. R. Cole was a Monday visitor at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fletcher.

    Ralph Shelllabarger was an Ardon caller Monday.



    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Masonholder and little daughter Millicent spent Memorial day in Letts.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ryan of Muscatine were visitors at Ardon Saturday. Milwaukee railroad has a large camp of workers repairing the track and bridge west of Ardon.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Callahan, Miss Ruby Callahan and Will Callahan called on relatives in Ardon Saturday.

    Mrs. Marie Schenedler and little son Harry came Friday morning for a visit at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey and Master Paul and Miss Genevieve were Muscatine callers Friday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Verink and son John Jr. spent Thursday evening visiting friends in Ardon.

Page 521



    The Co-operative association and V. W. Legler each shipped a carload of hogs to Chicago Tuesday.

    A large gang of workmen mostly Mexicans arrived in Ardon Wednesday morning to work on the Milwaukee tracks between Ardon and Muscatine. They will be here about a month.

    Robert Fletcher is visiting his sister, Mrs. Adam Paul, of Pleasant Prairie.

    Cloyce Downer was an Ardon visitor Tuesday.

    Mrs. Mollie Nolan was a Muscatine caller Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wilson and children were in Ardon Tuesday.

    The recent rains and cool weather were beneficial in the late oats crop. The several fields in this locality look fine.

    Dayton Reed was a business caller in Ardon recently.

    Mrs. Foley and Miss Mary Foley were guests at the home of Mrs. L. A. Summers.



Disease Breaks Out In Camp Of Mexicans - Last Case of
Smallpox Reported In Muscatine Was In December of 1924 -
Vaccination Advised

    Reports of smallpox breaking out in a camp of Mexican laborers near Ardon, Ia., were received here this morning. As none of the men at the camp speak English intelligibly, it was impossible to secure the name of the man who had contracted the disease. It has been some time since a serious epidemic of the disease struck Muscatine and vicinity according to Dr. A. L. Bryan, city healty physican. The last cases of smallpox reported in Muscatine were in December, 1924, and the last epidemic here was in April, 1922.

    A serious epidemic of smallpox was suffered by Minnesota, a neighboring state, last year and Dr. Bryan advised a renewal of smallpox vaccination regardless of whether or not the epicemic becomes serious. Vaccinations more than five years old should be renewed or proved to be good by another vaccination, Dr. Bryan said.

    Although it is hoped that the disease will not spread in the Mexican camp at Ardon, the usual living habits of the men and their proximity to one another in the small camp makes it highly possible that others will be taken sick before the disease is curbed.

Page 522



Assistant Pastor Of St. Mathias In New Work

Leaves Today for Ireland Where He
Will Study a Year and Then Go to
Projecture of Han Yang

    A five year service as assistant pastor of St. Mathias Church here was concluded today with the departure of the Rev. Father T. J. Leahy, who will go to Ireland for a year's study and then will sail for China where there he will be engaged in missionary work in China. Father Leahy, who came directly to Muscatine from Ireland five years ago last New Year's day, recently became a naturealized citizen of the United States.

    From Muscatine he will go to his old home in County Limerick, Ireland, for a visit with his parents, From there he will go to Dublin, where he was educated for the priesthood, to take a special course of study for his work in China.

    When Father Leahy goes to China he will be located in the prefecture of Han Yang, a three week's journey from the coast up the Yangise-Klang River. In the prefecture he will be affiliated with a society started by a Brooklyn N.Y. priest, Father Galvin, about eight years ago. Father Galvin is now perfect apolstolic of the organization, the headquarters of which and the seminar are located in Omaha, Neb. The organization at Han Yang now has a personnel of approximately 100. Father Leahy expects to be permanently located there.

    During his pastorate here Father Leahy has also had charge of St. Malachy's church at Ardon. He preached his farewell sermon there last Sunday. A purse was presented him by the Ardon parishioners at the close of the services there Sunday. His successor in the local church and in the Ardon pastorate has not been announced.

Page 523



Father E. A. Cone Begins Service At Local Parish

Was Formerly in Charge of St, Peter's
Church at Keokuk - Ordained at Davenport

    The Rev. Father E. A. Cone formerly of Keokuk and a native at Clinton, Ia. has assumed charge of his new duties as assistant to the Very Rev. Father F. J. Leonard, pastor of St. Mathias' Church. He assisted in the services of that church for the first time yesterday.

    The Rev. Father Cone succeeds the Rev. T. J. Leahy who left a week ago for Ireland, where he will spend a year prior to taking charge of missionary work in China.

    The new priest spent his early life in Clinton. He was ordained to the priesthood at Davenport in 1923. For the past two years he served as rector of St. Peter's Church at Keokuk, before being transferred here.



    Joseph Byrne and little daughters Florence and Anna of Chicago, arrived in Ardon Wednesday and will spend their summer vacation with Mr. Byrne's mother, Mrs. Anna Byrne, and other relatives in Ardon.

    Mrs. G. R. Cole and little son Richard, spent Wednesday visiting relatives in Ardon.

    Little Rosalie Healey of Muscatine, is visiting her little cousins, Loretta and Genevieve Healey of Ardon.

    John Verink and little son, John Jr., were Ardon callers Wednesday.

    Harry Funk was an Ardon caller Wednesday.

    Edward Healey was in Ardon Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey and family were in Muscatine Wednesday.

    Mr. and of Mr. and Mrs. James O'Toole.

    William Moore of Ardon, was in Muscatine Wednesday.

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    Mr. and Mrs. Stacey Todd and little Pauline and son Donald and Mrs. Bessie Reynolds of Conesville were Ardon visitors Thursday.

    A. G. Whittaker of Muscatine was a business caller in Ardon recently.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goldsberry and little son Edward Cecil were Ardon callers recently.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Downer entertained Joseph Byrne and daughters Florance and Anna of Chicago at a 6 o'clock dinner Thursday evening.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Verink were in Muscatine Friday attending the funeral of William Holmes of Clinton, Mo. Mrs. Holmes is a cousin of Mr. Verink.

    Hay making and grain cutting are progressing fast. Most of the corn crop is laid by and all crops are looking fine in this vicinity.



    Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Ricky living south of Ardon, are parents of a son, born July 27.

    Small boys and girls of this neighborhood are having an epidemic of stomach trouble caused by eating green apples.

    Threshing is in full swing in this vicinity. The wheat and oats crops are yielding well.

    Miss Aggatha Byrne has returned home after a visit with friends in Nichols, Ia.

    Mr. and Mrs. Brookhart of Lone Tree spent Sunday at home of Mrs. Foley.

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Summers are visiting at the homes of their sons, I. A. Summers of Conesville, and L. A. Summers of Ardon.

    Dr. Eland of Letts was in Ardon Tuesday.

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    Mrs. Anna Byrne and granddaughters Florence and Anna Byrne were Sunday guests at the home of Mrs. Byrne's daughter, Mrs. William Noll at Muscatine.

    Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Summers and children Eileen, Jack, Tom and Joseph and Mr. and Mrs. T. Summers spent Sunday at Iowa City.

    Mr. and Mrs. Brookhart of near Lone Tree were Sunday visitors at the Foley home.

    Most of the threshing is done in this neighborhood, the grain turning out good quality.

    Mrs. E. M. Howell of Muscatine was an over Sunday guest at the home of Clyde Goldsberry.

    Little Rosalie Healey of Muscatine visited Ardon relatives Sunday.

    Mrs. R. M. Kautz of Buffalo is visiting relatives near Ardon.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Callahan and Mrs. Will Callahan of Muscatine were callers in Ardon recently.

    Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson, Mrs. Peterson, Sr., and son Carl were callers in Ardon Sunday evening.



    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goldsberry and little son, Edward, and Mrs. E. M. Howell of Muscatine left Saturday evening for a motor trip to Missouri and other points.

    Mrs. Frank Brown has returned home after a three weeks stay at Hershey hospital where she was operated upon for appendicitis.

    Mrs. Brown is recovering.

    With the exception of some timothy by threshing is a thing of the past for this year in this vicinity. Some of the farmers are baling their hay and straw.

    Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Summers and children, Eileen, Jack, Tom and Joseph were Sunday guests at the home of Douglas Summers of Cone, Iowa.

    Paul Byrne of Cedar Rapids is spending part of his summer vacation at the Byrne home near Ardon.

Page 526



    Mr. and Mrs. C. Chapman and two sisters, Bessie and Marie Chapman, of Keota and Frank Berry of the same piece called on Ardon relatives Monday.

    J. E. Furlong is unloading a carload of corn, which he received from Muscatine.

    Miss Alice Furlong visited her friend Betty Fletcher Saturday.



    Mrs. Bernyce Healey of Seventy-Six township and Miss Helen Babbitt, 314 West Third Street, left Sunday for a two weeks visit with relatives in Longmont and Loveland, Colo.



    Miss Clara Healey, Miss Kate Healey and little Rosalie Healey of Muscatine, were guests of Andrew Healey Sunday.

    Forest Stump of Walnut Grove, Minn., is visiting friends in this vicinity.

    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Paul and son Edmon spent Sunday in Ardon. Mrs. Brown and daughter Bessie of Muscatine, were visiting Mrs. Elerd Starkweather recently.

    Arthur Gledeon left for Ottumwa Saturday, where he will visit his brother and other relatives.

    Miss Beatrice Healey of Muscatine arrived Sunday morning for a visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey. Betty Fletcher is visiting her sister Mrs. Adam Paul, at Pleasant Prairie.

    Frank O'Brien and daughter left for their home in Denver, Friday after a visit at the homes of John O'Brien and with other relatives.

    Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Summers and children Eileen, Jack, Tom and Joseph have returned from a motor trip to Highland, Ia., they report the scenes along the hail swept country very disheartening. Large corn fields are just bare stalks and boarded up windows disfigure what had been fine farm homes.

Page 527



    Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Ackerman of St. Louis are visiting Miss Marie Byrne. Mrs. Ackerman was Miss Agnes Maber prior to her marriage.

    Howard Healey arrived Sunday morning for a two weeks visit with relatives in Ardon. He has attended school in Detroit, Mich., and since close of school has been on an extended automobile tour through the east, visiting Washington D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and other points.



    V. W. Legler has returned from Kansas City where he had been on a business trip.

    Mr. L. A. Summers entertained relatives Thursday at dinner in honor of the thirteenth birthday of her niece, Miss Florence Byrne, of Chicago, who is spending her vacation with Ardon relatives.

    Mrs. R. M, Kautz has returned to her home after a visit with relatives near Ardon.

    Miss Evelyn Stump of Walnut Grove, Minn., is visiting in Muscatine and Ardon.

    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nolan and little daughter, Mary Kathleen, of Walnut Grove, Minn., are guests at the home of Chris Nolan.

    Paul Byrne left for his home in Cedar Rapids, after spending his vacation at the home of relatives near Ardon.

    Howard Healey accompanied by his cousins, Florence and Anna Byrne of Chicago, left Saturday evening for Chicago where he will visit a short time before he takes up his studies at the University of Detroit, Michigan.

    Farrel Byrne left for his home in Chicago after spending his vacation with Miss Mayme Byrne.

    V. W. Legler received two car loads of cattle shipped from Kansas City the latter part of this week.

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    A family reunion was held at the home ofChris Nolan last week, the children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Nolan being present. Among those from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nolan and daughter, Mary Kathleen, from Walnut Grove, Minn. A shipment of new maps for all the schools of this township has been received.

    Pat Lynch was an Ardon visitor recently.

    Ed Healey, John Healey, John Verink and John and Mike Tomney were business visitors in Ardon Wednesday.

    Mrs. Anna Byrne is visiting at the home of Mrs. William Noll of Muscatine.

    Silo filling is in full swing. The corn is heavier and better than it has been for years in this vicinity, also the work is two weeks ahead of former years.



    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Paul and son Edmon of Pleasant Prairie were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Fletcher.

    Mr. and Mrs. Stacey Todd and children Pauline and Donald of Conesville were Ardon callers recently.

    Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wilson and children Mildred, Evelynn, and Ernest of Muscatine were callers in Ardon vicinity.

    L. B. Callahan of Moline was at the Charles Fletcher home Saturday.

    Mrs. G. R. Cole and Richard visited relatives in this neighborhood recently.

    Chet Estle who recently returned from Canada was here on business recently.

    The recent rains were welcomed by the farmers in this vicinity.

    A large acreage of wheat will be sown and the ground was so dry it made fall plowing difficult.

    A meeting of the Farm Bureau women was held at the home of Mrs. Robert Wigim. The women took up the work of harmony in home decoration.

    Miss Beatrice and Irene Healey, of Muscatine, were Sunday guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey.

Page 529



    Louis Byrne was a business caller in Letts Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stump were visiting at the home of John Verink recently.

    Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Todd and children, Pauline and Donald, were Ardon visitors Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Goldsberry and little Edward Cicil were in Ardon recently.

    A number of the farmers of this vicinity are busy cutting corn. Mrs. Glee Cole and son Richard of Pleasant Prairie spent Monday visiting relatives in this neighborhood.



    W. M. Riggs and son Lee S. Riggs have gone on a business trip to Chicago.

    Mrs. George Townsley has returned home after an extended trip through the east. Mr. and Mrs. John Verink and son John visited friends at Columbus Junction Sunday.

    The Elerd Starkweather family is moving to Muscatine. August Lodge and his force are working in this neighborhood.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spitznogle and daughter, Irene, were shopping Muscatine Wednesday.

    Charles Fletcher was a Muscatine visitor Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klink and Miss Catherine Healey, acccompanied by Rosalie Healey, of Muscatine, were Sunday guests at the home of Andrew Healey.

    Matt Foley and Miss Agnes Foley were in Muscatine today.

    L. R. Callahan called on friends here recently.

Page 530



    Miss Margaret Barker, teacher of High Prairie school spent the weekend at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barker at Columbus Junction.

    V. W. Legler has returned from a business trip to Canada. John White spent Thursday afternoon in Muscatine.

    Mike Healey was a business caller in Muscatine Thursday A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Cash Pace recently. The child as named Edith Maxine.

    Mrs. Carl Stump returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Verink.

    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wall and Mr. Louis Byrne were in Muscatine Saturday.



    The latest reports from the bedside of Miss Lila Townsley, a patient at the Mayo Brothers hospital at Rochester, Minn, where she wasoperated upon recently, are not encouraging.

    Robert Fletcher spent Saturday visiting his grand-mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Callahan, in Muscatine.

    Miss Irene Spitznogle, of Davenport, is spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spitznogle. Andrew Healey was a Muscatine visitor Saturday.

    A valuble horse belonging to Henry Momson, dropped dead while hitched to a wagon in the cornfield recently.

    The corn huskers were forced to quit work Saturday. A number of farmers in this vicinity have stopped husking for a while as the corn, while ripe, is very wet and it is feared may spoil in the crib.

    George White and son, Johnny, of Muscatine, are husking corn in this neighborhood.

    Mrs. Henry Stine was a caller at the John Verink home recently. Carl Warrenstaf braved the bad roads Sunday and went to Muscatine.

Page 531



    Mrs. Henry Schneidier and baby were Sunday visitors at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Nolan.

    Mr. and Mrs. John O'Brien and family were Sunday guests at the home of James O'Brien.

    Mrs. Clarence Nolan of Muscatine was a visitor at the Nolan home Sunday.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Foley of Nichols spent Sundat at the home of James O'Brien.

    The roads are still in a very bad condition. Few cars are on the roads these days.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cole and son, Richard, and Mr. and Mrs. Adam Paul and son Edmon spent Sunday with relatives in this neighborhood. Carl and Orville Warrenstaf were Muscatine callers Saturday.

    Mr. and Mrs. T. Spitznogle were Muscatine callers Saturday.

    Charles McDaniel and family spent Sunday with Vernon Wall.

    George White and son John, went to their home in Muscatine Saturday.



    Andrew Healey spent Thanksgiving day in Muscatine. C. W. Fletcher was a business caller in Muscatine recently.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Verink were shopping in Muscatine Tuesday.

    Richard Hood, employed on the Henry Monson farm, is ill with peumonia in Muscatine.

    Miss Margaret Barker, teacher of No. 2 school, went to her home in Columbus Junction where she spent Thanksgiving with her parents.

    George Townsly and daughter, Lila, were Muscatine callers Wednesday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Paul and little son Edmon spent Thanksgiving day at the home of Charles Fletcher.

    Elmer Eichelberger received a large shipment of cattle from Kansas City this week.

Page 532



    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wall were Muscatine callers Saturday. Andrew Healey attended the funeral of Mrs. Cassidy in Muscatine Saturday morning.

    Misses Beatrice and Irene Healey spent the weekend at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healey.

    V. W. Legler shipped a carload of cattle to Chicago Sunday.

    Miss Agatha Byrne, who teaches school near Wilton, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Byrne.

    There is considerable corn to husk in this vicinity, most of the farmers being about half through.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Cole and Richard spent Sunday at the home of Charles Fletcher.



    Mrs. John Verink who has been a patient at Bellevue hospital in Muscatine is very much improved and is at present visiting her daughter, Mrs. Carl Stump in Muscatine.

    V. W. Legler shipped two carloads of cattle to Chicago Dec. 5.

    George White, who has been husking corn on the Andrew Healey farm left for his home in Muscatine.

    The snowstorm of Friday night and Saturday has caused another delay in the gathering of corn in this neighborhood.

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spitznogle and daughter, Irene, Mrs. Charles Warrenstaf and Orville Warrenstaf were in Muscatine Monday.

    John O'Brien was an Ardon caller Monday.

    Matt Foley was a business caller in Ardon Monday.

    There were no services held at St. Malachy's Church Sunday to the drifted conditions of the roads.

Page 533



    J. E. Furlong shipped a load of cattle to Chicago, Dec. 13. Mr. Furlong accompanied the shipments.

    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wahl were shopping in Muscatine Saturday.

    Ernest Meeker and family were in Muscatine Saturday. William Reed sent a shipment of cattle to Chicago, Dec. 13.

    W. M. Riggs and son shipped a large flock of sheep to Gibson, Ia. recently.

    Andrew Healey was a business visitor in Muscatine Saturday.

    John Verink and son, John Jr., were in Ardon today.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nolan and children were Sunday guests at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nolan.

    The roads are again in very bad condition, very low cars are being towed.



    Arthur Schlotfeldt is hauling his corn to the Ardondale farm where he will reside the coming year.

    The teachers of No. 4 and No. 2 schools are preparing Christmas programs after which the pupils will have a short vacation.

    The St. John U. B. Church will join the Cranston Sunday school in a Christmas entertainment.



    J. E. Furlong and John Reed have returned from a business trip to Chicago.

    F. Byrne was a Letts visitor this week.

    Ernest Meeker and wife, Fay Townsley, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wahl, Mr. and Mrs. John Verink and son, John Jr., Andrew Healey, were shopping in Muscatine Saturday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Paul and son Edmon and Miss Hildegarde Kelley of Pleasant Prairie were Sunday guests at the home of Charles Fletcher.

Page 534



    Howard Townsend and Herbert Whiteside of Muscatine were callers in this vicinity Saturday.

    William Smoltz was a business caller in this neighborhood Saturday.

    J. F. Williams, Milton Whitney and George Edwards of Muscatine spent a day hunting rabbits in this vicinity.

    Joseph Furlong and son Maurice, were shopping in Muscatine Saturday.



    Anthony Byrne of Deer Lodge, Mont, is spending the holidays with his mother, Mrs. Anna Byrne and other relatives here.

    Mrs. Marie Schenidler and baby of Muscatine and Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Gage, of Columbus Junction, were Christmas guests at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nolan,

    Warren Van Hausen, of Chicago, is visiting at the home of Mrs. Anna Byrne, Mr. Van Hausen and Anthony Byrne were shipmates in the Navy during the World War.

    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wahl spent Christmas with relatives in Muscatine.

    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Paul and son Edmon, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cole and son Richard were Christmas guests at the home of Charles Fletcher.

    Richard Hood went to his home in Seaton, Ill. to spend the holidays.

    Robert Fletcher is visiting at the home of Adam Paul at Pleasant Prairie.

    Miss Margaret Barker, teacher of High Prairie School, is visiting her parents at Columbus Junction.

    Miss Fern Mills, of Muscatine, attended the Christmas exercises at High Prairie School.

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