Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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    James Robert Woolard was born Dec. 3, 1890 at Nealsville, Wisc., the son of James Ivan Woolard and Rachel Elizabeth McGinnis Woolard. He married Mabel Fern Cooper, who was born March 13, 1890 in Montgomery County, the daughter to George T. Cooper and Jane Creswell Cooper. Robert and Mabel were married in Atlantic, Iowa, June 22, 1908. Mabel passed away Oct. 27, 1958 in Griswold and is buried at Griswold. Robert passed away Oct. 29, 1961 in Griswold and is buried at Griswold. Their children were:

Edna Lucille Bisbee Glissman was born Oct. 29, 1909 at McClelland, Iowa and graduated from Elliott in 1927. Lucille married Vernon Bisbee and they have a daughter Phyllis.

   Dorothy Jane Kukral was born Aug. 27, 1911 and graduated in 1929 from Elliott and passed away Nov. 10, 1965 in San Francisco, California.

   Ben Herbert was born Dec. 26, 1913, served in the U. S. Navy and married Flossie Deaton and had one adopted son. Ben passed away Aug. 1956 in Salinas, California.

   Max Revere was born June 30, 1916, served in the U. S. Army 23 years. He married Ruth Bardsley and they have five children: Verla, Gary, Ginger, Alan and Shari.

   Thelma Louise was born April 16, 1926 and graduated at Griswold in 1943. She married Harry K. Cary, and they had one son, Harlan Max Cary. Harry passed away May 25, 1948. Thelma married J. Dale Lembke and they have Nancy Fern and Gale Louise.

   Robert J. was born Dec. 30, 1930, graduated at Griswold in 1949, served in the U. S. Air Force. He married Janette Grulke and they have two sons, Mark Alan and Scott Alan.



~ Lucille Woolard Glissmann