Stennett, Iowa 

"Reflections" of the Past

Part One

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Submitted by "Anonymous Montgomery County Angel"

This is a collection of photo's and stories about Stennett, Iowa. The submitter's family was from Stennett and the items on this page are items she has collected over the years  from newspapers and various other periodicals and added to her family's history over the years.


 Stennett Church


Red Oak Express Newspaper

Red Oak, Iowa.

Stennett Church Sold



Building Brings $310 in

 Auction Sale


   C. W. Spicer bought the community church building Wednesday afternoon at a public auction for which he paid $310. Floyd Buffon, Stennett blacksmith, bought the lot for $18 and the seats were sold to individuals for 10 cents to a dollar each. John Gilltner was the auctioneer.

   Rev. Lustus L. Smith, Methodist circuit minister, who supervised the sale, said it was the third sale in ten years he had a hand in. "Statistics at Washington D. C. show that an average of one thousand country churches are sold yearly", said Rev. Smith. Iowa has a thousand less Methodist churches than a year ago, he said.

  The old church building at Stennett was for years  was not only a place to assemble for worship but a community center meeting place for all kinds of gatherings until the building of the Consolidated school building at Stennett.


Stennett Store

 The Stennett store was established by H. P. Light in 1880 and general merchandise could be purchased here.  One corner of the store was occupied by the post office.  In 1949, while owned by Floyd Baker, the store burned, and was never replaced.

   A railroad switch was also installed at Stennett in 1880.

[NOTE: A print of this picture was given to Newell Laire by Jim Penry.  Jim's Uncle Faye Buffon, told him the picture was taken in 1918, on the day that Frank Good left for World War One.]


Stennett Barn

The majority  of the items in this collection are from the Red Oak Express Newspaper,  Red Oak, Iowa.  They appeared as a part of the "Reflections" section.   



     To the left is the grain elevator, the general store at center, and the lumber yard is at the right.

     The Stennett Store was built in 1880. The lumber yard was torn don in 1936. The store burned in 1949.


Stennett Bridge

   Mr. and Mrs. Dave Johnson (Myrtle Stennett) who were married May 21, 1887.  They were leaving on their honey-moon and are crossing the bridge close to Seeley Mill and the Stennett rock quarry.


Stennett Mill Stream

The old mill stream near Stennett. No date given.


Stennett School


Packard House

  The six-sided limestone Packard house is located north of Stennett. Mae Larson (Mrs. Ernest Comstock) is sitting on the roof while her uncle, Harry Hornley, is standing by the door at the left.  The photo is more than 60 years old according to Mrs. Comstock. (1984)


Stennett Store Destroyed by Fire 1 March 1949

  "Smoke still rising and limestone blocks were toppling from the shell of the Stennett store Tuesday morning at 8:30 after fire of undetermined origin destroyed the early-day land mark about one hour earlier.  A general store it was built in 1880 by Henry P. Light. At least 16 men had owned or operated the store since. The present owner is Floyd A. Baker."