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Photo Subject Photo Description Photo No.
Laborers City of Muscatine Street Department taken at the riverfront by Oscar Grossheim on Sept. 25, 1935. 1822
LaCornu family A photograph of the Lacornu family on the porch of the house at 300 Latham Street. Family are named in the photograph. 2696
Lagomarcinos Demolition of the Lagomarcino building on the corner of Chestnut and Mississippi Drive. In process of demolition. Taken April 29, 2004 1474-1482
Lake, Clara Grossheim photo # 9483 2235
Lang family Composite photographs of Harley Lang, Millie Hess Lang and three Lang brothers. 2185
Lang family Composite photographs of a country school with children and teacher Ethel Amanda Buttgen. Photo of Lee William Lang and the Teachers Normal School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 2186
Lang, Ethel Amanda Buttgen Portrait of woman and child. 2184
Lange, Henry Four copies of a portrait of Henry Lange. OG#19155, Dec. 11, 1913. 2104
Larson, Mr. & Mrs. Wedding photograph of Shirley Schmidt and ? Larson. 1167
Launch Club A colorized postcard of the Muscatine Launch Club. Written on the back in pencil is "Hello Anna, When are you coming down to see us, from Gerturde to Anna" 2750
Laurent, Phillip Reverend Father Phillip Laurent, ca. 1901, 20 copies of #33 Grossheim photos. 11x14 of the original which was a 14x17 glass negative. 1457
Laurent, Rev. Father Phillip Townsend photograph. Seven copies 2158
Lazio, Tom Sr. Portrait of Tom Lazio, Sr. and child. He is dressed in a soldier uniform from World War II. 1865
Lease, W. G. 1925 MHS class photo. Grossheim photo, #29668 1674
Legal papers & bills Includes: recept for glass from Oscar Grossheim dated 1936 from the Railway Express Agency, envelope for high grade lenses probably for Grossheim,receipt for insured mail, Grossheim Studio invoice dated Nov. 14, 1928, legal paper for plaintiff F. J. Kelley vs. William A. Weikert, legal papers for suit of Mary Thurston, plaintiff vs. Pearl Thurston, legal papers and letter requesting annual reports from the justices of the peace dated June 24, 1935, legal papers of Samuel Pollock and Nancy Lucas, letter from the State Adjustment Company dated Aug. 26, 1933, handwritten receipt from Hucke's Garage, Ed Friedli vs. Glyde E. Gabriel, handwritten receipt Ed Friedli and A. R. Whitmer, State of Iowa vs. Arthur Laschansky, copy of a subpeona to L. J. Horan, original notice of late payment from Standard Oil to H. R. Bernet, Allied Mutual Casualty Company declaration of Edward Friedli, William D. Dallas plaintiff vs. William Butts and Blanch Butts defendant, Subpoena to Tom Dowdel, warrant of arrest for Arthur Laschansky, transcript of fees in a criminal case vs. Arthur Laschanzky, venire for jurors for state of Iowa plaintiff Mary Thurston vs. Pearl Thurston, Warranty deed for Williams Rolling Mill Co., Warranty deed from Abraham Smalley to George Smalley, articles of incorporation of Prairie Encampment of Independent Order of Oddfellows, Antenuptual contract between James Patterson and Elizabeth Burdett, letter testamentary for the estate of Abner Eldridge dated June 22nd, 1886, Notarial commission from Gov. of state of Iowa to Thomas Harbach, articles of agreement between Margaret Thornton and James Thornton, Warranty deed between C. Ogilvie and Theodore Parvin, Warranty deed between Huttig Bros. to Royal Canning Co., H. H. Sindt hotel letter, articles of agreement betwwen Chas Elliott and Van Rowe, bill of sale between Chris Reinsager and Geo. Furman, letter from Josiah Proctor Walton to the Sons of the Revolution, typed letters to Joan Durham dated August 29, 1933 and Oct. 16, 1933 from Ellis Parker Butler, November 25, 1942 Bloomington Herald, memorial booklet for Lieutenant John Farnsworth WW1(donated by Ken Chatfield), poster for Armed Forces Day 1960, Thank you card from the Carroll family, business card from Carl F. Houdek piano technician, instructions for working the Stanley Dry Plate, street fair ribbon dated Oct. 16-21, 1899, letter from E.S. Van Horne to Ellen Stocker, small photograph of a man in a envelope to Mrs. Woodward, letter to E. Woodward from her father dated 1862, letter to Irving Richman from Elizabeth Geiger, letter from Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission dated July 9, 1930, letter from J. G. Dougherty dated Sept. 1908, letter from Jay Downer of the Bronx Parkway Commission to Ellen Stocker dated Dec. 8, 1925, letter to E.L. Graham from W. L. Clark, letter on Hotel Blackhawk stationary to Irving Richman, letter fo S. Fults from Charles Henderson, Sr., letter from George Meason Whicher to Ellen Stocker dated Jan. 31, 1923, envelope containing a booklet from the Fifteen Gallery in New York City from Lars Hoftrup to the Muscatine Library dated 1930, handwritten tribute to P.M. Musser from the Library Board of Trustees, letter from Ellis Parker Butler to Ellen Stocker dated Dec. 7, 1925, remenisces by Elbert Clemens, letter to Irving Richman from E.A. Allbee dated May 5, 1926. Ephemera 19
Letters Letters written by Fred F. Sherberger during World War I 2824
Leu Confectionary Grossheim photo of Leu's Confectionary store. 2374
Leu Family A small blue cloth photograph album of the Leu Family. Very few are identified. Donated by the Leu Family. The album is 16X7.5 inches in size. 1601
Leu Family A larger blue cloth photograph album of the Leu Family. None identified. Donated by the Leu Family. The album is 13.5x12 inches in size. 1602
Leverich Leverich Summer Normal School Class 1906 1663
Library 3 colored photographs of the 1972 Musser Public Library. 2038
Library Original architectural drawings of the 1971-72 Musser Public Library. 2041
Library A Grossheim photograph of the old Musser Public Library 2615
Library A photograph sign for displaying Grossheim photos. 2621
Library 9 boxes full of slides of the Musser Public Library and staff. Slides
Library One slide box of the Grossheim storage area above Wester's Drug Store. Slides
Library Voice of Muscatine newspaper on the gift of the HNI building to the city of Muscatine for use as a new public library 2830
Library PM Musser Public Library 304 Iowa Avenue circa 1903 2838
Library Negatives of both old and new Musser Public Library. 1359
Library Dedication Mayor Edward S. "Kelly" Burns, speaking at dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. 379
Library Dedication Trumpet fan-fare at dedication of the new library on August 5, 1972. Peter Smith on the left, Jon Jarret, on the right. On the balcony, Iowa Avenue side. 381
Library Dedication Part of the crowd at the dedication program for the new library, August 5, 1972. John Musser speaking. 388
Library Dedication Group of people at dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. Includes: Harold Ogilvie, Marion Musser Lloyd, John Musser, Mrs. John Musser, Miss Jessie Althaus. 389
Library Dedication Marion Musser Lloyd greeting Harold Vischer at the dedication of the new library. August 5, 1972. 390
Library Dedication Marion Musser Lloyd and John Musser grandchildren of P.M. Musser, in front of the new library at the dedication on Agust 5, 1972. 393
Library Dedication John Musser, with Paul Grossklaus, left, at dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. 408
Library Dedication John Musser with William Jeschka at dedication of new library August 5, 1972. 414
Library Dedication John Musser at registration desk, at the dedication of the new library, August 5, 1972. C.M. Stanley in foreground. 416
Library Dedication Marion Musser Lloyd, John Musser and others at Library Dedication, August 5, 1972. 391,398,402
Library Dedication Marion Musser Lloyd, John Musser and others at Library Dedication, August 5, 1972. 404,403,400
Library Dedication Harold Ogilvie, representing Musser Trustees, speaking at dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. 377, 378
Library Dedication Harold Vischer, President of the Library Board of Trustees, speaking at dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. 382-385
Library Dedication View of crowd at dedication program for new library, August 5, 1972. John Musser speaking. Corner of Third Street and Iowa Avenue. 386, 387, 420
Library Dedication Marion Musser Lloyd, John Musser and others at Library Dedication, August 5, 1972. 392, 399, 401, 393
Library Dedication James W. White, Library Director, Marion Musser Lloyd, John Musser, and Harold "Hoz" Vischer, President of Library Trustees, in front of the new library at the dedication, August 5, 1972. 394-396, 417
Library Dedication Musser family at Library Dedication, August 5, 1972. Joni Axel in background of #411. 397, 426, 411
Library Dedication Marion Musser Lloyd talking with city attorney Harvey Allbee at dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. James W. White, Library Director on the right. 402, 407
Library Dedication John Musser and Marion Musser Lloyd at dedication of the new library, August 5, 1972. Harvey Allbee at right. The Musser's gave $500,000 in memory of their mother, Margaret Kulp Musser. They are the children of Clifton Robert Musser, who, through his Musser Trust Fund, helped finance an addition in 1965 to the original library, given to the city by his father, P.M. Musser, in 1901. The Musser Trust also gave $100,000 for the new building, and the city of Muscatine provided the balance about $300,000. 417, 405, 406, 410
Library Dedication John Musser and Shirley Schnedler at the dedication of the new library, August 5, 1972. 418, 419
Library Dedication James W. White, Library Director, and Betty Cleffman, Miss Muscatine 1971-72, raising the flag at dedication of new library building, August 5, 1972. 424, 425, 415
Library Dedication A video (reel) tape of the Library dedication ceremony dated August 5, 1972 and the initial meeting of the Friends of the Library dated April, 1975. Another video (reel) tape of the 1st meeting of the Friends group. A video (reel) tape of the ALTA Award to the Musser family on Nov. 16, 1977 with Dr. Barbara Prentice to Mrs. Marion Musser Lloyd along with the dedication of the Clark House. Ephemera 20
Library Jubilee Eight color photographs taken in April of 1982. Interior and exterior shots at the 10th birthday celebration of the new library, built in 1972. 1373-1380
Library Programs Photographs of the Mexican Independence Day celebration at the Musser Public Library, 2003. DVD-1
Library Programs Library Bloopers! Filmed ca. 1982. DVD-10
Library Programs "Half Pint: a Portrait of Laura Ingalls Wilder filmed June 29, 1993. DVD-11
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Monster Party filmed Oct. 27, 1988. DVD-12
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Circus of the Staff - 1987 DVD-13
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Through the Black Forest. No Date. DVD-14
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Valentine's Day, Feb. 1985. DVD-15
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Pumpkin Party - Oct. 30, 1997. DVD-16
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Pumpkin Magic - Oct. 27, 1994. DVD-17
Library Programs Chocolate Moose Caper - March 31, 1988. DVD-18
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Jump into Spring with Frog and Toad. DVD-19
Library Programs Grease Paint Theatre "Trial of the Big Bad Wolf" and "Way, Way Down East" performed June 27, 1996. DVD-2
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Freddy the Fire Truck - March 11, 1993. DVD-20
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Clowning Around, March 17, 1994. DVD-21
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Halloween Fun with Wanda the Witch, Oct. 29, 1992. DVD-22
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Moms, Mums, Grandmas - March 18, 1995. DVD-23
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Babe Ruth, Baseball memories with George Long dated July 14, 1992. DVD-24
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Dover Landis Duo, Scottish Irish Music dated March 6, 1997. DVD-25
Library Programs Summer Reading Program Kickoff - Magic with Lee Iben, June 10, 1997. DVD-26
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Christmas Father's Tea dated Dec. 5, 1996. DVD-27
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Talent Show with Lynn Boot Dancers dated July 18, 1996. DVD-28
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Santa & Elves Christmas, 1984. DVD-29
Library Programs Mother Goose Commercial & Read aloud commercial with Linda Wright. DVD-3
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Better Manners Return, no date. DVD-30
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Meet Auther David R. Collins dated July of 1992. DVD-31
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Bear Hugs with Harry dated Nov. 17, 1988. DVD-32
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - OUCH with Betty Collins, Lynn Kelly and Duffy DeFrance. No date. DVD-33
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Valentine's for Clifford. No date. DVD-34
Library Programs Super Library Funtime - Dragon Summer filmed May 26, 1988. DVD-35
Library Programs Summer Reading Program - The Frydaddies filmed July 22, 1997. DVD-36
Library Programs Storytelling: a Cultural Experience filmed July 20, 1993. DVD-4
Library Programs YA Commercial filmed March 8, 1989. DVD-5
Library Programs 1986 Summer Reading program promo. DVD-6
Library Programs DVD on the Home Delivery Program. Dated ca. 1986. DVD-7
Library Programs "Thatís a good question" produced and filmed by Susan Schulte, ca. 1985. DVD-8
Library Programs Wheel of Fiction filmed June 15, 1988. DVD-9
Library Staff James W. White, Library Director ca. 1972. 380
Library Staff Pat Hollingsworth, library staff, using rotary file for registration card search in new library, 1972. 427
Library Staff Beverly Cracraft, library staff member, laminating library card for Mack Hubble, son of Clyde Hubble in new library, 1972. 428
Library Staff Dorothy Bemis, Assistant Director, with microfilm reader-printer, obtaining a copy print in new library, 1972 429
Library Staff Vernon and Viola Sissel, custodians of the library in 1976. 430
Library Staff Library Staff, 1976: standing from left to right-Barbara Bublitz, reference and special collections, Dee Kossives, secretary, Dorothy Bemis, assistant director, Joseph Baker, director, Vera Edwards, reference, Susan Bradley, reference, Chaffee Chalupa, public relations. Seated left to right: Bonnie Estabrook, AV Coordinator, Beverly Cracraft, circulation, LeeAnn Logel, youth coordinator, Cheryl Levy, home-bound department, Terri Steinberg, clerk-typist, Sheila Chaudoin, technical services, Jean "Duffy" DeFrance, childrens services, Pat Hollingsworth, overdue materials, Verna Porter, home-bound department, Kathy Rader, circulation. 431
Library Staff Mrs. Edith Mitchell, library staff, examining files, August 25, 1950. 432
Library Staff Vera (Rehwaldt) Edwards, at Arts Calendar bulletin board, 1972. 433
Library Staff Thom Lawrence, using off-set duplicator for printing library pamphlets and brochures, 1972. 434
Library Staff Dorothy Bemis, Assistant Director, talking with guests at dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. 435
Library Staff Dorothy Bemis, Assistant Director, with guests at dedication of new Library, August 5, 1972. 436
Library Staff Opal Tanner, Library Director, 1947. Miss Tanner was director from January 1, 1943 until December 31, 1967. She died in December, 1976. 442
Library Staff Opal Tanner, accepting gift book from Women of the Moose, December, 1950. Mrs. Cecile Carlisle, Mrs. Gertrude Oberhaus, and Lura Cole. 443
Library Staff Musser Public Library staff members, Mrs. Bess Buster on left and Mrs. Austin Hoopes. October, 1950. 444
Library Staff Opal Tanner, Library Director, showing a starfish to a group of children in YWCA art appreciation class, November, 1950. The children are not identified. 477
Library Staff Children checking out books at children's desk, March 1949. Children not identified. Arlene Brudtkuhl, staff member 480
Library Staff Student assistants at the library in December, 1948. Left to right: George Webster, Ronald Brookhart (standing), Mary Ann McCaffrey, Brad Burns, Kay Swickard. 482
Library Staff Library Director inside new library, 1978. Joe Baker was library director from Feb. 1976-March 1979. 485
Library Staff A student, Peggy Marthaler, checking out magazines from library staff member, Karen Bower Miller. 491
Library Staff Betty Koll, library staff member, at the reference desk ca. 1972. 492
Library Staff Anne Schumacher Dalton, library staff member, at audio console, with Jerry Honts, ca. 1972. 493
Library Staff Anne Schumacher Dalton, staff member, at children's librarian's desk, with two unidentified girls, ca. 1972. 494
Library Staff Anne Schumacher Dalton, staff member, at children's librarian's desk with Rachel Quirk, ca. 1972. 495
Library Staff Library staff member, Barbara Bublitz with two unidentified women looking at old photographs. 496
Library Staff Homebound Services Coordinator, Verna Porter, right, demonstrating record player to hospital patient, not identified, 1970. 508
Library Staff James W. White, Library Director, talking with group of people in meeting room during dedication of new library, August 5, 1972. 509
Library Staff Thom Lawrence, library staff member, talking to group in meeting room of the new library for family film night, ca. 1972. 510
Library Staff Anne Schumacher Dalton, library staff member, reading to four unidentified children in the children's department in new library, ca. 1972. 511
Library Staff Doug Johnson, on the left, and Larry Eden carrying books to be shelved in the new library addition, April 20, 1965. 527
Library Staff Linda Eden, seated and Karen Pallischeck, shelving books in the new library addition, April 20, 1965. 528
Library Staff James W. White, Library Director, speaking at dedication of the new library, August 5, 1972 at entrance to the library. 374, 375
Library Staff James W. White, Library Director, and Vera (Rehwaldt) Edwards, Library staff, raising the flag at dedication of the new library building, August, 5, 1972. 421, 422, 423
Library Staff James W. White, Library Director, pointing out cracks in an exterior wall of the old library, about 1970. 522, 523
Library Staff Marilyn Bekker and library staff member, Barbrara Bublitz with Marilyn's book, Heritage Vignettes. 912 a, b
Library Staff Caricatures of the staff for the Speakers Bureau, dated 2006. DVD-56
Lightfoot family Cabinet photo of two children. On the back is written, relatives of Lightfoot family. 2379
Lightfoot family Women cousins of Eunice Lightfoot Wymer (married name) from Mrs. Iris Sharer Schreurs (Mrs. Clifford) 2380
Lightfoot family Lightfoot family tin type 2382
Lightfoot family Lightfoot family. 2383
Lightfoot family Various photos probably from the Lightfoot or Wymer family. One tin type and three photos from Muscatine photographers, Phelps, Evans and Hart. All unidentified. 2387
Lightfoot, Bill Cabinet photo of Lee, Charles, Harry & Lena Lightfoot. 2386
Lillibridge, Mrs. Photo of a woman and her son. Dated Dec. 10, 2127
Lincoln, Roy and Emma Roy and Emma Lincoln (possibly taken in the Moscow railroad station) postcard hand carried for Ida (Baker) Lyon wife of Cyrus Field Lyon, the son of Cyrus Lyon the stationmaster at Moscow and who also worked for the railroad. Photograph was taken about 1900 to 1908. 2313
Lindsay, Alice K. OG #213, dated Sep. 22, 1900. 2167
Lindsey, Mrs. Alice K OG#213, dated Sept. 22, 1900. 2153
Little Mac truck Three copied photos of the Roth Oil Burner Shell Fuel truck. The truck is a Little Mac which was made in Muscatine, Iowa. 2607
Little, Dr. F.H. Dr. F. H. Little, Sept. 25, 1901. #39 of the Grossheim photos. 1468
Livery Stables Color Photograph of Bowman Livery Stables, 219-221 East Mississippi Drive, ca. 1975, just before it was torn down. Willis Cabinet Shop in first floor. 767
Livery Stables A photograph taken in March of 1961 of the Bowman's Livery on Mississippi Drive. 2055
Lloyd, Marion Musser Mrs. Glen (?) A. Lloyd daughter of C.R. Musser. Circa 1971. 1756
Lock & Dam Lock and Dam #16, July, 1971. 1284
Log Cabins Winter view of the log cabin built in 1837 which stood on the southwest corner of the farm known after 1842 as the Dr. James Weed farm, its last occupant being Joe Anderson, employed on the Weed farm, who made rustic furniture. Torn down in 1902. 1-Graham
Log Cabins The Bridgman log cabin built in 1839 by Joseph Bridgman, and occupied by him as a dwelling, later used as a stable, on the lot which he bought from the Government, on the south side of 2nd Street, east of Pine, present site of Daut building, and was moved in 1856 to the north end of the Dr. James Weed farm (Not the one on the south end called the Anderson log cabin.) Picture is an enlarged copy from a Daguerreotype taken possibly as as early as 1848. Joseph Bridgman standing on the corner; Bennett's Mill, built in 1848, in the background. 2-Graham
Log Cabins Log cabin, built in 1837-1838 on the (then) Dr. Fitch farm later owned by S.B. Crane and Col. Kincaid. Since used as a blacksmith shop for Benjamin Hershey and torn down. Hershey Creamery, built in 1878, on the right. Photo taken by Professor Witter, 1899. 94-Graham
Log Cabins Log cabin built in 1837 on the tract of land known after 1842 as the Doctor James Weed farm, and stood from the time it was built, on the north side of the Burditt road (now Washington Street) a little to the west of the present Weed Park, until it was torn down in 1902. Sometimes called the Anderson log cabin. Photograph by Grossheim Brothers in 1889. In Album 1, page 2. 95-Graham
Log Cabins Log cabin, built about 1840 by Captain Sam Holliday on the Burlington road, near where it turns up the bluff toward Grandview. Photograph taken by Professor Witter, 1899. In Album 1, page 3. 96-Graham
Log Cabins Log cabin, built about 1850 by Francis Plessy on the farm long known as the Adam Wigim farm, southwest of the city. Photograph by Professor Witter, taken in 1899. In Album 1, page 3. 97-Graham
Logan, Mary Mary Logan, senior picture, St. Mary High School includes a class program. 1520
Lonegrow, Mildred Mildred Lonegrow, ca. 1923. 1441
Longstreth, Wallace In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #9
Luce, Paul R. In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #21
Ludemun, Joyce Possible a Grossheim photo. Was identified as Joyce Ludemun. 2690
Ludke, Miss Grossheim photo #4238 1699
Luellen, Jack Oscar Grossheim cabinet photo. Name is written on the back. 2034
Luellen, John Edward A photograph of a infant. On the back is written "John Edward Luellen. #2710 gilt. Jack Luellen, Mrs. Luellen and Jack Luellen, baby picture". This is an Oscar Grossheim portrait. Not listed in the index. 1812
Lumber & Lumbering Lumber district from West Hill, August, 1901. 76-Graham
Lumber Companies Group of men and boys identified as workers at Musser's sawmill. No names, or date; probably ca. 1910. 739
Lumber Companies View of Roach & Musser Sash and Door Company. 752
Lumber Companies Musser Lumber company - Graham photo 2465
Lumber Companies View from East Hill, taken October, 1869, by J.G. Evans over the roof of Chambers upper mill with iron smoke stack built by Chambers Brothers above the mouth of Mad Creek in the spring of 1867, sold to the Dessaint Mill and Lumber Company June 7, 1880, rebuilt by them the same year, and purchased by the Muscatine Lumber Company on December 7, 1881. Totally destroyed by fire, with the lumber yard, on June 12, 1886. In Album 1, page 22. 131-Graham
Lumber Companies Drying house of the Union Lumbering Company. Drying house built in 1875 by the Union Lumbering Company, Thaddeus C. Pound, Presidnet, William VanName, manager of Muscatine branch, with sawmill at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the company having bought O.W. Eckel and Brothers lumber yard, northeast corner, Second and Orange Streets, in October, 1873, and in August, 1875, started a drying house on Muscatine Island below Musser's mill, with a capacity of 350,000 feet of lumber, heated by furnaces. Burned down October 5, 1876, when owned by E.W. Coleman and Company, successors of the Union Lumbering Company. From a cut first published in the "Northwestern Lumberman" and reproduced in local papers. In Album 1, page 25. 136-Graham
Lumber Companies Hershey's lower mill, formerly Burdick's mill, the building of which was begun in the summer of 1876 by E.W. Coleman and Company, finished and started in operation in July, 1877 by the Hershey Lumber company, who operated it until 1895 and sold it to Kaiser Brothers. From a photo taken in the early 1890's when owned by the Hershey Lumber Company with a daily capacity of 150,000 feet of lumber. In Album 4, page 47. 181-Graham
Lumber Companies Hershey's Mill as it appeared in the early 1860's. Built in 1857 by Benjamin Hershey near the head of Muscatine Slough, and replaced an older and smaller mill which had been built by Jacob Hershey in 1850, and run by Benjamin Hershey after 1853. Capacity in 1864, 40,000 feet daily. 19-Graham
Lumber Companies Hershey's Upper Mill, owned and operated by the Hershey Lumber Company as it appeared in the early 1890's, after it had been greatly enlarged since first built in 1857 by Benjamin Hershey, with capacity increased to 225,000 feet of lumber daily, or over five times its output in 1865. Closed by 1902, from lack of logs in the northern pineries, and afterward dismantled. 59-Graham
Lumber Companies Sawmill of the Musser Lumber Company. From a photograph taken in 1888 from the west side of the mill. Begun in 1870, completed in 1871 by R. Musser and Company, after 1874, P.M. Musser and Company, and after 1881, Musser Lumber Company, the mill having been greatly enlarged since first built, having an annual capacity of 50 million feet of lumber, 15 million lath, and 10 million shingles. Closed in 1903, from scarcity of logs in the pineries, and later dismantled. 63-Graham
Lumber Industry Photograph album from the estate of Robert L. Roach, given by Central State Ban, January, 1987. Photos of lumbering operations in Florida and Oregan, owned by Roach & Musser Sash & Door Company. Also, on last page, there is a panoramic view of Roach & Musser, c. 1915. 886
Lumber Yards Photocopy of a photograph of S.G. Stein Lumber yard, ca. 1855, locatged on the corner of Third & Iowa, where the Musser Public Library is located. 853
Luna, Mrs. Donna Mrs. Donna Luna using the library card catalog in April, 1980. 922
Lutheran Homes A newspaper photograph of Lutheran Homes. No date. 2058
Lutheran Homes Postcard dated circa 1920 showing the two dormatories and the original Hershey home. Postcard was in the possession of Irma Biehler whose father Paul Robert Biehler was listed as a delegate to the Lutheran Church. 2738
Lutheran Homes Postcard showing the completion of Valley View Manor. 2808
Lyon, George George Lyon son of George and Nell Lyon and brother of Margaret. 1172
Mad Creek Highway 62 by-pass over Mad Creek Greenbelt. Entered in the 1988 Oscar Grossheim photo contest. 947
Madden, H.G. In framed picture of members of the Muscatine County Bar, 1901. 545
Magazine A copy of the "National Waterways" the magazine of Transportation, dated November, 1929. Ephemera 18
Maher, Leonard Oscar Grossheim photo of Leonard Maher for his high school photo at St. Mathias. Grossheim # 32106, dated May 25, 1929. 2534
Mahin, Harold Group of young men seated on the ground in front of their bicycles. Identified on the back as "A Bunch of Bicycle Nut's". Taken at the Mulberry Avenue fair grounds 558
Maid Rite Three logos of the Maid-Rite. 2204
Maid-Rite Several photographs of employees at the Maid-Rite. One photograph of the building on the corner of East 2nd and Cedar Street. 1697
Maid-Rite Copy of the U.S. Patent office for Maid Rite Hamburg Company of Muscatine. 2668
Map A map of Muscatine Iowa with description of resources and natural advantages 1910. 2897
Maps Map showing the path of the tornado through Muscatine June 1, 2007. Red line follows the path. 1791
Maps Map of Muscatine County dated 1842, drawn by T.S. Parvin and I.C. Irvin. A reproduction from the State Historical Society and not to be reproduced without permission. 1862
Mark group Dated Feb. 8, 1902. Mark family. None identified. Listed as #48 of the Grossheim photos. This is an 11x14 photo. 1469
Martin, Olive J. A. Chamberlin photograph. 1675
Masonic Hall The Episcopal Church and Masonic Hall, in 1841, a frame, 22 by 50 feet, built that year by the Episcopalians and Masons, toward the rear of the Episcopal Church lot (L2,blk.30), the lower story occupied by the Masons, from December 13, 1841 until March 7, 1854. Moved to back of lot in 1854, later purchased by J.P. Walton, moved around facing Walnut Street on rear of present Grand Opera House lot, and rented to Universalists and Lutherans and for school purposes. Taken down during the Civil War. From a drawing by J.P. Walton and used as an illustration in his "Pioneer Papers" and "Masonic History". 4-Graham
Mathews, Mrs. Hiram Mrs. Hiram Mathews, born Coberkill, N.Y. 20th of September, 1802. Died in Muscatine 28th of January, 1880. Arrived in what was then Bloomington on the 16th of November, 1839. Probably mother of Mrs. John B. Dougherty. No negative. 817
McArthur, General Portrait of General McArthur. Probably a Grossheim. N.D. 2531
McBride Drug Store Interior of McBride Drug Store at 116 West 2nd Street. 2425
McBride, Jessie Two photographs of Jessie Mable Trader McBride and another lady taken at Camp Pike in Arkansas possibly during WWI. 2343
McBride, Viola Three copies of photographs of Viola McBride dated Nov. 13, 1905. OG#8218. 2095
McCabe, Miles Group of young men seated on the ground in front of their bicycles. Identified on the back as "A Bunch of Bicycle Nuts". Taken at the Mulberry Avenue fair grounds, August/September, 1888. Numbers have been written on the photograph to help identify subjects. 558
McCabe, Wesley Group of young men seated on the ground in front of their bicycles. Identified on the back as "A Bunch of Bicycle Nuts". Taken at the Mulberry Avenue fair grounds, August/September, 1888. Numbers have been written on the photograph to help identify subjects. 558
McClean, David 1943 Chamberlain photo. 2242
McClean, Lucy Grossheim photo, no number. 2248
McColm McColm and Company float, decorated in greenery. The theme is the "Old woman in the shoe." Circa 1900s. 1611
McConnaha, David & bride A photograph of Mr. & Mrs. David McConnaha, dated April 2, 1916. Grossheim # 21749. 2001
McCoy Pictures of a young girl by a tree. Includes the negative. McCoy written on back of pictures. 1202
McCoy, Cina Nine Cds of old photographs taken by Cina McCoy a long time teacher in Muscatine taken early 1900s. Non Grossheim photo box
McCroskey, Ora Two photos, ca. 1906. On the back is written the name of Ora McCroskey. There is only one listing in the Grossheim photo index that may or may not be these photos. There are several listings under an Iva McCroskey too. 2079a, b
McCroskey, Ora Two more photos with the name of Ora McCroskey on the back. Doesn't appear to be the same person that is in the 2079a and b photos. Ca. 1905. 2080a, b
McDaniel Family McDaniel family group portrait. None are identified. Oscar Grossheim print #9662. 1444
McDermid, Margaret Photo of a baby 18 months old. 2317
McDougal, Fred Four copies of a photograph of three men. In one photo the men are wearing straw hats. Fred McDougal and Amos Weidling and "Brown"?? OG#8914 dated June 10, 1906. 2097a, b
McGill, Myrtle A small one inch by one inch photograph. On the back is written Myrtle McGill. 2398
McGill, Pearl File folder containing photographs and literature about Ora Pearl McGill Vance. At 16 years of age she became involved in getting unions started for button factory workers. 2630
McGowan, Alice Barry Alice Barry McGowan. Grossheim photograph. 1399
McGowan, Kay Kay McGowan. 1435
McKean, Bert A photograph of a child standing near a chair. OG#12157. Dated March 20, 1909. 2033
McKee Appliance store Corner of Mulberry Avenue and East 2nd Street. Circa 1960s. 2847
McKee family Grossheim portrait of a family containing three women and three men, possibly the McKee family. Probably dated before 1900. 2662
McKee, Harold Member of committee for Button Days, 1946. 905
McKee, J.W. In a framed picture of members of the Muscatine County Bar, 1901 545
McKenzie A note on the back of a postcard of a house with several children sitting on or near the porch "McKenzie, note - boy was enlarged." No number. Not listed in the Grossheim index under McKenzie. 1841
McKibben House Framed watercolor of the historic McKibben House. Transfer Station
Meeker Family W. Meeker family from Letts, Iowa, June 3, 1901. 11x14 photo. #29 of Grossheim photos. 1464
Mellinger, Harry In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #1
Mercury Statue Photograph of the Mercury statue that was supposedly in the Oscar Grossheim Studio. 2855
Metz, Elder Two photos of Elder Metz as labeled on the back. 1185, 1186
Metz, Faith Grossheim photograph #8929 of Faith Metz taken June 15, 1906. 1854
Metzger Brooms Possible Grossheim photo of a horse drawn parade float for the Metzger Broom company. Plus the Grossheim photo taken Labor Day, 1920 of the Metzger Broom truck float #2491. 2356
Metzger Family Metzger group, 1901. 11x14, #14 of the Grossheim photos. 1462
Metzger family Photograph of Melvin Metzger, Edward, Karoline, Hulda and Harold. 2787
Metzger family A group photograph of possibly the Metzger family. Identified as 1st row left to right: Lizzie (sister), Dorothy, Hans, Louise, Harold, Hulda and Melvin. 2nd row left to right as: Will Toborg, Fred Bringer, Florence, Mable, Lillian, Ella, Ted Wolfe and Edward. 2788
Metzger family Possibly photos of the Metzger family. 2792
Metzger family A postcard photograph of a large gathering possibly at Weed Park. Dated on back as being taken on July 4, 1914. 2800
Metzger family Newspaper articles on Ed and Hulda Metzger about their life as grocery store and antique store owners on Park Avenue, Hulda's 100 birthday and memories of Thanksgiving and of Melvin Metzger's invention. 2810
Metzger family Colorized photo of a woman possibly of Melvin Metzger's first wife Freida or maybe a sister of Hulda Metzger. 2812
Metzger family Unidentified photo of a man. 2814
Metzger family Three color photos, location unknown, but possibly around the Muscatine Iowa area. One small black and white photo no location known. 2817
Metzger, Edward Memorial tribute for Edward Metzger's funeral, a child of 6 years of age. 2779
Metzger, Edward Membership cards for the Elks Lodge #304, Muscatine, Iowa 2780
Metzger, Edward Postcard of Ed's Grocery Store at 819 Park Avenue 2781
Metzger, Edward Edward and Hulda Metzger - group of unidentified photos. 2790
Metzger, Edward A professional photograph of a young Edward Metzger. 2796
Metzger, Edward A photograph of the Edward Metzger family sitting around their dining room table above their grocery store on Park Avenue. Left to right: Harold, Hulda, Edward, Melvin. 2801
Metzger, Henry A Alexander Grossheim photograph of Henry Metzger dressed in a Western Union Telegraph uniform. 2797
Metzger, Henry A Grossheim photograph (mus13a) of the Henry Metzger family. 2802
Metzger, Hulda A colorized photo of Hulda Rohs Rickoff Metzger. 2813
Metzger, Karolein A photocopy of a Pension Certificate for Karolein Metzger widow of Henry Metzger. 2804
Metzger, Melvin A letter written by Jack Benny (comedian) to Melvin Metzger about a radio dialogue submitted to him for his use. The letter rejects what Mr. Metzger wrote and returned it to him unread. Includes a copy of two pages Mr. Metzger sent to Jack Benny. 2776
Metzger, Melvin Letters written to the US Navy Recruiting Station by Melvin Metzger dated in 1942. 2777
Metzger, Melvin Photograph of Melvin Metzger in his football uniform circa 1928 2782
Metzger, Melvin A J. A. Chamberlin photograph of Melvin Metzger for his senior high school yearbook. 2798
Metzger, Melvin A large group of people taken in front of a brick building. In the crowd is Melvin Metzger. 2803
Metzger, Melvin Attendance diplomas for Melvin Metzger for Lincoln Elementary School. 2805
Metzger, Melvin Muscatine Public Schools 5th grade Lincoln school grades from Sept. 1920 through June of 1921, Muscatine High School Grade card, University of Iowa Personal Infor from Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and a call slip, plus a program from the Muscatine High School Orchestra. 2806
Metzger, Melvin Two identification cards for Melvin Metzger, one is for Hilton-Davis Chemical Company. 2807
Metzger, Melvin A Muscatine High School graduation diploma dated 1928 for Melvin R. Metzger. 2811
Metzger, Melvin MHS Football players from J.A. Chamberlin. On the back is a list of all the players in order. Dated Dec. 6, 1927. 2816
Meyers, ?? No first name listed. Oscar Grossheim photo. 2030
Meyers, John Tin-Type of John Meyers. 337
Meyers, John John Meyers. No date of picture. 338
Meyers, John John Meyers in band uniform, with tuba. 339
Meyers, John John Meyers, head and shoulders view, in band uniform. 340
MHS reunions Graduates of MHS class of 1945 newspaper article dated June 22, 1970. 2659
Michael, George Bamford photograph of George Michael. No date. 2454
Michael, George Photograph of George Michael in costume. 2460
Military 5th Field Artillery, 1st Division at the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., September 16, 1919. Mr. Meerdink, name on the back. Schutz Photographer, Wash. D.C. Print is 7 3/8' X 26 3/4". Shelved with the oversize prints. 775
Military encampment Large framed portrait of a military encampment. No identification on photograph. Transfer Station
Miller family Arnold Miller photo #53 of farm machinery, circa 1900. 2673
Miller family Arnold Miller photo #54 2674
Miller, A. L. Ledgers, letters and small bible. Ephemera 12
Miller, Arnold Eight CDs of the Arnold Miller family and the clamming business. NonGrossheim photo box
Miller, Henry Marion Portrait of Henry Marion Miller, 1897. Father of Mrs. Maude Houdek, who gave the photo to the library in 1984. 821
Mills North American Roller Mills. 293
Mills Color-tinted photograph of Pine Creek Mill, land side, in Wild Cat Den State Park, before restoration. 343
Mills Pine Creek Mill, creek and dam. Winter scene. 344
Mills Pine Creek Mill, from across the creek. Post card, no negative. Date not known. 544
Mills Winter scene at Pine Creek Mill, view of the dam side, before restoration. 570
Mills Tinted, post-card view of Pine Creek Mill, dam side in the summer. Taken about 1900 571
Mills Photograph of a painting of Pine Creek Mill by Lars Hoftrup. Painting acquired by the library for $100.00 from Miss Clara Brandt, December 2, 1929. See Library Board meeting minutes for that day. 572
Mills View of the dam at Pine Creek Mill at Wild Cat Den State Park. Mill on the left. Three women on platform near mill. Ca. 1900. 655
Mills Postcard view from West Hill toward the old high bridge, the Muscatine Oat Meal Company, ca. 1900. 791
Mills A photograph of the Friends Oatmeal Mill taken in 1961. Sits on Mississippi Drive. 2054
Mills Third Street east from Iowa Avenue in the winter of 1866-7. Nevada Mill on the right. Vacant lot on the left corner (where M.E. Church was built in 1868. Ruins of the Worsham and Phelps' livery stable which was set on fire by the explosion of the Nevada Mill's boiler on October 1, 1864. Pappoose bridge in the distance. In Album 1, page 17. 120-Graham
Mills Bennett's Flour Mill, built by Joseph Bennett in 1848, destroyed by fire August 23, 1851, with total loss of $33,000, uninsured. Rebuilt by him the same year of similar size and capacity, and one foot higher than before. Bought in 1869 by J.B. Hale and called "Muscatine Mills", and used as a sash and door factory by Huttig Brothers from 1876 to 1879, and purchased in latter year by the Muscatine Oat Meal Company. In Album 1, page 22. 132-Graham
Mills Young America Flour Mill, first started on a small scale, on the corner of Oak and Fourth Streets, on March 1, 1856, by Joh Taylor, afterward run by F.M. Cummins, and was purchased in 1864 by John H. Ake, in 1867 by Whipple Schreurs, and in 1870 by Schreurs and Son (J.A. and G.W.). Destroyed by fire August 19, 1873, rebuilt by Schreurs and Son, and completed in February 1874, and continued as a flour mill until 1900. Became the site of the Empire City Pearl Button Company plant. In Album 1, page 30. 148-Graham
Mills Joseph Bennett's Flour Mill, first built in 1848, rebuilt after a fire on August 23, 1851, 85 by 50 feet, 77 feet hight. Sold to J.B. Hale December 28, 1868. It was renamed "Hale's Muscatine Mills" until it closed in 1873. The next year Chester Weed and M. Felix of Illinois prepared to start it again but Weed's death on December 7, 1874 prevented that from happening. Next the building was used for the Huttig Brothers Sash and Door factory from 1876 to 1879 and sold to Muscatine Oat Meal Company. 23-Graham
Mills Nevada Mill, built in 1852 on the southeast corner of Iowa Avenue and Third Street by Zephaniah Washburn and son, Parsons L. Washburn, was operated the first season by Washburn and Cohick, Then for a few years by Ogilvie and St. John, succeeded by Waters and Johns. It was leased in 1864 by Brown and Heaton. Boiler exploded on October 1, 1864, and the mill remained idle until January 1866, when it was purchased by Brown and Heaton. It was operated until 1884, sold to J.W. Nyenhuis who continued running it as a flour mill until 1894. It was torn down in 1895. F.D. Johnson's carriage factory is on the right. 29-Graham
Mills Pine Creek Mill, 12 miles east of Muscatine, erected in 1848, the third built by Benjamin Nye, who started the first grist mill in the county near the mount of Pine Creek in 1837. Dam not shown in this picture was built in 1876 by Beesly and Huchendorf, then owners. 35-Graham
Mills Three views of Pine Creek Mill, taken in 1937 by Herman Anchutz of Keokuk, official photographer for Keokuk Lock and Dam. Negatives given to the Library in 1982. 571-a
Mills The Williams Rolling Mill, built in 1893 on Park Place, north of the Heinz Pickle Works, receiving a bonus of $60,000 from Muscatine Improvement and Manufacturing Company. Begun April 5, 1893, completed and started in operation on Cotober 7th of the same year. J.M. Gobble was appointed receiver June 27, 1894. Mill was sold to I.M. Bollinger for $50,000 March 2, 1895, and taken down and moved away from the city in 1897. 65-Graham
Mills family Children of John and Mary Ellen Mills. Felicitas Mills born in 1906, Arvilla Mills born in 1915, Arley Mills born in 1909 and Elzie Mills born in 1912. 2208
Mills, Elzie Cecil Son of John L and Mayme (Mary Ellen) Mills born in 1912. 2209
Mills, John L & Mary Ellen Wedding portrait by Alexander Grossheim. Married Feb. 8, 1905. 2207
Mills, William L and Nora Wedding portrait of William L and Nora Knott Mills. William and John Mills were brothers. 2210
Millwork View of Huttig Brothers Manufacturing Company. 755
Millwork Roach & Musser office staff, ca. 1905. William L. Roach is seated at desk on the left in back. 891
Minton One CD of Minton photos NonGrossheim photo box
Miscellaneous 9 miscellaneous Grossheim photographs with numbers, B-17 Mrs. John VanLent, WWW chicken yard, ZZZ Fire at Congregational Church, 23052 Fred Misch, 25019 L. A. Wright and daughter, MMM Steamer Quincy, and HHH 1869 view of city 2195
Miscellaneous A large group of photographs and postcards most dealing with the river, lumber and button manufacturing of the city. There are many river shots also. Col. Jct Band in front of the Library, Hawkeye Button Company and two photos of Muscatine river front taken in 1938. 2866
Misenbach, Hannah Grossheim photo #7611 1699
Miss Muscatine Pageant Two photos of singer Vaughn Monroe in front of city hall near Palace Theater, June 1966. 2294 - 2295
Mississippi River Alexander Grossheim photograph of a sailboat on the Mississippi River near the old Muscatine high bridge. 1984
Mississippi Valley Linemen Two duplicate photographs c1905. OG #487. 2088
Modern Woodmen Photograph of the Modern Woodmen Association group circa 1910s. 2311
Molis, Anna G. In group of eight young women, ca. 1891, called the "Billie Club". 823
Monuments Court House and Soldier's Monument. Library has 8x10 reproduction. In Album 3, page 6. 253-Graham
Moore, Clara Belle Portrait of Clara Belle Moore. 2490
Moore, Clem and Mary A portrait of Clem (or Chet) and Mary Moore from Fruitland. 2488
Moore, Emerson Portraits of Emerson Moore. 2489
Moore, Mrs. Mrs. Moore in a picture of 20 others. Names are written around the edge in pencil. Hard to read. 1486
Moore, Walter A snap shot photograph of two of Walter Moore's children and their Grandmother Bell Moore. 1866
Morgan Family Betty and Ira Morgan. 1472
Morgan hunting group Eleven copies of photographs of Morgan hunting group dated circa 1910. OG#A322a. 2117
Mortenson, Luella no info. 2238
Moscow Labeled, "A view in the town of Moscow after the fire of 1901." Five men, unidentified, standing in front of rubble from burned buildings. 563
Moscow Depot 2316
Moscow Iowa Brick & Tile Factory Nickerson and Lyon Proprietors about 1865 to 1871. 2314
Moss, Louise Listed as Louise Heuer Moss (?) with sister Viola Heuer. Grossheim photo. 1473
Moxley baby Photos of the baby postmortem in a casket with flowers around it. OG#5418, c1903. 2122
Moyer, L.A. In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #10
Mulford, Alice Small photographs of Alice Mulford and Edith Hoover. Two views, one with Mulford on left, one with her on the right. Ca. 1910. 746-1
Mull, Ida In group of eight young women, ca. 1891, called the "Billie Club". 823
Mull, Otto Otto Mull soldier and his horse, not date. This is an enlargement of an 8x10 photo. 1428
Mulligan, James In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #29
Municipal Golf Course Photo take in May of 1992 by Norman Smith for the Grossheim Photo contest. 1774
Murphy, Mrs. Phillip A Grossheim portrait of Mrs. Murphy dated 1907. Matches the glass negative number 9751. 2656
Muscatine Photograph of a drawing of "Muscadine" that was an illustration in Henry Lewis' Das Illustrate Mississippithal, 1846-7. 566
Muscatine Aerial view of downtown and riverfront of Muscatine, 1983, showing area from Mad Creek west around bend of the river. Color 8x10. 770
Muscatine Aerial view of Muscatine riverfront, looking toward the bridge and lock and dam. Color 8x10. 771
Muscatine Photo of a painting of Muscatine in 1845. 1781
Muscatine View of Muscatine from a sketch by P. Ronde of Washington, Iowa. 1870
Muscatine Snap shot of West Hill with the Blackwell mansion on top. From Mabel Bartenhagen collection dated Dec. 1956. 1969
Muscatine Panorama of Muscatine, Iowa in 1869 2350
Muscatine Muscatine Then & Now November 25, 1990 - January 13, 1991, Muscatine Art Center booklet 2692
Muscatine Four group photographs taken of the city of Muscatine ca. 1860s. Used to be framed and hung in the Library Conference Room. 2345-2348
Muscatine Art Center Statue of Indian at Muscatine Art Center. 942
Muscatine Button Co. Group photograph of the employees of the Muscatine Button Co. 2516
Muscatine Co. 8th grade A cabinet style Grossheim photo of rural Muscatine county 8th grade children taken possibly in front of Jefferson school on June 20, 1929. Grossheim negative number 3212b. 2774
Muscatine Coach Line Muscatine Coach Lines, Co., 10 photos ca. 1940 of the interior and exterior of buses. Seven 8x10, two 4x5 and 1 9x12. Some of the photos were taken by J.A. Chamberlin. 1400-1409
Muscatine County Map dated 1852 of Muscatine County and Muscatine ctiy. Transfer Station
Muscatine County Bar Association Composite photograph of the Muscatine County Bar Association dated 2000. 2476
Muscatine County Officials County officials in front of the Court House, 1885. From right to left, as numbered: 1) Ed Henneker-Janitor, 2) John Hudson-Recorder, 3) Hart Fitzgerald-Deputy Clerk, 4) Samuel M. Hughes-Clerk of Court, 5) W.R. Leverich-School Superintendent, 6) George M. Scott-Treasurer, 7) Peter Townley-Foot Doctor, 8) Bill Hughes-Deputy Clerk, 9) W.H. Johnson-Auditor, 10) Thomas P. Gray-Deputy Sheriff. 289
Muscatine Electric Railway Inauguration of the first Electric Cars in Muscatine, on first official trip May 30, 1893, in charge of President G.W. Seevers of the Muscatine Electric Railway, and containing officials of the Muscatine Improvement and Manufacturing Company, and members of the City Council and press, on the completion of the first portion of the line from the foot of Iowa Avenue to Park Place. Photo taken near the scrap iron shed of the Williams Rolling Mill on the return trip to the city from Park Place. 64-Graham
Muscatine High School Class in front of school on Iowa Avenue and 6th Street. 1705
Muscatine High School Two Oscar Grossheim photographs of MHS students dated 1917. 2022a - the students are standing on the steps of City Hall and 2022b - the students stand in front of the Musser Public Library. 2022 a, b
Muscatine High School A 1930 composite photograph of the graduates of Muscatine High School students. Transfer Station
Muscatine High School Band Group portrait of the 1912-1913 Muscatine High School Band. Identified as - back row, left to right: Raymond Shoemaker, trombone, Louis Hughes, piccolo, Lloyd Wells, trombone, Clifford Randleman, bass drum, Philipe Richards, baritone and Elmer Ziegler, tuba. Middle row, left to right: Raymond Grimm, Clarinet, Gail Will, alto, Ralph Howell, snare drum, Wilma Busch, clarinet, Estelle Patterson, cornet, Edward Elfers, trombone, Blanche Patterson alto. Front row, left to right: Austin Hoopes cornet, Andrew Fryberger, cornet, Chester Lilly, cornet, Edward Vallett, cornet, Prof. True, President cornet and Mat Stanek, director cornet. 2197
Muscatine Iowa 61 negatives taken by amateur photographer of various scenes in Muscatine, 4th of July parades, boat regatta, soap box derby July of 1947, Riverside Park, Jefferson school building fire April of 1947. 2699/NonGrossheim photo Box
Muscatine Lighting Company Muscatine Lighting Company power plant under construction, 1923. No negative 630
Muscatine Lighting Company 10 photos of the new lighting company power house plus boilers etc. circa 1915 2727-2737
Muscatine Lighting Company Interior of Muscatine Lighting Company's power plant, shortly after construction, 1923. No negative. 631, 632
Muscatine memorabilia Pamphlets "How about Muscatine, Iowa", "History of Triume Lodge No. 641", "Muscatine Business Pamphlet", "World's Fair souvenir Booklet, 1940", Map of Muscatine with description of resources (fragile), Epworth league banquet program, P.E.O. Chapter F.C of Muscatine, several copies of "Story of Muscatine County" by Irving Richman, "Old Settler's Reunion 1899, regimental roster of the 50th Iowa infantry, membership directory for Chamber of Commerce, 1951. Ephemera-2
Muscatine Packing Co. Photographs of the construction of the Muscatine Packing Co., dated 1920. There are 6 photos that measure 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 and 15 - 8 x 10's. Along with one blank company letterhead. 1981 a-v
Muscatine Pressed Brick Co. Very faded picture of the Muscatine Pressed Brick Company. 1180
Muscatine Produce and Pure Ice Co. Circa 1910 of Muscatine Produce and Pure Ice Co. 2438
Muscatine Riverfront View of downtown skyline and riverfront, 1983. Sepia-tone in oval mat, 8x10. 774
Muscatine Riverfront Muscatine from across the Mississippi. Second place winner in the category of architecture and artifacts, in the 1988 Oscar Grossheim Photo Contest 937
Muscatine Terminal Line Railroad engine leaving a turntable in a railroad yard. Muscatine Terminal Line is printed on the side. Possible Grossheim photo. 1413-1416
Musicians Paudiet's Band, in uniform, for the 4th of July parade, 1901. Fifteen musicians, not identified. Small child in front. On drum is sign "Mechanics Aid Band". 684
Musser family Mrs. Peter Musser, Mrs. D.V. Jackson, Mr. P.M. Musser, Mrs. P.M. Musser, Mrs. G. M. Titus (Ella B.), Mrs. Charles Cadle, Mrs. Charles Cadle, Mrs. G.M. Titus, Mrs. Peter Jackson, Mrs. D.G. Richman, Mrs. John Mahin, Mrs. Martha Blackwell, Mrs. John Mahin, Mr. Peter Musser, Mr. D.V. Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Sawyer, Mrs. Frank Sawyer's sister. The small boy is Robert Jackson. 1165
Musser Mill 1919 photograph of the felling of the smokestack from Musser Mill and 1933 Musser Park. 1886 a/b
Musser Public Library Board of Trustees, ca. 1950: from left to right in front; C.R. Musser, Mrs. M.C. Thompson, Mrs. Mildred Fogarty, Mrs. P.M. Jessup. Back from left to right: Robert Jackson, Matthew Westrate, J.C. Bishop, Robert Roach, Lindley Hoopes, Opal Tanner, Library Director. 363
Musser Public Library Artist's conception of original library building, copied from the Journal film. 364
Musser Public Library P.M. Musser Public Library, built in 1901. Taken in the late 1920's. 365
Musser Public Library P.M. Mussr Public Library, showing addition built in 1965. 366
Musser Public Library James W. White, Director, at his desk in his office in the new library building, 1972. White was director of the library from 1966 until December, 1975. 376
Musser Public Library Artist's drawing of proposed Musser Public Library 437
Musser Public Library Exterior of new library from the corner of Third and Iowa Avenue. 438
Musser Public Library Exterior view of new Musser Public Library, prior to landscaping in 1972. 439
Musser Public Library Interior view of new Musser Public Library, 1972. 440
Musser Public Library Library Board of Trustees, 1940's. Standing, left to right: Harvey Allbee, Stanley Howe. Seated, left to right: Mrs. John Klein, Opal Tanner-Library Director, Catherine Miller, Mrs. Maynard Thompson, Mildred Fogarty, Lindley Hoopes. 441
Musser Public Library Attorney William D. Randall, reading bound copies of the Muscatine newspapers in the library, December, 1949. 445
Musser Public Library James W. White, Director, in his office about 1973. 447
Musser Public Library Exterior of rear of old library building, taken in 1963, prior to removal of back part and the trees to make way for new addition. 448
Musser Public Library Sue Koehrsen left and Verna Porter, Library Staff on the right at the program for the Diamond Jubilee on December, 19, 1976. 449
Musser Public Library Program for Diamond Jubilee, December 19, 1976. Sue Koehrsen, Library Trustee at the podium on the right and Dorothy Hahn on the left. 450
Musser Public Library Dr. John Parks standing at the rear during the Diamond Jubilee Program on December 19, 1976. 451
Musser Public Library Program for Diamond Jubilee, December 19, 1976. Gill Dietz, President of the Library Board of Trustees at the podium. 452
Musser Public Library Crowd at Diamond Jubilee, the 75th anniversary of Musser Public Library, December 19, 1976. 457
Musser Public Library Color print, 3 1/2 x 5 of 3 bay windows on Third Street side of Musser Public Library. Taken about 1972. 460
Musser Public Library Exterior view of front entrance of Musser Public Library, with 2 children entering. 1972 462
Musser Public Library Exterior view of Musser Public Library, showing front lights and flag pole. Taken from the balcony of the library ca. 1972. 463
Musser Public Library Two unidentified students in the reference room of the old library, March 1947. The library was called the P.M. Musser Public Library until 1972 when it was changed to honor the children and grandchildren of P.M. Musser as well. 473
Musser Public Library Six boys, unidentified, five in Cub Scout uniforms, standing by Isabel Bloom sculpture in library, taken after new addition was built in 1965 and before 1972. 475
Musser Public Library Three girls, not identified, seated in front of book shelves in children's room in old library, about 1948-49. 476
Musser Public Library Three men, not identified, in reading room of old library. Not dated, perhaps in the 1940's. 478
Musser Public Library Four girls, Jane McIlrath Miller on left, others not identified, in the old library, probably in the 1950's. 479
Musser Public Library Group of unidentified children sitting on old library steps, about 1960. 483
Musser Public Library Group of unidentified children in old library, abou 1949. 484
Musser Public Library Color view, 3 1/2 x 5, of interior of new library, 1972. 486
Musser Public Library Interior view of new library taken from balcony toward Third Street side of the building, 1972. 487
Musser Public Library Photograph of sparrows in one of the hard maple trees that once were on either side of the font doors of the old library. The trees were removed in the 1960's because the birds created problems. 488
Musser Public Library Women and children in seating area of the new library, 1972. 497
Musser Public Library Library Trustee, Sarah Lande in her study at her home, 1979. 504
Musser Public Library Six young people in reading program, in the old library building, August, 1959. Not identified. 507
Musser Public Library Group of people in the library meeting room for family film night, 1972. 512
Musser Public Library Color photograph, 3 1/2 x 5 inches of interior of 1965 addition to the library June 13, 1965. 519
Musser Public Library Color photograph, 3 1/2 x 5 inches, of interior of 1965 addition to the library, showing the circulation desk. June 13, 1965, open house. 520
Musser Public Library Color photograph, 3 1/2 x 5 inches, of interior of 1965 addition to the library, showing the reading area. June 13, 1965, open house. 521
Musser Public Library James W. White, Library Director, with five men, not identified, standing in front of the old library, about 1970. 524
Musser Public Library Color photograph, 3 1/2 x 5 inches, of the exterior of the library with new additon, built in 1964-5. 529
Musser Public Library Girls entering the new addition to the library ca. 1965. 532
Musser Public Library Postcard, (tinted) view of Iowa Avenue and Third Street, looking toward P.M. Musser Public Library and the YMCA, ca. 1905. 827
Musser Public Library Small phot of man working at old library site, razing building in 1971. 841
Musser Public Library Kathy Othmer at Musser Public Library in April of 1980. Journal Photograph. 917
Musser Public Library View of circulation desk, Musser Public Library, April 1980. Journal photo. 918
Musser Public Library Mrs. Claude Edmonds and Mrs. Fern Jones in Musser Public Library, April 1980. 921
Musser Public Library Angie and Allison Onken in Musser Public Library, April 1980. Journal photo. 923
Musser Public Library Miscellaneous photos of people and events in Musser Public Library. Library photos. 924
Musser Public Library New building, no date from Eleanor Dvorchak. 1205
Musser Public Library Includes floor plan of new library and pictures of the interior and exterior. 1206
Musser Public Library Colored postcard of Library. Post mark dated Aug. 12, 1911. 1713
Musser Public Library Seven photos of the Diamond Jubilee, 1976. 1848
Musser Public Library Two photos: 1) dated Dec. 30, 1949, mother and child at library, no names. 2) dated Aug. 1956 - 4 children named Tommy Kautz, Allan Collins, Judy Anson and Elizabeth Nesterenko. 1849
Musser Public Library P.M. Musser Public Library. In Album 3, page 10. No negative. A rather stark picture, probably taken soon after it was built in 1901. 255-Graham
Musser Public Library Various interior and exterior shots of the Library most taken in the early 1900's. 349 -362
Musser Public Library Scale model of new library in 1971. 367 - 369
Musser Public Library Various interior shots of the library rooms taken about 1910. 370 - 373
Musser Public Library Reception for the Diamond Jubilee at the Musser Public Library on December 19, 1976. 453, 454, 455, 456
Musser Public Library Choral group from Muscatine Community College performing at the Diamond Jubilee, the 75th anniversary of the Musser Public Library, December 19, 1976. 458, 459
Musser Public Library Exterior view of the front entrance to the library, 1972. 464 - 471
Musser Public Library Interior views of new library. Three prints. 489, 490
Musser Public Library Interior view of the new library, 1972. 499-503
Musser Public Library Workmen building rear exterior wall for new addition to the library in 1964. 525, 526
Musser Public Library Exterior view of new addition to the library, June 1965. 530, 531
Musser Public Library YMCA Building and Library 87-Graham
Musser Public Library Four color snapshots of the new library during constgruction in 1971. 897 (1,2,3,4)
Musser, C. R. Portrait by Harry Johnson of Chicago, IL. 1758
Musser, Elizabeth Mrs. P. M. (Elizabeth Hutchinson) Musser. No date. 1755
Musser, Grace/Musser, Mable Grace Musser/ Mable Musser & granddaughter Amanda Womeldorf. 2315
Musser, Margaret Kulp Mrs. C.R. Musser, color photo with Christmas greeting, ca. 1950. 847
Musser, Margaret Kulp Wife of C. R. Musser. 1757
Musser, P.M. P.M. (Peter Miller) Musser, nephew of Peter and Richard Musser, all prominent lumbermen. Print taken from photo in memorial to P.M. Musser at his death in 1919. 758
Musser, Peter Peter Musser, prominent lumberman in Muscatine. Print reproduced from a photo in the Old Settlers Collection. 760
Musser, Richard Richard Musser, prominent lumberman in Muscatine. Print reproduced from a photo in the Old Settlers Collection. 759
Musser, Richard Set of 6 photos of former mayors of Muscatine, reproduced from Old Settlers collection. 842
Musser, Richard Copies of original photographs of the Richard Musser Home at 606 W. 3rd Street. 1079-1098
Nebergall, Mearl Child - c1944. 2027
Nebling, Minnie In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #32
Negatives Acetate negatives of the storage room where the Oscar Grossheim negatives were stored, ca. 1986. 2354
Neidig, Dessie In group of eight young women, ca. 1891, called the "Billie Club". 823
Neidig, Elsie In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #69
New Boston Depot A photograph of the New Boston, Illinois Depot. Donated by Richard Zimmerman of New Boston, Illinois - Sept. 2007 1979
Newman, Edith In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #37
Newspapers Muscatine Daily and Weekly Tribune newspaper office, 215 Iowa Avenue. Taken after 1891 and before 1900, when they had moved from 213 Iowa Avenue, and before going to 127 West Second Street. 299
Newspapers A car decorated for a parade advertising the Journal. A large ball decorated as the world has a sign that reads "Read the Journal, we cover the world in black and white". Circa 1920. 1610
Newton, Marilyn Bauerbach Marilyn Bauerbach Newton. No date. 1433
Nichols, George In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #39
Nicklas, Cora In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #54
Nicklas, Glen In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #38
Nicolaus, Grayce R. Photograph of a group of people standing in front of a Scandinavian Airlines plane, as they wait to board the plane in 1967. On the back of the photo is a listing of names. Photograph is damaged. 1748
Nicolaus, Janet Wedding photo of Janet Nicolaus. Note on back "Janet Nicolaus (Leo, daughter) & harry - Leo had passed away between Mary & Janet's marriages". 1747
Nicolaus, Marguerite 1736
Nietzel, Frances Six young girls standing in back of their dolls, which are on the ground, ca. 1910 745-1
Noll, Judy A 1948 St. Mary's Catholic High School graduation photograph. Chamberlin Studio. 1803
Nopoulas Tentatively identified as Thelma Sotera Nopoulas 2771
Nurse Photograph of a Nurse in uniform sitting in a dark room. Grossheim photo. 2370
Nurse Large portrait of a nurse in uniform. Grossheim written below photo dated 1929. Woman is unidentified. 2491
Nurses Full-length portrait of a young woman in a nurse's uniform, not identified. Ca. 1910. 745-6
Nursing Homes Seven color photographs of Hershey Home just prior to demolition. 726-a
Nye Family A CD of Nye family genealogy. 2178
Octagon Place 1706
Octagon Place No date and unknown photographer. 2059
Ogden, Mrs. Charles Grossheim photo #12211 1699
O'Hare, Helen Helen O'Hare, ca. 1929. 1436
Paisley, A.A. In a framed picture of members of the Muscatine County Bar, 1901 545
Palace Theater Between 2nd and 3rd Streets on Sycamore. 1707
Palace Theater Front view of the Palace Theater. 1765
Palace Theater Photo taken ca. 1930. Possibly a Grossheim. 2066
Palmer, Roy Howard 6 mos old. Kramer Studio, Des Moines, IA. 2259
Panko, Catherine Fuller Grossheim photograph. 2188
Panoramic views Panoramic view dated 1901. 1882
Panoramic views Panoramic view. (2 copies) 1883
Panoramic views Muscatine panoramic view dated 1933. 1887
Pape, Dorothy Dorothy Pape (Mrs. Robert) picketing Stanley Consultants, ca. 1981. She was protesting the tearing down of the building housing Pape Supply Store, to build the new Stanley building. 926
Parade Grossheim photo of Muscatine, Lumber & Box Co float ca. 1910. 2498
Parade Grossheim photo of Metzger Broom float complete with two horses. 2499
Parade Grossheim photo of a parade float pulled by two horses. On the float are musicians dressed in white. 2501
Parades Photograph of a parade on corner of West Second and Pine Streets. 1796
Parades A Grossheim photograph of a parade float for Schmidt and Son Music house. 2625
Parades Panoramic views of Great Rivers Day including the parade down Iowa Avenue. Also shots of Riverside Park all probably taken prior to 1995 because Stein Furniture and old Central State Bank are still standing. 1313-1322
Parker, Donna Wife of Otto Parker. 1703
Parks Weed Park Shelter situated on the high point across the gulley from the cannons. 290
Parks View of Riverview Park, ca. 1930's taken from old high bridge. 636
Parks Band concert at Weed Park, 1988. Entered in the 1988 Oscar Grossheim photo contest. 946
Parks View of the foot bridge in Weed Park, in winter. Entry in the 1989 Oscar Grossheim photo contest. 967
Parks Cannon at Weed Park. Entry in the 1990 Oscar Grossheim photo contest. 976
Parks Weed Park Bandshell taken January of 1995 for the Oscar Grossheim photo contest. 1207
Parks RAGBRAI through Weed Park, May 28, 1995. Oscar Grossheim Photo Contest. 1221
Parks Riverside Park drinking fountain, April 12, 1997. 1335
Parks Muscatine Zoo animals: Candy, the elephant (June, 1965), Peacocks, Golden Eagle, two Red Tail Hawks, Mountain Goats, Llama's, Mountain Goat enclosure. 1245-1251
Parks Riverview Park 1922 and 1933 1885 a/b
Parks Virginia Deer at the Weed Park Zoological Garden. September, 1919. In Album 2, page 61. 231-Graham
Parks Weed Park club house, ca. 1908. 646, 647
Parks Six views of the Indian staute in Riverside Park. No date. 883 a,b,c,d,e,f
Parks & Rec A Parks & Rec presentation for the renovation of the parks and river front. No date. DVD-53
Parmley, Mrs. Mrs. Parmley in a picture of 20 others. Names are written around the edge in pencil. Hard to read. 1486
Pauly, Lottie In group of Muscatine Business College students. 969 #5
Pearl City Press John Deason's press ephemera including "Dead Dog (for goo)" Ephemera-6
Peasley Family William Peasley and wife Lorenda Jones Peasley. Tin type in small 3x4 inch frame. 1495
Peasley Family Will and Lorinda Jones Peasley on their 50th wedding anniversary in Muscatine, Iowa in 1906. 1923
Peasley, Lorinda Lorinda Peasley at age 90. Taken in Los Angeles in 1927. 1921
Peasley, Lorinda Lorinda Peasley at age 85. Taken in Los Angeles in 1923. 1922
Peasley, Lorinda Lorinda Peasley, no date. 1924
Peasley, Lorinda Lorinda (Lonendra ?sp) Jones Peasley. No date. 1943
Peasley, William William Peasley, husband of Lorinda Peasley. No date. 1925
Peasley, William Photograph of William Peasley. No date. 1942
Peeder, Louise Townsend photograph dated 1903. Question mark was listed after the name. 1818
Pentzer, F.S. In a framed picture of members of the Muscatine County Bar, 1901 545
People Three young women sitting on a gate probably to Weed Park, 1905. Left to right, Hannah Fuhlman Malone Ray, Frances Oeter Smith, Kate Fuhlman Thorne. Hannah and Kate were sisters, Frances, a good friend. All three lived in the 1500 block of Washington Street. 548
People Group of people in automobile, identified on back from left to right, M.W. Wheeler, Elizabeth Miller, Maude Miller (Houdek), Georgie Miller, Jennie Wheeler, Kathryn E. Stortz. No date, but probably ca. 1915. Labeled on back "Ready for Fourth of July parade". No negative. 683
People Group of young men and women in gypsy costumes, labeled Home Talent. Identified as:Top row, Ralph Hohr, Lucille Narvis, Merrill Mavis, Helen Richards, Kenneth Madden, Winnie Davis. 2nd row, Clyde Ryan, Gail Thompson, Elmer Mohnsen, Florence Narvis, William Eichenauer, Marie Reynolds. 3rd row, Harold McKee, Corrinne Eiseman, Earl Payne, Teckla Eichoff. Ca., 1910. 733
People Group of young people dressed as cowboys and indians, for a social event. Not identified. CA. 1910. 734
People Unidentified group in front of City Hall. No date. 1189
People Retired employees of the Grain Processing Corp. at a boat ride, no date. Helen Martin Bancroft, 5th from left, front row. 1370
People Seaton Indians ca. 1907, 3 copies. 1450
People G.A.R. ladies, ca. 1903. 2 copies, #338 of Grossheim photos. 1451
People Board of Governors (place not specified); Bert Norwood, E.J. Heckel, W.F. Crummer, Harry Boseley, J.A. Ricker, F.B. Whiteley, W.V. Nelson, M.V. Robinson. 1523
People Photograph of Mrs. Blagg. Written on the back of the cardboard frame was "Mrs. Blagg". This is possibly Mrs. Louie B. Blagg, whose husband was George and the pastor of the 1st M. E. Church. Listed in the city directories for 1919-1923. 1628
People Ned Fitzsimmons. Photograph by Alexander Grosheim, Berlin Studio. 1649
People Photograph of Parley Melrose at 1 year and 4 mos.and Dorothy Anna at 4 mos. Possibly a Grossheim photo. It is damaged in the lower right corner and there are also some water spots. 1650
People Portrait of a young girl with 3 kittens, one on her shoulder. The name on the back of the photograph is Hayd___. No other information. 1651
People Selman, Cora 1652
People Weise, Lily. Townsend photograph. 1653
People King, Glen 1654
People Bloomer, Jay. Townsend photograph 1655
People Jennings, J. C. and wife Anna Gertrude, married on Sept. 25, 1901. 1659
People Meyer. No other name or number. 1660
People McBride, Dessie 1661
People Portrait of a young unidentified woman. Alexander Grosheim photograph. 1662
People Mission Circle possibly from the Congregational Church. Picture taken by miss Mary Brown in the Summer of 1897 at the Cannon house. Identified as: upper row, Mrs. Agnes M. Graham, Mrs. W.W. McQuestion, Edna Denison (Blackwell), Mrs. H.H. Hine, Ella Mulford, Mrs. J. H. Canon (mother of Mrs. W.E. Bliven of McKee and Bliven Button). Middle row: Mrs. Chit Hatch, Mrs. Kirby, Mrs. Mulford, Mrs J. F. Swan. Lower row: Mrs. W. E. Bliven & Helen, Mrs. Ella Ritchie & child, Mary Graham Robbins & daughter Agnes about 1 year old. born May 3, 1896. 1908
People Three photographs of people on the deck of the "Helen Blair". On the back is written "D. B. Brown". Possibly one of the people in the picture. 1965
People An Alexander Grossheim photograph of a man. Circa 1890's. 1993
People A group portrait of men and women taken at the Elks Club. Circa 1970's. 2008
People A photograph of two women and a boy standing in front of a two story clapboard house. On the back is written "Belle and Emerson". 2020
People A photograph of Bode LaBode, Sandy Huston and Georgia Quirk taken in 1980 advertising the first volume of Little Known Stories of Muscatine. 2042
People A group photograph of several members of the Law Association. Identified in the photograph are: Chap Hanley, J. C. Fishburn, Westrate, Horst, Robert Brooke, Herb Thompson, Gus Allbee, Fred Martin, Bill Randal, W. W. Mead, Stafford, Robert Jackson, Ralph Thompson in the last row. Middle row: Eversmeyer, Devitt, Kemble, D. V. Jackson. Bottom row: Stapleton, Keele, Esther Michaels Minder, Stohr, Lola Michels, Frank Drake, Harold Kautz and C. J. Rosenberger. Several people are unidentified. On the back is a listing of the names and where the people are sitting. 2045
People The Rescue Hose Company farmer dance. Grossheim photo number 438. 2303
People Old settler photographs, unidentified, one child and one woman. Reprinted by George Michaels at Bamford Studio, May, 1982. 1371, 1372
People Misenbach was the name on the back of these photographs of three women in a row boat. All are wearing white clothes and hats. These are Grossheim photographs, no date listed. 1647, 1648
People Stratten, Fred. Grossheim photo with partial number of 180__. 1656, 1657, 1658
People Two large scale portaits of an unidentified man and woman. Donated to the library in 2005. The woman's portrait is backed with a cardboard which has "Muscatine Business College "established 1892" -Students of 1987-8." At the bottom of the cardboard is a listing of 81 students. But there are no images of the students. It appears as if the cardboard was an old one used to mount the photograph on. Also stated on the back near the list of students is "Photo by Clifford and Son." 1789 a and b
People Kenneth Diehl and Juanita Wisler married June 12, 1948 wedding photograph. 2004_7
People Unidentified group, one man, three women, seated on grass, ca. 1910. 745-2
People Ten people, five men, five women, unidentified. Women seated in boat, men standing behind; river in background. 745-3
People Tinited photograph, four young men, seated on the ground. Identified, left to right, F. Faulkner, Fred Degan (?), Charles Holzhauer. Ca. 1910. 745-4
People Unidentified group of young men and women, some in costumes for unknown occasion. 745-5
People Group of four unidentified young men. 745-8
People Unidentified family group, seated and standing outside ofhome; ca. 1910. 746-3
People Unidentified family group, seated and standing outside ofhome; ca. 1910. 746-4
People's Meat Market O.G. #534 ca. 1906 2363
Perry, Edith and Neva Grossheim photograph #6261, dated April 23, 1904. 1861
Photographs Public Photographs that were scanned for the Muscatine Memories book done by the Muscatine Journal. Includes a contact sheet of each photo. DVD-58
Pilgrim, Walter & Margaret Wedding photo dated Aug. 30, 1948. 2252
Pine Creek Mill A photograph taken by Herman Anschutz dated 1937. 2618
Pippert, I. S. OG #11549, no date. 2174
Pitchforth, Robert Two copies of 2121a and three of 2121b dated April 28, 1906. OG#8773. 2121a, b
Police Photograph album from Chief Glenn Axel 2834
Pollock, John World War II sailor portrait 1698
Ponds Seiler's Pond or Stone's Pond in the early 1870's, covering ground now occupied by Grace Lutheran Church and parsonage, on southwest corner of Iowa Avenue and Sixth Street, looking north from the alley toward Sexton John Seiler's house on Sixth Street, and Phil Murphy's water tank, formerly Ben Hummel's, and built by Pat Healey. Pond filled in around 1882 as a site for Turner Hall, which burned 12 years later. Early sketch. In Album 4. 156-Graham
Pork Houses Neidig and Cadle's Pork House, run by Neidig and Cadle from 1886 until 1892, and started a few years previously by B. Neidig and Son. The main building was the one known for many years before that as Jacob Dorn's Northern Brewery, on the Tipton Road, now Isett Avenue. From a sketch made by W.G. Jones, artist, 1889. 57-Graham
Port, F. G. Name could be Post or Poot. Writing isn't clear. 1737
Porter, Henry & Eliza 2260
Porter, Howard and family Howard Porter and wife Pet, children Walter & Bruce. 2220
Post cards 18 post card of Muscatine area buildings and scenes. 2194
Post Office Group picture of Post Office employees, 1913. R. Linten photograph, 8x24. Basically the same group of men as in #547 but positioned differently. Taken outside of the new post office building. Identified on folder. 546
Post Office Group picture of Post Office employees, 1913. R. Linten photograph, 8x24. Basically the same group of men as in #546 but positioned differently. Taken outside of the new post office building. Identified on folder. 547
Post Office Small photo of mail delivery buggies, with mail man. Chariot-type vehicle on right. Back of post office, 109-111 Iowa Avenue, ca. 1905. 845
Post Office Mail delivery buggies, at rear of Post Office, 109-111 Iowa Avenue, ca. 1900. From a photo by Frank Custer. 846
Post Office United States Post Office, corner of Iowa Avenue and Fourth Street, July 1919. 86-Graham
Postal Workers A framed photograph of the Muscatine postal workers complete with a listing of the names on the back. 2629
Postcards Postcard inviting people to return to Muscatine for the Home Coming Events on Septber 25 to 30, 1911. 1974
Postcards 4 Muscatine postcards, library and YMCA, Launch club, Fireman's parade and looking down east 3rd street toward court house. 2211
Postcards One postcard of the lock and dam no. 16, one of Hotel Muscatine and two of the river and bridge from Locust St bluff. 2312
Postcards Two Muscatine Postcards circa 1907. 2680
Postcards Hotel Muscatine, ca. 1917. Colorized. 2689
Postcards A scrapbook of old Muscatine postcards. 2719
Postcards Three postcards of Muscatine, Weed Park pool, Riverfront from the bridge and Weed Park Lagoon. 2783
Postcards Postcards of World War I. 2823
Postcards A Carol Steinmetz postcard and Paul Hansen note cards of the old high bridge 2832
Postcards 18 various postcards of buildings in and around Muscatine county, Iowa along with a souvenir of Muscation small brochure. 2895
Potteries One of the old potteries of Fairport, the Feustel Pottery, in 1874, when purchased and rebuilt by John Feustel. Formerly the Russer Potter, and the last one to operate in Fairport, making jugs, flower pots, tiling, etc. 46-Graham
Pottery Photographs of pottery taken by Frank Custer. Some of the pottery is identified as being made in Rock Island, Illinois. There are also pictures of glass bottles labeled made in Muscatine, Iowa and some unidentified crockery. 1814
Power Plant Building of the power plant on the island. Grossheim photo. 2483
Powers, Mrs. J. Six copies of a photo of Mrs. J. Powers dated May 5, 1904. OG#6513. 2105
Prairie Press Carroll Coleman and Prairie Press memorbilia Ephemera-3
Preston, Mrs. Dyall's Studio, Mt. Pleasant & New London, IA 2237
Produce Stores W.H. Hoopes & Brothers, Fruits & Vegetables store, 219 W. 2nd Street, ca. 1895. Group of men in front, possibly W.H. Hoopes, center, with beard. 856
Public Meetings Public meeting of candidate night for city council, about 1980. Taken in the library meeting room. 910 1, b, c
Public Works Brick paving crew at 7th Street and Iowa Avenue. 3 copies, also a copy in the scenes ring binders at reference. 1446
Public Works New Public Works building on Washington Street, 1985. 864, 865
Pump Houses Old pump house at Lutheran Homes, originally part of Benjamin Hershey's farm. Entry in the 1990 Oscar Grossheim photo contest. 975
Purcell, Patsy (Patrick) Patrick Purcell (Patsy), captain, night police, Aug. 20, 1901. #34 of Grossheim photos 11x14. 1465
Puritan Ice Iowa Historic Property study of the Puritan Ice Company dated June 2016 - 3 booklets plus a DVR about the company. Ephemera 31

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