Elliott Centennial, 1879 - 1979

Elliott Centennial Committee

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     Wm. Clark Wood, son of Charles S. and Sarah E. Barnherd Wood, was born Oct. 30, 1863 at Ringold, Ohio, died at Elliott, Jan. 11, 1931. On March 10, 1888 he married Anetta Wilson (b. 1871-d. 1948). They had three sons: Scott S. b. 1890, John S. b. 1892, and Freddie K., who died at the age of 21 months. In 1893 Clark and his family came west and settled at Elliott. He was a veterinary surgeon and the boys helped their father in his practice. Neither married. In 1917 they opened a produce station in Elliott. Tim was called to service in the first World War. Scott, who was handicapped physically from birth, was helped by his father who had retired. After Timís discharge from the Army, he and Scott operated the business until 1944, when it was sold to Donald Brown of Grant, Iowa. Scott had no hobbies, because of his handicap, but kept an active interest in the Methodist Church. If his pew was empty, he must be ill. Tim was an avid fisherman and went to Minnesota twice yearly, to fish, with a group of Elliott men. He had played both football and baseball, and was Elliott Fire Chief for many years. Tim died in 1962, and Scott in 1974.



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