Stennett, Iowa 

"Reflections" of the Past

Part Two

Submitted by "Anonymous Montgomery County Angel"


Stennett Church Will Be Removed


Union Church to Becoe Community Church.



   At a meeting held at the Stennett Community church Monday, June 22, the congregation voted to change the name from a Union church to a Community church and to reincorporate for a period of 50 years. Articles of Incorporation are to be filed with County Recorder Adrian G. Illingsworth by Attorney Lester L. Orsborn at once.

   Such action gives the congregation possession of the church property at Stennett.  It is the purpose of the trustees to sell the property at public auction on Monday, July 19, and to put the funds in trust.

   The Stennett Union church is one of the oldest religious organizations in the county. The building was constructed by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Stennett in 1892 on land deeded to the organization and the church was used for all community gatherings in that part of the county until the new consolidated school building was built at Stennett, since which time all religious and social gatherings, have been held in the school gymnasium.

   The sale and removal of the old church building which stands just east of the Stennett store building, will mark the passing of an old land mark in the northern part of Montgomery County.


Wayne Stennett

in his 75th year

Wayne Stennett -- Founder of Stennett. Resident of Sherman Township since 1854.